IT is a 2013 American Supernatural Psychological Horror Film adaption of Stephen King's cult classic novel of the same name and a remake of the 1990 television miniseries of the same name.

The film is written by Eric Heisserer and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu as well as produced by Lynne Ramsay.

It follows the storyline of the book and 1990 television miniseries as a group of wry 1950's Maine kids from the fictional town of Derry face off against a mysterious creature which commonly sports the appearence of a long dead murderous clown and which is devouring the local children.

The film stars Will Forte, Amy Adams, Will Arnett, Justin Chambers, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Hayes, Ione Skye, Chris Kattan and Ricky Schroder as the adult cast whilest the children's cast consists of: Jack Scanlon, Maddy Caddell, Chandler Canterbury, Robert Capron, Khamani Griffin, Nathan Gamble and Andy Scott Harris.

The film boasts an impressive new take on the creepy clown visage of Pennywise which is incredibly different to the Tim Curry Pennywise clown seen in the 1990 miniseries.

The film was shot mainly in Atlanta, Georgia, a few surrounding towns of the state of Georgia, the ending face off against the horrific IT spider creature was executed on a built set at Warner Bros' studios and the rest of the filming took place in Denver, Colorado.

The film features David Tennant as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.


In the small town of Derry, Maine the body of a local 6 year old girl is discovered.

A full scale police station surmounts into the atrocity whilest other local children begin to disappear and others turn up in the same state as the little dead girl Lori-Ann.

Derry's local librarian Mike Hanlon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) tries to force himself into the police investigation but is shuddered off and uncovers the photograph of a long deceased Derry boy George Denbrough.

That night Mike begins a series of calls to different individuals from places such as Los Angeles, NY and Colorado.

The calls go out to a Bill Denbrough, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Hollywood Comedian Richie Tozier, Jewish Businessman Husband Stanley Uris and Asthmatic Biologist Edward Kasprack.

The group through a series of flashbacks take us through their turbulent times of being 14 in and growing up in Derry, the mysterious deaths and disappearences of other kids happening in the town, the story of George Denbrough and their encounters with a horrific clown Pennywise which came after them...time and time again until they faced off against it and temporarily wounded it.

Mike concludes each phone call with the statement "IT's back" and that they must return to Derry.

All but Stanley head homeward bound for Derry as he unable to cope with facing the creature again commits suicide by a straight razor, painting in blood on the bathroom walls, mirror and floor: IT.

The others do not hear of Stanley's demise until shortly after their reunion in Derry and encounters with Pennywise again which simply continues to torment them; even going as far as to take the form of the recently deceased Stanley.

Pennywise threatens the group that if they do not leave Derry they will die and everyone around them will die.

Ignoring IT's warning Pennywise begins with killing Richie's female publicist Laura who comes to Derry after him, Eddie's overtly protective and concerned mother who comes to Derry after him, Beverly's designer bestfriend Tim Grogan who followed her through to Derry, Mike's library assistant Jean and the one cop on the force who had supplied Mike with valuable information on the recent child killings in Derry.

IT then abducts Bill's wife Audra who has just arrived in Derry.

As the group prepare to face the beast again and this time kill it as well as rescue Audra Denbrough IT coerces the former Derry bully which use to harass them Henry Bowers who is locked in a mental institution into killing off the group.

Henry comes to the motel the group apart from Mike are staying at and succeeds in killing Mike and severly injuring Beverly before Ben kills Henry with his own knife.

Beverly is checked into the hospital and in a state of disillusionment drifts off onto the same time lapsed plane as IT discovering it's lair and the whereabouts of Audra Denborugh.

She relays the information to Bill, Eddie, Ben and Richie and admits her love for Ben.

After the group bid her farewell leaving her in the hospital IT comes to her and possesses her body.

As Bill, Eddie, Ben and Richie arrive at the cave hidden beneath the old sewers of Derry the IT possessed Beverly attacks the group and renders Ben unconsious.

Bill, Eddie and Richie succeed in expunging the beast from Beverly's body and as a disoriented Beverly attempts to flee she unknowingly comes to where a gigantic spider-form of IT is hiding.

It rises to attack but Ben jumps to his feet and with the machete he had brought slices Beverly across the chest realizing only at last minute the beast is no longer inside of her.

He holds Beverly in his arms crying as she dies and the IT spider rises to kill a disarmed Ben but is held by Eddie and Bill.

Richie lingers in the back having been disarmed begins to look for a large rock to attack the IT spider.

Eddie is then killed as the IT spider impales him in the chest with it's spinners and Richie is killed after launching a large rock at the IT spider for killing Eddie.

The IT spider launches a large black web with sharp edges at him which decapitates him and spirals his body off the rock cliff.

Bill is knocked off the cliff by the IT spider but holds onto the top as Ben takes a final stand against the beast.

He helps Bill up and tells him to take his machete and come around for it's chest where it releases it's "deadlights."

Ben then rushes into the eight eyed eyesight of the IT spider and is paralyzed by it's deadlights before launching at him and biting into his face killing him.

Ben's self-sacrifice allows Bill to navigate around the IT spider and with his eyes firmly shut stab at it's chest and eventually gush out it's black pulsating heart; killing it.

Bill then comes to the bodies of Eddie, Ben, Beverly and Richie bidding them farewell.

He continues on through the cave crying over the other's demises until he reaches a large black webbing of it's devoured victims and his still alive, paralyzed wife Audra.

He releases her from the web with Ben's machete and then takes her out of the cave, sewers to the surface.

He comes to Mike's house where he finds his old bike from when he was young that Mike bought at a garage sale and at an incredible speed rides it with Audra aboard down the streets of Derry.

At the end of a hill when they almost make collision with an oncoming truck Audra snaps back to normal and then the Derry police pull them up as we see a few others discover the body of the officer friends with Mike Hanlon in the cave below the sewers as well as the bodies of Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Eddie Kasprack and comedian Richie Tozier.


  • Will Forte as Bill Denbrough
  • Amy Adams as Beverly Marsh
  • David Tennant as Pennywise
  • Will Arnett as Richie Tozier
  • Justin Chambers as Ben Hanscom
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mike Hanlon
  • Ione Skye as Audra Denbrough
  • Sean Hayes as Stanley Uris
  • Chris Kattan as Henry Bowers
  • Ricky Schroder as Edward Kasprack
  • Jennifer Freeman as Publicist Laura Wainwright
  • Kimberley Nixon as Jean Starlett
  • Robert Iler as Officer Samuel Jetterson
  • Josh Zuckerman as Timothy Grogan
  • Jack Scanlon as Young Bill Denbrough
  • Maddy Caddell as Young Beverly Marsh
  • Chandler Canterbury as Young Richie Tozier
  • Robert Capron as Young Ben Hanscom
  • Khamani Griffin as Young Mike Hanlon
  • Nathan Gamble as Young Eddie Kasprack
  • Andy Scott Harris as Young Stanley Uris


  1. Goodnight Irene- The Weavers
  2. I Believe- Frankie Laine
  3. Too Much- Elvis Presley
  4. It's All In The Game- Tommy Edwards
  5. Catch A Falling Star- Perry Como
  6. How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?- Patti Page
  7. Sherry- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
  8. Earth Angel-The Penguins
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