I Know What You Did Last Summer is a Horror Mystery Thriller Film and Remake of 1997 Starring Selena Gomez,Dianna Agron,Taylor Lautner,Sean Faris,Kristen Bell,Thomas Dekker,Sara Paxton,Jared Padelecki,Ron Perlman,Derek Theler And Diane Lane


Four teens are in great danger one year after their car hits a stranger whose body they dump in the sea.


Selena Gomez As Julie James

Dianna Agron As Helen Shivers

Taylor Lautner As Ray Bronson

Sean Faris As Barry William Cox

Kristen Bell As Elsa Shivers

Thomas Dekker As Max Neurick

Jared Padelecki As Officer David Caporizo

Sara Paxton As Melissa"Missy"Egan

Ron Perlman As Benjamin Willis

Derek Theler As David Egan

Diane Lane As Mrs.James


David Egan-Killed by Benjamin willis and drowned in the ocean

Max Neurick-Stabbed in Neck by Hook

Barry Cox-stabbed in the back and chest

David Coporizo-chest sliced by Hook

Elsa Shivers-Throat Sliced

Helen Shivers-Stabbed to Death by hook

Ben willis-Stabbed in chest and hand cut off


Julie James,Ray Bronsor and Mrs.James

Main Cast Gellery

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