I Beg for You to Know What You Did Last Summer is a horror slasher film.


A group of privileged teens at middle school have a dark secret after when one of the high school students accidenally kills a stranger.



  • TBA as Andromeda "Andi" Dawson
  • TBA as Lucy Castle
  • TBA as Tammy Montoya
  • TBA as Alice Hinton
  • TBA as Ramona Boyer
  • TBA as Sabrina Archer
  • TBA as Dylan Woodsen, a girl with a boy name
  • TBA as Joseph Archer, Sabrina's twin brother
  • TBA as Lindsay Goode
  • TBA as Alexander "Lex" Newman
  • TBA as Clorrissa Stephens
  • TBA as Amethyst "Amy" Itson
  • TBA as Ryan McGuire
  • TBA as Jenna Link
  • TBA as Lucas Sparks
  • TBA as Maddie Saraguin
  • TBA as Kimberly Gray
  • TBA as Daveigh Briggs
  • TBA as Iggy Legundy
  • TBA as Ziggy Melosa
  • TBA as Ross Dawson, Andi's father
  • TBA as Lisette Dawson, Andi's mother
  • TBA as Joyce Castle, Lucy's mother
  • TBA as Aiden Castle, Lucy's father 
  • TBA as the Fisherman



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