I Hate What I Have Become is British metal band Angella's fourth studio album, released on May 13 2007. It is their third and final album to be produced by Jacob Vindic, although their follow-up 2009's 4 Years At Shatham Hall was produced through Vindictive Records.

Track listing

  1. "Claire" - 3:00
  2. "Incentive" - 5:00
  3. "Trinity IV" - 4:23
  4. "Not Much More Than To Leave Before This Gets Out of Hand and I Do Something I'll Regret" - 5:00
  5. "Watch The Blood Flow" - 5:22
  6. "I Hate What I Have Become (But You Love Yourself Like The Conceited Girl You Are)" - 6:00
  7. "If You're Tone Deaf This Song May Not Be For You (Mind Blown)" - 3:00
  8. "Colourless, Mannerless and Plainly Dead" - 3:55
  9. "Is That Guy Beside You Your Boyfriend Or Some Bloke You Paid To Hang Round As If He Were?" - 4:00
  10. "Pour The Blood Down Your Throat Like It's Liquor" - 6:00
  11. "Last Call (I'm Going Back To My House To Sit Down and Watch Hannibal and Imagine If I Locked You In A Well)" - 4:00
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