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This is a 2015 horror slasher movie. This is a remake to the 1997 horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer.


After getting drunk and leaving a party they hit a middle aged man. They dumped the body in the lake and keep it a secret. The man wasn't dead and he got a good look at their faces before they disposed his body. 1 year later he is dressed up in black fisherman gear and carries a meat hook. He is going to kill them and anybody else in his way.


  • Jennifer Love Hewitt as Julie James, Main protagonist
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Helen Shivers, Julie and George's best friend
  • Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ray Bronson, Julie's boyfriend
  • Matthew Lillard as George Charles Bronson, Ray's brother
  • Neve Campbell as Charlotte Wilson, George's girlfriend
  • Ryan Phillippe as Barry William Cox, Helen's boyfriend and Ray and George's friend
  • Bridgette Wilson as Elsa Shivers, Helen's sister
  • Muse Watson as Ben Willis/The Fisherman, Main antagonist
  • Anne Heche as Melissa "Missy" Egan
  • George Lucas as Mr. Shivers, Minor protagonist/Father of Helen and Elsa
  • Johnny Galecki as Max Neurick, Close friend of Julie
  • TBA as Ember Hussain
  • Blake Lively as Julie's mom
  • Idris Elba as Officer David


  • Max - Hook to the chin
  • Officer - Stabbed in the stomach with a meat hook
  • Barry - Attacked from behind and stabbed 4 times
  • Elsa - Impaled in the stomach with a hook
  • Helen - Ambushed then slashed and stabbed 8 times
  • Ben - Hand cut off with his own hook by Ray


  • Julie
  • Ray
  • George
  • Ember