I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is an American horror-slasher remake of the 1997 film, starring Ellen Wroe, Shia LaBeouf, Dakota Fanning, Lauren London, Arlen Escarpreta, Nicholas D'Agosto, Margo Harshman, Jennifer Carpenter, Chace Crawford, Emma Bell, Dustin Milligan, Leighton Meester, Jensen Ackles, Jaimie Alexander and Dylan McDermott


Julie James is now in college with Layla and new friends. Julie keeps having nightmares involving Ben Willis, Ray suprises her at her dorm invites her back to Southport for the croaker beauty pageant but she declines and leaves. The next morning, Karla gets a phone call from a radio station and wins a holiday trip to the Bahamas. Julie invites Ray who is not sure if he should go. Ray's friend Dave is violently killed when Ray goes to suprise Julie. Ray now has to save Julie before Ben kills her.


Ellen Wroe as Julie James

Shia LaBeouf as Ray Bronson

Dakota Fanning as Layla Simmons

Lauren London as Karla Wilson

Arlen Escarpreta as Tyrell "Ty" Martin

Nicholas D'Agosto as Will Benson/Will Willis

Margo Harshman as Nancy

Jennifer Carpenter as Jennette

Chace Crawford as Jim

Emma Bell as Jenna

Dustin Milligan as Harry

Leighton Meester as Katie

Jensen Ackles as Dave

Jaimie Alexander as Mandy

Dylan McDermott as Ben Willis


Julie?, Ray?, Ben?, Layla, Karla and Jim


Dave- He is stabbed in his chest

Mandy- She is stabbed in her head

Harry- He is stabbed in his heart

Katie- She is stabbed in her eyes

Jennette- She is stabbed in her chin through her mouth

Jenna- She is stabbed through her back

Ty- He is impaled in his neck

Nancy- She stabbed through her chest

Will- He is stabbed in the chest by Julie

Ben- He is shot several times by Julie

Ray?- He is in the bathroom but Julie notices the door strangely shut

Julie?- She is pulled under her bed by Ben

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