I Remember What You Did Last Summer Is A 2018 Horror-Slasher Film And it is the sixth sequel To I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, I Will Never Forget What You Did Last Summer and I Wanted To Know What You Did Last Summer.


Jerry Foster plays a harmless prank on his friend, Molly Walker with help from his college friends. When the prank goes wrong and Molly ends up getting killed for real, they dump her body in an ocean and agree to never speak of it again. A year later, they all begin to get stalked by a deceased fisherman with a hook and he is out to kill them all. It is now up to Emily Bronson, Ray's sister and her friends to kill the fisherman before the game of cat and mouse is finished.



  • Ashley Greene as Emily Bronson - Protagonist and Ray Bronson's sister (Similar to Julie)
  • Chris Evans as Sheriff Greg Marks - Town sheriff and Emily's boyfriend (Similar to Ray)
  • Jackie Radinsky as Jerry Foster - Ashton's best friend, Jennifer's boyfriend and responcible for Molly's accidental death (Similar to Barry)
  • Laura Ramsey as Kelly Fitzgerald, Amber's cousin and Emily's best friend (Similar to Amber)
  • Agnes Bruckner as Jennifer Morris - Stephanie's best friend who loves to party and is cheating on Jerry with Kurt
  • Nico Tortorella as Ashton Reynolds - Jerry's best friend and Stephanie's boyfriend
  • Julianna Guill as Stephanie Parker - Jennifer's best friend and Ashton's girlfriend
  • Jean Luc-Bilodeau as Josh Stevens - Kelly's boyfriend
  • Margo Harshman as Shelley Hartford - Melanie's best friend and Aaron's girlfriend
  • Ryan Hansen as Kurt Cooper - Jennifer's secret boyfriend
  • Donald Shanks as The Fisherman/Ben Willis
  • Brittany Robertson as Sophie Miller - Ben's niece and Kevin's girlfriend
  • Lindsay Lohan as Karen Mathews - Molly's best friend
  • Dakota Fanning as Melanie Parks - Shelley's best friend
  • Rory Culkin as Aaron Jacobs - Shelley's boyfriend
  • Johnny Simmons as Kevin Feldman - Sophie's boyfriend
  • Michelle Tractenberg as Carly Hazltine - Melanie's 3rd friend
  • Debby Ryan as Molly Walker - High school student who accidentally gets killed by a prank from Jerry


  • Molly Walker- Stabbed in chest with hook by Jerry Foster
  • Karen Mathews- Forehead slashed with hook by Ben Willis
  • Shelley Hartford- Throat slashed with hook by Ben Willis
  • Kurt Cooper- Gutted with hook by Ben Willis
  • Melanie Parks- Impaled with garden shears by Ben Willis
  • Aaron Jacobs- Hooked in mouth by Ben Willis
  • Josh Stevens- Forcefed with toilet cleaner, throat slashed by Ben Willis
  • Ashton Reynolds- Stabbed in back with hook by Ben Willis
  • Stephanie Parker- Stabbed through head with hook by Ben Willis
  • Kevin Feldman- Slashed to death with hook by Ben Willis
  • Carly Hazltine- Burned alive in tanning bed by Ben Willis
  • Jennifer Morris- Impaled through tree with spear by Ben Willis
  • Jerry Foster- Decapitated with machete by Ben Willis
  • Fisherman/Ben Willis- Blown up by grenade by Emily Bronson and Greg Marks


  • Emily Bronson
  • Sherriff Greg Marks
  • Kelly Fitzgerald
  • Sophie Willis

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It is revealed that Ray committed suicide, Julie is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Also it is revealed by Kelly that Amber is alive and has nightmares, she has therapy sessions and wants to talk about her nightmares.

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