I Really Want to Know What You Did Last Summer is a 2019 horror film.


A group of teenagers find out that they are haunted by the victims of Ben Willis.



  • TBA as Alexa Ross, the new girl
  • TBA as Jack Browning, the outcast
  • TBA as Thomas Vasquez, a geek
  • TBA as Nia, a head cheerleader elected for prom queen
  • TBA as Brianna Hollis, a rebellious goth girl
  • TBA as Timothy Rogers, a gay boy
  • TBA as Deputy Clark
  • Muse Watson as Ben Willis


  • TBA as Sarah Willis
  • TBA as Susie Willis
  • TBA as William Willis
  • TBA as Benjamin Willis
  • TBA as David Franklin Egan
  • TBA as Officer David Caporizo
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Helen Shivers
  • Ryan Phillippe as Barry Cox
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ray Bronson
  • Bridgette Wilson as Elsa Shivers
  • Johnny Galecki as Max Neurick
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James
  • Brandy as Karla Wilson
  • Mekhi Phifer as Tyrell Martin
  • Jennifer Esposito as Nancy
  • Bill Cobbs as Estes
  • Jeffrey Combs as Mr. Brooks
  • Benjamin Brown as Darick the Dockhand
  • Ellerine Harding as Olga
  • John Hawkes as Dave
  • Jack Black as Titus Telesco
  • Brooke Nevin as Amber Williams
  • David Paetkau as Colby Patterson
  • Seth Packard as Roger Pack
  • Roderick Orton as P.J. Davis
  • Michael Flynn as Sheriff Davis
  • K. C. Clyde as Sheriff John Hafner


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