I Do is the twelve episode of the eleven season the American police procedural television series Hartman. It is the series' 200th episode.


Past and present characters attend to the wedding of Grieco and Ramsey and the episode will reveals how the lives of the past characters have been since their respective departures.


The episode opens with a flashback in March 1999 when a 10-year-old Beth, her 20 year-old-sister Abby and their 24-year-old brother James witnesses their aunt getting married. After the wedding, James and Abby start talking about "their future wedding" but Beth insists that she will never ever get married.

In present day, Grieco and Ramsay's wedding day has finally arrives. Members of both families, their squad mates (both old and new) and their families attend the ceremony. Jesse Temple (special guest star Michael Ealy) is Ramsay's best man and Abby serves as her sister's bridesmaid. Also attending the wedding are former MCS Captain Thorne (special guest start Viggo Mortenson), his wife Sarah (Sela Ward), daughters Lucy (Drew Barrymore) and Courtney (Daisy Ridley) and granddaughters, Carlos Mendoza (special guest star Ricardo Antonio Chavira), Lewis Robbins (special guest start Morris Chestnut) and his wife Aaliyah (Bianca Lawson), Felicity Lawrence-Wilder (special guest star Zooey Deschanel), her husband Chance and their son, Cara Winston (special guest star Tia Mowry-Hardrict) and her family, Linda Young (special guest star Gillian Axley), Detective Michael Brooks (Adam Jamel Craig) and others. James and Young reveal that they are now engaged. Lewis reveals to Hartman and Thorne that Aaliyah has been battling breast cancer, on-and-off for three years and she is now an advocate for cancer treatment. Felicity reveals that she has left the L.A.P.D. and now works security in the Staples Center for basketball & hockey games and other events. Mendoza reveals that he and his wife Lucia are getting a divorce. Young reveals that she now works for San Francisco P.D. Vice Unit and James is now the head of the San Francisco Homicide Unit. Thorne reveals that he has been working on setting up a foundation to help pay for organ transplants, in honor of his late son-in-law Terry Sanders. And Cara now has a daughter Amaya and is working as in the State Prosecutor's Office.

It is also revealed that Thomas Wolfe is now a member of the city council, Ingrid O'Donnell is now a named partner in the firm she works and former Captain Zoe Callas passed away four years earlier from a stroke.

During the celebration of the wedding, Shane reveals her relationship with Officer Finn (who she has been dating for almost 3 months) which sees everybody happy for Shane after Gordon. Later, Henderson reveals to Hartman and Vargas that there is still no sign of Angela's former boyfriend and that she has ordered protection for Angela since her daughter testified against him in regards to their actions in a plea deal. Henderson then speaks to her old friend, D.D.A. Gideon Chess (Bill Pullman), about her future as a district attorney, feeling that she should not seek re-election and asks Chess to run in her place, which he agrees.

At the end, Vargas and Lowry also notice that Brooks is talking on the phone about a case, but don't hear much of it.


Main Cast


Recurring Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Cast

  • Bill Pullman as Deputy District Attorney Gideon Chess
  • Adam Jamal Craig as Detective Michael Brooks
  • TBA as Chance Wilder
  • TBA as Nicholas Wilder


  • Young James Greico (to Abby Greico): It will be you next. You and Declan.
  • Young Abby Greico: Maybe, maybe not. I do wanted to get married but only with Declan. He is my true love. I wanted my future wedding to be held in the forest with trees, flowers, river and animals because I wants my mum to see me.
  • Young James Greico: Las Vegas will be my ticket to be wed.
  • Young Abby Greico: You don't stand a chance than getting dumped by every women you ends up in bed with.

(Young Beth laugh)

  • Yount James Greico (to Beth): I don't know you are laughing, baby sister. You will grow up and gets married to special person.
  • Young Beth Greico: Yuck.
  • Young Abby Greico (to Beth): Come on, Beth. Do you wants to have your own family?
  • Young Beth Greico (to Abby): You, James and Dad are my family.
  • Young James Greico (to Beth): Abby means to somebody else.
  • Young Beth Greico: No, nobody else. I promise you two that I will never never never getting married. I will be dying older, on my own.

(Young Beth smile)

  • Gideon Chess: So what's on your mind, Ellis?
  • Ellis Henderson: You know ever since Gordon did to all these terrible things to Ariel, Ms. Shane and the other girls, their families and other people have been attacking me for marrying a monster, I've been getting press scrutiny and I even got some death threats. My career is hampered by the publicity of my ex's crimes. It also impacted Angela big time and she's now in a special mental hospital. Perhaps if I hadn't known about this much earlier, this would never happened.
  • Gideon Chess: Wait a minute, what you're saying? 
  • Ellis Henderson: (after taking a deep breath) Gideon, I'm not gonna seek re-election. I invited you here because I want someone I can trust to run my position as D.A.. I know you felt betrayed by Gordon and condemned him publicly. That means I want someone who does progressive approach to putting criminals away rather than do things that are more political. I asking you to run in my place as District Attorney.
  • Gideon Chess: (After a moment) Okay. I will seek election as District Attorney, just as long I have your support, Ellis.
  • Ellis Henderson: You have that. And thank you, Gideon.


This episode is the 200th episode of the series and it is 60 minute long - longest episode ever of the series.

Dick Wolf explains why this episode of Hartman and the flashback episode of Law & Order: New Orleans is 60 minutes long because he wants to mainly exposed the episode in unusual way that no show ever done before. 

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