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INJUSTICE is a 2025 live action American superhero drama, tragedy and adventure film based on the highly popular 2013 video game of the same name and the Detective Comics comics and is yet another installment in the long-running DC Extended Universe. With the DCEU now having stepped away from Zack Snyder and firing whatever they can at the wall to see if it sticks, the reception of what was filmed after Snyder’s departure didn't seem to improve the stock value of the DCEU even with a few diamonds in the rough. With the MCU still racking in the money and positive reception and compared to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which received almost universal acclaim, DC decided to take a leap of faith: finally pulling the trigger on an INJUSTICE movie. After many years of focusing squarely on solo films, the risky direction was made to cram most of the DC comics popular heroes and villains together and put the 2013 story to the big screen with their reputation and integrity on the line. This didn’t work out, someone was gonna take their ball and head home.

The film is produced by DC Films, Atlas Entertainment and RatPac Entertainment and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It will also be produced by Charles Roven and Peter Safran. Finally, the film will be directed by the man originally behind the cowl, the returning Ben Affleck.

Main Cast

  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne / Batman
  • Henry Cavill as Kal-El of Krypton / Clark Kent / Superman
  • Gal Gadot as Diana of Themyscira / Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen / The Flash
    • Ezra Miller as younger Barry Allen
  • Sterling K. Brown as Victor Stone / Cyborg
    • Ray Fisher as younger Victor Stone
  • Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern / Yellow Lantern
  • Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman
  • Jane Levy as Barbara Gordon / Oracle / ???
  • Morena Baccarin as Selina Kyle / Catwoman
  • Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor
  • Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd / Red Hood / Red X
  • Finn Wittrock as Richard 'Dick' Grayson / Nightwing / ???
  • Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)
  • Jurnee Smollet as Dinah Laurel-Lance / Black Canary
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake / Red Robin
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Helena Bertinelli / Huntress
  • Alexandra Daddario as Zatanna
  • Zachary Levi as Shazam (Captain Marvel)
    • Asher Angel as William 'Billy' Batson
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Danny Glover as Lucius Fox
  • William 'Billy' Brown as John Stewart / Green Lantern
  • Taissa Farmiga as Rachel Roth / Raven
  • Vanessa Morgan as Koriand'r / Starfire
  • Peyton List as Terra Markov
  • Charlie Hunman as Oliver 'Ollie' Queen / Green Arrow
  • Hugo Weaving as Sinestro
  • Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam
  • Harry Lennix as J'onn J'onnz / Martin Manhunter
  • Aubrey Joesph as Virgil Hawkins / Static Shock
  • J.K Simmons as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot
  • Idris Elba as Robert DuBois / Bloodsport
  • John Cena as Christopher Smith / Peacemaker
  • Daniella Melchior as Cleo Cazo / Ratcatcher 2
  • Sylvester Stallone as the voice of Nanuae / King Shark
  • Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Waylon Jones / Killer Croc
  • Dave Bautista as Bane
  • Famke Janssen as Caitlyn Snow / Killer Frost
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey as ???
  • Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Julie Madison
  • Kane Hodder as the voice of Kalibak
  • Ciaran Hinds as the voice of Steppenwolf
  • Jace Norman as Richard "Richie" Osgood Foley
  • Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko
  • Emilia Clarke as Mera
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Victor Zsasz
  • Robin Atkins Downes as the voice of Cyrus Gold / Solomon Grundy
  • Kurt Russell as President Kane Boon

  • Diane Lane as Martha Kent
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta

  • Jared Leto as The Joker

  • Ghassan Massoud as ???
  • Aiysha Hart as ???
  • Matt Bomer as ???
  • Chloë Grace Moretz as ???

  • Ray Porter as the voice of Darkseid


Tricked into killing his wife Lois and destroying Metropolis with a nuclear bomb, Superman, filled with grief and rage, kills the Joker. In the years to follow, the Man Of Steel loses his way as he becomes a tyrant and establishes a new world order. In an effort to stop this, Batman summons his own team, The Insurgency to put an end to the totalitarian One Earth Regime. But as the weeks turn to into months and the days turn into years, both teams are forced to resort to more desperate measures to ensure the other side won't win.



A city that was the embodiment of the good side of urban society. A city that proudly displayed what humanity could accomplish.

But all that was over.

All that was lost.

All that lied in ruins.

A symbol discarded. A beacon of hope destroyed. Millions upon MILLIONS of bodies discarded, burned, wiped off the face of the planet in the quickest yet painless way imaginable. A thick layer of ash covered everything in sight. All that was left were the skeletons of buildings. Small fires were still burning here and there.

Unprecedented and unpredicted, the destruction of this fine city unleashed shockwaves on a unimaginable scale unlike any other attack in recent memory. Police were frantic, civilians from afar were terrified and the news was ALL OVER IT. For an event THIS recent, it was impossible to pull away from the subject.

Police officers at the GCPD were running rampant either watching the news, answering calls or just making a lot of noise amidst the outburst of information flooding their way.

Commissioner Jim Gordon (J.K Simmons) and Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) did not turn away from the horror displayed on the screen. They couldn't. It was an eye-opener, a game changer, an Earth shattering revelation to the constructs, the morals and beliefs of every dirty criminal out there who'd had either constructed this attack or simply watched from afar.

Either way, this was hell unleashed.

Jim: God almighty.

Renee couldn't say anything. With tears in her eyes and her mouth covered, she couldn't stand to watch anymore and slowly walks away.  

The news was only to get worse from here on out, curtesy of Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale herself, looking visibly and visually distraught over the ENTIRE situation, it almost seemed as if she didn't have the wear-withal to sit through this let alone call upon the event.

"Re-reports are flying in from-all over the world. It has been confir-confirmed that the Joker has unleashed a.....massive scale nuclear weapon.....upon Metropolis." She said, pressing on with the traumatic experience. This was her job to do. And she did it, albeit at a slow yet methodically pace with her voice crackling more and more after every sentence. "We are.....not aware of the total casualties but it is likely to be in the millions. The Joker has since been apprehended and is currently being taken to Strykers Island. The effect this attack has left o-"

She stood shaken for a moment as she suddenly catches wind of chatter in her earpiece. Her expression once again remains professional but as the info slightly spreads open, it gets even HARDER for her to maintain said composure.

"This-just in: we have JUST received word that......Daily Planet editor in-chief Perry White and reporter Lois Lane are both confirmed to be on the list......of the deceased."

In the midst of the ruptured and destroyed chaos of the once beloved city, was the self proclaimed beacon of light hovering above the mild glimmer of the sunset.

It lowers and lowers further downwards towards the ground as the figure became noticeably more apparent, thanks to its cape and the object it was holding in its grasp. Superman (Henry Cavill), holding his dead wife Lois (Amy Adams) in his arms as he laid on the ground on her knees, ruptured, broken and in complete disbelief. The expression on his face was priceless and not in a good way. This was his responsibility and he didn't live up to the responsibility of protecting the one thing he always swore to guard with his life. The unfortunate matter is that Lois wasn't the only one he had to protect as the city mattered just as much.

His duty was left unfulfilled and it ate at him.

But there was something much more traumatic on his mind from this loss. Something even the sanest of people would understand.

And the mere importance behind it seemed strong enough to break the Man Of Steel from the inside out as he bellowed from the top of his lungs, echoing throughout the outskirts of the broken city and all across the state.

All across the country.

All across the world.

His son.....His unborn son was dead.

So much had been stolen from him. With all the birthdays, family vacations, all he planned to do with it was now never going to happen. Superman would have loved that child to death. But he already had loved him.

He continued hugging the dead Lois tight, drowning himself in sorrow and grief. Tears were flowing through his eyes for the pain of his deceased wife and son. Diana (Gal Gadot) soon eventually landed, approaching Clark. It didn't take long for Superman to hear her foot-steps approaching with his enhanced hearing. If anyone COULD comfort him, it would be her.

Wonder Woman: Kal.....

Superman: I did this.....Diana. I killed them. I-I-

Wonder Woman: No.

She expresses confidently, gripping him by the shoulder.

Wonder Woman: You are not responsible for this. That madman orchestrated this entire thing. Not all is in vain, Kal. We can make this right again.

The expression on his face told the story right then and there. Dissipating from sadness, it quickly eroded into frustration, frustration eroded into anger and anger eroded into BURNING RAGE.

All fault lied in the hands of a single man. A single man so inhuman, so sociopathic, that he showed zero remorse for what he had brought down, delightfully laughing over what he had singlehandedly caused, singlehandedly destroyed. He knew who was responsible and Diana was right. They can fix this, they can make this right to repair the damage of the most important person in his life being stolen, taken from him.

Internal conflict wrestled in the back of his mind, coming to grips with the recurring situation, none of which stopped him from balling up his fists and further crushing the concrete.

Wonder Woman: Superman?

Seeing Superman stand up carrying Lois up in his arms once again reminded her about how she couldn't do the same with her aunt.

He had made up his mind on what to do.

Quivering against his own will, he simply handed Lois over to Diana, holding her in her arms now.

Superman: Will you hold them? Keep them safe for me?

Diana couldn't refuse.

Wonder Woman: Of course....but where are you going?

Still unable to process his thoughts and emotions properly, not much could stop him now as he launched himself away from the area.

The Teen Titans faired no better. Some were caught up in the midst of the explosion too little too late so those who did manage to get out, namely Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Terra (Peyton List) and Nightwing (Finn Wittrock), hurried back to scene, desperately praying those that were caught weren't lost. Dick went rushing on through the smoke and for the next three minutes, there were no signs whatsoever and no response, just ruble and ashes and fire

Terra looked onward, petrified in fear, not believing what just happened. She screeches from her lungs peak, nearly ripping apart the concrete beneath her.

Terra: Kori? Raven? Garfield?!

Cyborg: Where could they be....Dad!


A brief sound of a voice cracking made them both look over towards the cloud of smoke and Starfire (Vanessa Morgan) came out through the smoke and debris covered in dirt and ashes with her armor torn up and practically destroyed. Visibly shaken and almost drenched in tears from the destruction, the comfort of her friends was definitely needed.

But that was the thing. The way her voice cracked as she called for help already gave away the indication of her worst nightmare.

Briefly glancing over at Raven and Nightwing from aside her stepping out further through the smoke, green, green and more green flashed through the ashes as the mangled, singed body of Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy (Cole Sprouse) was shown, wrapped in Kori's hands.

Almost immediately, Terra had her hands covered over her mouth in complete disbelief and shock over what had just occurred. It's been three months since the two expressed feelings for one another.....and then this happens.

Terra: I--Is he....??

To her complete dismay, Kori nodded in sadness.

There would be no song for the broken-hearted, no silent prayer for the faith-departed; nothing but utter hell washed down over her following the swift, traumatic loss of one of their own. Having to take Gar's body out of Starfire's hands and kneel down beside him, the hardened, flakey texture of his singed skin left Terra crying out in anguish with her terrakinesis cracking the concrete beneath her and nearly erupting 1938 Simon Street, Hobs Bay.

Kori has to hug her from behind and move her away from the body to get her to calm down and Dick had to do the same for Star as she tears up, unable to save her friend.

Cyborg only faced down in dismay, bending to a knee only to catch a glimpse of a S.T.A.R. Labs access key card nearby by the dismantled Ace o' Clubs bar. Crumbled and stuck amongst all the debris, he lifts all of it up and away. On the front side of the crumbled pass was his dad's name and picture on it.

That was clear recognition, if any was needed, that his father.....Silas Stone......was gone too.....

Erupting from sadness to frustration to pure unadulterated anger, Victor tried his hardest to contain his frustration to no avail, punching a brick wall and shattering what's left of the window frame.

I'm sorry.

He looked back seeing Raven (Taissa Farmiga) reappear behind him from the shadows.

Raven: I was protecting Kori and Gar from the explosion before getting caught in the flames.

Cyborg: Heh....wish I could say the same for my Dad.

Raven: I know what it's like to lose a parent. I'm sorry I couldn't stop it sooner.

Victor's reply came in the form of a stinkface reaction, since Ravens father was the literal epitome of hell incarnate, how would she know if her parents are so cold blooded? No verbal response was needed, as he walked away from her, gripping his fist on that card.

The sight of Dick comforting the girls bawling their eye's out over Beast Boy brought some sense of shame. Even her eyes dropped at the sight, for her annoying yet charismatic teammate died on her watch and her best efforts weren't enough to save him.

Grieving was over for Superman.

Bursting and ripping through the air, flying at full speed across the river with rage in his eyes for what had just transpired earlier, he barely skims past Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) who was checking along the outskirts of Metropolis and beyond to see what else the nuke left in its wake. He simply looked down at Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) and Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who was assisting him in the cause with a hint of confusion and a wave of uneasiness.

What does he think he's about to do...?, Billy thought to himself.

The bigger question was what was The Joker (Jared Leto) thinking when he went through with this.

Men like him, however are very few in number especially with his type of agenda. His entire career had been littering and festering the scraps, dismantling the status quo, making every 'right' decision worthless via exposing everybody's lack of humanity: all except for Batman (Ben Affleck).

Once again, his lack of morality colliding with his inescapable pursuit of vigilantism bled chaos through the bowels of their rivalry and Strykers looked to be another stamp, a bookmark on Jokers never-ending stride for chaos.

One of the few interrogation rooms still left unharmed, was where Batman held Joker inside, cuffed up to the table, still laughing hysterically. He was amused. Oh, how could he not be? He just made Superman destroy his own beloved city. What a joke! He briefly wondered if he could make Batman do the same. The latter was currently glaring at him. If looks could kill, he would have died a thousand times over. But Joker knew the Bat like the back of his hand. Batman wouldn't do anything to him, at least not anything fatal.

A tad more furious than usual, he slams Jokers' head down onto the table, disorientating him slightly.

At least the laughing stopped.

Joker: Why do you always go for the head? You're gonna get the victim all fuzzy.

That astute observation gets quickly ignored by an angry glare.

Batman: The Nuke! Why did Lex give it to you?!

"What? You want one?", joked the Joker sociopathically. "Copybat...."

The man in front of him had just nuked Metropolis and was making puns? In a burst of rage, he grabbed the Joker by the shoulders, prepared to punch him again but then he stopped.

Triggering Batman always brought him this wicked sense of pleasure so him calming himself down before he let his anger get the better of him, always brought Joker dismay. He'd used to get to the Dark Knight easily whether he used to kill or not.

As of right now, this was no exception.

Batman: You took his wife.......his unborn child......and his city from him. Why?

Joker: You need a reason? It's probably the same reason I beat that puppy to death with a kitten last week. When the howling and meowing stops, and all you're left with is a mess of fur and blood and brains, well, you can't beat that warm glowing feeling inside.

Now he was teasing him.

Batman: This has always been about us. Why do this to him?

Joker: Every time you and I play, I lose. I'm one to admit: I got a bit bored of losing. So I decided I'd try this on easy mode for a while. And it WAS EASY.....As easy as beating a puppy to death with a kitten.

He pulls him closer.

Joker: I mean.....someone took it all away from you too, right Bats? And look at what you've become: An all-punching, all-kicking little ball of angst. And you just couldn't let me go, could you? I just wanted to bring down your grim facade and, for ONCE, let you see the world as I see it: giggling in a corner and bleeding. But you've denied me even that because you are truly incorruptible, aren't you? Huh? No matter how far I've pushed you, no matter how deep you plunge down the rabbit hole, you won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. Why else did you think I wouldn't kill you? Because you were just too much fun.

The Clown Prince rolls his eyes, chuckling sinisterly.

Joker: And to think you and I were destined to do this forever. And then here you come again, dragging your friends into our personal playground, our little game for two. So I just had to go and send him a reminder of what happens in our little circle of darkness. Now THAT begs the question......

He whispers in his ear.

Joker: What do you think Superman will become? A God who's deluded himself into believing he's a man; who will he become next?

Batman: You're asking for too much. There's some things in this world even YOU can't corrupt, Joker.

Joker laughed.

Joker: HA! Oh, Batsy. You're so cute....You REALLY THINK your new friend will still be fun to play with?

"He will grieve", the Dark Knight assures confidentially. "But he'll stay one of the best men I know."

Joker: No. I think it's going to be a lot funnier than that.

Before the Caped Crusader can respond.....the wall from the outside BLEW open which nearly knocked Batman and Joker off balance. While the ruble from the wall crumbles from the outside, they both looked back to saw Superman levitating down into the room with his eyes glowing with pure hatred.

Joker chuckled in dark anticipation. He was moments from getting what he wanted.

Superman: Get away from him!

Batman: I'm handling this.

Batman tried to stop Superman, but the latter ignored him, for his word no longer mattered and pushed him aside without any hesitation. Batman looked on warily, ready to pounce if Superman got out of control.

Limping and stomping up to the madmen like an angry child, the Joker smirking at him, softly chuckling with his hands intertwined just PISSED Clark off even more. He tossed the table aside, grabbed Joker by his jacket and SLAMED HIM to the right side wall into the mirror, earning another delighted whoop from Joker.

Superman: Bastard! You drugged me! Made me.....

He had to stop himself from making any more drastic movements, bowing his head in both defeat and utter shame.

Superman: L--Lois....My son......

Joker: Awww.....first Krypton, now Metropolis. My my, people you love do tend to blow up, don't they?

There he goes again, mocking him. The Man Of Steel growls loudly, raising his fist. But Batman's cry stopped him in time.

Batman: Superman DON'T!

He wouldn't kill him, but he soon would if the clown continued ranting. Having to stop himself yet again, he punches out the window beside Joker creating a perfect circle dent to it. The sight of seeing Superman hit an all time low on morale was exactly what he wanted: he wanted to break the unbreakable and he was mere seconds away from doing exactly that.

Joker: That's why I like you Superman. You're much more gullible than.....Batsy here.

Superman: RAAGHH!

He threw him aside him to the other side of the room in a fit of fury as he hits the wall, bouncing off the broken table as he laid there. Unfazed by the act, Joker painfully stood up, still smiling as if this wasn't a big deal.

But it surely was.

Joker: You-you think you can have a family? You think that locking me up will magically reform me to the point where they'll be safe......

He points to Batman.

Joker: That HE'LL be safe. So big, yet so dumb......

He sits back down much to Superman's bewilderment. He wanted to punch that stupid grin off the clown's face so badly. How could he still talk like that? He wanted to destroy what the Joker had and make him feel the pain! But deep down, he knew that Joker didn't have anyone close to him anymore since Harley was just a toy.

Joker would just laugh everything away.

Joker: If you never danced with the devil in the pale moonlight, time is all but wasted. Now run I can break out of here. I got lots of planning to do to top this.

Superman: The only reservation you're going to be attending is currently slated six feet under.

Maniacal laughter rings in his ears. Uneven twitching, uncontrollable shaking, it got to the Man Of Steel more than it ever could get Bruce.

Joker: Why yes, my friend. I do in fact know there is special place in Hell for me. It's called a throne.

That did it. Superman lifted Joker up by his throat, preparing to finish him.


Batman strode forward, attempting to push Superman away, but it was the other way around with Supes simply tossing him aside like he was nothing. Batman grunted as he hit the floor colliding with the collapsed wall, unable to do anything as he watched Superman draw back a fist.

It didn't knock him out.

But it did give him a free V.I.P seat to witness the true meaning of horror before him.

With Superman turning his eyes back towards at Joker.....his eyes filled up with dreaded red once more.

Superman: She was my world......and you took her from me.

Those words rung a bell to Batman more than he expected to. The same words ushered to him in his nightmare from three years ago. He never thought he'd have to hear those words for real.

Joker: You say that but.....d-do you think you'll ever love again? Cause who knows? May-maybe you won't kill your next family.

That was it.

The final straw.

The Man Of Steel had about enough.

Superman roared in anger. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, he heard Batman cry out "NO!" But, all he knew was that he had to kill this fiend, so that he can no longer do anything more.


~One week later~

Temperatures were rising steadily; nothing but old 60's music rung throughout the boiler room as a crate loaded itself into a large oven with the eroded door swinging wide open. Humidity filled the air following slight squeaking as the actual body that was due to be cremated entered, having been laid down on the crate. As the stove that led up to the fire began to sizzle, the body slowly was pushed inside, almost with such care and delicacy.

You'd think this person would be worth remembering. He would be. Just not for the right reasons.

With nothing but a flower on its purple suit, standing out from its decaying white puffball face and green scaly hair, a dead Joker, days after he was brutally murdered by the Man Of Steel after gassing and tricking him into killing Lois, looks as if he couldn't be any happier with the sick and twisted smile over his face with his jacket soaked and covered in blood from the hole in his chest.

As seconds turned into a minute later, the trigger was pulled.

The entire oven was then lit upon the fire, as it proceeded to burn through the Joker's body from his skin all the way down to the bones. Nothing but smoke could be felt or seen through the fires and flames. It felt like an eternity it went on forever, even when the smoke blew out to the oven, rendering the corpse to ashes.

Imagine a world without crime. Imagine a world without war. Imagine a world in which major conflicts are almost nonexistent. Now open your eyes. Take in the world you dreamed about, wished for your whole life. But there is something wrong. This is not the world of happiness that should be omnipresent in a place such as this. This is not the world in which every nation gets along. There are no nations. This is not a world of being carefree, it is one of fear. This is a world in which crime has not been eliminated through justice, but through injustice, by the gods who walk among us.


~Nine months later~

Nine months ago, the Joker was cremated. I pressed the button and burnt the evil bastard myself. And then......we waited. After the destruction of Metropolis, Gotham braced itself for the inevitable power struggle to come. But It didn't. Crime actually fell the day after Superman's immediate "prevent crime" speech. But deep down, I couldn't help but since a greater evil was approaching.

I knew war was coming. I was just waiting for SOMEONE to pull the trigger when it did.

The streets of Gotham were relatively quiet this time around as people just walked on by minding their own business or driving alongside the roads. While the people downtown didn't appear to be the least bit concerned when it came to the recent lack of crime happening, that could not be the case for those who WERE concerned.

Re-enter the disbanded Arkham City.

Following the events of Victor Fries' redemption and the aftermath of the disastrous Protocol 10 epidemic, the media took no time at all writing all over the story. For starters, the destruction of the entire city had insured everything that Bruce Wayne had needed to officially continue his campaign to shut down Arkham City for good. With the decree that the entire asylum site be shut down as soon as possible, as a result, Quincy Sharp's martial law was overturned once he was arrested and incarcerated for his involvement with Protocol 10. As a result, Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department were given back full jurisdiction in Gotham City. They were sent to arrest all TYGER forces, transferred any and all inmates away from the prison, rescued all the falsely imprisoned and thanks to some outside assistance, they officially shut down the city once and for all.

Nobody had been daring enough to either enter or return back to there.

All except for ONE.

The former Dr. Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) had been the busiest she ever thought she would be, following the events of Metropolis and the death of her former Mr. J. Despite having actually done better for herself without the psychotic clown in her corner, Harley's persistence on getting closure for all his wrongdoings ended up bringing her back directly where she started.

Following his death, she had since then shut herself off from almost everything else, becoming even more psychotic and fierce, and any of Joker's old henchmen, who had previously seen her as a useless bimbo were dealt with quickly and earned her respect. Constantly mourning and frequently crying and/or laughing from the eyes of her men, she was also starting to seem like a liability.

Evaluations and changes were made immediately at the Funhouse, Jokers second base of operations connected to the Sionis Steel Mill, as the place was demanded to be rigged from pillar to post, surrounded by armed HARLEY thugs, grunts spray-painted with the signature Joker face-paint, all defenses would be at a high alert at all intervals, at all times.

But they weren't alone.

The Dark Knight and Boy Wonder replacement number 3 were here, scaling the skylines from above.

Red Robin (Steven R. McQueen): Oracle....we're in. Any news?

No. He's been gone two days. I'm worried. More worried than I should be about what he'll do now. You know what he's been like since....

Batman: We'll find him, Barbara.

I hope you're right.

Red Robin: Looks like Harley Quinn is preparing for a siege. What is she planning?

Find Superman and the both of you get the hell out. We can't have the others showing up. Not here, not now.

"Don't worry, babe", he confidently, reassuring nothing is bound to go wrong. "It's us, remember?"

You sound just like Bruce now.

As Tim chuckles, the transmission cuts off.

The dynamic duo observed the entire area and it looked like there were sniper on every roof armed goons all over the found looked like Harley was ready for war

Robin: This doesn't look good Batman. Harley's crazy but I've never seen her this extreme. What's she up to?

Batman: I don't know. But let's stay focus Robin. We'll need to go by the book on this one.

Robin: Sure but.....why go through all this much trouble for the Joker? I thought she was over him since Helena and Dina and her went at Black Mask.

Batman: Harley was never that smart Tim. Not since the Joker made her into what she is.

Robin: No kidding.

Batman: Alfred. We need a way to get inside the steel mill.

Have you tried the front door sir?

Batman: Why didn't I think of that?

Robin: Ha! See you do have a sense of humor!

That be too easy. Well all the main entrances are locked down and heavily guarded the only direct approach would be.....oh no it's suicide.

Batman eyed at the chimney across the entire mill

Batman: The main chimney. Ok then.

That transmission cut off too and Bats turned to his young partner

Batman: You ready?

Robin: Let's rock.

They took their grapples and boost themselves up in the air and held out their capes to glide towards the chimney but all of a sudden....

......a sonic blast wave nearly hit them catching them both off guard and forced them to land and to encounter......a very angry....Cyborg

Robin: Victor?

Cyborg: Wasn't trying to hit you guys. Fair warning.

Batman: A warning shot Cyborg?

Cyborg: I don't want to hurt you guys unless I have to.

Batman: Then you're gonna have to. No one dies tonight.

Cyborg: My friend died in Metropolis Batman. Beast Boy is gone. Even my dad. And you promised we save him. You even gave your word!

Batman: I'm sorry about your father Victor. I'm even more sorry I couldn't live up to that promise. I understand your pain.

Cyborg: Do you?! Then why not stand with us and help us make sure what happened in Metropolis never happens again.

Batman: You have a right to be angry. But it's not a blank check. And the Justice League isn't a death squad.

Batman nearly stood to fight but Tim help up his hand to him turning his head to him

Robin: need to find Superman. I'll take care of Victor.

Batman: Are you sure?

Robin: He's my friend Bruce. Let me talk to him.

Batman: Be. Careful.

Bruce grapples up as the former friends of the Teen Titans stood face to face

Robin: I can't let you stop us Vic.

Cyborg: You gonna stand against your friends too Tim?

Robin: If I have to. I miss Garfield too but he wouldn't want this. Neither would your father.

Cyborg: You don't know how I feel!

Robin: No?! My dad died too Vic. There's not a day that goes by where I don't wish he was still here. Bruce will never replace him but I know he wouldn't want this for me either.

Cyborg: Robin please don't make me fight you......think if what happened to Lois happen to Barbra. If the Joker took her from you?! You still wouldn't act?!

Robin: OF COURSE I WOULD! I would kill him myself. But I wouldn't keep slaughtering those responsible. We can't change how the world works Victor. The Teen Titans aren't a death squad either.

Cyborg: Then you leave me no choice.

Cyborg armed his cannon

Robin: Neither do you.

Robin took his pole inhancing it's size and then Cyborg fired only for Robin to dodge it and lunge the pole at him for Victor to grab it but Tim flips over him kicking him down as Robin lands on his feet

Robin: Stay down. Last warning.

Cyborg: You first.

Victor blasts his cannon again for Robin to dodge again and both countered each others attacks Cyborg ten grabs him by the cape and throws him aside

Tim rolls over and Victor approaches him

Cyborg: Think about your next move Tim.

Robin: Which one? This?

Robin shoots explosive jell at him an when they explode the stun him long enough for Robin to kick him sending him flying and hits the gat doors having enough Cyborg yelled and charge and he and Robin continued fighting

Inside the mill an armed goon walked by and to his surprise Batman smashes through a window knocking the goon down and grabbed him to interrogate him

Batman: Harley Quinn Superman....where are they?!

Goon: Please....I have no idea where they are.....

Batman: You really don't want to lie to me. You know how many of your friends I put in the hospital after Metropolis?

Goon: Alright! Alright....Quin's got him locked in some secret room. But you'll never get in without the codes!

Batman: Then give me the codes.

Goon: They're on my phone. Take it!

Batman: Much applieched.

Bats knocked him out and took his phone opening it apart and install the safe clip downloading it to his cryptic graphic sequencer

Soon as the codes were down loaded Batman saw a sign held by a Joker statue


Bruce realized Harley was expecting him to save his friend

Fortunately……or unfortunately, depending on one would like to perceive it, someone was already close to beating him to the punch.

Inside of the actual Madhouse, it had become apparent that Harley had well and truly lost it.

She had practically decorated the ENTIRE building or, at least, the parts of the building in which used the most access available. Shredded confetti, torn banners, and flyers, spray paint from all over the walls. One wall in particular in Access Corridor A read "FALSE PROPHET, DEAD GOD, MURDERER."

So revenge was alive and kicking……or whatever splices of that drug were left radiating inside of Harley.

The goons in Access Corridor A, who was guarding the area, could definitely feel Harley's pain but they had every reason to be concerned for their OWN self-being.

Goon #3: You heard from Harley?

Goon #1: Nah. Probably still crying.

That was the expected answer but not the one they needed to hear.

Goon #2: Well, she better get over the boss soon. She's turning into a liability.

Goon #1: I know, I know but what choice do we have? She's gone crazy since J died.

Goon #2: She was crazy before. Not to mention, why she’d even come back to him?”

Just discontented shrugs in unison from everyone.

Goon #3: But at least, she's got Supes. Got him contained and all that. Once he's dead, maybe she'll, uh, she'll calm down?

Silence rang through.

Goon #3: What?

Almost everyone shook their heads "No".

Goon #2: She's lost it more than I already thought she had. How do we know she's not just gonna kill us all in the end in a crazy revenge-stricken-driven plan? Wouldn't be the first time someone tried that out.

Goon #3: That is….actually a good point. Perhaps we should hatch up an alternative or something to get the hell out of here before hell freezes over. I mean it's bad enough now but how much worse can it get?

Goon #1: It always gets worse around here.

Around here, reassuring the truth in this neck of the woods wouldn’t be very sporting unless you’re looking to get your ass kicked in.

Soon as he says that, a flash of lightning and wind breezes past that goon as he flips over himself and lands flat on his chest, unconscious, just like that.

Brief glances from the others as they come to attention with their guns perched at all four corners.

Seconds later, ANOTHER flash of lighting and dust blows through the entire room, sweeping everyone off of their feet and almost immediately knocks them all out before zipping out the Access Corridor and into the next room, leading deeper into the Warehouse.

Normalcy continued somewhat on the outside still, with Tim having been flipped over from a biel throw from Cyborg, the latter using his cybernetic advances and strength to overpower the third Boy Wonder.

However, shurikens were thrown in Victor's direction in a crouching position. All four of them just reflected off of Cyborg, thanks to his hardened reflective shield.

Amidst the small distraction, Red Robin slid up underneath Cyborg, twirled around his head, and then slammed him straight down with his right hand flat across his chest. Rolling through, however, Tim didn’t get enough time to truly recover. No less than thirty seconds later, Victor is already back up on his feet.

He charges at Tim again, this time with his leg and shoulder thrusters in full effect. It takes Tim off his feet entirely, blindsiding him through the barrels and pipes and weak walls traveling at 3 miles an hour.

It was at that instance Red Robin knew Cyborg was holding back. And even the latter himself knew that.

It wasn’t going to stop Victor from doling out the punishment on his friend, albeit begrudgingly. Finally, at a stopping point, Victor proceeds to purposely drop atom down onto the gravely ground of an abandoned alleyway nearby the discontinued Ferris Wheel attraction nobody ever bothered to use.

There, the beatdown continued.

Two gut punches and a knee later, Victor then slams Tim back into the brick wall head face before proceeding to go old school, boxing him square in the abdomen.

Forcing Tim to cover up, the best he could do was maneuver his elbows around the raging fists and wait for an opening. What made that bit difficult was Victor manifesting extra cybernetic limbs for dexterity out of his back.

Applying quadruple the hand-to-hand expertise that Muhammad Ali would blush at, to say Tim was outclassed in this position and with his back literally up against the wall, that opening he desperately needed was quickly winding down….

….until it finally came.

In a brief stint of muscle memory coming back, Tim grabbed one of Cyborgs' actual arms and intertwined it with the extra limb, briefly throwing off his aim as he clocked Victor in the face with his own arm.

Tim tried to get back in with a double cartwheel kick to Victors' head but when he went in for another punch, Cyborg went in for a roundhouse, which Red Robin was forced to duck under.

Going in for another one, Tim went for another punch…..only for Victors' foot to convert into a cylinder arm lock that cuffed Tim’s hand in that socket for that prolonged period of time, thanks in turn to constant self-modification. Slamming his hand into the ground with his foot practically cuffed right to it, Cyborg now had Tim in a precarious spot.

Twisting his body in a full 360 degrees, Victor had 500 plus pounds of force hurdling right for him. The punch connects, hurdling Robin back up to the wall….

…but once again, at the cost of Victors' lack of a keen eye being caught in the moment.

Tim had another shuriken thrown to his left as soon as the punch connected and that shuriken he threw was a reverse shuriken, circling a full 180 past Cyborg before semi-circling back towards the silver slabbed tin man and wedged itself into his right shoulder. Within a few seconds, it explodes…..

….erupting more smoke out of the weapon and into Cyborgs mainframe, temporarily blinding him.

Not waiting for the smoke to clear, Victors' collapsible face plate slinks on with his cybernetic left eye allowing him to see through the thick blanket.

Tim was gone, unfortunately.

A wave of regret is quick to wash over Victor because he knew better. Tim knew better. They understood each other well enough to dissect how the other was feeling but it shouldn’t have resulted in the two of them engaging each other like that.

But that didn't stop him from reporting his arrival.

Cyborg: Batman and Robin are here.

Understood. I will be there soon.

Cyborg: One of ours is already inside. Listen.....let’s try not to hurt them any further, ok? Robin is still part of the Titans.

We'll do what we have to do, Victor. It's all we can do. Our main concern is Superman and Quinn for now.

Cyborg: Roger that.

Inside one of the rooms of the madhouse, another goon was pacing around with a bat in his hand, with the T.V glitching out showing the same footage: one video recorded message after another.

You left me to die.

You left me to die.

You left me to die.

You left me to die.

Getting tired of it, he bangs on the TV in a futile effort to fix the connection. Irritation kicked in but not before but a shadow looms over him and the TV screen. His first instinct, prior to looking in the direction of the shadow was to confront him.

All he ended up with was his head smashed into the TV.

Red Robin made short work of him, pressing forward through the Dry docks. The sight of dislocated mannequins and animatronic robots hand-drawn became only slightly creepy. After all, there really is no telling dissecting just how crazy a crazy person is.

Especially if her name is Harley.

Shut up, you idiots! I'm trying to think here!

Does it hurt?

Shut your stupid mouth! You're just lucky I need you later.

Trailing behind the annoying pipsqueak voice up through a window out of the room, the 'widow' Harley Quinn had two officers up on the bridge with her, smacking one GCPD officer down with the butt of her gun.

Red Robin: Barb? I found some hostages on the inside. Quinn's got 'em.

Any sign of Clark?

Red Robin: Nah, that's a negative. I'm gonna keep looking. Harley's telling the hostages she's got some plan for them. Don't know what to expect, but they'll be safe. Just not for long.

Be careful, baby. Please. And listen......during your encounter with Victor, I hacked into his communications. He's told Diana where you were. She's on the way now.

Red Robin: Fan-freaking-tastic.

You think? She hasn't been the same either since......well, she won't talk to Bruce directly after the Contingencies got out on her knowledge. Can’t say I blame her for that but….these are the risks we have to take.

Red Robin: We'll help her too once we find Supes. It's all we can do.

Retracing his steps in the meanwhile, Batman returned back to the back entranceway which was guarded before, and slapped in all three codes. Once he used the codes to gain access to the back entrance, everything went according to plan for now. He walks right in with little to no trouble at all as he takes in the scenery only for a minute to gaze straight through the hallway as more spray-painted signs to his left and right kept assuring him that….

“After Supes, you're next B-man!"

The more Batman passes the same sign over and over again, the further he proceeded but little did he know, he was being followed.

Little did he know that he, unfortunately, wasn't going to get the chance to see and/or "rescue" Superman first.

In the warehouse, which was connected towards Access Corridor A, an entire pile of unconscious, twitching bodies just laid there, scattered all across the floor.

Courtesy of the fastest man alive.

The sight of these random nameless, faceless nobodies lying around twitching from the electricity in his suit always made Barry chuckle a little, but there was a specific reason as to why he was in this room as his eyes laid across one barren object sticking out apart from anything else that was around him: A crimson cape.

Flash: Oh boy.

Soon as he goes over and picks up the cape by the end, only one of MANY possibilities came over his mind, concerning as to what might've happened to Superman. But he didn't want to think about the end results right now.

Although he just COULDN'T help but to think about it the more he stared at the cape.

Barry. What's going on? Have you found him?

Flash: Umm.....sort of.

What does that mean?

Flash: Means possibly.....I'm close. Give me a second.

Right then and there, he's off again.

Dashing through the hallways, he stops dead in his tracks when he comes up to a doorway, sprinkled in spray paint and covered in fliers and banners and confetti and all kinds of ridiculous paraphernalia jazz.

It was a rather messy display.

Enter the Shrine Of Joker.

Nothing about the room itself was particularly interesting within itself. It looked like pretty much every other room Barry had come across......except there were a few animatronic robots perched around him and a giant wooden Joker statue in front of him, holding a glass sphere in his hands.

That alone was already suspicious enough as it is. So he just had to step forward to get a closer look. That's when Flash sees Superman inside of the monument sphere. A sigh of relief comes over him.....until his eyes peek at an ominous green glow radiating from the inside.

It meant good news…..but not for long.

"Oh thank God", he exasperated, piked back into his earpiece. "Hey. I found him."

Praise the Gods. Is he Ok?

Flash: He's trapped.

Then get him out.

Flash: Nothing is that simple, Diana. Harley built some kind of monument to the Joker and I think he's stuck inside. And based on the green glowing, it's safe to say—


Flash: With THAT in there, he'll never get out. Looking at this place, she's crazier than we thought. Imma search the area and try to work out how to save him.

I'll be there in five minutes. Harley will face her destiny when I arrive.

Something about the way she said that gave Flash a very inhuman chill crawling down to the spine after the transmission cut off. He honestly didn't know as to where this was going to go, at least for him.


He speedily turned his head seeing Batman land behind him. Not scared, just pleasantly surprised.

Flash: Bruce....uh...hey, buddy. I see we're on the same mission.

Batman: What're you doing here?

Flash: Didn't 'the same mission' ring any bells? I'm here to rescue Superman. But all this has got him pinned up like a dog. I don't think he knows we're here.

Batman: You know I can't let him run free if he kills anyone.

Finally, gaining some sense of authority, Barry pulls the brooding knight off to the side.

Flash: Look....I get when he killed the Joker, it was against this code of yours. Believe me, I'm not down for killing you think for a second....that maybe Superman....might be fighting for a better cause now?

Batman: Executing criminals is nothing better than what we're supposed to do. I made that mistake years ago. I can't let him repeat it.

Flash: Well, tell that to Diana. She's on her way and I doubt she's in a merciful mood. While you were gone the past nine months, she and Supes have been talking like they're going to war with every criminal on the planet. This could get messy, Bruce.

All the more reason Clark needs to stop this, Bruce thought to him still showing deep care and concern for the alien who he befriended. All he does say though is….nothing.

Typical Bruce Wayne.

Barry could only afford to perk his shoulders up, shrugging, before going back to examining, Batman had to take time to think over something that popped in his head. It made him ask Barry one question.

Batman: Everything about Superman was all done out of love for Lois. I saw you in a dream in which the world was in chaos. No civilization, no vegetation, no means of freedom. It was an utter wasteland surrounded by unending war. You told me I was right about him. And that Lois was the key......right?

That statement made Flash stare at him silently, like part of him knew what he was talking about.


Batman: Then now that she's gone.....Clark's not in his right mind like he wasn't when we brought him back until Lois came.

Flash: I see your point Bruce but don't you think Clark's intentions haven't really changed.

Batman: Course I know that. But they can't justify his actions. He needs to take time to grief.

Batman almost broke through the locks and the Kryptonite energy but there was one more problem.....two keys were needed

Batman: Dammit.

Flash: What is it?

Batman: We need two keys to open it. And no doubt Harley has one of them

Flash: No problem. I'll fetch them in heart beat.

Batman: I need you to keep an eye on Clark case something happens. Lock it down and don't let anyone but Robin and myself in.

Flash: Just like the old days.....I think.

Bruce exited the room and contacts Oracle

Batman: Oracle. We need two keys to get to Clark. I need a location and I need it now.

Let's see. Here we go. The first key is located in the smelting chamber it's filled with Harley's goons all heavily armed. Harley has the other one.

Batman: Did you get that Tim.

Got it. I'll take Harley. I'm actually not far from her.

Batman: Good. Be careful.

Wait Bruce I think you should know one more thing.

Batman: What is it?

Diana's on her way. Victor called her here and I don't think she's happy right now.

Batman: Let me worry about Diana. Stay focused Robin.

At Red Robin's location

Red Robin: By the book. I know.

The transmission cut off and Tim made his way and soon......came across Harley's office with her old costumes hanging up her red and black jester suit and the attire of the first suicide quad and the red dress

Even with Superman logo's with no marks sprayed on them

Red Robin: Harley's out of her mind.

He came across her desk and computer and found security fee marking two days ago on the night Superman disappeared

Tim clicked on it to play the fee in hopes getting answers

Two days ago - Arkham City

Harley's goons had captured a few Arkham guards when Superman orchestrated an execution for them and he merely had them all in motion for them.....all but one.....Harley

She had been kidnapping prison guards out of madness since she was thrown back in after the Joker's death and giving her involvement in Lois's death he wanted nothing more......than to rip her apart too

Superman flew to steel mill where goons had a guard tied up and were talking about what happened to the Joker

Goon # 1: It's weird you know?

Goon # 2: What is?

Goon # 1: The Joker gone. I always thought he last forever.

Goon # 2: Yeah it is strange without him. What weirds me out more was who put him down.

Goon # 3: Batman?

Goon # 2: Nah. I mean yeah Batman was there when it happened but it was really Superman who killed him.

Goon # 3: Superman?! He killed Joker?!

Goon # 2: Yep.

Goon # 3 Goddamn. I always figured it be Batman who'd do him in if Joker were ever to die but Superman?? How could it be him? I thought he was too goody goody to kill anyone.

Goon # 1: He was. But I guess when Jay killed his woman and nuked his city he didn't had much to be goody with anymore.

Goon # 2: Yeah. And since then Superman's been scaring the crap out of me more than Batman. I think he's really on the brinks. I don't think Jay knew what he was doing when he turned Metropolis into a wasteland.

As they talk more speak of the devil Superman bursts in through ceiling and landed hard on his feet startling the goons

Goons # 3: IT'S HIM!!!


They fired at him but of course the bullets bounced off him as he approached them and he ignited his heat ray blasting two of the goons they screamed to death as they were burnt to their bones and the skeletons dropped flat on the flour and the last one remained falling back as Clark approached him and grabbed him by the neck

Superman: Where's Harley?

Goon # 2: Don't hurt me man......I had nothing to do with that nuke!

Bringing that up only angered Clark more he gripped tight on his neck he was loosing oxygen

Goon # 2: Smelting......chamber.....

Superman's expression didn't change he NAPPED hi neck dropping him and he went to guard to untie him as he came to

Guard: Superman thank god.....

Superman: Are you alright?

Guard: I will be.....but....what did you do to them?

Superman: Never mind that. You need to get yourself out. When you get a chance head for the church. You'll be safe there.

Superman left the guard confused his reaction to the dead guards did not change and why would it? Superman freaking killed them

A the rogue hero got deeper in the mill he just walk through like Darth Vader on a mission to hunt down the rebellion and any goon that came his way all been burnt to the bones necks twisted and heads punched off

Clark has totally LOST it

Soon as he arrived in the smelting chamber the two last guards were being torched in the office hearing their yells Superman didn't bother stopping just walking in

When he got spotted the goons yelled and opened fire but like earlier it was futile Superman burnt and fist decapitated them all one by one

Some tried to get away but Superman stopped them in speed and all ended up dead

Soon as they were all dead Superman came in the office

Superman: You two alright?

Guard # 2: Superman.....I thought we were goners.

Superman: You're safe now.


The guards and Clark turned around and Harley appeared in goth makeup with more goons behind her


Superman: HARLEY!

Clark tend to lung at her only for Harley too shoot kryptonite at him making him drop down on his knees and cough out and eventually....knocked him out

Harley: Awe did that hurt S-Man? Too bad! Get his murdering ass up! And bring them too!

The goons took Superman and the guards dragging them away

…..leaving the cape behind.

Cutting back to reality, Robin was just horrified at what he saw on that video feed. Seeing a man of honor lose his way this fast and this senselessly was no surprise looking back at Bruce's conditioning but someone like him?

The beacon of humanity that we desperately needed in times like this? It still felt unreal.

Red Robin: Jesus, Clark.....never thought you'd really do all that....

Listen up, dumbasses!

Hearing that whiny squealing voice from the other side of the room obviously was a red flag for Red Robin. Glaring out the window to his left, he comes across a shipyard near the back end of the Madhouse by the dry docks, surrounded by more goons....

….and Harley herself.

The two other missing cops, however, were a no-show. Tim could only assume Quinn had them moved. But at this point in time, HE had to move from his current position.

In case you've missed it, I want this room kept secure. Hell, I NEED this room secure, ok? I don't care how you do it, just DON'T let me down. Mistah J wouldn't like it if you failed me, would he? No, he wouldn't. He'd be VERY upset. He'd probably kill you all or break your legs or glue your eyes open or make you eat a grenade.......Nah. Who am I kidding? He'd do something much better. He WAS Mister J after all......he had a plan. I'm just here. Alone. Relying on you idiots. So don't fail me!

That's how much of the insanity Tim had to hear from the edge of the railing. It always left him feeling queasy.

Red Robin: Holy bat-shit, is she delirious.

Should that be any surprise?

Red Robin: Bruce, where the hell are you?

Getting that other key card.

So…..Guard duty for me.

The sudden pitch in tone and voice threw him off-guard before he realized who he was with.

Red Robin: Barry?

Don't ask, ok? Until Diana gets here, we're stuck guarding the Clown Killer.

Red Robin: You found him?

He's alive, but he might not be for long. He's in a statue monument filled with Kryptonite. Because of course, he is. Sooner you get those keys the better.

Red Robin: Right. I'll be in touch.

Zooming in with his detective vision, catching a gold sparkling item through the camera lens on his mask from afar which marked an item of importance: The card was on Harley, as expected.

He cuts off the transmission.

And speaking of that key, the Worlds Detective already swiped one, thoroughly clean.

Arriving back into Jokers Shrine, Barry kept his word and let him in from that door, uncharacteristic filling in as an indentured servant until the glass ceiling was bound to collapse.

And by that, it meant until they got Supes out of his glass cage.

Flash: So that’s one card, right?

He nods.

Flash: Ok, ok.

Batman: Diana isn’t far behind. I need you to find Cyborg. When she arrives, she may complicate a few things so I need you two to slow her down.

Eye shrugs and jittery shoulders weren't the answer he was looking for but it was what he got anyways. He couldn't go through with it even if he wanted to.

Flash: And......yeah. Let me tell you why that might be a problem.

The sound of another goon getting his head kicked in and tossed in the room drove Batman and Flash towards the door, looking back.

That's when they see Cyborg cracking his knuckles and his neck off to the side.

Batman: Victor…..

Victor was left simply posing ahead, pointing at him just to clarify his standpoint of the enemy.

Cyborg: You have to understand: these criminals have to face real justice once we free Superman.

Batman: Executing is not justice, Victor. It's a sentence by the judge.

Cyborg: Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you pass as judge jury and executioner when you and Clark duked it out?

Of course, he was gonna bring that up. The event that escalated the tension between the two originally and became worldwide was never to be the gripping comparison from who he was in comparison to now felt cancerous.

Batman: That was a long time ago. I changed for the better. And I know you can too.......

It wasn't gonna cut it for him as he whipped out his Sonic arm cannon, aiming it directly at the Dark Knight.

Cyborg: This, NOW, is how we can change all of this for the better. You adapt or you perish, Bruce. EVOLUTION.

This was expected from Victor: having lost his mother because of a car crash and his father defying fate to bring him back, it left the man despondent, gloomy, secluded, depressed, and even somewhat robotic especially after the accident.

Now he’s back to where he was before he met the League. With any sliver of a chance there was of repatching with his father destroyed, the fallout behind why he’s reacting this way was all too universal but… what degree and at what point?

Cyborg: I can't let you stop us. Not this time.

Digging through his virtual computer and skimming through and hacking into WayneTech, Bruce noticed how most of his devices were shutting down and felt his belt was getting heavy.

Cyborg: Don't mind me. Just hacking into your WayneTech and satellite signals.

Batman: Allow me to return the favor.

From behind his back, he pulls a disrupter and slams down on the trigger, activating a virus in Victor, briefly shutting down his system and cybernetic enhancements. Nothing BUT the human part of him couldn't move so there he stood, like a statue.


Cyborg: The—the hell?

Batman: Initiated a virus from your central core, shutting down all your cybernetic enhancements, via EMP. It won't kill you but you won't move for a while.

Cyborg: This won't— Ugh, hold me for long, Bruce. And you know that. My backup—backup system kicks in the next fi—five minutes. And do—don’t forget the anti-virus I installed.

With the only elephant in the room being Flash since he just didn't know what to say or do, it was made rather clear that he appeared to be stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even as Cyborg eyed him, expecting him to help him up, Barry didn't react.

He just stared over at Bruce, seeing him re-uploading his Wayne-Tech.

Back at the dry docks, Robin came through an air vent from inside the nearest safe house with Harley standing by the missing cops while patrolling armed goons roamed all over the place.

You need to hurry. Diana's nearly a mile away.

Red Robin; I got this, hone.

Well....about that: sorry to complicate matters but it turns Bruce. Barry. Victor. They're not the only ones there. The batscanner detected your progress is being monitored.

Red Robin: By who exactly?

By me, of course. Who else?

Interjecting the comms link boomed a voice with a rather fresh tone, briefly catching both Robin and Barbara off by surprise.


Hello, Barb ....Timbo. Funny how I didn't really get the vacay I needed. As soon as I land in Miami, I hear news of a bombing in Metropolis and the Clown plastered with a hole in his chest. So I figured its only fair if I help tie up loose ends.

'Tie up loose ends' normally doesn't end well for the people involved, for it translates most of the time to "Someone's gonna die" and that really wasn't needed.

Red Robin: Whoa whoa Jason......we're not tying up loose ends with Harley here, ok? She's got Superman trapped here.

And from what I heard, he was here to tie them up HIMSELF. They're the worst of the worst.

Red Robin: Jason, he killed Joker, his goons and he was going to do the same to Harley. I saw the footage.

Sounds like Justice to me.

Killing people isn't Justice. Superman can't see that anymore. He's grieving and needs time to heal.

Yeah, well what if it been Gotham instead, Barb? What if the Joker killed your dad or Tim?

No response from either party, proving his point right then and there.

Yeah. That's what I thought.

Jason cut off from the line and Tim sighed softly.

Red Robin: I don't like this, Babs.

We can't let him stop us. Just get the key from Harley and get out.

With little to no time to lose, Tim cuts off the line, waiting 'till the guards moved out of the room, leaving the hostages on their own.

As soon as they left, he proceeded on the mission as Harley Quinn started walking around with a shotgun loaded with Kryptonite bullets.

Jumping down from the vent above, he startled the last two apprehended cops as they both muffled in joy and excitement. He tells them both to settle down and let him do his thing.

And so one by one….

…..Robin SNATCHED the first two goons from behind with his staff swinging around them and then landed flat on their faces, alerting the third one.

So as he aimed at Robin, he vanished.....

.....only to be repelled from his feet up to the higher ground. His muffled cries alerted the others.

Goon: Boss....I think we got company!

Harley: Rrrr......either it's Bat-Brain or the Dummy Wonder. Whoever it is, I want them DEAD!

The rest eventually spread out one by one but they were all EXTREMELY unlucky.

Whether it was from corners or from below them or even from directly behind them, Robin managed to pick them all off one by one. Batclaw here, explosive gel there, line launcher over there.

Nobody got their shots off on the birdman. All that's left was Harley.

Harley: Hello? Anybody? Did you get that brat?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

No answer. She knew what the likely result was and she didn't like it.

Even though she wasn't scared, this was one position too many that she had been involved in. With a severe lack of response and a severe lack of patience, to say she was irritated would be putting it lightly, bringing back the two cops out in broad daylight yet again before smacking them both down in a fit of fury.

Harley: Oh my-Hello? Whoever you are, I know you're there. You hear me?! I know you're there and it's too late!

Ramming the barrel of the gun aside one of the officer's heads with her fingers itching to pull the trigger, she doesn't notice the whirring sound of a Snap-Flash stuck on the side….

….blinding her once it goes off.

So by the time Red Robin flies up over the railing and pins the former psychiatrist back to the railing, she had already lost way before then. It gave both cops ample opportunity to make a break for it and run.

Harley attempted to say ‘Fuck it’ and just shoot one of them dead right now but Tim had already taken ahold of the gun and butted her against the head with it before shattering the single barrel shotgun with a single hand.

Harley: Get off me!

Red Robin: The key.

Harley: You'll never find it, dumbass!

Red Robin: Oh really?

Catching a black metallic item in her outfit, he had one of two suspicions as to what that was. So he then SNATCHED it from the upper part of her tank top.

And fair enough, it was the key.

Harley: No! That's mine!

She reaches for it, violently, only for Tim to tease her further, feigning dropping it over the railing. Pissed, she goes for a boot to the abdomen…..which Tim immediately catches.

Not wise.

Harley: Let me go!

Red Robin: Whatever you say, toots.

Grabbing a nearby rope, he wraps it around her leg and drops her over the railing, leaving her to hang upside down while all the blood quickly rushes to her head.

She had been in far worse predicaments so this wouldn’t harm her. And she’d take a while to get out from that either way so Robin was left taking his sweet time walking away from her.

Harley: Get. Me. Down, Bird-Brain!

Red Robin: I'll come back for you soon as we're done with Supes…..assuming you’re still there.

Harley: NO! Let him rot in there; he deserves to die!

Red Robin: Did Lois and her baby deserve it?

Her face scrunches as her voice cracks slightly as she ushered "What?" under her breath, somewhat surprised. Nobody mentioned a baby dating back to the explosion. Luckily, there was time to ponder the thought as Tim hurriedly power-walked out from the dry docks.

In time, Red Robin arrived at Joker's shrine where Bats Flash and Cyborg waited for him. Victor was still very much nailed to the ground from the disruptor. But even at that extent, it still had Tim worried.

Red Robin: Umm.....didn't know he was pledging to us.

Cyborg: I can't move. Short-circuit EMP.

Batman: Disruptor.

Red Robin bumps him on the shoulder, still a little bit sour following the reveal of his Agamemnon Contingencies. "Really?"

Batman: I'm just taking precautions.

This coming from a guy who rarely ever confides in his allies for information and hides secrets from everyone all the time: the typical Bruce Wayne facade that he's gotten accustomed to.

He looks back at Victor, still struggling.

Red Robin: Well, anyway, I got the other key.

Awkwardly glancing back between him and the Scarlet Speedster, he lets Barry take the key, following through with their temporary alliance.

Flash: Allow me, good sir.

He immediately snatches both keys away and dashed over to the panel, fidgeting around with the control scheme before finally slicing the card keys through their slot. Immediately as he did that, the Joker statue began to move but only its arms. It fumbled around with the sphere ball since the mechanics were breaking the arms apart but.....

…..there was a complication.

Instead of just dropping him flat on the floor, the statue THROWS him and the sphere ball out the room.

Cyborg: Oh, for Christ's sake!

Five minutes was up for Vic as his backup systems kicked in as his jetpack burst him off the ground and out the room, taking off almost immediately.

But not before he snatched the cape from Flash. The obvious question remained…..

Red Robin: What now?

After all, there was no clear game plan after the deed was done.

You don't need to worry about him, Bird-brain! He'll be dead very soon.....and so will all of you.

A retail gate opens from within the room they were in and in the inside, they see a homemade bomb with a locked encryption code. Flash groans heavily, realizing he had himself stuck on bomb duty now too.

And if there was one situated here, so would there be elsewhere in the madhouse.

Bruce however wouldn't allow that, telling him "Let me handle it."

He steps forward but Tim gets in the way.

Red Robin: Let me help him. It'll give both sides one less thing to worry about, considering there are more bombs around here. You go after Supes.

Landing back in the warehouse with Superman's cape in tow, the sight of the sphere comes into his hindsight for Cyborg. Dented, cracked, and practically destroyed, the sphere laid on the floor in ruins as well as the Kryptonite.

Crawling from out the corner of the room after a few minutes of recuperation, Superman tries his best to stand up and immediately falls back down. Almost 48 hours with Kryptonite really nearly killed him. Sensing he needed help, Victor goes over, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and lifting him up.

As for Clark, he bends backward by a LITTLE bit, cracking his back as soon as he got up to a vertical basis.

"What kept you, Vic?", was the first thing he asks, albeit weakly.

Cyborg: Ever heard of 'Thank You'?

Seeing that he has his cape, Clark takes it back.

Superman: Thank you. Wh-where's Diana?

At that moment, the alarm goes off. The whirring of the siren filled Clark with a dreaded sense of sick delight knowing the whole gang is here, as he still limped.

Guess that answers that.

But as the overbearing sirens blared on and on through the speakers throughout the former Steel Mill turned Funhouse, it now meant every guard and goon situated inside would now be put on high alert for one of two very important reasons: A. an intruder has definitely invaded the premises to officially make it be known they're coming for Superman.....

.....or B: Superman busted himself out of his confinement by sheer willpower.

Well, he was now out, albeit in a weak state.

But not if Bruce has anything to say about it.

Yet all Bruce could do upon entering the room was staring at the physically drained, broken man that he would like to think he still called a friend. Two days' worth next to kryptonite would have absolutely killed him if they didn't get here any quicker....but on his own, Clark already looked close to suffocating on his own behalf.

Just a few more minutes and he would be back to normal form.

Before Batman could properly do anything about that, CYborg was already on top of him, catching his movement from behind and bombarding him with an onslaught of blasts from his sonic cannon. Had Batman not been equipped with Alfred's heat-absorbing gauntlets, the blasts would've done more than simply bruise him.

One extra blast dosage later, however, Cyborg sent Batman flying back out of the room where he came from.

Clark's reaction to that was....perplexing.

Superman: Was that necessary?

Cyborg: He wasn't going to listen to you anyways.

Superman: I' with....him.

Superman was about to go after Batman till Cyborg grabbed him by the shoulder

Cyborg: Never mind him for now. We got a job to do remember?

Superman sighed looking back where Batman was sent flying

Superman: You're right. Let's round up the inmates but we need to find Harley.

Cyborg: Let Flash handle her. Let's go.

Victor and Clark made their way out of the room as Batman soon got back on his feet frustrated to end this he was going to catch up to them till he found his path blocked...... the Amazon Princess herself

Batman: Diana.

Wonder Woman: Hello Bruce. Long time. Here to help?

Batman: Yes. To help you and Clark not make a terrible mistake.

Wonder Woman: Mistake? You think I want this? You think any of us want this?

Batman: Then don't do it.

Wonder Woman: You don't see the bigger picture Bruce. The Joker forced our hand Metropolis has changed the world. Now we have to change with it.

Batman: Not like this Diana. It would destroy everything you honor.

Wonder Woman: Where's the honor in Kal's family? Where's the honor in the Joker? After all the grief he caused you.....Jason Barbra you could have spared Kal from this if you had finished him long before.

Batman: You know what I was like then. Enough blood is on my hands. I don't want to see you and Clark and Victor making MY mistakes.

Wonder Woman: We sure could use that Batman.

Batman: That Batman wanted to kill Superman. He wouldn't do you any good. But that's besides the point Diana. You're letting him get in you're head. Don't let him turn you into the thing you swore to protect others from.

Wonder Woman: Last chance Bruce. Stand with us or get out of our way.

Batman: You know I can't do that Diana.

Having enough of Bruce's ego she drew her sword

Wonder Woman: Of all people I thought YOU would understand.

Wonder Woman lunged at Batman with her sword but he countered them with his gauntlets clashing and thrashing one another

Diana had most of the apprehend given her ability the only advantages Bruce had smoke pellets blinding her and few open shots which made her drop her lasso without any of them noticing

Meanwhile Flash and Robin continued defusing the bombs thanks to Flash's speed tech wiz they were able to disarm the first two bombs in seconds but soon as they got the third one Robin started to encrypt the disarm

Only.....Harley......reappeared behind them with a knife and was about to lung at Robin from behind but Flash catching her at full speed had her hand with the knife gripped and wrapped around her body

Flash: Play time's over honey.

Harley: Let me go!

Flash: Just keep doing what you're doing.

Tim continued defusing the bomb and the timer was just at 0:03 when Tim finally disarmed it as it slowly reached 0:01

Tim: Ohhh too damn close.

Flash: Go find Batman I'll catch up.

Red Robin: Sorry Flash I can't trust you with her.

Flash: Understandable.

Flash being more understanding dropped Harley on the flour who looked up at them with anger and sadnes

Harley: Just kill me and get it over it with.

Red Robin: Not a chance.

Harley: You would send me to be with him. Supes took everything from me!!

Flash: You really don't see the bigger picture do you? You know Superman only killed Joker cause he killed Lois.

Harley: Who gives a shit about her! She deserved it!

Flash: Oh?! Then did the baby deserve it too?!

Harley froze hearing that again as she slowly turned to Robin who approached her

Red Robin: I wasn't kidding when I said Lois was having a baby....when your "Puddin" killed them both. That's why he killed him.

Harley: What.....??

Being reminded of Lois's pregnancy made Harley's heart sink lower

Harley: I don't understand......

Flash: Well that's why Superman did what he did. He lost the love of his life....because of yours. And his unborn child dying before he ever got to live.

Red Robin: And what I don't understand....why did you even go back to him when you almost made something better for yourself?

Harley didn't know how to answer that not knowing till now that Lois was pregnant really opened her eyes more Harley wasn't a child killer no matter how crazy she was but seeing Joker was made her realize Tim had a point why did she go back?

Harley began to cry and both Tim and Barry couldn't help but to feel bad for her

Harley: I need to be alone.

Red Robin: I have to take you out of here first. It's better you're with Batman than Superman.

Harley didn't acknowledge him not when Red Robin lifted her back on her feet just when they heard sirens approaching

Flash: Police are here.

Red Robin: I'll take Harley. You get out of here.

Flash: Clark's gonna be pissed if I leave her in your hands.

Red Robin: Then stand with us Flash. This is all wrong.

Flash was tempted but.....he simply just nodded and ran in top speed as Tim escorted Harley out

Meanwhile Batman and Diana continued clash fighting as it went on for minutes but one flash boom from Bruce Diana was blind again giving Bats enough time to grab her lasso on the ground spinning it and Batman tied her into it giving Wonder Woman a taste of her own medicine

Batman: Enough of this Diana. I need you to tell me the truth. Where is he going?

Diana tried to struggle at first but the lasso's truth telling ability even effected her

Wonder Woman: Ugh......main entrance to the city.

Batman went in silence and he tied the lasso to a near a pole which would hold her only for a minute in a half and began walking away till she houts at him

Wonder Woman: Don't turn your back on him Bruce! He's your best friend! He needs you!

Batman: And that's why I came.

Luck would eventually fall to Bruce's favor, for better or worse.

The effects of the kryptonite still lingered on, plaguing the son of Krypton with almost every step he took. Unable to make use of his invulnerability, heat vision, super breath, freeze breath, x-ray vision, or his superspeed, Clark was severely handicapped after being held against his will.

Noticing this wouldn't be the hard part; it'd be accepting it for the foreseeable future.

Aware of the shortcomings given to them, Cyborg was forced to change course for him; allowing Clark to simply walk away and out of the abandoned city but promising to meet up with him by the entrance once the situation with Harleys' henchmen was dealt with.

Clark, understandably, was unable to get past the notion of how he was actually feeling but Victor was able to convince him. Once he regained the ability to at least hover a few feet off of the ground, he did slowly fly away from the Steel Mill and the Madhouse leaving Cyborg to take care of the remaining gun-toting henchmen.

Only problem was the Gotham P.D had already taken care of that for him.

He was left by the main exit way on the fifth floor where things were, progressing smoothly enough. Cyborg was just letting Gordon and the GCPD in to round up the rest of the goons and all walked in straight lines but one was just full of questions.

Catching notice of Cyborg with his arms crossed, it was hard not to.

Goon: Yo cop! What'd they gonna do with us? Where we going?

Given the answer was obvious, the cop didn't answer so he surprised him, taking him hostage attracting attention to more cops surrounding him and everyone else nearby.

Goon: I ain't going nowhere till someone tells me what's happening.

Cyborg: Get back in line!

The voice already triggered goosebumps through every goon there was. Of course, the sight of seeing Superman floating into the room with the raging burning eyes from before would've been better viewing make everyone, even the cops, shiver in fear. But considering who was helping keep him company, Harley's goons had every reason to either comply or just cower back under a rock with Cyborg being involved.

As if he didn't need to make the point even clearer,

Cyborg: Now!

Sucks Superman had to miss that tiny scuffle, for his condition wouldn't let him remain that dominant for long.

For now, he was left slowly hovering through the deserted, filth-ridden, cesspool that came to forever brand the mega-prison and give it its nasty reputation. A simple look around was all he needed to grasp the whole picture....

....but stumbling into Sheldon Park? That is where the true face of Arkham City unveiled itself, basking in the horror of the presence....

....of Wonder Tower.

The whole area itself was walled off years ago, becoming the headquarters for the TYGER Guards and the official site of Arkham City. Professor Hugo Strange operated the events of Protocol 10 from Wonder Tower until he was stopped by the Birds of Prey and Batman.

Wonder Tower itself laid dormant next to the abandoned subway and in front of the actual entrance to Arkham City but that was nothing compared to what was itched up underneath: Wonder City, an abandoned city that was located below North Gotham City which housed one of Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pits.

It was an actual city where Ra's developed the Lazarus Pit, a front to cover a violent and sinister conspiracy that served Ra's megalomaniac desires. Behind the scenes, hundreds of criminals and even potentially innocent individuals were captured and violently murdered by the Wonder City Mechanical Guardians. In the meantime, Ra's had perfected Wonder Tower as the crown jewel of his city, which rose over the entire city as a monument of prosperity but was actually part of Ra's experiment to test the Lazarus Pit.

Just another beacon of corruption from the inside out....but Clark couldn't say he had an understanding of where Ra's was coming from.

That's when the sudden gust of wind blowing past his cape and hair caught his attention and understandably, his ire as well as Batman bursting through the skyline with his cape breaking his fall, merely stinging in Superman's ear. Standing face to face with his old adversary turned ally, the two simply glare at one another.

Now unlike Diana, Bruce had more than likely been on more neutral ground with Clark, considering their complicated history together. No reaction resonates from Bruce while reaffirms his grounding, taking two steps forward towards the grieving alien.

Clark only sneers at his presence. It didn't have to come to this but they both brought it amongst themselves.

Both were thinking alike, albeit not in the same manner.

Batman: You're better than this Clark. You don't have to do this.

Superman: Those…..clowns are unredeemable. They're thieves. Rapists. Murderers. Like the Joker! And they're all lead by Quinn, who may I remind you, was just as involved in my family and all of Metropolis's deaths! That's the problem for fighting in truth and justice, Bruce: the battle never ends.

Batman: And executing them will end it?

Bruce really didn't understand it. First Joker, now this? The obvious question that came to mind was simply….

Batman: When does it stop?

Superman: When there's no more crime. When people can live without fear; we want the same thing, Bruce. Don't you get it?

Batman: I get the where you're coming from. What I don't get is the how; how you expect to live with yourself knowing you're making the same mistake I made: You're scaring them.

Superman: GOOD!

Clarks' rage became more visible.

Superman: They should be scared. Too scared to press the button, to pull the trigger.....or to hurt each other. You were the one who taught me that, remember?

Batman: But you killed a man.

Superman: I DID. And every time you let that madman live, how many more did you condemn? Did you ever feel responsible? Did you ever feel guilty?

At a standstill, Bruce faces down.

Guilt overran him every time a life was taken but it wasn't just about the victim as it was more of what'll happen to himself. The moment he takes a life is the moment he became the thug that murdered his parents in that alleyway.

"Every time”, Bruce admits. "But you said it yourself: we don't get to play God. No one gets to decide who lives and who dies."

Superman: Is that what the younger you would've told you the moment he lost everything in that alleyway?

Batman's face just spelled disgust with that angry blank stare.

Batman: I WANTED to kill my parents' murderers. I could have. There's not a day that I wish I could go back and take care of it myself. But it's not the life they would've wanted for me…..and it's not the life Jor-El Laura Johnathan EVEN Lois would want from you.

Immediately nodding his head furiously at the mention of his dead wife, Clark just dashes forward and stares down the Caped Crusader with nine months worth of resentment and rage boiling over. Luckily, the effects of the Kryptonite were finally wearing off for him.

Superman: DON'T you put that on me.....

He demanded with his eyes slowly bottling up and burning red and his fist clutched to the bone. But Clark suddenly found himself massively depowered: his strength was depleting and he could no longer felt use his heat vision.

A solar grenade, held in Batman's grasp, caught his eye.

Containing the same emit radiation that mimics Krypton's red sun, it was essentially its own form of Kryptonite: weakening Superman enough not to be able to unleash his full power.

Superman: Red solar grenade?

Batman: To null your powers. You need to stop. Take time to grieve before it's too late.

Superman: You wouldn't---

But he did, once again forcing his palm down on the grenade, keeping his powers reduced.

But finally, Bruce's thumb snaps off the metallic pin as he dropped the solar grenade and exploded, launching both of them back and leveling the empty street.

Superman still barely recovered from Harley's kryptonite it had a more effect on him stunning worse than ever.

Superman: After everything we been still won't let me live.....or let me die?

Batman: I won't let you become what Joker is turning you into.

Superman: He took EVERYTHING ME!!

Batman: And he'll win if you go down this road.

Superman: You're suppose to be my friend.

Batman: Which is why I have to stop you.

Superman lunged his hand for his neck but Bruce countered it able to have an advantage from the effect of the red solar grenade Batman then uppercuts him below the jaw but Clark grabs Bruce by the arm forcing him off

Superman: I use to think you were a criminal like those you bring in. I can see I was right all along.

Batman: Sorry you feel that way. But you're becoming what I thought you were too. I won't allow it.

They kept fighting each other due to Clark's effect from the red solar Bruce kicks Clark off his feet

He rolls over across the ground and Bats pull out kryptonite rope from his belt

Batman: I'm sorry Clark.

Superman: Get away from me you traitor!

Batman was just about to tie his hands till a gunshot rings out through the streets.

That's when a familiar voice startles them both....

Look who I found, old man.

Both Bruce and Clark locked to where that voice came from revealing the Red Hood (Jensen Ackles) himself the second Robin Joker murdered 10 years ago and revived by Ra's Al Ghul with the Lazarus pit

He was holding the serial killer Victor Zsasz (Kevin J. O'Connor) before simply dropping Zsasz down on the ground and watching him collapse in front of them both. Even as he crawls back to his feet, the condition the gunshot left him in was remarkably not good and it worsened further once the Red Hood grips him from behind, holding Zsasz hostage with a hunting knife to his neck.

Red Hood: Victor Zsasz. Psychopath.

Batman: Jason??

Red Hood: Well it ain't fucking Deathstroke!

Batman: What'd you doing?!

Red Hood: What am I doing?! I'm bringing criminals to justice and now hopefully, THIS will finally open your eyes. Go ahead Zsasz. Tell them what you told me. How many innocent women have you killed?

Zsasz just chuckles

Zsasz: According to the count on my marks......a hundred in twenty one

Red Hood: A hundred and twenty one. Huh. That's a higher number than Jack the Ripper's women kill count. Come to think of it it's more incorrigible to me.

Batman: Robin let him go!

Red Hood: You're still calling me that child's name?! I told you eight years ago that's not who I am anymore! You rather fight your own friends than the real problem?! No wonder The Joker got away with Metropolis. Have you ever considered for a second that maybe you're wrong?

Batman: I'm warning you son.

Red Hood: SON?!

He kicks Zsasz down on his knees still holding the knife to his neck

Zsasz: Please......

Red Hood you may have trained me but you didn't raise me! And I haven't forgotten what my real father was. He was psychopath too! And yo let him live when you plucked me from the gutter! Have you ever considered for once maybe you're wrong?!

To both Bruce even Clark's horror Jason SLITS Zsasz's neck the look on his face was in shock and pain he let out a dying groan and the psychopath drops.......DEAD

Batman could not believe what his former ward had done neither could Superman even though he was here to do the same thing to all of the inmates here mainly Harley it was all till shocking giving even a way Jason was still a kid to Clark

Red Hood: Problem: SOLVED! And good fucking riddance! Who's next?!


Batman was mad as hell now and who can blame him he just witness his adoptive son take a life like Superman despite Zsasz wasn't his first he began charging at him with force intending to teach him a lesson

Batman: This is a line we do NOT cross!

But then Red Hood kicked him away as he stood next to Superman

Red Hood: Then stay on your side Batman! From here on I'll be on Superman's Cause he finally gave that clown what he deserves!

The very boundary that he set for himself and others was not to simply be tossed aside and forgotten about. Unfortunately, some people's urges are too headstrong to be convinced otherwise, as was always the case with Jason.

Batman: Why?

Red Hood: Are you fucking serious? Do you REALLY have to ask ME that? We're at WAR with these animals and you think you're better than him? You had all this time to get rid of the bastard who put so many innocent people in the dirt and yet, you let the Joker keep on killing.

Batman: I'm not that same person I was back then.

Red Hood: That's no damn excuse! I fucking suffered because of your no-kill bullshit for years and so did everyone else who's stood by you. You couldn't save me or Barbara or Lois or ANYONE!

Sensing the argument was quick to get out of hand, Superman sticks himself into the conversation stepping in front of Jason.

This wasn't the time or the place for any more family drama.

Superman: That's enough......for now.

Red Hood: Harley.....her goons. What about the rest of them?

Superman: Taken care of. There's a time and a place for everything.

Once again, Jason looks back at the man who took him in, raised him, trained him, lost him. Any monologuing speeches would quickly fall on deaf ears, for he simply lacked the empathy or compassion to care anymore.

Batman: Jason. You go with him......and it'll be too late to walk away.

Red Hood: Story of my life.

Knowing he had no chances of changing his mind, Bruce just had to stand back and watch as Jason, with confidence, shook Superman's hand firmly. It was official then.

Superman: Welcome aboard.

Still gripping ahold of his hand, Clark finally was able to regain enough of his abilities after more than just a minute's worth of not getting into any physical contact. He just flew upwards with Red Hood hanging at the tail end of his hand, looking down at his surrogate father, before he flying up into the sky.

Once in the air, they both zoom off.

Bruce was left there on his own to witness this sight just as the GCPD finally arrived on the scene, storming past the area while leaving Batman square of the middle of the street…..

…..everyone leaving Batman to his disappointment.

Except for one.

Hey, Bruce.

Turning back to the front of the room, he catches sight of Tim dragging Harley behind him, cuffed. But he still thought it was best for the professional to handle it.

Red Robin: I'd figured you'd like to handle this loose end yourself. Fair enough?

That's as far as Barry went as far as asking for any help for now.

Luckily, Bruce nods.

Red Robin: Good. So, umm......guess I'll.....see you later?"

Again, he nods. Knowing where that would lead to, he grapples upwards and takes off.

That left him with Harley, sternly staring at the Dark Knight. Aggravated, annoyed, robbed of her place, she was understandably defensive.

Harley: Well......what'd you waiting for, B-man? Come on and stick the knife in some more. Kick the hell out of me and get your innovation. Come on!

Batman: No. Not this time.

Much to Harley's surprise.

Batman: I don't want to hurt you. I don't even want us killing one another. But we're running out of alternatives here. Perhaps it all hinges on tonight. I know the Joker meant a lot to you....but I also know he drove you to the abyss. Bent your life out of shame. I've been there before.

Harley: Wh-what do you know of my pain?

She rebuttals, seething in anger and regret, gritting her teeth.

Harley: You should've left me to die long ago.

She chokes up, with tears streaming down her cheeks and ruining her makeup.

Batman: Maybe I do, maybe I don't understand. But I can rehabilitate you. You could use your skills for something better. You don't need to be alone. We don't have to kill each other.

He offers her his hand, sticking it out......much to her surprise.

Batman: Let me help you.....Doctor.

Harley doesn't respond back in any way. She only faces down.


The familiar voice forces Batman behind him as he sees Commissioner Gordon stepping in, seeing the carnage around him. Even as he stares up at the sky past Wonder Tower, this was exactly what he feared. The sins of Metropolis had caught up with them sooner than expected and based on how Bats and Supes came so close to ruling it out again, the worst can only be assumed.

Jim: I think......I think the Joker won. Superman's prosecution and everything he fought for....undone. We betted all on him…..and now people are going to lose hope.

Batman only nods his head, disagreeing entirely. He knew that they won't.

Batman: The Joker cannot win. I will rebuild the hope Joker destroyed. To become what Gotham, what Metropolis needs us to be. Call it in.

Jim: For what?

He doesn't get an immediate response from Batman. He just stares back at him with this odd glare of sympathy and subtlety in his eyes. Gordon didn't know what was going through his head but he hoped Batman had something planned in mind.


A full year after the destruction of Metropolis rocked the world as the 21st Century shot heard around the world and Superman had already taken control of most of the Worlds strongest connections to national security. From the United Nations government to even the Pentagon, his iron fist on the U.S, let alone the world, was growing tighter and tighter by the minute.

His orders were strict but fair: he'd allow people to live peacefully as long as they didn't break the law in any way. Those who DID would be ordered a death sentence to any who'd dare take innocent lives, commit any crimes or anything heinous. The scary thing was it was even issued to the young offenders like children that would shoplift.

It didn't matter what the person did or who you were: if you broke the law, you were re going down.

However, knowing he couldn't possibly do it alone, Superman took the liberty in taking the teammates who sided with him and forming a new team of heroes to help maintain order in case things didn't work in his favor, giving birth to the One Earth Regime. The fallen Man of Steel steadily became more and more brutal and fascistic as the year passed, rechristening himself as the High Councilor and commander of the Regime with Diana as his second-in-command.

Victor was the cybernetic technician of the group not only to provide supplies and strategies but to make sure Batman would not have any advantage over them. Red Hood, due to his military experience, became leader of the Regime's militia force.....

.....alongside Christopher Smith aka the rejuvenated Peacemaker (John Cena) as second-in-command, following the death of the Suicide Squad.

Hal Jordon had surprisingly switched rings since due to his actions in the Regime; his green ring no longer answered to him. He had decided to answer to its enemy's core run by The Guardians' most feared enemy of the galaxy.....Sinestro (Hugo Weaving) of the Sinestro Corps. The rest who sided with Superman, namely Flash, Shazam and Terra were onboard, along with a few old enemies turned temporary allies, namely Black Adam (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) and even longtime rival Lex Luthor (Bryan Cranston) was onboard with this dictatorship.

Or so it seemed.

Rather furious over his iron fist on all of reality but still mindful of his wellbeing, Luthor fell into a deep sense of regret following the events of Metropolis and as an act of reconciliation, had only funded the entirety of the One Earth Regime in order to gain Superman's trust....for Bruce Wayne.

Desperate to end Superman's new plan for the world, Bruce needed to fight fire with fire and build a team of his own, an army of residence of superheroes that did not and WILL NOT abet Superman's rule.

Luckily, he had JUST enough members necessary to build his fully-funded Insurgency: Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix), Zatanna (Alexandra Daddario) and Green Arrow (Charlie Hunman) were the only official Justice League members that stood with Batman's resistance as Aquaman remained AWOL.

The remaining Teen Titans also wasted no time in siding with what they felt was the right side. Despite how disappointed they were in Cyborg and Terra and Jason, they couldn't tolerate any more distractions for the time being. Even grief for Beast Boy wasn't enough for them to call off their alignment.

Beast Boy's death had also brought forth the presence of Julie Madison (Evan Rachel Wood) from Goth-Corp, for she had actually tended and cared for the boy before he was recruited as a Teen Titan. Her decision to join the residing Insurgency herself as well as the Birds of Prey: Dinah Lance-Queen (Jurnee Smollett), Helena Bertinelli (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) along with support from the GCPD and Batman's oldest allies, Alfred (Jeremy Irons), Barbara Gordon (Jane Levy), and Lucius Fox (Danny Glover) all came at essentially low stakes.

One day, Bruce had called in a meeting to announce his plan for the next move down in the Batcave. All other hero's and heroines who signed up for this cause were all present and accounted for with Julie and Lex being the only civilians present.

Bruce: Thanks for coming, everyone.

He gave his brief thanks, letting the silence overtake the room before he continued.

Bruce: I called in this meeting for two reasons. First: to ensure that everything that is in place and that what can be done over Superman's terror is being done. Secondly......Luthor has informed me of a very special discovery not too long ago; something that holds a key to give us all a fighting chance to withstand the Man Of Steel. Lex?

Tidying his suit and tie beforehand, Luthor holds out a remote from his pocket which, when pressed on, opens an image on the screen of the Batcomputer revealing the next big thing.

More than an equalizer. More than a weapon. It appeared to be something much greater.

Lex: What you see here.....

He begins browsing the images one at a time.

Lex: a 3D computer model of Kryptonite pills. Our research indicates the effect of the pills upholds some of Superman's powers into its host and beyond nice can only assume he's been giving it to his allies.

Bruce: Kryptonite only has a small effect on humans but not as bad as Superman. The effects are temporary as they last over an hour but an overdose can be deadly. Take too much and your body won't last much. It can cause cancer, liver to heart failure, or worsen any disease. But if we can get the pill that's being held at the abandoned Navy ship in Alaska, which Superman now calls his Fortress of Solitude, I can analyze it on the Batcomputer to create more pills for us, giving us the power boost needed to stand against Superman.

The history lesson turned chemistry class now finished, Lex turned the presentation off from the Batcomputer.

Lex: Correct. Now does anyone have a question?"

Helena: There is one problem that crossed my mind.....

The Huntress interjects without warning.

Helena:.....and it's the rather obvious stretch as far as what's gonna happen if Superman finds out what we're doing? What's to keep him from stopping us from getting the pill?"

Bruce: I've established some connections to President Kane before. He can provide a military distraction that Superman won't ignore, giving us enough time to get in, find it and get out. If it doesn't last, J'onn's the only one of us who can hold Clark at bay to buy us more time.

Almost immediately, both Ollie and Dinah Queen shoot their hands up, albeit uncharacteristically. Although, which one wanted to go first quickly became a problem.

Ollie: Wait, you wanted to go-

Dinah: I did raise my hand, didn't I?

Ollie: Was I supposed to know?

Dinah: Yeah, well I wanted to know-

Lex only clears his throat to direct the two's attention back to him.

Ollie: You're gonna let Hank Henshaw duke it with Clark on his own?

Lex: Considering his strength, speed, durability, invisibility, regeneration, and the fact that he can shape-shift, I am positive he'll be able to keep Kal-El at bay for as long as he has to.

Dinah: Not without backup. He could die.

J'onn: I don't fear death as much as I fear not trying. There isn't much justice in this world, so perhaps that's why it is satisfying to occasionally make some.

He felt the eyes from all across the room, gazing over at him.

J'onn: It is what my parents taught me: always do what's right and for what you believe in.

At that moment, Julie was the next to get involved.

Although she didn't raise her hand, she didn't need to since she was also the one lending the support to the team and the Teen Titans as well.

Dick eyes at her and nods while Kori just leans on her shoulder.

"Julie?", Bruce asked.

Julie: Bruce, yes. I, um.....look, I'm gonna feel like an idiot for saying this but how exactly are you getting all of this information? If anything, with Victor in the Regime, they're more than likely to have some crafty security protocols installed to keep you from stealing their information.

The genius billionaire playboy philanthropist nodded extensively, for he was well aware.

Bruce: Which is why I sent one of my own go in undercover to record and send images of the events that occur, keeping the facts from fiction and sharing every little detail and information needed on the Regimes' next move and beyond.

Zatanna: You implanted a mole agent within the Regime?

She feigns shock and awe.

Zatanna: Jesus, Bruce. You aren't playing around.

Dick: Well when you're hometown is destroyed and your friend becomes the most dangerous force on the planet wouldn't you want to take every opportunity you have to-----

That's as far Dick got before Kori places her hand on his knee preventing him from hyperextending

Kori: Ease your storm he means well.

Dick takes a breath as the next question comes into play curiosity of Tim

Tim: Um....Bruce.....just one question. How exactly did you meet the president?

Bruce: As Batman always meets everyone.

Lex: Everyone please keep your questions on minimal. We're here about the pills.

While questions and answers kept coming and going the only person disinterested in the entire thing happened to be Rachel Roth also known as.....Raven it had nothing to do with possibility that she was having regrets about choosing sides

She detested violence all the same as she told Luther hours before the nukes hit Metropolis but the only problem......was Jason

They had a SMALL connection in the Teen Titans since Dick promoted him with them but after he joined the Regime it was on a short notice that it had caught Raven by surprise the first time Cyborg and Terra was one thing but the former boy wonder who she grew close with that she couldn't explain not even to Nightwing and Starfire or Red Robin

The anguish and anger from it was eating her alive she felt the need to exit the room halfway through the meeting but Kori and Zatanna happen to notice her and fallowed after her

Unfortunately by the time they fallowed her out of the room they came at a dead end or so they thought they both see the black of her cloak phasing through the wall that lead into Bruce's office out of all places

Zatanna flickered her want teleported both her and Starfire into the office out of all places

Zatanna flicked her want teleported both her and Starfire into the office with Raven to almost NO reaction whatsoever she didn't flinch nor turn around to acknowledge them she just at there with her cloak off looking depressed

Rachel: I don't want to be disturbed.

Kori: We just assumed we give you some company. Perhaps the joy of having friends around will ease your troubled mind.

Rachel: My mind is never troubled Kori. People come people go. It's pointless to be upset about Cyborg and Terra.

The response triggered her eyebrows from Kori and Zatanna the delayed response didn't help Raven any quicker

Rachel: What?

Zatanna: This isn't really about Victor or Terra is it? Nor your friend Beast's about Jason right? Dick told me about your......relationship with him.

That triggered Rachel almost instantly but kept calm a possible

Rachel: We.....never had a relationship.

Kori: Rachel it's ok. It wasn't any different with Dick and me. I know how you feel about him. And I know it's hurting you that he's with Superman.

Glaring back at them with anger in her eyes she telepathically pushes them back to the wall and strains them with force a they groaned in pain

Kori: Rachel don't just calm down.

Zatanna: Seriously don't make put a spell on you.

Rachel: Your magic is child's play to me. Don't make me send you to another dimension.

That shout only barely forced Kori back up slightly against the wall with Raven's eyes glowing red and multiplying for the first time in two years since......

.....since Trigon.

Raven already felt the burning hatred coursing through her veins as well as the jewel on her forehead brightening up for a mild minute but quickly turned herself away, covering the Chakra jewel on her forehead.

She didn't want to go back to being that person.

Rachel: I-I'm sorry....

Kori: do not need to apologize. He meant a lot to us as well. Dick always talks about him.

Rachel: It doesn't matter anymore.

Zatanna: Bullshit. Of course, it matters. Doesn't every one of our feelings matter?

Rachel only nodded, for it mattered more than she ever thought before.

Rachel: After I lost my mother.... my homeworld.....I shut everyone out. The Teen Titans gave me hope for this world. Hope for myself. So Victor and Terra, with their choices, I know the pain that they felt. I know how easily hope can be broken.

Zatanna: You never thought he'd do the same?

Raven just shook her head.

Rachel: I suppose....perhaps I should've seen it coming.

Barely holding her composure, she planned to leave it at that, prepared to turn away. Kori firmly stops her. She wanted to assure her that….

Kori: They did not betray us. HE did not betray us. This all hinges on everything Bruce pledged to end. Superman gaining control is one thing. What he does with it is another.

Zatanna: Bruce said he had it difficult way before the Joker. It can do very much to a child while growing up.

When it comes to her demon lord father Trigon, Rachel found no issue denying that. The cracks had already shown in this war long after Superman put a hole in Joker's chest so it was only a matter of time before the bough actually breaks.

Those cracks, however, were about to duplicate in size and in quantity down over at enemy territory. As Bruce had promised, his plan had already been set squarely in motion leaving his second mole with ample opportunity to get exactly what he needed…..

… the Fortress of Solitude.

Scout Ship 0344 used to be Superman’s former ‘base of operations’ in the eyes of a few before what would come afterward.

An ancient Kryptonian colonial vessel originally commissioned for Explorer Guild teams to scout out planets during the Great Age of Exploration, its former commander abandoned the ship after arriving on Earth, where it remained for thousands of years before its discovery and eventual commandeering by Kal himself in 2013.

Lex Luthor, of all people, breached the ship and re-purposed the damaged genesis chamber to create the ancient Kryptonian mutant Doomsday using Zod's corpse, overloading and depleting the power reserves in the process. After being placed in the possession of S.T.A.R. Labs, the ship was infiltrated by the Justice League, who used the biomatrices of the chamber and a Mother Box to revive Superman.

Afterward, the ship was placed in extensive care with the government.

So Superman’s new base was constructed out of a Kryptonian crystalline material known as a sunstone amongst one of the few mountainsides down in the Arctic. Now resembling the form of what appeared to be a spiky crystallized ball, all bets were now off on where’d Kal be and where he’d go.

Nowadays, he’d have strict access on who would enter his Fortress; with his relationship with Bruce stretching on thinner and thinner ice as time dwindles away, Kal could only trust his own members, his One Earth Regime to be let in.

And therein lies the issue at hand with letting in everyone who you think is an ally; another crack was shown via another one of the Regime's moles and Batman's DOUBLE double agent.

Selina Kyle (Morena Baccarin).

Her black leather catsuit covered her entire body, except for the underside of her arms. She has a large, circular golden zipper, brown modified corset, brown leather backpack, knee-high boots attached to a taloned apparatus resembling cat's paws, chain mesh elbow-length gloves attached to clawed gauntlets that enable her to slash, a cowl that resembles a cat's head, metallic goggles that sit on her forehead, and a tail that doubles as her whip.

Her fashion sense hadn't gone out of style but in her mind, the Fortress interior was rather imbecilely complex, for she had been roaming around for the last ten to fifteen minutes looking for the latest thread on the pills, finding absolutely nothing.

From the Menagerie to the laboratory leading back to the ENDLESS stretches of hallways, nothing was sticking out of plain sight for her to investigate or work with.

If finding a needle in a haystack ever needed a physical image to play off of, this would be it.

Catwoman: Half an hour later, still no sign of the pill.

Stay in contact. The minute you see the pill, get me a visual and report back. But if you see Clark or any of the others, cut off the transmission. We don't want them to hear us.

Catwoman: Understood. And Bruce....

The urge to tell him over the earpiece sounded less inviting than just telling him in person but there wasn't an easy let alone constructive way to say it with the delayed silence.

All she can say is simply…..

Catwoman: I'll....see you soon.

And then she cuts off.

Famished from the lack of results, she does have to take off both her cowl and goggles, sitting back in the lab to collect herself.

There are days the tiredness comes in both forms, physical and mental. Her body needs to rest yet her mind needed it to move in sync to burn the anxiety right out. What didn’t help was that at this moment, her brain was on five percent battery so, if anybody took to mind, she could’ve definitely afforded some moments' worth of rest to soak in the calming, peace of nature to….

….rejigger and jog her memory.

That moment didn’t come. Not before long, she's startled by a voice only to turn back and soon saw Terra walking in.

Selina: Oh hey. Yeah, you're,'re the Earthbender.

"I don't have a codename or anything like that", she says shyly, turning away. "Just call me Terra."

Selina: Well, if that's how you wanna go with it, that's fine with me. But weren't you-

Terra: Yeah, yeah, I was. I, umm......was going to ask you about why.....

She stops halfway through her sentence as she freezes. Either she didn't know what to say or she lost her train of thought. Regardless, Terra was lost in her thoughts with no idea on what to talk about next.

Selina: Lost your train of thought?

She nods.

Selina: Then let me guess you want to know why I joined the Regime.

She nods again

Selina: Well sweetie, it's like this. Bruce and I had a hard time going in our relationship long before he got mixed with Superman. We both fought for what we thought Justice, just on opposite sides of the law. In all honesty too...I was bored to death. Bruce and I worked better when we were forbidden, when the masks were on and the claws were I did the best thing for both of us. And Superman offered big money if I.....well, you could say my greed got the better of me. Bruce didn't take it well....and.....been with you all ever since. Just know I'm not sad. I didn't become Catwoman to bag Bruce Wayne. I don't ever want to rely anyone but myself. I'll go where I want to go, take what I want to take. And never, ever look back.

Terra: Sorry. I'm only with Superman cause Joker killed--

Not helping that Terra was already fifty seven flavors of cross-eyed discordant over the whole debacle she officially put her self in, it didn't look encouraging that she'd really find her footing.

If only Selina wasn't an avid jduge of character.

Selina: You know what, come here for a sec.

Leaning on the edge of the wall, she does move away as they sit by the table. Selina's calm, suave exterior compared little to Terras' jittery, body language. She wanted to say things were ok but all she felt was flustered at the end of it all.

Terra: Leaving the Titans, my friends......the ones I thought I could depend on. They......they took me in, gave me a home with people that I can look up and trust and-

She chokes up again.

Terra: Garfield.

Selina: Beast Boy?

She admits nodding over to her.

Terra: He was the only person in which I could truly only one. I-I never got the chance to say goodbye. I didn't even-even get the chance to bury him......

Sensing more emotional trauma coming from her, Selina had to wrap an arm around her shoulder to give her a little more comfort. By that point, the young terrakinetic felt more comfortable continuing her traumatic story.

Terra: Even before all this, I did a lot of bad things I'm not proud of. I let Slade get the better of me, making me betray both my boyfriend and my friends. Realizing my mistake I tried to take Slade down myself. Almost cost my life and took a year for the Titans to forgive me. Most of them. Rachel was.....complicated. And just when Beast Boy and I started our relationship.....he was already gone. We were gonna spend the summer in Hawaii and then.....

Selina: What of Garfield?

Terra: I was pretty much out of balance and depth when it came to my powers. I was always losing control at the worst of times and the people that I loved, my parents, grandparents...... paid the price for it. Goth-Corp collected me after my third accident and I had no say in the matter. That very same week I got in.....that's when Garfield came along.

Hearing Selina sigh heavily didn't give Terra the wrong idea.

Terra: I don't know why or how but his bubbly, charismatic, energetic, zest of life-free spirit...... rubbed off on me in like, almost the best way. Having 'grown up' with him, I.....almost forgot what was wrong with least until I thought otherwise. When I told him I had to get out of Goth-Corp, he suggested I stay but said he wouldn't stop me if I went through with it.

Selina: But you did.

Terra: And yet......Life finds a way. I just thought we'd have more time.

Tears were once again streaming down and drenching Terra's cheeks. Just when she thought her life might finally turn around, a madman takes away part of the best thing that ever happened to her and forces her to side with an evolving tyrant or, in her mind, a diplomat willing to do whatever it took.

Selina: Suppose we're almost cut from the same cloth, after all, you and me.

The professional cat burglar-turned-vigilante found no issue in digging through Terra's defenses because she knew from a past life that she used to be exactly where Terra was: lost.



Hard to get.


Selina: I used to be sweet and innocent like you.

Terra gave off a look of perplexity and mild amusement, her eyes suddenly widening like she was asking Really? Then what happened?

Showing rather than telling, Selina unsheathes the claws from her gloves in front of her, which sort of intimidated her in a way.

Selina: But then life dug it's claws into me.

Terra: Cat claws?

Selina: Not before I tasted death. I was.....betrayed and, in a way, murdered by someone who I thought was my friend and....he turned out to be everything my father was when he left my mother.

Terra: What'd he do? Did he give you killer curiosity?

"No.....nothing like that", Selina chuckles mildly. Looking back at it, it wasn't really worth laughing at but time has a funny way of conveying through people.

Selina: He thought I was digging too much into his underworld connection, which I was. And afraid I'd expose him, he fired a gun at me and I fell out a window. I don't remember much after that but the next thing.....I woke up with cats all around me. And nine lives later, I'm glad. Cause I'm proud of who I am. Honey, I am sorry for your loss. But just know it's never too late to change no matter how much terrible you done. I learned that the hard way myself.

Terra gave a nod with a tear and she was about to walk away till......

Selina: Terra one more minute.

She turns back to her

Terra: Hmm?

Selina: I got distracted with our talk but uh.....Superman actually assign me to guard the......weapon he's making for us. And I got a little side track in this place with how big it is. Do you know where it is?

Terra: Up stairs 12 flours you'll find the largest vault in the world it's one mother of a big ass vault. Biggest I've ever seen. I don't know if you'll know need a key to open it but....I wouldn't anyway. The High Councilor keeps something else in there that's much as dear to him as Lois was.

Selina: Thanks dear. Take care.

Terra left and Selina tapped her ear into the transmission to Bruce

Selina: Did you get that?

We got it. The President's sending the strike now. We're on our way.

Meanwhile at the watchtower the rogue Man of Steel was in a darker red and blue suit that resembled to his original as he was working on tactics to control Solomon Grundy's brain patterns with a technician collar

Clark was more broody while working give that tragedy in Metropolis still haunts him even when he flashes back of Lois dying while floating in space and holding her lifeless body when carrying her back down

Joker's last laugh when he killed him haunted him worse making him more angry

As Clark got lost in his thoughts Diana walked in in a red and black amazon dress

Diana: I see the collar's working. Good.

Superman: Hmm? Oh yeah. Yeah.

Diana: Know for a fact re-education wasn't gonna work on him.

Clark: Hm.

Diana: Well if you're not busy.....I thought you and I could.....take the rest of the day off. Maybe---

You guessed right Clark and Diana have been hooking up the past year Diana assumed it was a relationship but to Superman was a rebound

Superman: I....I can't today. I got my hands full.

Diana: Are you sure?

He didn't respond which drew the rogue amazon's concern

Diana: Kal....I know you didn't loose your hearing ability. I even know this is still......awkward to you. Are you even.....ok with this? Us?

Superman: Of.....of course. I'm sorry Diana I'm just....a little distracted. Given it's only been a year now.

Diana: I know. And I understand. But I hope you know....I'm not trying to replace her. I just thought---after what you told me after----

Superman: I know. And I know you wouldn't....I just....I just miss her so much.

Diana: We all do.

Clark nods and stands up giving Diana a soft kiss

Superman: Go see how the others are doing. I'll be fine.

Diana: I was about to. I just thought I also tell you Lantern's----

Superman:---just arrived. I know. Guess my hearing ability is still working.

Diana could chuckle mildly, a genuine smirk creeps up over her face as she walks out but not before Hal Jordon, the newest member of the Sinestro Lantern Corps walked in close behind her. Gripping his yellow ring tightly, he just stood on the edge of the support beam.

To be fair, his normal preserved suave self didn’t fit all that well with yellow on him instead of green.

But that was all on him.

Yellow Lantern: High Councilor. Love Diana's new look.

Superman silently yet briefly stirs a soft 'Hmm'.

Yellow Lantern: We have a problem on the Korean Peninsula. Our friend in the office launched some military airstrike and the Navys' at bay.

Blindsided by the news, Kal bolts out of his seat but remains frozen in place, slowly absorbing each word ushered and taking in the gravity of what the hell that meant.

Most of the U.S government ties were mostly now lying at the buck squarely with the son of Krypton so nobody could do literally ANYTHING NOW without him catching word of it. That included the President of the United States of America, who just launched an attempted airstrike attack?

Kal’s face left his eyes agape with unbridled confusion and contempt, going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds. The only problems were the obvious ones…..

What was the President thinking? How’d this even happen?

~Yesterday night~

Last night in Washington D.C at the White House, President Kane Boon (Kurt Russell) was NOT having a good night.

Tossing and turning with no end in sight, he was unable to keep himself steady for more than a few seconds. That serenity, cradle of dreams? All of it whittled away once he was even elected and it ended up being a huge mistake. Upon that stage were the presidents of the world, some honest and sincere, parental and gave a feeling of security - others were agents of chaos and sowed discord.

Some were just in the wrong place at the wrong time; considering what happened a year prior, Kane couldn’t have been any less lucky.

But once the initial restlessness boiled over, he couldn’t keep his eyes closed for much longer. Straining his eyes open a little bit, he can only sit up off his bed….

….staring off to the side, glancing across his desk and down to his private cellphone line.

But then comes a sound cocoon crackling through the blackness; thunder erupting as a roar of promised rain, an emotional rollercoaster when twinned with the earthbound lightning.

And that forbidding sound brings his gaze over to the patio. That’s when he saw an image.

An image of the Batman's shadow.

He yelled out, lifting himself up and out of bed, only to see the shadow was gone. The only thing he noticed was the patio screen doors open with the wind blowing out against them. Boon didn't leave them open on purpose and knew that Bat shadow was not part of any dream.

Boon: Batman?!

So it didn't take long to know the gist.

Boon: Why are you here?

I have a request for you Mr. President.

"Well you could at least make an appointment", he says trying to keep his composure frequently turning at every corner to catch where he might appear next.

Unfortunately, Batman briefly flashed by the bed which once again shook Kane momentarily. But once the shadow disappeared, it was back to walking around the room.

Boon: I can only assume you've come with a solution?

My colleagues and I formed our next move against Superman. He hides a power source for his forces making them as strong and powerful as him and which is what we're gonna steal from him tomorrow morning.

Boon: I had Superman believe I'm on his frontline. If he knew I helped you---

He doesn't need to know. You're the Commander-In-Chief, you direct an attack he can't ignore and that's what we need. I need one provided to get Superman's focus off the fortress.

The President wasn't so much confused by the legalities or limitations of said plan. It was the sheer ludicrousness of it all that he needed to wrap his head around.

Boon: Let me get this and your resistance want me to launch a military attack to distract the false god excuse of a man while you break in his lair to steal....what, a battery?

THAT battery may be the Earth's only chance to gain their freedom again.

Thunderflashes in the presidents' eyes, his eyesight finally allows him to see Batman fully out on the patio with his eyes glowing white. While not the first time the two have met, his ability to adapt and inhibit the shadows to his advantage had more than enough influence on even the most powerful of people.

President Kane knew that all too well.

Boon: I'll....I'll do it. But Superman will know I launched this attack. How will I keep him from shoving his hand through me?

Keep him talking as much as you can and if he gets edgy just tell him I forced you to do it. I already have a backup plan. Just remember......this is for all of the Earth's sake.

Straightforward and to the point, Bruce gives the president some peace as he leaps off the patio and back into the night while also leaving Kane with his heart racing.

Kane stood there panting with his heart racing and there was a knock at his door and an agent came in for he heard some bits and pieces of the conversation.

Agent: Mr. President? Everything ok sir?

Boon: Yes.....get the General on line 1.

Agent: Excuse me, sir?

He takes another step forward towards his agent, almost as if he was staring him down, and once again tells him......

Boon: Get the General on Line 1. Tell him to prepare an airstrike by 1800 hours. A storm's about to come our way.

So come the present day, things were quickly getting fast, furious, and down to business.

The General had replied to and accepted the President's response to gather and round up the U.S Navy by the morning and have them turn against NORTH KOREA out of all places.

Considering how economically poor yet glibly vicious North Korea is towards America and the rest of the world in general, that should've been the very LAST place that anybody should be headed unless anyone had a death wish. The thing is most generals and military personal failed to release that even though the President called it in, it wasn't HIS idea.

Cause who was to argue with a mentally insane troubled man who dresses as a bat with 25 years of experience?

Apparently, Ollie was.

The footage of the entire U.S Navy setting off from shore and out to the ocean was caught and being recorded on the Batcomputer and Ollie's eyes were completely drawn to it since the news had first come up early in the morning.

He jumped as soon as he heard the door opening from his right, only to see Bruce in his Batsuit and donning his cape. Ollie did catch Bruce giving him a bit of a glare of seriousness but he didn't pay it any mind until he looked back at the Navy on the screen.

That's when he asked...

Ollie: Ok, ok, ok, what the hells happening out there?

Bruce: Asked the President to call in a favor. U.S Navy ships just turned to the Korean Peninsula.

Ollie: Wait, what?

Bruce: It's a distraction they can't miss.

By that point, he puts on his cowl.

Batman: Black Canary and Manhunter are with me. The batwing will take us just south fr—

Before he can even finish, Ollie just grips ahold of his hand tightly like he was preventing him access from leaving. In reality, if he was going to go on this dangerous mission, he wanted a piece of the action as well.

Might be harder to convince him than expected.

Batman: Ollie.

Ollie: Don't think for a moment that you're leaving me behind, Bruce.

Batman: This is a surgical strike. I'm not taking anyone that I don't need. I still have the mole within The Regime who's the world's greatest thief, someone who can hold Superman off when comes to it, and a woman whose voice might be able to shatter Kryptonian crystal.

Ollie: And you have her middle-aged root-n-tootin' eagle-eyed goth-loving marksman of a husband who can shove 2 arrows up your condescending ass before—


The sound doesn't tick Batman off in the slightest but it does draw Ollie's attention, seeing his wife all geared up and ready to move forward with this plan. Arguing was the last thing she wanted to be on the receiving end of.

Canary: Really, guys? An entire armada is buying us a small window period of time so that we can take steps to possibly save the world. I'm going to do that, whether I have to wait for y'all or not. You two feel free to keep bickering, though.

She heads out to the elevator, leaving "Bruce" and Ollie in silence.

Except Bruce was being awfully more silent than Ollie was. But finally, it looked like Bruce was convinced. If the Green Arrow was going to join them, he needed to suit up quickly. There wasn't much time.

With no time to argue, Ollie just rushed to the back to get his bow set as Batman just looked over at Dinah. He noticed an unusual flare that was missing from her eyes.

Doubtful. Hesitant.

Canary: I understand not wanting to bring him for this. I'd rather he stay out of it too. But since Ollie and I....

Batman: I realize that. More than you know.

Awfully strange that Batman would know all about that either cause of his relationship with Selina or something was different.

But Dinah can see that.

Batman still wasn't sure about tis took him a few moments to think until he slightly nodded

Batman: Alright you're in. But you must fallow my lead. We only have one shot a this so you'll need to fallow orders Ollie.

Ollie: Hey you started this rebellion. You're the leader anyway.

Batman: I need you to take this seriously. If we're blown then Clark won't hesitate to kill us if he has to. No limit will old him back now.

After much talk and still......little disagreement Batman Green Arrow Black Canary and Martion Manhunter left for Superman's fortress of solitude by Batwing

But meanwhile near by the bay of San Francisco the military force prepares an attack as planned for Batman's diversion to distract Superman which not too long when it was close.......

......Superman Yellow Lantern and Wonder Woman all hovered above the ship whic caught the soldier attention and shout out at excitement and panic

The General leading the attack stood out in the open as the Regime forces hovered down to the ship and landed firmly on their feet

The General held out his hand ordering his troops to stand down which they did and he and Clark approached one another in serious positions especially how serious Clark looked on his response to this

Superman: General. I trust you have a good reason for this.

General: It's nothing personal sir. It's only a phase for any potential threats to come our way.

Superman: Why do you think I build this Regime? To make sure we don't have to worry about threats!

General: I understand sir. I'm with you all the way. Except I have my own orders from the president.

The General hands out a document order which he took and read it but his serious expression didn't change as he did and then eyed at the General again

Superman: Why would the President authorize this?

General: He wouldn't say sir. Just said this was a caution drill. You'll have to take it up with him.

Superman: Believe me.......I WILL.

Now it was looking more serious as Superman was not gonna let this fish get off the hook that easily he turned back to Diana and Hal giving them orders.

Superman: Lantern. Stay here and keep an eye on everyone. Don't do anything unless any wrong moves accrue. Diana? We're gonna pay an old friend a visit

Cutting back to the fortress of solitude the Batwing lands just outside it with Jonn landing on his feet a he actually flew fallowing the Batwing and Batman and the Olivers off boarded the Batwing

Once they entered the fortress Selina waited for them in her cat suit in the main hall and didn't take her long to notice them

Catwoman: About time.

Batman: I been busy. You sure it's here?

Catwoman: Superman says there's no safer place for it than here. Terra even said something else was here. Something important to him.

Batman: We won't be here long. Lead the way.

So Selina lead Bruce and the others to the twelfth flour which took minutes to get being Superman didn't add elevators to this place.......yet

But soon as they reached the flour they're looking for there it was.....

.......the largest ice vault in the world just like what Terra told Selina

Green Arrow: Holy honey damn. And like my grand-pappy Arrow use to say.....there's always a bigger lock.

Batman: Leave it Ollie. Jonn. Can you phase through and open it on the inside?

Martion Manhunter: I believe so.

Jonn then walked up to the vault shifted and jut walk through

Catwoman: I can see why you brought him.

Black Canary: I wonder how it worked for hhim on mars?

Green Arrow: Maybe he went to night school.

Batman: Stay focus people. We're short on time.

Eventually took minutes but slowly the vault did unlock and was pushed open from the inside by Manhunter who.....had a concern look

Batman: What is it?

Manhunter: Someone ele is here.

Bruce and the others walked in cautiously and to their surprise especially Bruce.....

.....Martha Kent (Diane Lane) was in it

The entire mission from that point on was held at an indefinite halt. They were gonna have to move a little faster than that.

The U.S Navy, or at least the ones that were supposed to be sent to the Korean Peninsula, could've literally been decimated within a few minutes by Superman himself simply because.....well, he basically felt defied by the General and the others who were with him.

If only Kal thought it was necessary. Why else would he leave Diana and Hal back there to care of it for him?

So with the Navy dealt with, Superman knew he had to head over to the White House and take a long chat with the President concerning the situation, which unfortunately wouldn't bode well with the rest of the heroes who had him occupied.

And in no time at all, he landed down emphatically with a purpose at the entrance of the White House, breaking his fall with a simple break of his feet. Just then and there was when the President noticed him along with two of his other agents.

Superman: Mr. President!

The Commander in Chief didn't want to keep him waiting.

Boon: Give me a few minutes.

The agents obliged and left him on his lonesome just as the opposing force had approached him.

Superman: You know what's funny: I almost wasted my time making those ships turn right around when you could've done it with one phone call.

Boon: You can't just—

Superman: Yes, I CAN.

He bellows deeply, imposing his superiority over the Commander-in-Chief. He's only lucky he didn't have to grab him as he only stares him down with authority.

Superman: Why are you doing this? You must've known I wasn't going to let this stand. Exactly what made you—

At that moment, he stops himself. He took a moment to think over the course of action and the situation and almost immediately, he puts two and two together and he recognizes what had happened: he had been tricked.

This was the Presidents plan the entire time.

Superman: You DID know. You wanted me distracted in North Korea. Why would you—?

Using his head and quick thinking, he uses his X-Ray vision to trackback whatever possible disturbance might very well have already occurred. Having to quench his eyes to zoom out further, he digs his vision all the way back to Alaska.

Sure enough, he saw the disturbance: There were intruders at the Fortress.

Superman:, they are not!

He immediately shoots off the ground and into the sky, zipping out from Washington D.C and quickly heading north. But not before he had to make a quick call via earpiece.

Superman: Diana, we have an emergency. Meet me back at the Fortress. I'll be sure to let Selina know.

And that would come sooner than any of the Insurgency members at the Fortress would've considered.

The sight of Martha in the safe now changes the complexity of what this situation entailed. It wasn't just the Kryptonite pill that Clark had left behind the vault. Leaving his biological Earth mother there as well? Why he did it was completely unknown to the Dark Knight but it immediately flipped a mental switch in the mind of the Dark Knight.

Martha: Bruce.

Batman: Martha.....I didn't know you were—

Martha: I know. But.....believe me when I tell you: I'm fine.

She then takes ahold of his hands.

Martha: For your safety and mine, I think you should go now, Batman.

For some odd reason, Batman knew that Martha was right because if anything, she knows how down the deep end her son has gone since Metropolis. And the fact that Superman is delusional over any little thing has made him grow quite a few targets on his back.

So in a strange conventional move, Bruce decided to call off the plan altogether, once again, to the surprise of only one.

Batman: You're right. We're leaving. I'm sorry, Mrs. Kent.

Arrow: Wait, what?! B-but what about that whole 'Fate of the World' thing?

Batman: It's not gonna matter now. Regardless of the distraction, Superman isn't thinking straight. If he suspects for a SECOND that we're after his parents, he's going to kill all of us.

Once again, he was right on the money.

The sound of Selina's earpiece buzzing annoyed her as she whips it off her ear but what she hears on the other side indicates that they might be pressed for time.


There's been a breach at the Fortress. Selina, do you hear me? I said there's been a breach-in at the Fortress!

Catwoman: Shit.

Everyone turns to her.

Catwoman: He's coming. Bruce, take me hostage.

Batman: What?

Catwoman: Superman's on his way. TAKE ME HOSTAGE.

Knowing how close Superman was to the Fortress, it left Batman with no choice in the matter.

Reluctant but eventually giving in, he holds and traps Selina like a hostage in a chokehold as she pretended to struggle against him.

To be fair, when she played, she plays rough.

Catwoman: HEY! Keep your—

She back-headbutts him but he only tightens his grip on her.

Catwoman: Argh.....would—would you mind? Quit yanking my tail.

While they played along and moved along outside, Black Canary had already evacuated.

Green Arrow turned around to check with the Manhunter but even he seemingly vanished from the scene without so much as a peep. It left him all alone in that massive hallway; pondring between standing across Martha and just going along with what everyone else had done.

It would've taken them around the same time to traverse around the giant Kryptonian statues of both Jor-El and Alura, Kals paternal guardians, and all around the Fortress: 26 minutes. And the same amount of time to get out. Even with Cat cutting the time by half, in only 12 minutes......this was going to be a doozy.

And lord help him, Ollie was not quitting so easily, though. The whole "Fate of the world" thing got to him so much that he was not going home empty-handed.

Besides, his thoughts weren't all on JUST Dinah. So he went deep into the vault, quickly zooming past Martha.

Martha: Where you going?!

Arrow: To get what we came for.

Martha: But Clark—

Green Arrow stopped, turning to Martha before she could even finish.

Arrow: Mrs. heard about your son's wife, right?

Martha: All over the news. And despite how I feel about Clark's actions.....I understand cause he's heartbroken. Jonathan and I want something better for him than this....

Arrow: Then you know we can't let him win on this.

Martha: My Clark's still a good man. He's just.....

Arrow: He's grieving, yes.

He cuts her off.

Arrow: And so will I if he wins cause Dinah and I have been working on something special of our own. That's why I have to get that pill.

She briefly covered her mouth to subdue the shock.

There could not have been an even worse time to manifest on such an act, especially in the past year: it was very risky and, one would even say, irresponsible regarding the situation. But in that shock, another side of the coin could be briefly shown to her: humans evolved always physically close to nurture, to a parent or tribe member to protect them. As such there is a need for being carried, to observe the world from such safety and comfort.

And it was this practice that Ollie and Dinah had performed, all the more reason for this work in their favor.

Arrow: Please.....Martha.

There was silence......before she sighed.

Martha: It's down the hall to the left.

Arrow: Bless you.

As Arrow made his way to Martha's directions, she did feel bad about snitching her own adopted otherworldly son like this but she knew deep down what he was doing is wrong. She and Johnathan before his death taught him better than this and this grief over Lois gave Clark no right to take away everyone's freedom else's freedom.

Deep down, she prayed she was making the right choice.

Right outside, Batman and Catwoman struggled again, still into character as they looked up to see SUPERMAN hovering right above them with Diana, again, being poised directly behind him. With his eyes burning red as fire, he calmly hovered down to them and landed on his feet with this irritated look on his face. Even with concern for one of his allies, he still looked the same.

Nothing really changed much.

Superman: Using your own girlfriend as a shield, Bruce? That's pretty cold.

"She wouldn't cooperate. I had to take precautions", Batman insists further "tightening" the grip around her neck.

Superman: She and Jason see the penalty of leaving our enemies alive, Bruce. Why can't you, for Raos sake? Did Joker's life mean so much to you than your own friends and family?

Batman: They meant a lot more than you think. But the world didn't ask for your grief to overthrow it. Not only have you stolen everyone else's freedom but Martha's as well.

Pretending as if he choked Selina out, Batman dropped Catwoman down beside him as she pretended to be out cold......except for the fact that she wasn't.

She could hear everything they were saying. However, further complicating matters was when Wonder Woman landed beside Clark, staring straight at Batman with determination.

Superman: This was the only place where she'd be safe. The government kidnapped her after my speech to stop crime and I had to tear them apart just to find her. I mean....she's the only parent I have now. MY parent! You of all people!

Batman: You have to stop what you're doing.

"Enough deception", Diana interjects, slightly annoyed by Bruce's constant venting and repetition of repeating the same thing over and over again while rewording it.

Wonder Woman: This is your last chance, Bruce. I know you're too conceited to accept that we're working in the best interests of the world but if you, or any of your team, do not stop this now, we WILL respond by force.

Expecting a cooperative response to her straightforward albeit levelheaded demand, Batman responds by.....walking away. Wonder Woman didn't take kindly to being ignored as she called him out yet again.

This time, he complies.

Wonder Woman: You can't walk away from me, Batman.

"No. No, I suppose I can't", Bruce admits.

And then out of thin air, he whooshes off the ground with his bare feet and arms alone, raising the eyes and concerns for both Diana and Clark. Catwoman, still pretending to be out cold, heard the whooshing but couldn't turn her head to blow her cover.

The shock was real at first, see Batman actually fly away.....which would make sense given the cape. But unfortunately, common sense kicks in a minute later.....

......when they discover that wasn't really Batman.

Wonder Woman: J'ONN!

The duo flew after him......or at least, that was the plan.

Diana WAS going to go in after him but Clark had to stop her. He had a quicker yet more alternative method.

As his eyes just glew red like fire once more, he blasted his heat vision right at his back, and almost immediately, it hits him rendering him defenseless.

Back on the inside, Canary had finally caught the attention that Ollie hadn't followed her on the way out. She groans heavily and begins to back-track all the way to the vault. Fearing for her husband's safety, she bolts through the vault door past Martha and immediately stops.

The silence was staggering but the sight was mesmerizing.

Canary: Ollie? Tell me you're seeing what I'm seeing.

Arrow: For the past 3 minutes.

It was more than just one pill stored in that vault. It was well OVER 300.

Canary: Better report this to Bruce.

Almost immediately, the ceiling of the fortress caves in as Martian Manhunter falls through into the vault and crashes down amongst the cabinet that contained the pills on the right side. He seemed to be in a little bit of pain there since he got heat vision across his back.

Stumbling back up to his feet, the couple is quick to recognize him.

Arrow: Where the hell were you?

Manhunter: Listen, you two need to get out of here now. Take the pills and go.

Arrow: But what about Martha?

Manhunter: NOW!

He zooms up past them just as Superman comes through the opening and just smacks him back to the wall.

After a few right hooks, Manhunter just pushes him back through the wall and out of the vault before wrapping his elastic body himself around the Man Of Steel. While the overall effect didn't hurt or de-power Superman like Kryptonite normally does, it did slow him down exponentially.

Even more so with Martha being forced to watch.


Clark just groans louder in pain since the Manhunters shape-shifting just kept getting stronger and stronger to the point where he couldn't physically move anymore. As he takes a knee, his steady yet uneven heavy breathing barely keeps him on edge.

Balling up his fist, he musters the strength to get back to his feet and rip Manhunter off him by his elastic head as he maintained his shape.

Recovering immediately though, he dashes over and sucker punches him across the jaw. Unfazed, Superman returns the favor.

The punches keep dishing out again and again and again until Superman finally breaks the pattern by using his super-breath and blowing him back through the air. Thinking alike, the two adversaries flash heat vision, flying at one another and clashing. But Superman wins out as he carries Manhunter out of the Fortress.

But not before J'onn breaks free, slamming into his back and forcing him out, both crashing into the internal structure, causing some of the crystal ice inside to crumble and fall. It attracts both Dinah and Ollie as they immediately run out of the vault, not even hesitating to grab Martha along with her.

Unfortunately, they don't get far as the place begins to crumble further to the point where the ceiling begins to drop icicles from above and right above Dinah no less.

Arrow: GET DOWN!

In a quick move, he pushes Dinah away from the falling ice as everything just begins to cave in on top of one another.

Pretty soon, an entire pile of ice and Kryptonian crystal falls in-between the floor causing a cave-in, trapping Ollie and Martha on one side and Dinah on the other.

Canary: Ollie!

I'm ok, pretty bird! Just stuck on the other side, that's all.

She groans, despite the notion that her husband is ok. Literal ice droppings cover Dinah's jacket and fishnets in dust as she retains a vertical basis. Plans dramatically changed for the worst but Dinah had no intentions of leaving anyone behind. Not while her voice can shatter Kryptonian crystal.

If they were leaving, she wasn't leaving anyone behind.

I'm gonna need you to stand back.

Arrow: Dinah, don't you do it. Your scream could bring down more of the roof.

You can't stop me.

Arrow: Dinah, listen to me! You HAVE to go! If you're still here when Superman comes back, he'll—

I don't care. I'm NOT leaving you.

Stopping and sighing heavily, Ollie had to ask seriously,

Arrow: —remember when you told me and Bruce off for bickering earlier while someone was buying us a small window of time?"

That was different, ok? THIS is the "fate of the world" thing. THIS is more important. YOU are.

You don't have a choice in the matter.

The voice immediately peeks both of their attention.

Canary: Bruce?

Oliver, I hid a locator in the hood of your suit.

Arrow: Because of COURSE, you did. Genius.

Keep that locator tracker on you, stay safe and find another way out. Dinah will be back for you soon as Clark is gone. Time is on the essence here.

Canary: Who said anything about—-

Dinah, Bruce is right. I don't need to drone over the essence of heroism cause I'd rather him have me than you. Get the hell out NOW!

Canary: But--

Dinah....We have to break Clark's control over the world. Otherwise.....our kid won't have a future.

Canary: You think I haven't thought of that?

I know you did. But it's the reason I have to be here. Besides.....if something happens to me, that kid's is gonna need you to be there.

Canary: He.

Ollie felt his heart stop for a second.

Arrow: What?

I had time to learn the gender. I wanted to name him.....Connor.

He smiles.

Arrow: Connor. I always liked that name.

I know.

Ollie smiles wider to himself knowing he was gonna have the son he always wanted It gave him a reason to either keep on the mission for his growing family or die trying.

Back outside Wonder Woman tended to Catwoman all though Selina was faking she was out cold but.....Diana didn't seem TOO concern for her Diana never trusted Selina cause of her THIEVING reputation and doesn't know why Superman would recruit given he's now killing criminals aside from her affections for Bruce but that was all more reason for her not to trust her

Jason was only an exception all cause of his determination ending all crime himself Wonder Woman stood up by her as Terra hovered down on a flying rock controlled by her powers

Wonder Woman: Terra what'd you doing back here? I thought you were relieved of duty.

Terra: I was but the High Councilor called me back here for backup. Says there's intruders.....

Terra faced down and saw Selina on the ground who grew complete concern for her unlike Wonder Woman

Terra: Oh my god! Selina! What happened?!

Wonder Woman: She'll be alright. Apparently her and Bruce had another couple's councling

Terra: Batman's here?

Wonder Woman: He and----

Dinah and Terra were interrupted by a loud crash above them and looked up to see Superman and Martion Manhunter continuing their battle above

Wonder Woman: Get inside!

Terra ran as Diana ordered her as she looked back up to the air fight Clark and Jonn pounded and struggled to one another

Superman: Why choose his side over mine?!

Manhunter: Because he's right this is all wrong. I know you believe what you're doing is right Kal. But you cannot become the thing you're trying to protect this from.

Superman: BECOMING?!

He shoved him off pissed as hell hearing that

Superman: You think I'm anything like them?! Like HIM?!

Manhunter: I understand your pain. There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish I could hold my loved ones. But I made a promise to the earth I would never allow any harm fall upon them a it did Mars.

Superman: Yet you fight for Batman when he didn't think about his parents he stands against me. Even after your family tragedy. Why didn't you think about them when I build this organization?!

Manhunter: Because you're in slaving this planet ass well as mine was. You cannot just take everyone's freedom.

Superman: That freedom is what's destroying this world. I only wish to protect them themselves. Give them a free world without violence.

Manhunter: And murdering criminals isn't violence?

(Good point Jonn)


Manhunter: And you could learn from that.

Superman: ARGH!!

Superman launches at Jonn hitting him forcing them both to launch straight forward like a missile as Diana leaped straight up after them leaving Selina behind giving her an opportunity flee from her position

Inside Canary made her way to the main hall and just near the exit......

.....until the ground shakes and cracked open tripping her on her back se looked up and entered Terra on another giant flying rock and her eyes glowing gold

Black Canry: Terra.

Terra: Long time Dinah. Haven't seen you since the reunion six years ago.

Black Canary: Yeah you were a shy kid there. Love to catch up but gotta go.

Dinah almost ran but Terra made her trip by another shake from the ground

Terra: I can't let you leave Dinah you're with the Insurgency. Which means you're under arrest.

Black Canary: Well hate to brake it to you sweetheart.

She stands up again

Black Canary: I have no intention of going quietly.

Terra: Have it your way.

Terra just about waved her hand till Canary shouted her sonic bird call forcing her to her knees and covering her ears Dinah made a run for it till......

.....the sounds of Terra's cries made her stop and worry like any concerning adult for any child

Canary walked back to her kneeing down placing her hand on her shoulder

Black Canary: Sweetie are you ok?

Terra opened her eyes with eyes glowing gold

Terra: You alway were to fool.

Terra turned back about to attack to Dinah's concern but....

.....a flying battering came out of no where and it STABBED Terra in the hand

She let out an agonizing scream with Dinah landing on the flour looking up and Batman glided down with his eyes glowing white when emerging from the shadows

When Terra pulled the battering out of her hand she yelled again in frustration looking over as The Dark Knight landed by Canary and faced Terra was a little struck with shock and terror looking into Batman's eyes

Terra: Batman.....

When the mugger of the thief stops to think twice, that is fear. And that fear was irradiating through Terra’s bones and all the nerves around her brain; it was like shackles tied around her arms and legs. A knife in the gut slowly twisted, a constant hammer on the head.

Yet fear also evaporates like water under an early summer sun. When fear comes, some people walk with confidence right past because like the ghosts of children's nightmares, fear is an illusion.

The identity of the man behind this myth, this legend was as clear as day for her…..and yet Terra could not break that illusion from the man to the mask.

All she could do was boldly stare him down with angry eyes, her vulnerability peeling back to the surface for only a seconds worth before switching gears from empathy to cold emotional indifference….the attempt to do so, at least. Never once has she directed this mode in Bruce’s direction, and came off less like a sign of intimidation and more of her being part on being protective of herself.

Her softer self was taking a backseat but not much about her ruthless aggression coin displayed much ferocity; a far cry from the same bait-and-switch tactic pulled on Dinah a minute earlier so something was definitely in the works.

Bruce being rope-a-doped into it seemed unlikely……but Dinah never knew with the man.

Batman: You were one of Slade’s apprentice’s?

Terra: And the only one who mattered.

She grunts loudly, snapping her other hand back as a giant piece of Kryptonian glass from the floor hurls towards Batman with his back directly towards it. No effort is made by the Dark Knight to turn around or acknowledge the passing object about to cave his head in.

But since when did he have to?

Canary stepped in almost immediately, inhaling in and exhaling just as quickly, releasing another loud and bombastic Canary cry. The glass rock shatters as pieces hurl around Batman from above….

….before Terra grips the bat-a-rang with the blood soaked tip and lunges forward, attempting to stab the Caped Crusader with one of his own weapons.

No attempt at selling the incoming projectile attack, Batman only has to palm strike Terra square in the chest to force her back a couple of feet away.

But the strike was only the prelude. No sooner should Terra recover from the strike, she's too late to notice a trip mine attached to her. It fires a small device, attaching both itself and Terra to the wall and pulls her toward it.

The impact slams her up against the kryptonite mineral as it indefinitely knocks her out.

Batman: We're low on time. We need to leave.

Canary: Wait, where's J'onn?

Still blowing through the skylines, repeatedly punching away at Kal's punchable face with all the regret in the world.

Superman is able to avoid the next punch before head-butting the Martian and blowing on him in an attempt to freeze him. But J'onn, sensing the attack, warps his body away from the direction of the breath and now in worm size, slithers his way towards Superman's cape.....

....where he proceeds to daisy chain Kal in midair, nearly choking him on his cape, blinding him and damn near trying to suffocate the once-proud Boy Scout turned tyrant.

Once J'onn could barely see Diana approaching far behind, he reshapes into his original martian form and lets go of the cape. Allowing Superman to plummet into freefall, the speed does eventually catch up with Diana having to readjust her positioning to barely catch him.

Another distraction having paid off, Wonder Woman and Superman are blasted by Manhunters heat vision; the extreme temperatures forcing them back onto the icy solid surface with both of barely keeping their full balance upfront.

Staring up at him, it was clear that what Batman had said about J'onn in his Agamemnon Contingency was accurate: he was just as formidable as the rest of the League, if not a few decibels stronger than the both of them.

Wonder Woman: You were the heart and soul of this team outside Cyborg. Why can't you see you're making a mistake?

Manhunter: I've made a mistake? Look at what he's become.

Superman: And what is that?

The alien spits out arrogantly to his former League member.

To his surprise however, he immediately found his vision blurred and warping in and out of the very fabrics of reality until the violent shaking halts for all but a moment. Recovering his balance, Kal sees barren wastelands, dry surfaces, eroded land all choked within a murky temperature rating.


In further ruin.

An alien race, the Manhunters race, was being overrun by H'ronmeer's Curse, a telepathic plague that reacted to telepathic energy and carried from one Martian to the next whenever they elected to use their psionic powers. The plague responded to a Martian's innate fear of fire, causing them psychosomatic stress so intense, that their bodies and minds would literally burst into flame.

Many Martians burst into flame within seconds, forcing Superman to nearly collapse under the weight of it all.

Coincidentally, another alien race had invaded with the intent on capturing or killing any Martin's they find. Made the situation all the more stressful for it and paralleled, in a way, Krytpons destruction.

This is what it feels like. When your planet is overrun.

With J'onn's telepathy taking full effect, it was difficult at first for Superman to block out the vision.

Superman: Stop.

When you're part of a weaker species, dominated by a stronger one.

The sight of the Martin Manhunter himself only made Superman squeal louder in agony, following the intense pressure set behind the telepathy.

Superman: ENOUGH!

There was no unseeing the horror: J'onn desperately trying to keep his wife and daughter from using their mental gifts, but they were unable to do so, and thus ultimately contracted the virus.

J'onn was anguished as he watched his family burning to death before his very eyes.

I watched my planet become overrun by Tyrants, he says telepathically as Superman was forced to watch J'onn watch his mother be dragged, taken away. My loved ones succumbed at the hands of my brother. There was nothing I could've done to help my people. This is how it feels like to be ruled, to be helpless. I know the feeling.....and I won't allow loss consume you to do the same to Earth.

Breaking in and out of reality, Clark's efforts eventually prove successful, finding the strength to lock himself out of the Manhunters telepathy and gripping his hands away from his head.

He acknowledges this traumatic head-butting J'onn back through the sky again.

Both looking up, Wonder Woman flies down and grabs Manhunter by the head but.....

.....his shape-shifting gets the better of her. As he changes from his physical form, he ends up wrapping around her, constricting a very tight hold around her before slipping through her arms and into her mouth to take control of her body too.

Superman: DIANA!!

He went to aid her, but the Amazon Princess or formal now could not breath, for J'onn was cutting off oxygen to her brain which was slowly killing her.

I always knew you two had somewhat of a bond between one another. Two aliens, yet you side with the one that looks just like you.....and you both underestimated me. You see yourself invulnerable but I've been inside your head, Diana. You've changed so much and I've seen the violence in you. Maybe....maybe the world would be better if you're not in it.

Choking and coughing and shaking uncontrollably, the Goddess Of War nearly succumbed to the grips of her Justice League partner.

But then she remembered a fragment of her past she'd like to forget: Bruce's Agamemnon Contingencies. J'onn's weakness, while not exactly a physical one, could still be triggered under the pretense of extreme heat and pressure.

Wonder Woman: Fi-fire.

Superman: Hmm?

Wonder Woman: From Bruce's Contingency plans; J'onns weakness is fire. Use your heat vision and get him out of—ARGH! Get him out of me, Kal!

Superman: Diana.....

She doesn't let Clark rebuttal, knowing this was the only way.

Wonder Woman: Just DO IT! BURN ME!!!

He just stood there in aggravated silence, since he knew there was only one way to save her. As much as it pained him to even think about, he stood there clutching his fists together until Superman finally gave in, BLASTING Wonder Woman with full power with his heat vision.

Trudging on through the heat, Diana still felt her airways and oxygen being blocked.

The heat ray had no intended effect on Wonder Woman due to her advanced durability but Manhunters strangulation from inside proved too much as Diana finally collapsed in mid-air before falling to the ice beneath her.....

.....until it started to wear off.

The intense pressure of heat from the heat vision burned deep into J'onn Jonzz psyche as it'd do to any other Martian, causing his skin to combust within seconds. The fire forced J'onn to shapeshift and merge out of Diana's body but the screaming and pained grunts died out almost as soon as he began to leave Diana and as she finally found steady ground and breathed heavily, all that was left of him was......


At least to them.

By the time Clark finally ceases control of his heat vision, a small microscopic ball of fire sinks through the ice, still burning all the way through the bottom to the frozen ocean depths below.

The Martian Manhunter was presumably dead.....

As for Diana, the effects of the heat vision, let alone having the Manhunter inside of her draining all her oxygen had rendered her unable to perform since it had left her severely wounded. Unable to move anything, she nearly falls over only for Superman to catch her.

Quickly scanning her with X-Ray vision, he determines the process caused her to slip into a coma.

Superman knew he couldn't stop the Insurgency and aid Diana at the same time so he tapped on his ear speaker to let one of his allies handle this.

Superman: Superman to Watchtower. I need immediate evac for Wonder Woman at my current coordinates.

And in literally 50 milliseconds later, the Flash arrived in time but slipped himself on the ice. By the time he recovers as steadily as possible, he sees Diana down for the count.

Flash: Good lord!

Superman: Get her to the medic wing on the Watchtower. I have something personal to deal with.

Flash: What happened to her?

Superman: It's was J'onn. Just get her out of here.

Flash: You sure you don't need backup though?"

He nods his head no.

Taking his answer to heart, Flash just picks Diana up and runs off carrying her with caution. It becomes dead silent for a brief moment until Superman looks back to his right where Selina now vanished......

Immediately, he bounces off the terrain and flies back to the fortress.

Not much time was left.

Back at the vault Ollie and Martha continued their talk on what the right thing to do was Marth understood what her son was doing was wrong but like any mother of course couldn't help but to defend her son still

Martha: Listen I understand Bruce's intentions. But my Clark is still a good boy. I don't approve of his new method but he's only in pain cause of Lois. And their baby. He still means well.

Green Arrow: I'm sure he doe. Trust me if the Joker killed Dinah or our own unborn kid I'd shoot an arrow at his head. But you know what he's become. Innocent people are suffering in this and he can't see that anymore.

Martha: Believe me. It's killing me to see him like this. I do wish Johnathan was here to talk to him. But he's gone too. Clark's all I have left.

Green Arrow: I understand Mrs. Kent. He doesn't see it but.....your son needs us to top him. He needs put in what's really best for him. Best for all of us. I don't want my own kid to have to live in a world like this.

Martha was torn in this conflict she never wanted to do anything to her son but she knew Ollie was right Clark had to be stopped and Martha had to know what was really best

And with a heavy heart she let Ollie pass hesitantly as he walked around her there lied.....what they came for:

The Krypton Pill

The power source that gives you Superman's strength temporary

Green Arrow knew they were for a pill but he didn't think something small could make you into the next Superman

Green Arrow: I must say I wasn't expecting it to be this tiny. Looks like that stuff from that dinosaur movie the bad guy gave to those kids that turned them into monkeys.

Arrow just about reach for it till.....


Startled by tat yell both Arrow and Martha turned back to see a very pissed off Superman with his eyes burning red he's furious and not thinking straight

Without Batman Catwoman Black Canary or Martian Manhunter to assist him Green Arrow was out of options he could possibly take the pill give him the strength he needed to stop Clark but wouldn't do any good later since it's the only pill here and what if Clark won anyway the Regime would win without it

Realizing the inevitable end drawing upon him Green Arrow now knows the only right thing to do

He reached for the pill but Superman shoot his heat ray at the flour near warning him not to touch it

Superman: Not one finger on that pill Ollie

Green Arrow: Come on man. We really gonna do this?

Superman: It's too late to stop now. Much too late.

Green Arrow: I get that. But we been friends for a long time Clark. It doesn't have to be this way.

Superman: What other way is there?!

Superman slowly approached Ollie with Martha scared to death to see what her son might do

Superman: Crime war no one ever tried to stop it. No matter how much someone begged well that's why there's me.

Green Arrow: And that's the problem. You taught me the right things to protect those in need. And I still stand by all that. It's hard to see that now I know but it's not impossible.

Superman: What if Joker killed Dinah Ollie? Would you be saying that then?

Green Arrow: That's jut what I wa explaining to your mom.

Superman turned to Marth and aw the sadness in her eyes

Martha: Clark.....I know you're hurting. And I understand. It's killing me you're in pain. I want to help you.

Superman made a mild grin to his earth mother as she placed both her hand on her son's cheeks

But seeing this as a distraction Arrow moves in front of the pill taking it with his hand behind his back his other hand reached for two arrows

Martha: I know there' still good in you. It's too late. Stop now. Come back. I love you.

Superman: I just......don't know if I can. I want to. But I don't know if I have the strength to.

Martha: You do. I know you do. You've always been strong. Think about that little farm boy from Smallville. The boy who saved those kids from that bus crash. Swim to me Clark like I told you that day at school.

The mother and on talk got more emotional and touching a Clark turned away seeing Green Arrow pointing his first arrow with his bow

Clark pushes Martha aside looking firmly serious at Ollie

Superman: We both know that won't help you.

Green Arrow: That we do. It won't. But it'll make me feel better!

Ollie shoots and a expected the arrow bounced off of Superman's chest but to both his and Ollie's horror it HITS Martha in shoulder

She let out a painful scream as Clark watched helplessly of his earth mother's injury and slide down from the wall

On the look on Ollie's face he was in more shock of his accidental shot he didn't mean to hurt Martha he knew now he should have waited till Martha wassn't too close to him and he was devistated

But it didn't matter now.....

.....for Superman's rage boost kicked again firt Lois now this turned to Ollie with hi eyes burning red and teeth crinched

Clark let's out a bellow a he speeds to Green Arrow and SLAPS him hard to the flour

With how strong that slap wass Ollie spit out blood as his jaw was now broken from that super slap he took his second arrow pointing his bow a Superman approached him only this time.....he wasn't exactly aiming at him

Ollie fires the arrow the last minute it flew over Superman's shoulder and out through the hole behind Superman but he didn't turn his head to it

Still under rage for his mother's injury Clark lunges at Ollie and started pummeling him with his bare hands OVER AND OVER AND OVER with blood flying out of Ollie as Martha watched in horror now sseeing the monster her son has become


Superman didn't heed his mother's pleads as he kept throwing fists at Arrow breaking every bone in his body and busting him open

And then when Clark finally stopped......Oliver Queen the Green Arrow....the husband of Dinah Queen the Black Canary and a father to be......

.......stopped breathing......

....The Green Arrow.....was gone

As for the arrow soaring through the air…..

….it lands a full 1,222 meters away from the Fortress up against the Batwing which catches Dinah, Batman and Selina's attention. The former of whom was contemplating the worse as far as J’onn’s disappearance while the two women just look down at each other as Dinah picks up the arrow and realizes something.

Ollie had taken the tracker from the back of his hood as well as ONE super-pill and hooked it onto the arrow.

Sadness overtakes her.

Catwoman: That's it: that's what you were after. Ollie saved the day.

Canary: Yes......yes, he did.

The tone in which she said that was enough to imply to Selina and Bruce that the worst might've already occurred.....and that it didn't matter what would come next.

Bruce already catching on to what she knew simply nodded slightly before turning back and walking away, back to the Batwing.

Catwoman: We'll—we'll just wait right here. Maybe he's still—

She tries to keep the spirit upbeat but Dinah's body language kept shouting 'Don't do that. Don't give me hope.' Dinah was having none of it.

Canary: Don't bother......He's not coming.

Unable to keep her composure, expressing that defeatist statement as gloomily as possible, Dinah brushes past Selina with her head down, following Bruce back to the Batwing….

….the former entering the Batwing on her own.

Few seconds later, Bruce fires up the Batwing taking it off the ground and blasts off the terrain, leaving Selina all on her own right there in the Artic.

Dinah tries not to cry.....but this time, her exterior breaks and the tears begin to flood. While visible to Bruce, her pain was shown. A life of higher joys is a life with more tears of all kinds. Every blessing is a curse. Only by accepting the curse in full measure can you receive the blessing in full measure.

She loved that man, for he was her greatest blessing……and his death destroyed her.

The longest recorded distance for an arrow to fly through the air is 1,222 meters. I'm better than that. An arrow traveling that fast, with THAT much force, THAT much velocity. Is it enough to hurt a Man Of Steel? Of course not. But I wasn't aiming for him. This should hurt. I know it should. But I don't feel anything. I'm trying to talk but my mouth doesn't work anymore. I'm sorry, pretty bird. I wish we would've had more time.

Dinah. The prettiest girl in the whole damn world.

I was so lucky to have met you.

The aggravating sound of silence is deafening, silencing and choking the air back at the Batcave. It's typical when it comes to a man who's used to so much loneliness in his life. But this time, there's a sound to be heard.

The sound of sniffling and the sound of tears.

Near the Batcomputer was where the noise was formulating. More sounds of crying and sniffling can be heard and seen over Bruce's shoulder as Dinah had hugged him tightly for comfort after knowing that Ollie went out not as a hero but as a legend this day.

But all at the cost of his life.

Dinah would have to spend the next six months on her own prepping for baby Connor to arrive......without her Arrow man. Bruce, feeling the same sympathy for when Clark lost Lois, knew he had to comfort her the best he could.

Canary: I—

He stops her before she goes any further, not wanting what happened to Clark happen to her.

Bruce: Don't. You need to rest......take some time to grieve and call me when you're feeling better.

Dinah says nothing. She only glances back at the Batcomputer as it uses its scanner to analyze the pill Ollie had risked his life to get for them.

Bruce: Dinah. We got what we needed. He would've been proud if he could see it from here.

She knew he was right.

Taking the time, she gives him one last hug before walking out the Batcave, leaving Bruce on his lonesome yet again. He just sits back in his chair, looking surprisingly twitchy and sleep-deprived, watching as the Batcomputer finally begins to analyze the super-pill.

This was the only way to duplicate Superman's powers from the pill. And there was no turning back now.

The computer begins to scan and analyze through the pill as it quickly reaches 4% percent and higher.

But ONCE AGAIN, this aching nerve or sensation comes over him as he just stops what he's doing and just stares at the screen. However, not before he looks behind him.

He sees Superman.

He's covered in Ollie's blood.

Superman: In one year, I took care of all the madmen in Gotham.....but I left the original.

He takes the initiative and approaches Bruce this time, watching him as the same blank yet ticked off expression from his face bombards him.

Superman: And just like them, like all of your insane'd watch this world BURN.

Bruce: You're delusional, Clark. You need help.

He then feels himself tightly hoisted up in the air with Superman's eyes burning red once more.


Analyzing: 18% complete.

Bruce: What—do you want?

Superman: To finish what I started.

Bruce: No, you're not.

That was Bruce spitting truths with confidence, knowing Clark won't push forward with his promise despite the lengths he's gone. He knew him too well.

Bruce: You didn't HAVE to face me back at the Madhouse; you could've used your heat vision and lobotomized me from space, used your superspeed to squish me into the cement. You said it yourself long ago: 'if you wanted it, I'd be dead already.'

Analyzing: 26 percent complete.

Brief silence overtook the area as Bruce took another close look at Clark's suit. It might've been covered in blood but it wasn't his. It was all over him......and he knew he couldn't have injured himself back at the Fortress. Really, only one conclusion could be drawn here.

Bruce: Is that Ollie's blood you're covered in?

Superman: He—

Bruce: —was the most ethical and compassionate person Dinah ever had. And a damn good friend of ours.


Once again, silence.

First HIS Martha......and now Clark's.

He would've been more sympathetic and sentimental about it.....if the issue here wasn't how Clark had handled the situation up to before she died. Bruce felt bad for Clark over what could've happened had he been more unlucky but that didn't mean it absolved him from what he did.

Bruce: Y-you brought that......on yourself.....when you lost control.

Absolutely disheartening it was for Superman to hear that. Incensed and appalled by Bruce's lack of decency and humanity for the person he helped saved years ago, further tightens the grip around his neck.

Superman: Excuse me?

Bruce: Go on. Try and justify Ollie's death. I'll call Dinah and you tell her why HE had to die for the greater good. I know what you're doing, Clark cause I've seen this before: you think I can stop you. And somewhere deep down, you WANT me to.


He tosses Bruce to the other side through the waterfall in his office down to the bottom floor as he crashes onto his actual Batmobile and bounces off of it. Normally, having to look into the eyes of a deranged look of a man would give anybody shivers but Bruce was not like other men.

Even as he walked back up to face him, Bruce showed no fear, sluggishly moving back up the stairs.

Bruce: Nngh......that WOULD be easier, wouldn't it? If I stopped talking......if I doned a metal suit and hit you over and over again.....if I exposed you to some Kryptonite so that you could feel the same pain I felt when I lost my flesh and blood.

He flips a remote out his pocket.

Analyzing: 58% percent.

Bruce: Sorry to disappoint you with this anticlimax Clark, but I'm not going to fight you. I don't think there's a way that I can beat you without killing you. And I'm not a murderer......Not anymore.

He presses down on the remote which changes the feed on the Batcomputer to static and what does it show on the screen: Clark and Lois' wedding video.

This immediately catches Clark's attention and he chokes up within the first five seconds of watching it.

I, Clark Kent, do solemnly swear to love and cherish you, to honor and protect you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part.

You May kiss the bride.

That was the moment Clark and Lois kissed.

The moment both of their lives changed forever.

As soon as he sees this, Clark turns himself away from the screen, drowning himself in guilt and anguish but also infuriated that Bruce would stoop low to THIS level.

"Stop—stop it, Bruce. Enough", he pleads.

Honor and protect.

He hears Bruce's voice in the distance but he couldn't see him. The shadows were his friend and this made Clark all the more vulnerable since he couldn't see him.

Superman: You can't hide from me. I WON'T play your games, Bruce.

You failed to protect her.

Analyzing: 83% percent.

"I failed? I FAILED?!", Clark raises and strains out his voice, appalled that Bruce would consider him the madman when he believed it was the other way around.


And honor? Do you truly believe that you are honoring Lois? Do you think THIS is what she would want?


You stopped doing things for Lois the moment she died. You lost your connection to us, you lost your humanity when you lost THEM.

He can hear Clark yelling in agony as he slams down on the table connected to the Batcomputer. The keyboard was totaled but the actual computer was still fresh and still analyzing the pill, unbeknownst to him.

Analyzing: 93% percent.

Superman: Play this game all you want, Bruce. But I'm done being lectured. Time to stop hiding in the shadows.

From where he was, Bruce knew he was right. He mentioned in his Contingency plans how he took no joy out of beating the people he called this friends. But if it was something that needed to be done, then he had no choice.

It's never a thought he relished. Sighing heavily, he knew that.

Bruce: You're right. It's time to even the playing field.....and it's time to give you what you want.

From behind a support beam, he presses down his Ultrasonic Bat Beacon and then tosses it up to his office, through the waterfall and through the window where Clark was. Once Superman sees it and the beacon hits the floor, it pulsates this sonic pulse that screeches up against Superman's ears as he fell to the floor.

But the ultrasonic was a signal.

It called an entire swarm of Bats to the area as they all surrounded Superman.

Finally stepping out from the shadows, Bruce catches the batswarm surrounding Clark and how he quickly used his heat vision to burn some of the bats to ash just before the rest of them dispersed.

Analyzing: 98% percent.

The super-pill was almost analyzed.

Hearing the computer announce how close it was to completing the pill, Bruce had to move fast. Sliding up under Supes, he jumps over the next table and reaches for the pill.

He doesn't make it.

Clark stopped him at the VERY last second. He struggles to get free of Clark but Clark then headbutts him square on the nose, rendering the billionaire playboy woozy.

Superman: You're right, Bruce. I'm not here to kill you. But I can't have you in a position where you can hurt me or the world anymore.

Bruce again tries to make a move on him but Clark takes it one step further and then just hoists him up by his back. Deja Vu immediately begins to flash back for the Dark Knight.

THIS TIME, he was scared.


That was the sound of a bloodcurdling scream emitting from the knee of a Kryptonian overlord cracking the vertebrae and shattering Bruce's back. It was KNIGHTFALL all over again.

The second time someone had broken Bruce's back in quite a brutal, dominating fashion. His spine broken and shattered right on the enemy's knee. As for Clark, he literally just kicks Bruce out the window and back on the bottom floor again, like he has no respect for his self-being anymore. In his mind, Bruce was too dangerous to have around.

But even as he casually walks down the stairs to face Bruce again, Clark could tell he wasn't going to give in easily. He was still trying to get up after having his back shattered.

Superman: Stay—

He walks straight up to him and presses his foot down on his back, creating even more pressure to keep him from getting back up.

Superman: —down.

Bruce: NAARGH!

The pain was quite excruciating.

But again, Bruce was trying to fight it off as if nothing happened.

Bruce: Y-you.....

Superman: It's over, Bruce. Stop trying to fight me.

Bruce: Hnng.....wasn't trying to fight—you......

Analysis complete: Uploaded to remote server.

Superman: What?

He stops right in his tracks. Once beeping rings over his eardrums, Clark turns back to realize that the Batcomputer had finished scanning and analyzing the super pill that was stolen from the Fortress.

Even more alarming to him......the pill was gone.

Growing furious rather quickly, he AGAIN puts more pressure on Bruce's back to get a response out of him.

Superman: Where did it upload to? Who has access to it?! TELL ME!

He doesn't even give Bruce a proper chance to answer the question as he keeps wrenching down on his back, only making the pain worse. But no matter what, Bruce STILL WOULDN'T budge.

Clark Kent.

The voice took a while for Clark to get adjusted to, but not as much as the hand around his shoulder. Once he takes ahold of it and he turns around, he sees a familiar face.

Superman: Alfred?

Alfred just stood there looking at him, but the glare in his eyes was different. It's as if he could see right through his shades of color to take a glimpse at the man he's truly become in the last year. He takes a deep breath before taking off his glasses, tucking in his shirt.

And then he HEADBUTTS the Man Of Steel, RIGHT IN HIS NOSE.

The only difference is, Clark actually felt the trauma, the pain, the agony up against him as it rendered him physically woozy. He stands there motionless for well over a minute as the blood trickles down his nose and face and then he falls back next to Bruce, unconscious.

Alfred had taken the analyzed Super pill.

Alfred: I am SO DISAPPOINTED in you.

But he wasn't done with him yet.

Balling up his fists, Alfred then proceeded t pummel on Clark like a mad Gorilla over and over again, this time getting blood on HIS hands and screaming "NO MORE! NO MORE HURTING MY FAMILY!"

The beating continued.

Punch after punch after punch.

It wasn't until Superman was not able to fight anymore, covered in bruises and his own blood that Alfred ceased the massive beatdown. But not before he kicks the Man Of Steels head in, breaking his shoe. The massive boost of strength and agility and durability felt unreal but it worked and it left Alfred briefly smiling before he tended to Bruce lying there with his shattered back.

Holding him up to in his arms as he did all those years ago, Alfred carries him to their own teleporter, away from Clark and transporting them to where the pills were being uploaded to, a place Clark wouldn't find.

Finally, he leaves Clark there in a puddle of his own blood.

Wayne Manor.

The former rundown mansion, residence of the Wayne family and headquarters for the Justice League once again laid unused and deserted following the dissolving of the Justice League and the rise of the Regime's grip over power. With their old headquarters off limits, Bruce's old home made the perfect hiding spot and temporary HQ for the Insurgency for his efforts.

Aside from the Batcave, of course.

"Ah-ha!" rung from upstairs in Bruce's room. Rapid typing and scrolling along a computer screen for the past three minutes, Oracle had finally gotten her big break.

Thanks to the Oracle Network and upon encrypting the file set on the superpill from mere minutes ago, the analyzed data went through directly to her.

Oracle: Done.....

Pulling the USB file out from her laptop, she simply flings it behind her allowing Zatanna to catch it.

Zatanna:.....and done.

Oracle: Subject file 5-U-93-R for the Kryptonite nanotech drug is set.

Z just leaned herself back to the wall, crossing her arms staring ahead to Dick and Helena on the bed. Either they didn't hear her or they were occupied to the point that they missed it.

Instead, Dick just raised his hand up.

So she passed it to him, leaving Helena open to snatch right out and Dick to snatch it back.

A slight smirk perks out from both of them, seeing how their past flirtations didn't interfere with their intermediate friendship. However, the stench of boredom was polluting the room for the past few minutes so something needed to be done to pass the time.

The solution?

Helena: Go fish.

Cards were stacked down on the bed for the fifth time as Dick and Helena exchange rapid fire glances at each, smirking at each other.

Dick: Do you have any......threes?

The look of shock and astonishment in Helena's eyes were priceless for Dick to see. Zatanna had to refrain from chuckling even just a little bit.

Helena: How—What the hell? You're cheating.

Dick: Do I look like I have a death wish?

"It's pure luck, Dicky. Trust me when I tell you that", Helena implies as she watches Dick throw aside his batch of cards away.

Dick: Luck ain't got nothing to do with it.

The door then swung open in a state of panic, turning everyone's attention to Alfred carrying Bruce in his hands, tending to his shattered back. His expression screamed I need help! Please!, a plea that was too great to be ignored.

Dick and Helena wipes the entire card stack off the bed and just laid Bruce down on the side. He groans loudly and in massive agony to everyone's bewilderment aside from Alfred. The obvious question that Barbara asked needed no delay.

Barbara: What happened?

Alfred: Master Bruce's efforts were successful. But in the aftermath, his back's been shattered.

Dick: Again?!

Alfred: Master Kent wasn't willing to let this go down without punishment being made. So I gave him his own.

Confessing this as he raised up his fist confidently, this puzzled Helena albeit in a giddily amusing way.

Helena: You knocked his ass out? So that stuff really works?

Alfred: By Joe it does. The pills.....are they....?

Barbara: Fully analyzed. We'll be able to manufacture the formula and make some of our own soon. We won this round.

Bruce groans loudly.

Even if that was the case, it wouldn't be the last time they'd hear from the man of steel. And Bruce was determined to make sure they were prepared for the potential aftermath when that happened. Desperate, he tried to sit up but that made him groan ever louder in pain, so the others had to pin him back on the bed.

Against his own will, that is.

Bruce: This isn't nessercary you know.

Barbra: But it's for your own good Bruce.

Alfred: She's right sir. Knowing you you you would imperially keep going in your current condition like you did when Bane did this to you.

Bruce: I don't have time for rest Alfred. Even if I wanted to.

Alfred: Now stop sulking. I doubt Master Kent will make any more moves tonight. Right now.....we're at our worst despite we got the job done.

Bruce went in silence knowing what Alfred was talking about causing him to face down in silence of the recent tragedies

Bruce: Has anyone heard from Jonn?

Barbra: Nothing. Dinah said there wasn't any trace of him. Nor a body.'s no guarantee if he's even alive.

Bruce: Dammit. What about Dinah?

Alfred: She's taking time off sir. I think after Master Oliver' departure can hardly blame her.

Barbra: And it's worse than that. Did anyone know she was pregnant?

For Alfred it was a surprise ass he looked at Barbra in a shocking look feeling terrible for Dinah more than before

As for Bruce.....he just face down clutching his fists seeing now that Clark was beyond helping now and just like his other friend before Superman Harvey Dent when he became Two Face it was clear to Bruce that his new best friend was on the same level the REAL Clark Kent the TRUE Superman died with his family in the nuke of Metropolis

In his eyes this new Superman......was just a madman who looked like him a mask without a face unmerciful and unreasonable

Bruce was now determine to top this newly evil tyrant any means nessercary


After the events in Arkham City Harley laid low for the entire year she socialized a bit only in disguise to hide from Superman but the whole year had given her time to think

Why did she really go back to the Joker after she made something better for herself after the last SS mission saving the world from a giant tar fish?

What would killing Superman only avenging Joker bring her?

Even if the Joker was never killed would she be happy with him? No.

Every now and then she even received text from her old friend Ivy AKA Poison Ivy checking on her wanting to see her but Harley never replied to her texts she didn't even accept Batman's offer NOT that she didn't want to giving she sensed care from both him and Red Robin that night at the steel mill

Harley didn't even know where to go from here....

.....except reassuming her former ego

Harleen Quinzil

But sadly she couldn't get her old job back due to her pat records with the Jokerand being a fugitive from the Regime

But a month after Green Arrow's death (The first month) Harley ran into a gang of.......a Harley fan club which......made her feel a little whole

She was taken in by this gang and what made her accept their terms......was they were more of a Harley fan club than the Joker's given in a way they looked up to the Joker but ONLY he created Harley

Harley was even more prouder when he was unnominated to lead them

One night at the old Gotham Monarch Theater the same theater Bruce went to with his parents before their murder the Harley fallowers gathered for Harley's opening speech for the latest events of the civil war

Harley: Boys boys settle down! I really love what you done with the place. So much better than both Arkham's Asylum and City.

They cheered

Harley: Dear members of the Harley clan. We all know the truth about our beloved Joker. Yes it's true our relationship was.......toxic I admit. But the real problem is why he died. The Metropolis incident. Tricking S-Man into killing his poor wife and son. And I didn't know about the son till after I almost killing him myself. Then he tried to kill me.

They booed

Harley: But more importantly I admire the hard work you all done in my name. The disturbaces distractions even General Pains in Superman' red underwear ass!

They laughed

Harley: But let's think bigger. A source of mine from B-Man's rebellion that Superman made THESE for his thugs

Harley was holding out one of the Kryptonian pills how she got it could be from the source in the Insurgency she just mentioned

Harley: And thank to that source who......tried to help me get over Mr. J awhile back we now have them. With these babies a mother fucking bus could fall on u and we didn't even be hurt! Slapsstick at it's finest!

They cheered again just as Harley took a gulp of the pill and felt a mild increased radiation spiking through her body and through her muscles, increasing her tensile strength. She gave out a sinister grin before she laughs manically.

Harley: From now on.....we'll be more than a nuisance. The barking dog will become the rampaging elephant. The whoopie cushion a land of ours! Harley Quinn........A QUEEN! And god help anyone who dare disrespects the Queen!

They cheered louder as she basked in the glory. Maybe she would, in fact, get a good grip on Superman's Regime IF the opportunity presented itself.



Better luck for her next time.

The walls blow back behind her and collapse over one another as Regime militiaman come crashing in to invade the party. While most of them went forward to deal with most of the Joker/Harley gang, very few of them began opening fire on everyone in the room.

Two militiamen attempt to go after Harley but reacting quickly, she immediately kicks one in the balls and then tosses him aside....only to get popped with multiple bullets to her back.

Upon taking the pill, it had rendered Harley nearly invulnerable for the next 60 minutes. Whether that was a good thing or not, only one can assume.

Harley: I—I should be dead. Ha-ha! Thanks, happy pill!

She dodges the gun and headbutts the gunman before slamming him off stage and then jumping square on his chest taking the air out of him. Jumping back up to her feet, she causally walks through the crowd of Harley goons and militiamen, popping each militiaman that came her way. Eventually, she got comfortable and whips out her mallet.

Gutting another one in the gut, she swings her mallet around and bashed him over the head with it, killing him instantly.

However, more militiamen come rolling in through the collapsed wall at least until three new faces pop through ready and willing to cause bucketloads of trouble.....

The mysterious mercenary dubbing himself......Red X.


And in comes Terra, sporting a new orange and yellow attire with a brown jacket and golden shades.

The former had its sights laser-focused sorely on Harley, watching her spastically decapitate and smash another six separate militiamen at once, spinning about and flopping around them like a psychedelic frog. It just spoke more towards her unpredictable, dangerous moveset and how, when in control of herself, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Nobody really had a gameplan against the ticking time bomb that was the former doctor and psychiatrist.

X, taking offense to just LOOKING at her, takes one step forward and gets blocked by Peacemaker. His matters were present elsewhere.

Peacemaker: Go. Harley's ours.

'Ours', he says.....glancing over at Terra, essentially promising that she'd get her grubby hands on the former clown princess all while she answers back with a simple smirk.

The tricky thing about wars are you can’t really get away with doing anything without the other side peeking in and getting in your business.

As expected, the Regime weren’t the only ones who had a lock-on regarding Harley Quinn and her whereabouts.

In the main hall elevator which led down to the Batcave and Batcomputer there, Barbara had once again gotten into contact with the Regimes mole, Selina via communicator, displayed on the screen.

Again, it had to be where nobody could see her.

Oracle: Selina. Anything?

I just received info on Harley.

Oracle: I wondered what happened to her after last year. What's she up to?

That's not the problem. Superman's spies located her hideout. Seems she's making an army of her own to take on Superman: A clan of Harley worshippers. Clark's sent Terra, Peacemaker and a mystery figure called Red X to launch the assault.

Oracle: Red X? Never heard of him.

Me neither. He must be Superman's new errand boy. But I hear he's got skills.

Oracle: I'll send Helena and the Titans to stop them and have them bring Harley. Bruce has been trying to find her for months.

Speaking of Bruce, how is he?

Oracle: He's fine. Toughening out; still wobbly but he's trying to manage.

Somehow he always does. I'm sending the location now.

Time was quickly running out, though.

Back at the auditorium, Terra stood right where she was on the stage before closing her eyes. Balling up her fists slowly, the ground slowly begins to crack open attracting everybody's attention, all except for Red X and Harley.

Swiping her hands around, Earth spikes out from the ground and impales well over a dozen of Harley clan members and then hurls a boulder towards Harley.

It barely hits her as she slides back while guarding herself.

Terra, impatient to get her hands dirty, just leaps over off the stage and lands in front of Harley with her eyes glowing a bright golden. Slamming her fists through the deteriorated wood, multiple strings of wet Earth tips through the floor and snaps at Harley. Her bat and mallet were snatched away with ease as the Earth wrapped around her arms and legs, keeping her trapped.

Needless to say, the sight of the former mind-controlled puppet to Slade being a slave to Superman was a questionable decision that puzzled Harley.

Just not in an appalled kind of way.

Harley: Blondie joined S-man, huh? Guess I gotta ask between him, Bats and the Titans, who's boots are tastier to lick?

Terra: Batman's a criminal, just like you.

Harley snickers; she didn't classify herself as the bad guy in this story despite the same voice in her head protesting against that.

Harley: Oh no no no. NOT like me. See, Bats and Supes CORRUPT young minds while me......I just have this uncontrollable urge to bash them out of their skulls!

This only triggers Terra even more.

Terra: Which also excuses me from sparing you!

With no weapons on hand, Harley was left effectively bare-handed against an angsty teen terrakinetic. She would might’ve been up shit creek without a paddle if she hadn’t taken the pill but she found no issues in simply biding her time and waiting it out…..much to Terra’s annoyance.

Even as Terra tightens the wet wraps of Earth around her, Harley felt no sense of emergency or pain. She sensed no threat from this kid….

….until she hears a click and a slight bump to the back of her head. Peacemaker holding his patented silenced pistol up to the dome of Harley’s head brought Terra some relief, under the assumption that the former Suicide Squad member might be able to convince her otherwise to let this go down quietly.

Peacemaker: I wouldn’t do that.

Only problem was she recognized that voice. How could she not?

How could she forget the voice of the man who murdered Rick Flag, one of her closest friends?

Harley: YOU!

Ripping Terra’s wraps of wet Earth around her arms and legs, she immediately backslaps Peacemaker across the face before kicking him square in the chest launching him back. Terra tries to launch more rocks her way but Harley powers through each boulder and pebble, launching her through the auditorium seats.

Left some of her Harley gang with someone to beat on.

That’s when her gaze turns back towards her former Suicide Squad member. With venom in her eyes, she slowly reaches down for her bat.

She looked forward to smashing that silver toilet seat helmet off and bashing it into his cranium.

Peacemaker: Harley…..

Harley: But I thought you were dead!

Peacemaker: Been hearing that a lot. But you're about to wish I was.

Harley: Why? Are you---?

Peacemaker: With the Regime? Yeah. Cause they talk of peace. And I make peace.

Harley: And I thought we were friends.

Peacemaker fired at Harley but thanks to the super pill the shots did not do such harm to her Peacemaker was shocked and Harley raised her bat swinging it knocking him off his feet

During the fighting Red X spotted Harley across from them and his eye lens lowered

Red X: Harley.

Harley was about to make her get away until a sharp red blade shaped a an X hit the flour a warning to her Harley looked where that was thrown and saw the Red X running towards her

But then she had her bat up and by the time he reached her position Harley lunged her bat flipping him over but landed on his feet

Red X: I'll kill you clown!

Harley: Jut like that? No dinner or a movie? Then again none of the above for now cause still recovering from a toxic relationship.

Red X ignited X blades from his gauntlets which Harley dodged them by back flips hitting him on the head with her bat

Harley made another run for it only to be tripped by the ground shaking she fell on her chest to see Terra hovering down on a flying debree controlled by her powers and her eyes glowing gold in anger

Harley: Oh hey blondie bear. All grown up I see.

Terra:'re just as responsible for not only Metropolis Lois.....but also of Garfield.

Harley: The cat?

Not thrilled of her joke Terra was about to strike Harley turns around but......

.....another explosion came out of no where catching everyone in the room off guard and to Terra and for some reason Red X's shock.....

.....the Teen Titans have arrived



Red Robin


And Raven

The militia all froze in their tracks as did the Harley worshipers but then when they pointed their guns at them.....Dick gave the call

Nightwing: TITANS GO!

The Titans of the Insurgency charged into battle fighting off the Regime troops ad Harley's crew Peacemaker Red X and Terra ran in from their side giving Harley the chance to escape but.....

.....she didn't take it she looked back at her crew fighting for her and everything they did for her.....she didn't want to leave them so.....

....she stayed and fight

Nightwing thwarted off ten soldiers then he soon encountered.....the new player himself

Red X just stared at Dick like he knew him from another lifetime Nightwing however just smirked as he had his hock sticks ready

Nightwing: You working for Superman tough guy?

Red X: Red for true justice.

Nightwing: I'll take that as a yes.

Nightwing and Red X began thrashing their weapons at one another clinging and countering one move after another they moved up to the stage and both moves comparing to one another as Dick found that.....odd

Red X' moves were similar to his and Bruce's who was this guy Nightwing had a funny feeling about him but kept focuing on the fight

Raven disarmed the soldiers she fought by burning out their gun with her magic she even levitated one for answers

Raven: Time to talk. What is your mission? What'd you want with Harley?

Raven was suddenly struck from behind releassing the soldier Rachel looked p and to her surprise and disgust.....

Terra: Hel-lo! Does the word Metropolis mean anything to you? We been looking for this bitch since she and her dead psycho boyfriend nuked it.

Raven: Terra.

Terra: Rachel.

Raven: Traitor.

Terra: Witch.

Wasting no time, both of them charged at one another and just tackled each other down while the Titans had already spread out, handling whatever they could coming their way.

Or the other way around.

Terra and Raven kept smacking at one another on the floor…..

….at least they were until Raven kicked her face in on the ground, breaking her sunglasses.

Her eyes glew gold, annoyed by her sense of fashion choice being taken away and just levitated Raven on a floating rock to disrupt her balance, only to get right back up and tackle Raven to the floor.

She grabbed her by the head but Raven phases right through, knocking Terra off her balance enough to leave her wide open. Blasts of purple streaks of lighting shot through the ground sporadically spreading wherever Terra stepped until one blast of lighting blew Terra back further.

Hitting the wall, she narrowly avoids a punch from Raven before she pushes her back slightly. The young terrakinetic was quick to see Starfire flying after Harley Quinn, deducing it was another attempt from her to remove herself from the scene and it only looked like Kori was going to add to the proceedings quicker.

Terra: What do you think you're doing?!

She yells as she launches sharp rocks from the ground aimed directly at Kori but Raven deflects them in the nick of time with a chunck of the wall she teared out with her telekinesis and launched it at Terra. But she lifted more earth in front of her to shield herself….

….and then launched both pillars of rock at Raven. The young Azreathian immediately obliterates them both.

If Terra couldn’t get rid of the pesky fly that was Starfire, one would assume Peacemaker would have the better luck.

His trusted Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX wouldn’t fare any better against either Titan but perhaps the most subtle approach was the best. With no in the building currently focused on him, his sights were readjusted towards the only Titan actively making herself obvious in a fight that was mostly grounded: Starfire.

One Harley thug unfortunately gave away his location, allowing the ‘distracted’ Peacemaker to chop him in the throat from behind, drag him towards his position behind a fallen pillar….

….and kill him by breaking his neck on the edge of it.

His attention having been drawn elsewhere, Christopher turns his attention back to the ceiling where a glistening Starfire stayed above the action, occasionally dipping down to dispatch more henchmen and firing star-bolts before going back up above.

Primed in position with his blowgun and Poison darts stacked up, he was just about ready to blow….

….not that it wouldn’t have helped since an arrow literally breezes past his hands and smacks him across the head. It doesn’t knock the chrome dove engraved helmet off of him but it does, once again, take him away from Starfire and instead has him focused on someone else entirely.

Huntress, primed with her crossbow in hand, simply shrugged at the sight of him, sporting a playful smile.

Huntress: Oops.

Having arrived late to the party, Huntress felt obligated to crash it and make her presence known, thanks to a tip from Oracle. To say Smith was peeved would be an over-justification. What was supposed to be an open-and-shut ordeal turned into an bloody escape room with obstacles pressed up against him with each step towards him.

Considering the last time he landed in hot water left him in a coma, he was not looking forward to history repeating itself. But he wasn’t down for playing along with the former princess of the Bertinelli family.

Peacemaker: And here I thought Sionis’s stunt could’ve made you part of the solution.

Huntress: And end up like you? Being the mentally unstable son to a fascist, Smith?

Peacemaker: Says the daughter of a whole family crime ring.

Exchanging one-handed insults towards one another didn’t sit well with either individual. With Helena gripping her tactical knife holstered on her right leg and Chris wielding his axe from his left leg, the two got defensive.

Circling around each other while the canary continued to ravage the disbanded auditorium in the background, Helena is the one to make the first move.

She goes in for the head but Peacemaker ducks it and blocks the next incoming strikes with his axe. Pushing into him now, Smith has to push her off before coming down with the axe. Moving out the way, he hits the right end corner of the stage instead. Opportunity arisen, Helena slides up in front of him and hits him with a drive by kick….

….once more, clocking his helmet in place before Capoeira-kicking him further back down and flipping off the stage.

Smith attempts to trip her but Helena effortlessly avoids the leg….only for Peacemaker to clock her with in the back of the head with a pele kick. Woozy but not groggy, Helena spins around a full 360 before hitting Peacemaker square in the neck, knocking him over with a discus clothesline.

With a few precious seconds to spare before he gets back up, Helena disarms three incoming militiamen at once with her foot before rolling over and pulling three more goons out of harms way with her crossbow and arrows, i.e. launching arrows with wires attached around them and then pulling away before the floor bursts with more Earth sticking out.

It attracted Terra's attention but Raven again responded it by slicing the boulders in half. Ripping a a large pipe from out the ground, she let the pipe spray water over on the young child before Terra telepathically grips another pipe nearby and turns it back on Rachel.

Neither one of them would budge and once again, shields were put up.

Terra: You know Raven? You can try and deny it to yourself all you want. But you know it all too well: you knew you never really liked me.

Raven: I never really wanted to KNOW you.

She corrects her as she pushed Terra back letting the water soak her even further.

Raven: You had fooled the others before but I always knew you were fishy, mind-controlled by Slade or not. But he made you a weapon. We made you whole again. You needed us.

Terra: Oh really? Is that why you let me live at your house and steal all your secrets? Didn't think Jason would do the same?

Raven: SHUT UP!!

She launched another wave of energy her way only for Terra to avoid it which also left Raven wide open. She finally rips all pipes out from beneath the floor with her hands and lunges every faucet of water at Ravens direction.

Unfortunately by moving out of the way, she wasn't quick to notice Terra shaking her hands, erupting and making the wall behind Raven tumble on top of her, knocking her to the ground.

She can hear the Azarathian groaning in frustration, for Raven was not quick enough to respond.

Slowly but surely, Ravens composure was crumbling and her attack coordination was proof of how successful Terra was at getting underneath her skin.

Nightwing wasn’t fairing much better with the equal that was Red X.

Holding out his palms, X waves via energy from his Xenothium belt shoot directly at Nightwing with no luck. The flying Grayson ducks under two before rolling over another X blast as it just wrecks a few nameless Harley clan members behind him before finally deflecting the next ones with his sticks. Pretty soon, he decided to return the favor launching his own electric batarangs at the new mercenary.

X responds back with some of his own X-shaped shurikens.

Avoiding the projectiles, the two charge at one another, leaping forward and socking each other with a Superman punch with knocks them down simultaneously.

Both fell down seconds between one another before awkwardly glancing at each other, kicking up to their feet in the exact same ready stance and the exact same pose. Confusion quickly strikes over Nightwing again over the fact that almost every single one of his moves were either deflected, copied or used against him. More of a brawler type up close despite the plethora of weapons at his disposal, X slams down on Nightwing before bludgeoning him with his elbow and a gut punch that takes Dick off his feet.

Flat on his knees Dick lands before kicking X's chin in before dropkicking him in the face for a moment. Landing down on his chest as it turned him inside out, Nightwing barely blocks the Xenothium blast from Red X, blasting him off.

Shortly after he lands, Nightwing calls his batons back before slapping them into a staff and slamming the butt of the staff down for an electrical blast, launching X a few feet away. Unfazed, he retaliated with an Xenothium reduced level blast that, despite Dicks best efforts to block it, launched Nightwing clear out of the room.....

....straight through the floor and solid walls.....

....and up to the second floor.

Red X looked over to see Red Robin fighting off S-Militia while the remaining Harley clan members were forced to cover for him. That cover lasts for only a few seconds.

A clown held up an abandoned crowbar at one of the few militiamen before he just swiped it away and puts a bullet through his head. Red Robin jumps in and pushes the guard back with his bullet shield but lets his guard down tripping the other ones behind him with his staff.

Or so he thought.

Despite dodging the militiamans punch from his front, he goes low forcing Tim to drop the staff. Then he proceeds to smash him in the chest with the crowbar. This, somehow, triggers X as his white eyes bolted up in shock.

Another crowbar shot to his back later and Tim was rolling over on the eroded wooden ground.

Before too much goes wrong and Tim gets Jason Todd-ed to death, the militiaman gets an explosive X to his neck, which explodes on contact, barely knocking him out due to the low charge it was set on. Tim looked back at the new mercenary and needless to say, his expression spelled confusion.

Red Robin: D-did you just save me?

The only response he got was an attempted kick to the side but Tim quickly blocks it.

Red Robin: Ugh....buzzkill.

Nightwing however soon found himself woozy on the second floor which looked an abandoned attic than a theater room. Having to use the staff to maintain his balance, the effects of the Xethothium slowly rip through his suit only to get taken aback by the sky cracking and crackling apart.

Off his domino mask went as he looked up. Through this tiny hole from the crack of the roof, he briefly heard a whoosh zooming in from afar. This actually perks a sly smirk from his mouth.

He knew what was coming and he didn't care. To him, it was time to settle the score.


Bolting by up from a quick unpleasant slumber, Bruce, somehow in the back of his mind, felt a deep disturbance and an awful gut feeling from deep within. From past experiences, the last time he lost a Robin on his watch, he was brutally beaten and "murdered" by his archenemy.

And that result drove him to the edge of insanity.

Dick was handling himself well with the Teen Titans but with Superman being the rampaging tyrant he is now, there's no guarantee that he'd be safe for long.

Bruce: Dick. Tim.

Feeling the father from within, he knew he couldn't sit back any longer. The only way he'd be able to help his sons is to get up and out but only if his back still wasn't recovering from being shattered by someone who's name wasn't BANE. And given Superman was what Bane wasn't, the wear and tear on his back lasted longer than him.

But then he stared over at a pill organizer that was left on the cabinet.

Shortly before the alarm was risen back at the Batcave, Dick had scrambled in his pill organizer, taking out three of the six pills out: all of which were manufactured the previous night from the single kryptonite pill analyzed months earlier.

Reaching into the closest drawer besides him, he stumbles to open it all the way and once reaching inside, pulls out his Batclaw.

Aiming at the cabinet, he misses the container. Rewiring his Batclaw, he fires again and he manages to grasp ahold of the container before pulling it back towards him and dropping the Batclaw. He was lucky to find that there was only two pills left in the container.

Reaching towards the one at the far left corner, he eventually holds it up close to him. The issue stemming deep in his mind isn't whether or not these would work more than it involved his parental concern for both of his surrogate sons.

He refused to not be there for them again.

Bruce: 40,000 plus years of evolution and we've barely even tapped the vastness of human potential.


Superman had FINALLY arrived at the auditorium, via distress call. He can only assume the situation had been dealt with. But if nobody had already taken care of Harley, then by all means, he was going to do it himself.

Only issue being that somebody was already there to stop that. Using his X-ray vision to scan the place, he could see the Titans actually HELPING the Harley Clan fend off his militiamen, with the exception of Terra, Peacemaker and Red X.

However, he does get a lock-on on Harley herself.

That's when a slight metal THONK ricochets off the back of Clark's head and just snaps back to Nightwing.

If he wanted his attention, he got it.

Superman: Dick. What do you want?"

"The hell do you think I'm here for?", he boasts, cracking his neck off to the side.

Superman: Please don't tell me you plan to get in my way too, ok? I get enough of that already.

Nightwing: You must be psychic. Cause I take pleasure in saying that's EXACTLY what I'm going to do.

Superman: Then I would recommend you'd be careful. It doesn't matter who gets in the way: Harley dies today.

Nightwing: Over my dead body.

Superman: We both know you can't beat me Dick.

Nightwing: You're right. I can't. That's why I brought these.

Nightwing revealed he had a super pill which was to Clark's shock remembering when he killed Ollie when they came for it and when Dick said "We brought these" he meant each one had one all except Starfire and Raven who are powerful enough to equal Superman......ish

Nightwing swallowed his pill and Superman turned serious knowing even Bruce' oldest son was standing up to him and nearly attacked till Starfire swooped over lunging Superman a far from Harley' position a possible who was fighting off a handful of Regime troops helping her CLAN

Once in the back stage Superman recovered from the impact and he wasn't in the best mood for anything slowing him down especially seeing he was confronted by Starfire

Superman: Starfire.

Starfire: I want answers, Superman.

Superman: Answers? You're tugging on the wrong cape.

Starfire: You Terra and Victor aren't the only ones who lost people.

Superman: I'm sorry about Beat Boy Kori. But for him you shouldn't be fighting me. Harley's just as responsible for everyone who died in Metropolis. I took ONE life to save millions.

Starfire: And that's why the Teen Titans will stop you.

Superman: And turning on me was a big mistake.

Starfire: Not as big as the mistake you made when killing Oliver Queen.

Superman's eyes burned in red as he grew angry and lunged at Kori only to get punched away again and he flew back crashing through every wall and end up in a bathroom

Soon Nightwing came in from behind Kori who turned to him and smiled

Nightwing: Did I miss the fun babe?

Starfire: It's just beginning. Where's Harley?

Nightwing: Tim's looking for her. Helena's distracting the soldiers. Rachel's handling Terra.

Starfire: Guess they should wrastle out their issues.

They soon heard rumbling no doubt Superman was recovering and they looked at each other

Nightwing: After this.....want to take a weekend off?

Starfire: What'd you think?

Kori grabbed Dick's shoulder and pulled him for a kiss Dick was stunned at first but sinked into it

Meanwhile with Raven and Terra they continued their fight only Terra got most of the apprehend each time she taunted her

Terra: You know what I don't get about you the most Rachel? You claim you don't have emotions but that doesn't explain the grief you had when Jason joined the titans.

Raven: I told you to SHUT UP!

Terra: But how did you really feel? Did you get angry did you even cry? Better be careful. Garfield tole me all about your tamper tantrums.

Raven: You sunk even lower to even DARE bring him up like that.

Terra: I'm only doing this for him this time. I made mistake with Slade but Superman tand for the right cause.

Raven: Say that to Oliver Queen.

Terra: Oh there it is. There's the anger.

Raven: Anger is pointless. My emotion are under control.

Terra: Mah mah mah "Anger is pointless" And you say I'm fishey? You and Jason were the fishiest. Thick a thieves really.

Rachel ran to attack but Terra levitated a chunck of wall beside her pinning her to the back wall

Terra: Come on Rachel. Just admit it. Looking at Dick and Kori it's got to to sting you at least. What really hurt more. That Jason walked out on you or me tricking you before? That Jason couldn't take his eyes off the Joker even if you were in front of him? That I nearly whipped out your team? That HE chose revenge over true love? That everyone liked me BETTER than you? That HE not even once......gave you a kiss?

Raven: STOP IT!

Terra: Or let me it that deep down you really believed we were friend......or you really thought he feel the sam for you a you do......but DIDN'T.

There it was at thi moment Terra knew......she fucked up

Raven's eyes glew white breaking the chunk to piece and forced Terra acros the room with debree falling on her

Finally, something inside the Azerathian snapped.


A cry of rage bursts from Raven, bolting herself away from the wall and immediately incinerating a quarter of the militiamen coming up from behind her. Huntress and Red Robin had to jump out the way before sucker punching two more coming their way.

Neither one could, however, prevent the sudden loss of Rachel's self-control.


Rachel screams formulating four red eyes and her cloak drowning from a bright purple to a dark clouded red. A stream of darkness from under the cloak knocks Terra inside-out before grabbing her by the foot and slamming her around and around and around. Spikes of Earth shoot up from the ground below separating her and Terra, giving her some breathing room.

Terra backed up as Raven telepathically shot at her, launching her at the wall and tossing her through mounds of rubble before uprooting whole slabs of pavement over the young terrakinetic. Raven's soul-self even engulfed Terra into a portal through time and space to another dimension.....

.....and immediately sucked her back out as she stumbled into more militiamen.

Terra: Out of the way!

A cry usurped seconds too late, for those four militiamen got sucked through the floor just as Raven bursts through and grabs Terra again with a giant pulsating hand, nearly seconds out from squishing her ribs.

Terra literally just had her ass handed to her and Raven was just about to finish it.....only to hesitant when she felt her rage boost slipping out of control she barely tries she felt her rage boost slipping out of control she barely tries to hold back only to get kicked away from Red X

She hit a wall and soon felt a hand on her chin being pulled to face the mystery masked figure

Red X: You know cutie. The only crime here is that you and I haven't gone out on a----

Raven's eye lowered angry and interrupted Red X's flirty quote by zapping at him forcing him off her

Huntress and Red Robin kept fighting off Regime men and had half of them beaten down till Peacemaker pointed his gun at them

Peacemaker: Not one tep further.

Red Robin: And I thought you were a keeper of peace.

Huntress pointed her bow but Peacekeeper was hit from behind and fell over to reveal Harley hitting him from behind with her bat and she turned to Tim and Helena

Harley: Oh. Hey Helena. Long time.

Huntress: Indeed. You just can't seem to keep yourself out of trouble can you?

Harley: Hey honey I try but trouble always seems to find me.

Red Robin: You need to come with us Harley. Superman's playing for keeps and he won't stop till you're six feet under.

Harley: I can't boy blunder. These people need me. Since Mr. J......Joker......they ben like family to me. Someone's got to watch over them like they did for me cause now they're a target to S-Man too.

That was by far the noblest quote they ever heard from Harley they can tell she was starting to change......slowly

Just when Harley nearly turned away Huntress yelled STOP! and she turned back to her

Huntress: If you won't come with us you may need us again sooner or later. Superman's likely to try and track you down again. So take this.

Huntress threw Harley a bat communicator for her to reach the Insurgency whenever she needs them

Harley: Thanks Hel. And......tell B-Man I said hey.

From there she back flipped and turned to her remaining CLAN

Harley: Come on let's go!

The CLAN began retreating with her but the Regime Soldiers tend to chae after them but Tim and Helena tarted thwarting themoff giving the Harley CLAN a head start

Back with Starfire and Nightwing they came through the holes Superman smashed through when Starfire punched him through them and they ended up in the bathrooms where he landed in but.....

.....he wasn't there anymore

Nightwing: He's still here. Back when he was good he didn't even walk out of a fight. Doubt he'd start now.


Startled and out of no where Superman came from the entrance of the bathroom and blat out of his heat ray causing a debree to collapse separating both Nightwing and Starfire from opposite sides of the bathroom and the room between it

Kori even hit her head on the flour knocking her out

Nightwing: Kori!

Superman: You think I'm not good anymore Dick? You really think I'm the bad guy now?

Nightwing: Well you're killing people now. So what the hell do you think?

Superman: Apparently you don't know my real intentions.

Nightwing: Course I do. You want to rule any fallen hero now villain.

Nightwing charged at Superman and from the strength from the super pill both Dick and Clark crashed through more walls leading them out back they both landed on the concrete flour and both stood up

Superman whipped the blood off his mouth as Nightwing had his shock sticks out to him

Nightwing: Give it up Kent. It's over I got you where I want you.

Superman: I gotta be honest Dick. I really....really admire your courage. I was like you when I was your age. I can ee why Bruce likes you. When I first aw you I didn't think you had it in you. But he sure trained you well. Even Lois admired you.

Nightwing: How can you do this to her?

Superman: To her?! No Dick no....I'm doing this FOR her.

Nightwing: Yeah right!

Nightwing threw one of his shock sticks at him but Clark caught it with his bare hand and snapped it in half and gave sigh

Superman: Dick. Richard. You're young. You don't understand how the world works.

Nightwing: Maybe not but I do know taking control of governments tightening your grip to the planet and KILLING people is wrong!

Superman: You think all that is wrong? How do you think Bruce paid for his bat suit? Huh? Or any of hi little toys? People like rich people all powerful they do anything like they OWN the planet. That's more cruel than what I do now. People like us? They don't care about u. Not even Bruce. He means well but he's got his own parents tragedy wrapped in his head he doesn't think of the people he hurts in the process. He always had everyone live in fear. Even innocent people are scared of him. We build their roads fight their wars they don't give a damn about us. We always pick up after them eat their shit tone of scrap. That's how it works Dick. You know what I'm saying? I know you do. Caue you felt it when you hung up your Robin suit and make a life for your own. The only problem're still in his shadow and that Nightwing suit proves it. He inspires you to dawn it. And deep know I'm right.

Nightwing: Bruce is a jerk yeah. And yeah you're right I wanted to get away from him for years. But.....he's alway been there for me when I needed him. And I know he can be cold a steel.....but he knows the difference of Jutice and REAL Injustice. Why are you even telling me this?

Superman: Becausse I'm trying to help you undertand......and.....trying to kill the remaining time you have on that pill. You have less than an hour now.

Nightwing widen his eyes and Superman charged at him but Dick countered him making a sonic pound ncreating an impact around the area and held each other off

Unfazed, however, it doesn't last long.

All Dick does get out of that is a hand wrapped around his throat as he found himself blasted out of the bathroom and through the theater again, crashing through ceiling....

....after ceiling.....

....after ceiling before crashing through and landing on the roof.

The man barely recovered from the clunking of debris snapping against his arms and legs and head but it wasn't enough to prevent Superman from catching up to him and grabbing him by the throat again.

Dick again flips over and gets out of Kal's grip, launching his escrima sticks as they ricochet back and forth on and off Superman's head and chest. Heat vision could barely catch them in time and when they did, they completely singed Nightwings main form of weaponry. But it didn't stop Dick from kneeing him in the gut only for Supes to sucker-punch the first Boy Wonder out of his sight..... he crashlanded onto the parking lot just outside the auditorium. Upon landing, Dick felt a slight crack in his unlucky right shoulder. Exerting a silent groan, he cautiously eases his shoulder up a little before getting back to his feet.

The sexy boy took notice of this as he again launched both his escrima sticks at the man with his one good arm.

Another thunk to the back of Clark's head only distracted him as both singed escrima sticks returned to its owners before Dick slammed down on the concrete, launching an electrical blast at high frequencies barely blowing the Man Of Steel back. The frequency however kept coming as the blast was eventually replaced with sonic emitters.

If anything, it was a distraction to get an opening and kick him flat on the S logo which made Kal slip back further.

But the pain he felt from being halted in his tracks was nothing compared to what he would have to do if Dick didn't stop....which was bound to get easier, seeing how the pills effects were wearing off.

The hour was almost up and the confused glance on Dicks face withering into unsatisfied bewilderment was a testament to how well it worked to perfection. Hiding a sly chuckle but now visibly frustrated, Superman charges up his heat vision to the max and fully incinerates the grounded escrima sticks, destroying the emitters stored within them.

Frustrated wasn't the right word to explain how either man was feeling.

Nightwing: You can't win, Clark!

Superman: This is my world as much as it is yours!

The two combatants charge at one another yet again.

Nightwing, getting desperate, barely tackles Superman off his back and to the ground and pummels him repeatedly. Punch after punch after disoriented awkward punch, he gets in just enough leverage on him despite being mostly one arm free; however, Superman's invulnerability begins to return following the diminishing of the pill's effects, rendering Dick's assault ineffective.

He eyes over at his glove no sooner should Clark grab it and he backs up nervously, knowing the tables have turned yet again.

Then comes a brutal punch to the pretty boy, sending him flying through the air.

Dick gets himself hurled back into the auditorium via crashing through the entranceway and another wet wall, leaving him with his right shoulder fully dislocated.....AGAIN. Luckily, the pill didn't completely wear off just yet, for he only had a paltry five minutes left.

But that wouldn't matter if there was nobody else to fight.

The entire auditorium was practically empty at this point......with dead bodies from the Harley clan. Not all of them escaped but not all of them made it out with their lives either.

All that was left were militiamen, surrounding him with their guns cocked and loaded with permission to aim and fire when needed from Terra, smirking smugly with her arms crossed and Peacemaker standing as patriotically as he possibly could, like he was proud of this smug display of cold hearted cowardism.

But it wasn't just him.

Red Robin and Huntress were tossed to his side as Raven followed suit, dropping flat on her back from above, indicating Dick wasn't the only one who got his ass kicked. And then came Starfire literally being dragged out from the far corner of the room.

Nightwing: Kori.

Nothing more humiliating than being grabbed by your hair and then thrown alongside the rest of the trash. But that was exactly what Red X had done, and the sly laughter came raining down on all five of them.

Red X: Keep your guns trained on 'em. If it even looks like they're planning to make a move, open fire. Oh, and.....pretty boy over here.

He points over at Nightwing.

Red X: Might wanna avoid the V symbol. That's a, uh... a little trick. That's where the armor's the strongest. Aim for the weak spots at the shoulders first, then coordinate fire at the points where the plates meet.

Huntress: Someone's dissected a lot of homework.

Snapping his head over to her, he only gets distracted yet again.

Red X: You say something?

Nightwing: Hey, X-tra puffy. Eyes up here.

Dick directed his attention back towards him as the mercenary couldn't help but to chuckle under his breath. He found this cute; the Titans still trying to muster the courage to fight despite being outnumbered.

Red X: Always standing up for your buddies, that's what I like about you: Predictable. I know your every move before you do. WE KNOW HOW YOU THINK.

Red Robin: Do you know what we’re thinking now?

Red X only chuckles only for Terra to intervene, answering the question for him.

Terra: Course we do. You're thinking....'Who the hell is this guy?

Raven: No, Terra. We’re just tryna figure out whether I should be ashamed of the both of you or if I'm that pissed off enough to take out you….you….

She eyes over at Peacemaker.

Raven:…..your goons and Superman altogether because believe me, we’ll do it.

Peacemaker: Look, on behalf on Superman's orders, we don't plan to kill you. But just so we're on the same page here, we fully, FULLY intend to clean up the scum that YOU let escape. That’s a promise written in blood.

Starfire: Afraid we can't allow that.

Red X and the troops looked confused.

Starfire: Here comes the Wildfire.

Sparks flicker from the eroded floor only for a whirlwind of fire to surround the Titans and spread out to the opposing forces.

Rifle fire can be heard ringing through the ring of fire but they never go anywhere beyond or past the flames via Ravens force field keeping the fire from reaching them. A cross of her hands and a single shove later, the entire ring of fire dispersed throughout the entire auditorium.

Out of nowhere, Star bolts were shot from the sky with Stafire surprising the opposing side. Even as the militiamen continued to fire at her, chaos and mass panic ensued.

"This is not the way things should've gone!" Peacemaker exclaims.

He barely gets an inch away from X before he grabs his arm and just shakes his head 'No'.

Peacemaker: We still got enough gas in the tank left to run. Call in a full retreat, get the troops out of here.

Not understanding why, X shook his head ‘No’ in disgust.

Peacemaker: Harley's gone, X. We're not gonna draw her out like this. All we can do is take care of the pesky twerps ahead. You get everyone out. I'm gonna take care of them-

X: We leave NO ONE stone unturned, Chris.

Peacemaker: I can handle myself.

Terra: Well, someone's gotta watch your back.

Terra suddenly intervenes in the conversation, quickly rebuttaling back, slamming her foot through the floor as more spikes of Earth shoot out from above and below at lightning fast speeds, leaving Starfire and Raven to block the projectiles and shield their teammates from getting impaled….

….all while the militiamen kept attacking the grounded Titans.

Tim has his bullet shield up for good measure all while Red X just stood there with his arms crossed, looking up to see Superman fly back in through the hole in the wall, frustrated and very angry. So much so that he leaps through the air which in turn stopped Terras assault and forced Raven to switch gears, displaying a shield to protect the others.

Seeing how the inevitable outcome was inevitable, all Helena could say was….

Huntress: Awww shit.

The shield did them no good, shattering instantaneously and dispersing the Titans while also launching Red X back into debris by the collapsed stage.

All the commotion and gunfire continued to rage on in the background.

Menacingly and methodically approaching the team, the High Councilor gloats....

Superman: Martyrs, each and every one of you.

....before he blocks Tim's staff with one hand and swats it away with the other, none of which stopped his relentless onslaught of punches and kicks.

Following the pill's effects running on empty and lasting over an hour implied to the non-alien entities of the team, it made Kal's job all the more easier following a misfired Snap-Flash on the back of his cape. The explosion only made him jump and backslap Tim into unconsciousness.

Superman then flew towards Huntress, but the former assassin let out a smoke grenade. The Man of Steel was caught off-guard for a moment, and this allowed Huntress to get in a few more punches and kicks. Huntress then began to throw more of her arrows towards Superman before Clark blew his superbreath and froze her in place.

Unable to move, this left her vulnerable for Clark to disarm the crossbow from her hands. It caught Starfires attention but all she got was trouble, for Superman grabbed her by her neck and slammed her into another wet wall.

Superman: You may be strong.....but MY will is stronger.

Starfire: You.....have spread enough misery!

Kori cries with the most utmost confidence, slapping her palms over Superman's eyes and cheeks and nearly gripping her hands through his hair as her hands radiate with heat and his face starts to sizzle.

Clark struggles to loosen Kori's grip from giving him any potential thermal degree burns, which only left him grunting and yelling in pain. Kneeing him in the gut, Kori finally gets leverage away from the wall as she kicks Kal back a foot further only to block his ray of heat vision.

But that's when a cable from a Batclaw gets wrapped around his neck and Dick just yanks him away.

Nightwing: Thank you, malady.

Starfire: G'lutnog (bless you).

Starfire turned her attention back to Terra but not before scooping Helena off her feet to do so.

It left Nightwing and the Man of Steel standing face to face again. Nightwing charged at Superman full of fury and rage but he didn't realize that time had flew by fast while fighting.

Five minutes on the pill were already up. And his super strength wore off as a result.

By the time Dick began to reach the realization of his depleted strength, when Superman launched an uppercut to Nightwing's chin, it launched him up into the air and snapped his neck like a twig.

Superman halted in his tracks, hearing it from the contortion alone as his face dropped to pure dumbfounded shock as he watched Nightwing flop down to the floor like a fish with his neck contorted and his life cut short. An immediate sense of regret overtook him following what he'd just done; it seemed he had no idea that the pill effects JUST wore off.

With no time to process, he looks up to the sky and takes off.

Red X couldn't see the aftermath, following the minor bump given from Superman's scuffle with the former boy wonder as he finally crawled himself out of the ruble. His vision finally recovering from the fall, his eyes lit up widely upon the sight in front of him, seeing the Titans fallen leader.

Not even Terra was immune to emotion, once again covering her mouth in shock upon seeing her former Titans leader laid out on the floor. Red X was the only one with enough courage to cautiously try and approach Dick. Inching another step closer before setting his visor to Tactical Vision, Red X could scan through multiple layers of Dicks body via a red layout. He switched from scanning the skin, muscles, and skeletal systems only to receive the same result: no pulse.

All it read over his visor about his deceased enemy was Neutralized.

Amidst all the fighting, only Raven and Red Robin caught sight of Dick lying like a dead fish in the middle of the room and almost immediately, both their hearts sank. Helena and Kori eventually caught on and the horror engulfed them both.

A unsettled yet slightly enraged Raven cried out Azerath Metrion Zinthos!, pushing every remaining militiaman back with a thunderous shockwave that left them flat in the middle of the room. Tending support the best they could, the remaining members rushed to their fallen leader too little too late.

X just removes himself from the scene, allowing the Titans to see for themselves.

Raven: Nightwing?

Red Robin: D-Dick?

Huntress: Richard?!

Raven expresses concern, tapping on his neck and catching no pulse. Tim pants and breathes heavily, rapidly checking his vitals with no response and no success in finding a pulse all while Helena screams nearly on the verge of disbelief.

Off with their masks they went, desperately, frantically trying to find someway to work around the inevitable with no avail; Raven had to pull them both away from the corpse, now struggling herself with this giant gaping fear of regret; first Beast Boy and now Nightwing fell victim to a senseless attack that she felt obligated to protect them from.

The team in their moment of disarray and distress, just look back at the new mercenary with distraught and disgust.

Nobody said a word to each other.

Raven: I thought you knew better.

Raven spoke up with a hint of concern buried underneath her boiling discontent to X. Her body language didn't speak of any correlation or connection that familiarized herself with the new merc but her eyes and voice betrayed her.

Raven: Guess I made a mistake.

And the way she spoke to him was filled with such resentment and disappointment all while Red X could do nothing but droop his head and glance down at the body.

Kori, however, took this loss the hardest.

Her jaw completely fell seeing her earthling lover lifeless on the floor the closer she approached him. His skin had quickly grown cold to the touch, his neck bent out of shape like a pretzel, his legs crossed over the other following his position; tears fell from her eyes as she comforted Helena.

However, kneeling down and gazing the cold, lifeless eyes of Dick gazing over at Red X’s direction, Kori's grief and shame quickly bubbles into ceaseless boiling white hot rage.

And her uncontrollable shaking coupled with her eye's pulsating a menacing green shade was enough of a warning as it was to turn and run.

It didn't stop Red Robin from trying to withdraw and hold Starfire's anger in check.

Tim: Kori, no!

Sensing where it was going but inevitable nonetheless, the former Tameranean princess screeches in a fit of blind rage tossing Red Robin aside and charging straight ahead at the mercenary, beating him senselessly with blow after blow after blow to the body all while Red X does nothing but try to delay the onslaught.

Then comes a cloud of smoke straight in the center of the room as Batman unceremoniously arrived with a re-enforced spine, jumping down to the ground and walked around, analyzing the situation around him - until his attention was taken by Red X and Starfire.

He frowned at first until his eyes caught sight of Dick's body.

His eyes bolted, his jaw dropped and his heart sank.

He immediately pushes X off to the side before leaning down beside Tim. Tears were a common emotional state of pain or a physical irritation of the eye.....a neuronal connection between the lacrimal gland (tear duct) and the areas of the human brain involved with emotion and not even the Caped Crusader himself could prevent the inevitable from occurring as he rocked Dicks lifeless body into his arms.

His reaction to Nightwing might've been genuine for an enemy but that was nothing compared to Batman glaring over at Red X staring at him coldly following the accidental demise of another loved one.

Batman: What.....did you do?

He gets no response.

Batman: WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!?!

Batman's scream startled the main team of Titans minus Raven as he stared ferociously at Red X. His glare let alone his vibrant pulsating eyes demanded an answer while he breathed heavily and hoarsely in disbelief. X just approached his foe, taking a moment to piece together what to say and how to say after the atrocity he commuted before Bruce.

He can only sigh heavily before kneeling down to his level.

There was a long and sorrowful pause.

But before X could reply, peeping out a grunt that sounded genuinely regretful, Batman suddenly and abruptly ended the cheap guilt-trip by punching him towards the chest. Given the increased effects of the pill, it once again sent X flying out of the auditorium.

Nobody else moved. They could only simply watch as he grieved.

25 years of dedicating his life to this, of dedicating his life to wage war on crime, to ridding Gotham of its scum, and yet he always seems to lose someone close to him everytime. The pain he's dished out to others is nothing compared to the pain of losing your closest relatives though and he had hoped no such thing would happen again: Another death in the family.

Once more......he had to atone with lifting the corpse of his oldest son while everyone in the room watched in either confusion, shock or awe as Bruce causally walks off and away from the scene of another failure: a failure in which he felt he was just as responsible for.

There's a scream that can't be silenced: Its rising, growing louder and louder. It's the scream of a child abandoned, suddenly.....long ago. As the scream echoed then in that alley, it echoes now in my mind. It penetrates all the dark places. It slams into the loss. It bounces against the regret.....and the pain.

He's gone. I'm abandoned again. My dead.

As hours pass a dark cloud hangs over from both sides of the war

When the Batwing landed in the batcave everyone there gathered around in despair and anxious as the hatch open with Batman coming out carrying Dick's body wrapped in sheet with a broody face with the remaining Titans behind him

Alfred looked down in sadness shedding tears for poor young Master Grayson Barbra was horrorfied a she covered her mouth letting out tears of her own for her first former boyfriend now best friend

Kori from behind Bruce had not stopped crying since they left the theater he sat on the flour crying out more for her love with Helena comforting her

Tim and Rachel were the last to offboard the batwing they were speechless feeling defeated of this tragedy Tim shed small tears for his oldest brother and Rachel couldn't believe for this tragedy she almost lost complete control over Terra's taunt and Dick's death

A portal opened on the flour she was standing on and sank down into it disappearing in it and the portal vanishes

Selina however manage to slip away from the Regime arrive in the cave and to her own horror saw Bruce carrying Dick's lifeless body when walking through the batcave which she could not even hold back her own tears

But what worried Selina more Bruce was the one carrying the boy who he raised and trained and he wasn't shedding a single tear just the same broody expression

Bruce kept saying Clark needed to take time to grief for Lois and now that he has his own tragedy he's not grieving for his own son the way he should be and giving Selina could not hold back her tears she could not let Bruce hold back his

Batman soon disappeared when he walked the corpse down stairs to the bottom level

At the watch tower Terra was sitting in the main hall in her own grief Terra knew she was once again on the opposite of the Teen Titans.....again but.....she couldn't hold back her tears for Dick either she cries out covering her face with her hands Garfield and now Dick

Red X was an in elevator and to make things more odd he was faced down for what accrued given he was accused Dick's murder unaware it was his own leader who done it

But his grief would not be odd for long as he reached up for his mask detatching it and pulling it off his head revealing.....

......Jason Todd

Yes that's right Jason assumed a new identity when joining the Regime he become Red X a ruthless vigilanty who brings Superman's enemies to justice

But after what accrued that's what drew Jason's first confusion if he really joined the right side started to eat him alive

He looked at the mask growing more angry for his brother and best friend and when Jason shed his own tears in his angry eyes he.....

....SMAHED the mask into the wall denting both of them and out of rage and grief he yells out while smashing it more on every part of the wall shattering the mask to bits

Soon as the elevator doors opened two Regim Soldiers were caught off guard with their Commander having one of his tantrums again

Jason: Out of my way idiots!!

Jason brushed them both aside as he stormed out of the elevator and the two troops looked down to the shattered mask

Back in the batcave had just buried Dick's body in the cemetery behind Wayne Manor and Bruce was in a black tank top and sweat pants and he was hitting a heavy bag to beat out his grief

Not even noticing Selina coming down behind him she was not gonna let Bruce brood his way out of this one this time she had to convey in im to REALLY grief for his son

Selina placed her hand on Bruce's back who turned around to her

Selina: Bruce......this isn't healthy for you. It's not healthy for all of us.

Bruce: I'm fine.

Selina: Don't say that you're not fine. You just lost one of the closist things you had to a son. You need to mourn.

Bruce: There's no time for mourning Selina. Clark could make his next move anytime soon.

Selina: Bruce no.

Bruce: We have to be ready when he strikes again. Get back to the watch tower and fill in every detail......

Selina: BRUCE!

The World's Greatest Detective looked at the former queen of cat burglers who just took him by the arms looking in his eyes nodding to him and pleaded

Selina: Don't be Batman right now. Be Bruce Wayne. You need to grief for you boy.

Grieve: to mourn, feel distressed for or because of someone.

The memory that word entails only made Bruce more sad, bitter, aggressive, alone. Nobody processed grief like him… just not dealing with it. It was unhealthy and it poisoned him in more ways than one. Moments like these showcased how hopelessly stubborn this facade he painted over his mask was, none of it which was guaranteed to help him do better.

The wish for Dick to be here again filled him with such rage and bitterness; the same rage that engulfed him when Jason was killed…..

….when his parents were. And how was he processing that pain?

By spending the last three hours since witnessing the death of his oldest surrogate son, beating himself up via a punching bag dangling over a wooden totem pole.

Breathing heavily and surly, he doesn't take time to stop, leaving Selina’s words dangling on deaf ears. He immediately grabs another punching bag and continues to dish out punching while yelling ferociously.

The sound of his knuckles meeting wood vibrates louder and louder until all he could hear was the sound of his fists pounding against the bag strapped to the trunk of the pole and his voice just screeching louder and louder with each blow delivered. Even when Selina tried to hold him back, it didn't deter the current line of action.

She had to forcefully pull Batman away from his set of training bags, ignoring his moody rage-fueled expression and his shattered knuckles that were covered in blood.

Beating at punching bags for three hours straight was guaranteed to have done that.

Having Selina in his corner seemed to take him down to a mental safe haven. The anger and frustration in his eyes faded as well as his body language and possibly even his mental strength. For as long as he's done this, very few people could see him this mentally broken down.

Or be allowed to.

He starts to sniffle quietly only for Selina to gently caress the hair on his head.

Selina: One day.

Bruce: I-I can't.....I have to-

Selina: Please......just for one day. Don't be the mask.

Traumatized and torn apart from yet ANOTHER death in the family, Bruce just collapsed down to his knees in grief, in anguish, and in deep regret. This was enough to drive him mad before......but this time, there was no telling.

Selina: It's ok. Let it go. Just for today. You can fall apart. I'll hold you together.

She promises as she hugs him from the side as he buries his face on her chest.

For the first time in decades.....he cries.



It has been half a decade since Superman had taken the role of both the High Councilor and the title of being the world's most powerful and dangerous being to ever walk the face of the Earth. The iron grip that he left on this world had created such a terrifying and emotional impact that most of the higher standards of people critical of Superman or his rule completely disappear.

Government officials.




Any and all types of people and branches of government with some position of power and authority were either wiped off the radar permanently or much much worse. Hell, even other lesser-known or more poised heroes that would’ve responded to such situations like this were either already dead or refused to add any more semblance to further bloody the water.

Constantine was hardly any help.

Zatanna left after the second year.

Guy Gardner was dead. John Stewart was missing. Hawkman was left brain-dead.

Amanda Waller was AWOL.

And still no sign of Harley Quinn.

In the Fortress of Solitude, Superman had kept it well guarded since the circumstances surrounding Martha's death. He even made it the Regime's new headquarters, for the Watchtower was now off-limits under the occasion Batman could hack into its systems with ease. But that left Cyborg in charge of it to keep the systems locked down cause he needed it to track the Insurgency.

But Superman taking a role as Clark Kent.....for once, he needed to dumb himself down a peg and speak to the civilians of the homeworld he inhabited as his own.

Following the Regime's stilted nonsensical rampage all across the world to rid of crime, they ended up creating more problems than they solved, executed a bunch of innocent civilians and criminals (most of which weren't justified), and eliminated everyone's will of free speech albeit not in the way which Clark didn't saw it beneficial. But all that mattered to him now was peace and prosperity.....and there was no way to do that without getting the public back on his side.

For such an occasion, a suit and tie was needed as well as a mirror to guise up. Clark begrudgingly sighs, on the off chance that what he was about to do would tremendously backfire but there lied no signs of turning back.

Also, no turning back from answering the main computer beeping, for a call was being sent from the other side. Clark just walks ahead and presses "Accept" without even looking at the screen.

Clark: Yes?

It's Flash, High Councilor. Billy and I are on our way to Atlantis as we speak with the treaty.

Clark: Good. Have you informed Arthur you're on the way?

Just right before I called you; had to get Mera to pass it along though. I just hope Arthur cooperates. You know how he can be.

Clark: For his sake.....He BETTER. Good luck.

That's as far as the transmission goes before the signal cuts off, leaving Barry with this aching shiver down his neck as he twitched. It left him with a lot to consider, but all for another time.

Lex Luther had about the same amount of thought and doubt and sincerity around what he needed or had to do; for playing a double agent was twice as frustrating as Selina made it seem.....or even worse. Wiping the sweat from the brow of his forehead, he drowned out the hesitation before walking into Monitor Womb of the Watchtower.

The heart of the Watchtower, it stretched the entire center of the complex, housing the Leagues' vast computer/communications/sensor network.

All crisis points were detected through a circular chamber with multiple holographic displays....or Cyborg (Sterling K. Brown). Although monitor duty is assigned in a revolving system, Martian Manhunter often volunteered for this as his great telepathic powers were uniquely attuned to the Martian technology whenever he could use it. Batman had also been seen using that said room to plan and strategize in private on several occasions.

But with both of them barred for years at this point, Cyborg was left in charge, monitoring, tweaking, and diving through his own holographic display although the screens he displayed showed off the work of the hacker.

It made Lex raise an eyebrow.

Lex: You on to something, Victor?

Cyborg: Bet your bald head I am. I'm hacking into Barbara Gordon's website to trace the resistance base.

Lex: The Commissioners daughter?

Cyborg: Barbara used to be Batgirl. But since she was crippled by the Joker, she became Batman's new second eyes through Wayne-tech under the pretense ORACLE. If my hunch is correct.....I can trace the URL back to Barbara's website and peek through the interface to get the original source, so we should be able to track where the Insurgency have set up shop.

Lex: And that's your smartest play?

He felt stupid asking the obvious but he continued to play dumb despite knowing this was another problem. One that Lex knew could jeopardize everything.

Cyborg: Only way to catch them by surprise......but damn, man. It's gonna take longer than I thought. it's been five hours at this point. Believe me, Barb's pretty good at keeping her systems untraceable.....but we should have their location by the end of the day.

All Lex could do was smile mildly at the comment. Still playing along, he knew that this would still offer little time left to come up with a plan.

Lex: Very good, Vic. I'll....inform Superman after his speech.

Cyborg: Thanks. He said he might need you anyways.

Luthor only nodded, as he was quick to exit the room in a brief rush. Blending into the darkness of the hallways, he was aware that he had to think of an alternative plan, one that wouldn't potentially blow his cover.

His first thought was calling Batman but the thought ALONE was too risky. Even if he was needed to stop Superman, if he even did anything at the notice, Victor would catch wind of it behind the scenes.

At this risk, he needed someone much closer to talk to and less obvious. Unfortunately, with limited options, only one thought came to mind.


During the last five years Gordon continued to help Batman especially in his war against Superman Bruce even gave the GCPD some super pills in case they needed to fight any of Superman's allies even Clark himself

However wa not hi most fatal struggle just recently Jim was diagosed......with cancer it was a hard thing for Barbra to swallow and Batman insisited Gordon sit this out but you know how our beloved commisioner is

Gordon would rest until Superman's rule end too and he was not gonna let his own condition stop him

Gordon coughed out as the tv in his office showed where Clark's speech is about to be held and Gordon felt disgusted for what ever he may say or lie about with how far he's sank into but worried more for whoever will buy his manipulating words

Gordon does feel for Clark yeah he hated the Joker jut a much for crippling Barbra but this was too far for him to level on

Soon the speaker on his desk buzzed and he pressed the answer button

Gordon: Yes?

I'm sorry to bother you Commissioner. But you have a call on line 1.

Gordon: Patch them in.

Gordon took his office phone taking the call letting out a couple more coughs

Gordon: This is Gordon.

Comissioner Gordon Lex Luther here.

Gordon: What'd you want Luther?

You can tell from the tone of Jim's voice he wasn't fond of Luther yet due to his.......past records

I wouldn't call if it wasn't important. But I'm afraid we have a problem. And by we.....I mean your daughter.

Jim stood up from his seat as he mentioned Barbra

Gordon: What about Barbra? Where is she? How badly i she hurt?!

She's safe. But.......maybe not for long and I think Superman may win the war.......if we don't stop it now.

Gordon: What the hell's going on Luther?

Cyborg is tracking the hacking into Barbra's accounts.

Gordon: WHAT?!

We only have hours before he cracks that egg and if the Regime find them Superman wins the war.

Gordon: Like hell. Meet me at the hall of Justice in an hour.

What'd you gonna do?

Gordon eyed down to his desk were he opened a drawer and revealed his own super pill he could use them to stop them but the catch is........the more he takes the more his cancer will grow......but with his daughter in danger and Superman close on winning........he was out of options

But then, Gordon stood there for a moment with bad feelings burning up in his gut. This decision may very well be the make-it-or-break-it deciding factor that would tip the war in the favor of either side if he wasn't careful. Very rarely had he caught himself thinking with his heart as opposed to his head but for once, the two appeared to be in natural equilibrium.

He knew the cancer he was recently diagnosed with would kill him sooner rather than later, so....why the hell not?

Gordon: I've been trusting you all this time. Now you have to trust me. MEET me there.

I'll contact you the minute I'm close.

Gordon: The SECOND.

With nothing else to say, the line gets cut off.

Frustrated, Gordon just yells outwards and throws his phone to the wall in complete bewilderment and shock over what he had just heard. The snapping of the wires and cables against the wall opened him up to whoever was left working at the GCPD, eyes with laser-focused glares snapping over at the ailing Commissioner. Worry, anxiety, tension, they were all cooped up as neatly as they could in a schizophrenic white-hot barrel of dynamite waiting to just be set off.

Gordon sets his eyes back towards everyone with a faint but trembling quiver in his eyes and mouth before turning away. None of the other officers, staff or agents surrounding him felt obligated to further stoke his already sensitive emotional state so they let him be.

All except Montoya.

Montoya: Should we be worried about who's on the other side?

Gordon: No. In's our chance to hit checkmate.

He coughs once again.

A break comes and goes before it comes back; now he's relentlessly coughing now, barely able to get another sentence out. 'It hardly hurts to keep trying' was what he was going to say but too much of it hurt for him to even continue bloody speaking.....and it was difficult to not turning to see Renee grow worrisome for his well-being as always.

Recovering, he bolted up out of his chair soon as he finished, Gordon's demeanor quickly shifting and getting defensive for the task ahead.

Gordon: Come with me. We're heading to the Hall.

Funny how the GCPD, in general, wasn't overtaken by Superman's rule almost immediately.

The same would apply for Atlantis, apparently.

Heavily isolated from the surface, the underwater kingdom of Atlantis is home to the ancient, isolated, and highly advanced Atlantean culture originally part of a larger Atlantean empire. The present-day Atlantis is now one of four surviving kingdoms after the Sinking of Atlantis alongside the Xebel, the Fisherman, and the Brine.

The Trench could largely be considered an exception to the rule.

Once upon a time, Orm Marius, the second son of the former Queen Atlanna once took the throne upon Atlantis in an attempt to unite the Seven Kingdoms as the Ocean Master and declare war against the surface world, due to humanity's continued pollution and mistreatment of the seas throughout history.

However, despite his best efforts, he ultimately failed to succeed in this undertaking and was finally defeated and apprehended by his half-brother…..

Arthur Curry, now rechristened as the Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

Usurping his throne and with Mera (Emilia Clarke) and Nuidis Vulko’s (Willem Dafoe) help, he became the first half-breed to become the new king of Atlantis, wielding Atlan’s trident before taking his brother into custody. He’s been king ever since, causing a massive shift in the Atlantean ideology as well as the remaining four kingdoms.

And then Metropolis happened.

And then the Regime happened.

Following the aftermath of Metropolis, the four remaining Atlantean kingdoms…..were emotionally divided.

People from the depths of Atlantis were either oblivious to the actions upon the surface world or were actually trying to contribute to the cause somewhere but barely anybody had a keen eye or ear on WHO did WHAT to WHOM and WHEN.

The one more helpful to the cause, at least emotionally, would be Aquaman but surprisingly, he too hadn’t kept tabs on what was occurring above ground not just because of typical issues with maintaining the kingdom in his new home but also because The Regime had made it INCREDIBLY difficult to brief them on any upcoming situations with specifics.

All he was able to get out of this was the unlikely assistance of one of his royal archivists, who gave out much of the information he needed to hear.

The only thing is hearsay is a tricky but easy conundrum to fall under. Arthur wanted to take his word on it considering it was the closest thing to any REAL information he got but it was still a massive risk to take.

So he had to resort to asking his trusted friend and mentor Vulko for aided assistance.

Vulko: You need information on surface world governance?

Aquaman: History and current structure.

Vulko: For the treaty negotiations with the 'High Councilor'?

Arthur only looks over at him, trying not to laugh at the nickname given to Superman. It sounded ridiculous for someone like him.

Aquaman: Yes. Yeah, that's what I need. The-the treaty negotiations. We haven't had much luck with info leading up to it though, have we?

Vulko: No. Our resources have been running on empty even with the extra hands we could muster.

Aquaman: Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. Clark’s been less than willing to reveal The Regimes' inner workings for years now. Explain it to me. Recount the events of his ascension.

Vulko couldn’t help but look back at his former student turned king awkwardly, considering how much he normally knows.

Aquaman: A thorough review might illuminate new strategies for negotiation......IF we are to go through with it.

His determination on pressing forward with this left Vulko beaming with a little bit of light. The tide seemingly turning in their favor now, the prescient now set still didn’t spell good times ahead for the kingdom.

But as much as Vulko wanted nothing to do with this war, as much as Mera or any of the other remaining kingdoms wanted nothing to do with it, Arthur had a point. With the situation getting too complicated on the surface world, their assistance might be needed.

He does explain eventually.

Vulko: Five years ago, a criminal known as Joker had deceived and tricked Superman into killing his wife and unborn son and destroying Metropolis along with it. Blinded and filled with grief and emotion, Kal-El killed the Clown.

Slight hesitation crept in on Arthur’s behalf now knowing everything he heard from that archivist was 100% factual.

Vulko: His fear won out.

Aquaman: I remember where I was once the city was nuked. I'm lucky Mom and Dad are safe.

Getting off point, he allows Vulko to continue.

Vulko: Almost immediately afterward, he showed no mercy, no restraint to anyone who would break the law or defy him. Playing judge, jury, and executioner, he and some other like-minded friends of his quickly rained in the criminal element, if you will. It made him quite popular.

Aquaman: But only because Clark consolidated his power onto others. The death of one doesn't justify-

Vulko: Except up there, the people are desperate for stronger leadership. And in the process....

Aquaman:.....democratic institutions were completely wiped away.

Both men tried to refrain from looking down and feeling sorrow for whatever prosecutions awaited for those who would defy the Regime above the surface world; they knew how the game was played up there. Arthur still did from time to time.

The King was just as connected to up there as he was to Atlantis but he couldn't stomach the thought of Clark's reign of terror spilling into the area where he's learned to care and adore for.

But a presence suddenly lurked from behind and it caught Arthur off-guard. He turns and sees a Royal archivist, the same one who leaked him the information.

Archivist: Sire, the High Councilors’ envoys await you in the throne room.

Aquaman: Very good. On my way. Keep digging.

Vulko: Yes sire.

Arthur made his way to the throne room where Flash (Bradley Cooper) and the man formed child hero Shazam (Zachery Levi) were discussing the matters of the treaty all though they haven't given much detail to the Queen Mera (Emila Clarke) Aquaman' Spouse and Queen of Atlantis

Flash: Your highness it's our great pleasure to know Aquaman agreed to Superman's terms

Mera: I wouldn't ay he has.....yet of course but whatever the terms we'll be pleased to know to reconnect to the surface world again. Arthur tried to keep us out of the war as possible since Atlantis is his birth right.

Shazam: I've never seen anything like it. It's nothing like the Lost Empire! It's bigger! You guys got a big crystal under the throne? Not that I'd steal it but.....

Flash: Ok Billy keep in mind why we're here.

Shazam: Sorry.

Mera: Oh Arthur.

The two Regime members turned to see the king himself to enter te throne room a little intense given he hasn't let anyone from the surface to enter Atlantis since the war started

They approached one another and Arthur gave a mild grin and nod

Aquaman: Flash. Shazam. the city of Atlantis.

Shazam: Your majesty.

Aquaman: "Majesty"? Come now Billy it's Arthur. We been friends for years.

Shazam: It's still an honor

Flash: And to be the first surface people to visit Atlantis in five years.

Aquaman: Indeed.

Flash: So.....what's it like being a king now?

Aquaman: It has it's ups and downs. We're doing everything in our power to keep our city at peace.

Flah: Which is exactly why we're here.

Aquaman: Of course. Of course. The treaty.

Flash: Yep the final draft. Superman will be pleaed you've accepted his terms.

Aquaman: In......indeed. May I?

Flash hands Arthur the treaty a Mera had her suspicions on again while sitting there and Arthur......did not like what he was reading as he walked up to the Queen making her concern as his face........lowered.....displeased

Mera: Arthur what is it?

Shazam: I there something wrong Arthur?

Aquaman: That's "Your higness" to you boy.

Shazam: What?? I thought you said-----

Aquaman: You cannot expect me to aby to this! Tis is complete subigation! The treaty here delcares Superman will rule Atlantis!

Mera: WHAT?!

Mera stood up standing next to him as Barry got firm with him

Flash: It's what you accepted remember? It's what HE expects. And you WILL sign it.

Aquaman: You DARE threaten me?

Mera: Both of you tread careflly.

Shazam: Superman promises Atlantis will be in better hands if you hand your power over it to him. And you WILL answer to him

Aquaman: I'M THE KING OF ATLANTIS! I ANWER TO NO ONE! Unlike you two. I have said for the last five years I want no part in this war this government. My will is to tand for Atlantis

Flash: I'm sorry Arthur. But we have our orders.

Aquaman: Your orders do not apply here. Leave Atlantis now.....or face execution.

Flash: You're signing that it or not

Flah and Shazam attacked but Arthur and Mera leaped over them Arthur and Mera leaped over them Arthur lunged at Billy knocking him aside a Flash speeded to him throwing fast punches but Mera catches him and headbutts him

Mera: You can tell Superman.......HE WILL NOT WILL ATLANTIS!

With her superhuman strength, she’s barely able to push Barry back a few feet away….only to get immediately swept off her feet by Flash quickly shoved her aside before going low and sweeping her at the legs.

Mera quickly recovers from the easy-ongoing attack, well aware of the Flash’s preference to hold back on those he deems close to him. And she hardly felt those last two attacks.

Sprinting for her again, Flash comes running in but Arthur barely gets in the way, knocking off his focus long enough to cause disorientation. His speed did knock Arthur to the wayside….and that was exactly what Mera had planned. Her eyes shone a bright blue, her hands are wrapped in a bluish aura and even the liquid she began to manipulate becomes bright.

Slapping her hands together, a sudden breach was lifted as the water drained bubble around them all so that they could talk in privacy……splashed at Barry at all corners and collapsing him with waves, surrounding the entire throne room with water once again.

The sudden compression and decompression of water surrounding Flash found him flopping through the waves, barely adapting and swimming through the water.

But once again, Mera switches it up and creates ANOTHER breach, eliminating all the water that surrounded the Scarlet Speedster only to collapse on him again as he coughs excessively.

He doesn’t see Arthur coming from the side as the latter kicks him back up to his feet before he lunges down on him with an axe handle to his back. A knee to the gut later, he just grips Barry’s back, locking his arms around his waist before lifting them up, flipping them over, and slamming him down for a gut-wrench powerbomb.

Selling the back pain at first, Flash is quick to kick Arthur square in the chin from where he laid three separate times before rolling back to a vertical basis.

Barry just thrusts his entire body forward while surrounded by electricity, headbutting his foe in the abdomen before delivering a swift lightning-charged kick to his opponent's midsection. Arthur toughs it out just as Barry goes for a flying uppercut and stops the fist from coming down.

Aquaman: This is just sad, Barry.

A brief but short staredown transpires with Aquaman looking more displeased and annoyed with his former friend before tossing him aside, long enough for Mera to dropkick square across the face and then him inside out.

Out of nowhere, Shazam bursts out from the side, taking Arthur by surprise and tackling full throttle out of the Throne Room of the Atlantis Royal Palace…..

….before stumbling down onto the gladiator arena situated above the Ring Of Fire.

It's 2:45 p.m at Washington D.C, above the surface.

A large crowd all stood by in anticipation at the capital as President Kane had made an important announcement regarding the latest activities of Superman.

A man once beloved by the people of Earth had begun to sour over on the people that he swore to protect. As a deranged man once said: In spite of everything they've done for the people, eventually they will hate you.

Up to the podium, the president approached, his posture and body language static, sure, and calm. Only a hint of irritation was hinted in his eyes and face.

Boon: My fellow Americans, it, No, OUR duty to regain the image of our future in this world. Whether or not Superman wants the same, I, for one, wish to speak out as all you do. But after much conflict, Superman has agreed to speak out his real intentions in hopes he will regain our trust in him.

Almost immediately, the crowd began booing at the mention of his name.

To them, it was VERY unlikely that they'd ever trust Superman again after all that's happened the past five years. He's turned them from a democratic institution into a one-sided dictatorship.

Boon: Yes, yes, I understand having him today is the last thing any of you want. But....I've agreed to make this easy on us all. Superman WILL answer to ALL of us here today.

The crowd cheered.

A massive gust of wind brushed over the White House and the podium in time Superman was already at Washington minutes ago stepped on the stage and shook Kane's head to be generous in public.

But catching one glimpse of him on stage made the people Booed at him again as he stepped up to the podium.

The boos would not die down as his hands once again gripped the edge with veins popping out of his hands and face. This time around, he looked extremely calm, cool, collected. But that didn't mean he was slightly ticked at the constant booing from the people who once supported him.

Some part of it made him think: where did it go wrong?

Clark: I'm sorry if I've frightened any of you.

The booing finally begins to subside as they let the man speak his mind.

Clark: But we should've spoken on this matter sooner.

The crowd didn't stop booing at him given they all felt in slaved and threaten by their greatest hero for the last five years and Clark in a way....did not blame them which is why this speech needed to be taken place

Clark: Everyone just hear me out. I don't expect any of you to trust me. I understand my actions have destroyed it! But my intentions of protecting you are the only things that have not changed. Never have. Never WILL. Yes I have killed the Joker. Yes I was forced to take one life after another and no one is more ashamed of it than I am. I NEVER wanted this but imagine everything you held most dear was taken from your hands at an instant.

At the batcave the Insurgency were watching this on live broadcast both Dinah and Kori looked at the screen with a grudge given they both lost lost the men they loved cause of him

That's what the Joker had done to me. To those who do not wife.....was pregnant with our first child on the day Metropolis was nuked. Taking Lois was bad enough......but taking my unborn son....before he even lived.......I could not let the Joker slip from that.

The people at DC and those at home watching this on tv were truck to hear that and slowly began to understand Superman's motivation

Clark: Deep down part of me regretted killing him but after he took Lois my son and my whole home from me.......that was the final straw. He even looked at me in the eyes and told me he would top it all just before he died. So please.....all of you ask yourselves this......what if the Joker destroyed your home.......killed your parents.....your husband......your wife.....boyfriend girlfriend.....brothers and sisters......sons and daughters?! Imagine he took any of them away like he took mine! Would not act?!

People chattered in the crowds some understanding.......others even understanding but not forgiving him that easily

Clark: I only build this make sure NONE of you....will loose what I lost. Feel the pain I felt. I want to give you a world where none of you ever have to worry about loosing your loved ones or friends. The Batman lost so many himself long ago before he and I fought together for truth and justice. That's what set him on his dark path 15 years ago. But because of that he built a moral code that he would never cross that line again and that code is why the Justice League is now didvided by a civil war between the Regime and the Insurgency. And because of my friendship to Batman I understand his methods but what he doesn't understand......

Bruce's expression lowered hearing him on the screen

.....Crime and curroption will never end unles someone makes the hardest choice. Batman if you're watching this and I know you are......know despite my friendship to you I will stop you too if you force my hand like any criminal.

Clark: Which is why I cannot promise any of you a world wide peace.......unless extreme action is taken to eliminate crime any means nessercary.....before it's begun.....forever. Whatever you all choose after today......I do not expect your support....but my authority only inure Metropolis.....NEVER happens again.

The people began to chatter as the Inurgency were just nodding Dinah wa more disgusted

Dinah: That lying son of a bitch. How does he expect them to believe all that bullshit?

Barbara: He's making statements of his real intentions. It's still no excue for his passt crimes for the last five years of course.

Kori: I'm with Dinah on this one. All though Dick' murder wa at the hands of the Red X, Superman is just as responsible.

(Ohhh Kori you don't even know how responsible)

Bruce: Even if he gains their trust back it's not gonna stop us from our mision. The world depends on us that we stop Clark. We'll gather intel soon caue there's something we'll need whenever we make our next move against the Regime. Something that I hope will end this war.

Barbra: And what's that?

Bruce: I'll explain in our next meeting. Were's Helena and Tim?

Barbra: Lex called them over. I tried him myself but no answer.

Bruce: I'll have Selina look into it.

Bruce left the cave as the others watched on a the speech went on

Outside of the hall of justice Gordon met up with Luther Red Robin and Huntress to discuss their plan of stopping Cyborg's tracker

Following the disbandment of the League and Bruce having to renovate elsewhere after the Manor fell into disrepair, it also stood to reason that this, too, was barely put to much use after the band split. But not for a better lack of trying….

….as Alfred had used the build-in teleporter on the far right corner of to bring a physically broken Bruce Wayne to medical aid nearly half a decade ago.

That teleporter, running primarily on Wayne-Tech supplies and energy, looked prime and ready for use for the next traversal energy job from one location to the next….no matter where that would occur. Unfortunately, said location was being guarded by Cyborg who was a few hours out on finding the Insurgency’s location…..

….who were literally hiding in plain sight.

Only reason why they aren’t exposed by now is thanks to the Commissioner’s daughter, a detrimental but brave feat even he had to applaud.

Gordon: Stubborn…..just like her old man.

Lex: You raised her well.

An argument both Helena and Tim had to nod in agreement with.

However, the former had mere seconds to re-innovate her posture following Montoya popping up from behind the ailing Commissioner, spastically brushing back her hair and loosening up her shoulders and chest.

There was no hiding the big fat rocks on both of their fingers…..and even less likely of hiding how they now felt for each after half a decade of endlessly fighting a war.

One hurried gallop towards Montoya, the latter followed suit, hugging the respective Birds members while gently caressing each other for the few brief moments they could snatch.

Love often has no frontiers, and so gender becomes mute to its calling, especially in times of dire stress.

Helena: Means a lot that you came.

Montoya: I could say the same; time likes working against us though, doesn’t it?

She says as she eyes down at her watch, the time just shy at 5 minutes before 3:00 pm. Another half an hour would need to pass before the firewalls and proxies Oracle set in stone would be overridden.

Business before pleasure. Some thing never change.

Taking that into brutal consideration, Helena nods firmly before turning back to Tim and getting the same response.

It was all up to Lex and Gordon, the latter of whom was barely holding himself up: skin and bones, pale as a ghost, face masking the ordeal inside.

No point in delaying the inevitable any longer now, was there?

Gordon, more determined to save his daughter from the crossfire than ever before, kept ignoring his cough onwards and pressed forward to the entranceway up the stairs with Lex and the Birds in tow.

Stepping in, they all walk around the round table before waltzing straight for the far left corner of the hallway, down another right, and came across said teleporter.

Lex: I took the liberty in updating the teleporter with my Biological signature. It’ll only teleport you up to the Watchtower if you’re with me. But in order to stay in cover for the Regime, you have to make it look like you took me against your will. If you lose this war, they can’t know the truth.

Understanding of this, they all backed away once Lex took a step ahead and did his magic. With a simple handprint on the encased metal and an additional number-pad to follow, the enclosing metal surrounding the pod slunk away, leaving just the regulated standing pad amidst the ongoing cloud of energy.

They all then stepped forward.

Before long, all four were sucked into the teleporter’s magnetic grasp and then pixelated away…..

…..up to the Watchtower.

Back at Atlantis in the ring of fire both Shazam and the newly king of the even seas circled one another a Arthur gripped his tris triton determine to protect his city his people whatever the cost

Aquaman: Your orders be damned boy!

Shazam zaps his beams at him but Arthur rolled aside to dodged them Billy kept zapping only to miss him constantly with Aquaman rolling from place to place around the arena

Aquaman: I don't want to hurt you kid.

Shazam: Then sign that treaty!

Aquaman: Let's not take this further! Let me talk to Superman myself. I'll remind him who truly rules Atlantis.

Shazam: You don't "Talk" to Superman. You do what he wants. And you're gonna do what you agreed to.

Shazam: Like the Kraken I am!

Shazam unleashed a beamful fist but Aquaman countered it with his triton and both countered each blow he throws Billy though manage to get an open shot and uppercut him above the ring then Shazam flies up punches him back down and Aquaman lands hard back in the arena

Billy even grabbed him by his feet spins him around and gives a wide toss with him and Arthur hits the arena wall crashing through it

Back in the throne room with Flash and Mera they kept fighting themselves Flash speeded throwing punches to catch her off guard but lucky for her she fell in front of him tripping him giving the Queen an open shot and stab him in the ankle with a dagger

Flash let out an agonizing yell a Mera stood up holding her dagger kneeing down holding it below his chin

Mera: Arthur devoted his life to honor his Atlanting ancestors. We would never give our kingdom like a pair of worn boots to surface dwellers.

Flash: It' not like that. The treaty only acquire Superman to maintain the oceans. And to recognize your autonomy.

Mera: And put our armie at his beck and call? Never. More like appeaement than a nessercary compromise. Tou and Shazam shall be commited to the Atlantian dungeons till treason decides your fate. GUARDS!

As the guards came running in Flash was force to fight his pain off and stand and speed run out of the throne room

Mera: Find him!

The guards ran out carrying her orders

Back in the ring of fire......within it Shazam searched for Aquaman sparkling his hand to shine light to see in the dark

As he searched his every surroundings

It was quit......too quit......

....utter silence........


......Billy wa tarled by a roar and out of no where a shark like creature came out of no where roaring nearly biting him but Shazam zapped him in the nick of time

He fell back finding himself being confronted by.......

.....King Shark (Voiced by Sylvester Stallone)

Shazam: What the hell?!

King Shark: Lightning lad.

A guffaw and spring in his step later, he leaps forward toward the self-proclaimed Captain Marvel, forcing him back out the wall. More debris blows out from the arena wall as Shark falls on top of Shazam, forcing him down onto the arena seats.

Toppling head over heels over arms on top of one another, no efforts were made to blend into the decor. Instead, they continued to keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' down the stairs, crushing the seats and eventually through the crowd barriers. Back down onto the arena floor...

....Shazam finally gets the upper hand on the metahuman beast, slamming him down onto the floor face first and crashes him onto the other side of the arena gate, leaving a quick flash of a blurry yellow streak of light in his path.

And then, in an utterly baffling move, he pulls him up from the back of his neck and screeches....

Shazam: SHAZAM!

While no thunder crackles under the weight of so much water, lightning does eventually follow.....and down it hurdles towards the arena.

Flipping Shark on his back so he appears in front of him, the lightning does hone in on its supposed target.....and zaps Shark with immediate precision and ferocity. The effects leave the Shark-humanoid ultimately worse for wear, ultimately leaving him yelling out in agony.

Once the lightning finally dies down, Nanaue is given a reprieve. But not before Shazam gets back on his feet.....

....towering over him, charging up both of his fists with energy.

Shazam: Big boy. Gotta put you down now!


The sound of Atlan's trident bouncing off his head and forcing him back a measly quarter of a mile away from Aquaman into another arena gate was far from a pleasant display of head trauma. Gripping the trident tightly like its the last thing he'll ever hold, Arthur just stares at a recovering Billy Batson.

Resentment fills his eyes.

Shazam knocks the rubble off of his suit and cape, bringing his focus back to the straight and narrow, redirecting his gaze back to Arthur.

Gripping the ground with his fists balled up, he just takes off, flying at the King of Atlantis at full speed.

Arthur was ready for this, however.

Aquaman: Leave. My. HOME!

Within an inch of his position, Aquaman slams his trident down below him, resulting in a shockwave, canceling out the water around him and blowing Shazam back yet again.

The water around them now drained with the rest of the arena covered in a bubble until further notice, the attack worked.

It left Billy barely able to move after the giant knockback. All he could see was Arthur crouching beside him, staring him down and shaking his head in shame just like Barry.

Unfortunately, Arthur had to attend matters with Nanaue, who also found himself still breathing after the lightning strike and wanted a little bit of a nibble of the Wizards's champion. Reaching a hand out for him, Arthur had to smack it away.

He wouldn't allow that on his watch.

Aquaman: Easy there, easy. He’s beaten, Nanaue.

King Shark: Nom-nom.

Aquaman: What? No.

King Shark: Just one bite?


King Shark: Awe.....

Aquaman approached Billy as he laid there helplessly

Aquaman: Billy Batson. For your crime' against Atlantis you shall face treason and judgment in the name of the seven sea's. Now---

Out of no where Flash came speeding in throwing punches at both Aquaman and King Shark and grabbing Shazam and ran a "Flash"

Speeding through at Atlantis they made it back to sub they came in from and shove off back into the ocean

Billy manage to regain his focus changing back into Billy Batson (Asher Angel) with Flash piloting the sub

Flash: Fine my head off bitten off by a mutant shark. Was that friend of yours?

Flash: King Shark? Yeah you could ay that. He was there during the second suicide squad incident

Billy: Well Superman's not gonna be happy with us we couldn't get Aquaman to sign the treaty.

Flash: I'm sure he'll be more mad at Arthur than us.

Billy soon noticed the tab wound on his ankle

Billy:'re bleeding!

Flash: It's just a scratch I'll be fine.

Flash: It's just a scratch I'll be fine.

Billy: It still looks deep......makes me wonder.

Flash: Wonder what?

Billy: Flash? Aquaman made it look like we were the bad guys. Aquaman only fought us cause he was defending his home like any of us think......we're till doing what's right?

Flash went in silent for he was wondering the same thing for the passt five years only went along with fear and wanted to believe it was a right cause

Billy: I mean.....I don't know.....I went with this only cause Superman said it was ok. That wa good enough for me.

Flash: I know the feeling. I even asked myself: "What if Joker killed Iris like he did to Lois"?

Billy: It made sense of first. I mean that was cruel for what the clown did. So got what they deserved. But after what happen back there......made me think.....what if Batman's right? What if----

Flash: Bruce.....can't go against his code. Last time he did he lost his way and he and Clark almot killed each other.

Billy: And you don't think Superman has now?

He went silent again as Billy went on

Billy: If it's happening again only the other way around......what if Superman end up killing Batman thiss time? Or Robin or any of the Teen Titans I mean you told me you saw Superman kill Nightwingon that security camera at the theater and he told Jason and Terra----

Flash: Billy!

They both went in silent......yes Flash does know the truth of Dick's murder and the only one he told was Shazam only cause he walked in on him the others don't know not even Superman only caue his fear won out on this

Flash: Look Billy......Superman's not actually gonna kill Batman. He just wants to bring him in to stand trial. And by the time Cyborg has a track on him and the Inurgency-----

Billy: Then what? I mean you don't really think he would? Remember what he did to Green Arrow? Martian Manhunter?

Flash went in utter silence again facing down for a moment when staring forward lost in his thoughts......but they were soon interrupted when the radar detected the teleporter at the hall of justice was being used

Flash: Something's not right. The teleporter is being used but picking up multible life forms. We could have intruders at the Watchtower. Barbra mut ave picked up Cyborg' tracker on her.

Billy: Then we got to top them.

Flash: Let Cyborg and Terra worry about that. We're needed in Washinton. I'm also picking up bogeys heading for DC. Superman may need us more.

And there......they took off out of the water and into the sky as the sub was not only.....a sub but a jet the javelin 7 the transportation of the old Justice League

Speaking of Superman, he was still back in D.C.

And he was still making use of that long speech.

Clark: We have been acting against some of the greatest evils on Earth for half of a decade now—men and women. Governments and other totalitarian Regimes that have killed and tortured and oppressed without consequence for too long......and some people today might see the One Earth Regime as a perfect example of hypocrisy: an all-powerful worldwide organization run by 'fascist tyrants' corrupted and influenced by the very thing we once promised to destroy.

Silence erupts the crowd with some mild booing still erupting through the conference. But this press confidence was broadcasted everywhere, it was all over the news.

Clark: Some of you might see me as an alien.

The GCPD were watching.

But I came to this world as a child. And I was raised by two of the greatest, most compassionate people on Earth. I believe in this world.....

So was Martha.

......and I believe I AM one of you.

And begrudgingly, so was the Insurgency.

Each and every one of them were all looking at the Batcomputers feed of the press conference staring in silence, watching the speech continue onwards. Bruce and Dinah were the only ones who had the slight hesitation to want to turn it off and just look away.

I know there are some who STILL disagree with our actions. But I could no longer stand by and allow the people of Earth to suffer as my family did. Not when I always had the power to prevent it.

Clark: Our actions have been extreme; I will not deny that. But the end result is the same as I intended: fewer people are dying from meaningless and needlessly wars. Less people are now grieving for loved ones. Sons and mothers and daughters and fathers who have been lost are now coming home.

His way of words had begun to rub off on the audience this time. Now, he was finally getting small numbers of cheers again.

Clark: My friend, Lex Luthor, has reminded me that we STILL hadn't told you all why we're doing this. In his words, 'he wanted us to shape a message'. Our message is simple: your lives are important. We just want you to be SAFE.

Now THAT did the trick.

Everyone was cheering him now.

However, the Insurgency hardly bought any of that.

Kori was gripping the hair out of her head while all the others simply looked away from the screen. Bruce and Dinah still had their eyes laser-focused on the screen and every second to come wasn't getting any easier for them to watch.

Dinah: Unbelievable. They'd be fools to believe that murderer.

Rachel: But this is the kind of fucked up world we live in. When people are desperate for peace or strong leadership, they'd give anything away just to acquire it.

Dinah: But you'd think they'd learn their lesson from the past five years, right?

Alfred: He believes his intentions are still the same as they were, Miss Lance. His actions might not capture the validity of his words but he still cares for this world.

Dinah: Tell that to Ollie! I-

There she goes; lashing out on a ghostly cord that grew from her bent spine and dangled over her head as some rotten carrot one would chase.

She's still grieving; still unable to properly recover from the loss and move forward.

Dinah: I-I have to go check on Connor.

Unwilling to press forward with the matter anymore, she storms out the room. Even as Barbara, and Alfred looked at Bruce as the others kept watching the debate, this couldn't JUST slip them by.

And it did bring up an interesting point.

Barbara: She is right about one thing, you know: Superman gaining their trust back in the worst of times only clouds their sense of judgment; fooled them into thinking WE'RE the bad guys. And not only will it be the Regime we have to worry about; the whole world will be fighting against us again. We can't let that happen again.

Kori: Umm, excuse me?

Interrupted and startled, the three that turned away looked back to see Kori pointing at the TV.

Kori: What is that?

She simply walked to the front row as the screen revealed the sky was acting funny. It was in a circular swirling motion, all of the clouds bundling up into fluffy dark greys. ����

Down at Washington, everyone including Clark and President Kane all glued their eyes up to the sky as it slowly began to crack and break itself apart all while the ground began to shake. This was no Earthquake; whatever was causing the sky to break apart was causing shaky as even the ones who are watching this on TV had that same feeling of uneasiness wash over them.

Martha was having it worse for wear.

Clark can only clutch his fist in anticipation of what would come next and then......


People screamed and panic as everyone at home looked at their screens in shock standing up from their couches and chairs

Clark looked up in seriousness but to his own shock the explosion in the sky cleared reveling a swarm of......parademons lead by........Kaliback (Voiced by Kane Hodder)


Clark: Kaliback!

Boon: Friend of yours?

Clark: Hardly. Get somewhere safe gather many as you can with you.....this is about to get personal.

Clark pulled open his collar shirt revealing the logo Kryptonian symbol......of hope as the Perademons swarm everywhere all over DC with people running in terror

In the batcave everyone stood up in sock as Bruce recognized those things from both his knightmare dream AND from the fight with Steppenwolf

Bruce: No.....

Barbra: What the hell are those?

Bruce: Perademons. I seen them before......during the fight with Steppenwolf. Oracle. Get on your computer get us status.

Barbra: I'm on it.

We finally come back to the Watchtower where Gordon Luther Red Robin and Huntress explored the Watchtower and things seemed to be much more organized and put together

Red Robin: Wow. This place sure changed last time we were here.

Lex: Superman's been more fashioned here since he build the Regime. I funded the new tech here and even installed the security here.....which wa how I was able to shut it down the cameras before arriving

Huntress: Clever. I always thought you were a mad man Luther but you're sure a genus.

Gordon: Let' get impressed later. Right now we need to----

Gordon coughed out loud in the middle of his statement which concerned the others

Red Robin: You ok Commissioner?

He continued to cough

Gordon: Never mind me now.....we got to find Cyborg and get him to shut off that hacking tracker.

Next thing they yelling they went hiding behind walls to listen and hear familiar voices nearby

Think you're pretty tough aren't ya?

Red Robin: Victor......

I'm not afraid of you.....CHILDREN!

Gordon: Slade.....?

You will be.

Huntres: Terra?

Red Robin: If he's here thi won't be easy.

Gordon: Well we won't make it esay on them.

Lex: Easy big fella. We'll need to get into character. Post.

In a back room Cyborg and Terra did have Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke (Joe Managaniello) both one of Batman's and the Teen Titans's arch rivals under retraint and being tortured by both rogue titans

Terra: This is your final chance to accept the High Councilor's amesty......"Master".

Slade: Get re-educated in your boot camp you two? Like hell.

Cyborg: Choose your wordss carefully Slade. The boss is bein' generous with you. But I wouldn't be not after the grief you caused us before. And everyone who died in Metropolis five years ago wa enough to sent me on the brink......cause my dad and Beast Boy were one of them.

Slade: Pleae.....I had nothing to do with that. It was all on that clown.

Cyborg: Doesn't matter. You're still on the wrong side of the law.

Slade: In that case.....tell your so called....."Boss".

He spits in them causing Terra to torture him more till.....


Turning back Cyborg and Terra looked in shock to see Tim Helena and Gordon holding Lex hotage to keep his cover on


Gordon coughs holding Lex and pointing his gun with Robin holding his staff and Huntress pointing her bow

Gordon: Release your hostage and take me to your computer tracker Cyborg.

Cyborg: How the hell you know----

Red Robin: Barbra doesn't have to be a geniu to know when she' being tracked Victor.

Huntres: So this is how things work here?

Cyborg: And you're still playing with that little toy?

Terra: Something's not right......they wouldn't be here unless they forced Luther to give them access.

Luther: Why you think I'm held hostage here?!

Terra: Good point.

Red Robin: Stand down. You're done here.

Terra: You feel his pain? Not yet.

Terra waved her hand shaking the flour causing Robin and Huntress to fall back on the flour Gordon and Luther fell back too but only to a wall once Luther was free he had to run to make his hostage situation was more real

Cyborg: After we're done withh Deathstroke and Superman gets back from DC how bout we go talk to him.

Gordon then was forced to take one of the super pills knowing the risk but had no choice oce it took effects Gordon knocked Cyborg away forcing Terra to turn the sick and powered commissioner

Terra: Enough! Commissioner're under arrest.

Only response she gets to that is the gritting of his teeth and a slight growl rumbling underneath his breath. Raspy, warped, and less harmonized than normal, controlling his breathing was a hassle in itself.

Didn’t stop him from reaching for his Smith and Wesson 39 semi-automatic millimeter handgun and shakily aiming at the young terrakinetic. He also took notice of Cyborg recovering from that mega punch to the face, massaging the right side of his cheekbone.

It didn’t take a genius to learn he took a pill……although it raised rather worrying concerns.

Gordon: Stop the trace.....let HIM go......

He orders, nodding over to Slade, still held up to the table against his will by more wraps of wet Earth around his arms and legs and neck.

Gordon:…..and come quietly.

Cyborg: With all due respect, sir, we’re in a space station. There’s no way you’d be able to fire a weapon in—

He spoke too soon as Gordon did, in fact, fire the gun, launching a single bullet out the barrel, only hitting the mechanical portion of Victor's skull and leaving a small dent in the process.

This doesn’t faze Gordon although it does surprise Victor and Terra a little bit.

Gordon: You want to make any other assumptions?

No answer.

Gordon: Stop the trace or the next bullet hits the soft side of your face.

Terra: Victor?

Cyborg: Let him go.

Confused at first but seeing no other reason to argue, Terra lets loose her grip on Slade as the Earth slowly unwraps away from his body.

He eventually falls flat on the floor, wearily collecting his breath right as she faces Gordon.

Terra: I don’t think you’re gonna kill one of the few friends I have left. At least not in cold blood. Besides, I’m not sure you can.

Gordon: Does it look like I give a damn anymore? Don’t do anything stupid.

Cyborg: Don’t have to do anything. I just have to wait.

Gordon: For wha—

He suddenly crouched himself over as he once again began coughing and hacking blood in front of them both no less. Indeed, Gordon's cancer is quickly catching up to him, and the pained commissioner struggles to keep his weapon raised before crumpling over, face twisted in agony as he drops his sidearm.

It wasn’t long ‘till Cyborg noticed the same thing: with Gordon’s heartbeat racing, his breathing irregular, and his cancer choking up whatever oxygen he had left in his lungs, he could barely keep himself together even WITH the pill.

Terra: He's dying.

Cyborg: His vitals are dropping. I’m sorry, Terra. But it looks like his time is up.

She was confused but at this rate, seeing Gordon like that, it was the truth. He wasn’t going to last long.

With an inkling of humanity still burrowed underneath the exterior of the war-hardened young woman, Terra slowly felt herself emotionally gripped to the visual in front of her, having to resort to watching someone slowly choke on their own breath and die in front of somebody else.

It reinvoked the worst memories of the death of her own parents.

Terra: Commissioner?

She's only able to get one step towards him and her index finger edging the bridge of his shoulder before she gets met with a bullet shield in the face for her hesitation.

With Red Robin making the save, it was good enough of a distraction as any.

Barley gripping his knuckles to the edge of his hands, Gordon slithers his way back up to his feet.

Refusing to surrender, the commissioner immediately charges at Cyborg, and tackles him to the ground. Punch after punch after elbow after elbow to the man reshaped by one of the Motherboxes, the ailing commissioner powered by the Kryptonite pill was relentless towards the cyborg.

However, the detriment of how close he would be to falling only increased with every ingrained series of events to transpire.

In a defensive reaction, Cyborg mutates his arm into his patented sonic cannon and blasts Gordon at point-blank range, though Gordon's increased durability allows him to survive the blow.

However, the feedback does knock back an incoming Huntress who was intended to jump flat off of Gordon’s back and smash Victor in. She’s lucky to recover alongside the main computer….

....where she notices Lex ducking in alongside to sneak by where she was, cradling his hands towards the main computer.

Moving out the way with Lex intent on working his magic; Huntress turns her attention to Terra instead, realizing how under control the Commissioner was…..despite how little time she knew he now had.

The possibility of treason from one of their trusted moles was the least of the One Earth Regime’s worries, however, if the arrival of Kalibak didn’t do enough to stir the hornet's nest for Superman.

Since he was DEAD around the time that Steppenwolf came around to Earth, Clark didn’t really know anything about either him or anything or anyone else relating to the rule of Darkseid.

However, he didn’t seem to give a damn about who Kalibak was in any way.

However, he was left distracted as the insanely large battalion of Parademons led by Kalibak literally flew and breezed past him, laying waste to and slaughtering several witnesses fleeing the press meeting.

Very few of them actually go after the Man Of Steel.

The few that DO don’t last long.

Clark quickly uppercuts one as its head spins a full 360 degrees before just tossing it aside. Soon as the other one comes along, Clark leaps over it and immediately RIPS its wings off. Blood squirting out from its back, he simply tosses the wings at another incoming Parademon, blinding it.

Distracted, Superman finds him blasted square in the chest. The impact pushed him back away from the White House, through the complexes and back out towards the road. His suit and body completely denting the concrete sidewalks and the tarmac on the roads.

Woozy, the attack from that weapon actually forced him down to his knees.

The blast resonated from Kailbak’s Beta Club, as it briefly managed to knock the Man Of Steel down. However, it was unclear whether Clark was feigning his injury or if it really did hurt him all that much.

For Kalibak, he seemed to think otherwise.

Kalibak: I’ve heard that as of five years ago, you didn’t believe in fighting anymore. Is that true, Kryptonian?

Clark can only look up at him, disdain and resentment bottling in his eyes.

He doesn’t get a chance to answer as Kalibak boots him square across the face, knocking him down again.

Kalibak: Come on now, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re already pleading for my favor?

He AGAIN kicks Superman, this time square in his chest, rolling him over onto the sidewalk. This time though, Superman is more in a hurry to get up and try to attack.

Kalibak beats him to it, unfortunately.

Smacking him upside the head with his Beta Club, another hit later and the Man of Steel turned High Councilor was left in the ground once again.


With his Parademons roaming all over the area slaughtering tens to thousands of people, his cockiness and over-confidence were shooting through the roof. But then again, being the son of a tyrannical God tends to do that to you.

It helped in his favor that Superman was really taken aback by this attack. You’d think that after five years of driving away any and everyone existential force that encompasses the far stretches of the galaxy, while bending the rules in your image back at home, that anybody would be willing to think twice about invading Earth.

At least that is what Superman hoped, slowly crawling back up to his feet with the sheer weight of his body shifting all the tiny pebbles of debris and gravel away from him.

Kalibak: Tell you feel that?

Superman: attack.

Kalibak: Or WHAT?

He chuckles again.

Kalibak: You expect me to be scared? ME, the son of Darkseid? You haven’t really changed after all this time, have you? For a Kryptonian with so much unlimited power, you rarely exploit it to the peak of your mind's desire. There is no reason to fear you, the universe knows this as does Darkseid.

He couldn’t see just how furious Clark was getting from where he was, but the Man Of Steel was getting very irritated.

Kalibak: You will NOT save this planet. Your pathetic moral code precedes you and YOU will see this planet BURN.

The fascination comes over him as he turns back to see Superman finally getting back to his feet. But that display of hopeful dubiousness quickly fades once he sees the expression plastered over Clark’s face.

He was PISSED.

Kalibak: You.....look......what is wrong with you?

No answer was given. All he got was that deadly thousand-yard stare and now he was the one beginning to get irritated him.

Kalibak: Don’t give me that look, you vile succulent little—

He charges and dashes forward and hits the Man Of Steel with his Beta Club.....only for the club to simply dink him on the shoulder before uppercutting him on the cheekbone. Or at least he would’ve….

….if Kal could feel it.

Once again, Kal’s invulnerability to be immune or highly resistant to one or more forms of physical damage, injury or disease and illness paid off. He didn’t even flinch from the weapon at all.

All he did was crack his neck with a twitch in his eye.

Kalibak: Oh shit.


Swiping the Club away from the son of Darkseid, he bends back the weapon, breaking and shattering it upon making contact.

An attempted punch from the beast later goes unheard of. Superman immediately kicks him back in the chest with authority, launching him a mile and a half away from him as he crashed and burned onto the road.

Not without blocking a few Parademons that just so happened to be coming his way.

Confused and incensed at what should’ve been a straightforward victory and with one weapon short, humiliation could not have been anymore patronizing for the would-be conqueror.

Pounding the tarmac, further cracking it in frustration, his luck depletes even quicker when he’s met with Superman IMMEDIATELY flying straight for him. Unable to anticipate the attack until too late, all Kalibak could do was block.

It did not work.

Kaliback was sent flying crashing through buildings and after he landed out of breath he looked up to Superman who was still coming at him and for the first time in Kaliback's life......he felt fear in his heart

In the batcave Oracle was on her tech' to get update on the pera invasion only to find he had.....slight errors

Barbra: The hell?

She tried to get them back up and running but only to find more errors

Barbra: This doesn't make sense.

Bruce soon walked in and noticed Barbra having problems

Bruce: Oracle what's wrong?

Barbra: My sytem are having tacnical data errors. It's not possible.....I've never had to deal with this.

Bruce: Check the commination.

Barbra did only find her firewall wa being breached

Barbra: Someone's been messing with my firewalls. Honestly Bruce do I come in the batcave and start messing with your stuff?

Bruce: I wasn't on here Barbra.

Barbra: Well someone was. Someone from here or.......

Bruce: Or what?

Barbra had a grim feeling her heart tarted racing he went back on her computer and manage to track the source of the problems

She soon found......Cyborg's tracker on her

Barbra: No....

Bruce: What is it?

Barbra: My systems are being hacked to trigger a tracker on u. And it's coming from the Watchtower.

Bruce: WHAT?!

Barbra: Yeah once my fire wall i down......they'll know where we are.

Bruce: Can you stop it?

Barbra: Not from here. The only way to stop the from it's own source.

No time to loose Bruce tapped on his ear with his communicator till in it.

Bruce: Batman to Catwoman. Selina are you there?

No answer

Back at the Watchtower the fighting continued Huntress almost had Terra down for the count till she shakes her off and slammed her to the flour

Terra: Time to take out the trash.


She looked up behind her seeing Tim leaping down lunging a kick at her pinning HER to the flour

Red Robin: Do NOT move!

Terra: What' the matter Tim afraid I might exterminate your friends again?!

Red Robin: They were your friend too! I don't get it first you betray us to Slade now Superman?! What did we ever do to make you hate us so much?!

Terra: You joined the wrong side!

Terra forced him off and tended to strike but Robin countered her and slammed her face on a window

Red Robin: Look what's happening out there Terra! Is this the world you want to live in?!

She countered him off and slammed him to the window

Terra: Guess it's never gonna be good enough for you is it?!

He forced her off a Huntress got back on her feet and joined back in the fight with Gordon still beating on Cyborg but his condition got wore from the side effects with the pills growing his cancer faster

But Gordon ignored the pain and kept fighting

As for Lex........he manage to prevent the tracker from reaching it's final process and oon.....cut off the link

The tracker was off wich Barbra noticed from her computer

Barbra: Wait a it's just stopped.

Lex nodded to himself but he wan't done yet....he then......looked up on something on Superman......for traces of his DNA

Of course, Bruce would’ve stored separate files on all members of the Justice League and Teen Titans; a thought he didn’t relish but a necessary precaution put in place in the event that any of them would be turned to the other side….

….willingly or otherwise.

But given Lex’s failed attempts to do away with the Man Of Steel himself, the fact he actively looked it up on his own out in the opening where his Regime brethren could willingly see him at any point….

….brought to light how deeply sewn his intentions were to help the right side win, to help win this war. But whatever needed to be done required Superman's DNA in his twisted, multimillionaire mind.

Making a hasty effort with this, he takes whatever strands of data he could steal and uploaded it back to his own main computer at his lab at LexCorp.

And just in time too, for as soon as he turned back around, Huntress’s body is flung over in his direction. He’s barely able to get out of the way before Helena’s body collides with the computer, crackling Sparks everywhere and shorting out its electrical output.

A pretty nasty bump to take regardless, Helena is left sliding off off the keyboard down to Lex’s level, her right hand squarely covering her left shoulder.

The sight from afar looked painful for Montoya, forcing her to come to her lover’s aid.

Upon feeling out her shoulder, Montoya noticed some tension in her left shoulder. As the shoulder is made up of three bones and those bones are joined together by soft tissues to form a platform for the arm to work, the injury looked rather serious, from a hands-on approach.

Her clavicle or collarbone was shattered.

Montoya: You’re injured.

Huntress: I’ll be fine. Dealt with the proxies?

Turning her attention towards a now lingering Lex, he only nods at them both.

Huntress: Good.

Montoya: You better get the hell out of here.

She emphasizes that nod for him to go by shooting her gun over at Terra, who easily blocks the bullets with a Boulder shield. With two attacks on her at once, she turns back towards a charging Red Robin and attempts to slap him back with the boulder.

Instead, he slides up underneath her and plops a Snap-Flash on the sole of her left foot. Soon as he rolls back to his feet, he fires his Batclaw over at her.

Gripping her by the collarbone, he telescopes the wire back to her and clotheslines Terra inside out….just in time for the Snap-Flash to explode, clouding her in a miniature cloud of smoke.

The smoke has a way of revealing the air, making artistry of its swirls and flow. It twirled skyward as if the wisps were dance partners of ancient myth and it disoriented Terra rather quickly. Stumbling through the thick blanket of mist, she was forced to adapt…

….shifting her eyes into a bright distorted gold, serving as her lenses of a tactical vision, barely highlighting enough of the structure of the Watchtower and its inhabitants in earth-like

Little did Tim know that the smoke also disoriented Gordon’s view of vision as well. Unable to see properly, it forbid the Commissioner from continuing beating down on Cyborg forcing him to actually stand back up and away from the window.

Once more, his cancer continued to bite him with those cancerous cells obstructing the airways in his lungs, rendering him unable to move and perform. The opportunity finally arose for Cyborg to finally make a move, lurking as a silhouette through the smoke.

Gordon sees him but is unable to move quick enough to counteract an incoming quadruple punch from Cyborg, using his two extra cybernetic limbs to proficient use.

The blow does launch Gordon across the floor, a view which Terra catches to her misfortune. But please make that shit sundae a double because the next sight that Terra is forced to take in left her dumbfounded; her speech silences itself in reverence to the visual displayed.

Slade’s body was missing.

Terra: Oh you—BASTARDS! Slade’s gone!

Cyborg: Wait, what?

So focused she and Cyborg were on taking care of the intruders and worrying for Lex’s safety, they completely took their eyes off of the ball. Even more so, they were unaware that Lex had shut down their attempt at getting a lockdown on Oracle or the Insurgency base.

And at that moment, the two distracted combatants might as well have already been trounced and gotten the better of.

Terra's eyes catch another silhouette dashing through the smoke....

....and in an instant, the figure is left dashing towards both of them, knocking Terra back with all the force that normally comes with a heavy baton strike while also blowing back Cyborg with a proximity bomb.

Out steps a rejuvenated Slade.

Slade: Have you forgot what I thought you?

Terra: You----

Terra nearly struck but Slade countered her forcing her on the wall and knocking her out

Slade: You were a worthy apprentice. But an ungrateful brat.

Back at DC it was utter chaos the Javelin 7 finally made it and Flash and Shazam saw in shock of the chaos before them

Billy: Oh my stars and guarders.

Flash: Going into stealth mode.

Flash turned on the stealth mode while flying above the battle

Superman approached closely to Kaliback who looked more scared of him noticing a darker side to him and rage in his eyes

Kaliback: You look-----you've never-----what's wrong with you?!

Superman said nothing as eyes lowered in pure rage


He launches at him and grabs Kaliback by the collar and throws a punch at him forcing him to roll over Kaliback tried to get back up but Clark kick him on the ground he then grab him by the head and headbutts him forcing back the ground with his face covered in blood

Superman grabs him again and uppercuts him sending him to the sky but hits an airplane busting off it' right wing


Diana leaped catching the plane with her bare hands with a little help.......

.....from Shazam teleporting there

Shazam: SHAZAM!

The plane was safely teleported safely to the ground as Diana landed on the heel of her boot with Billy landing beside her

Wonder Woman: You're suppose to be at Atlantis.

Shazam: You're welcome. Appreciate the gratitude.

Diana looked at him seriously and Billy instantly regretted his tone

Shazam: Sorry.

Through out the fighting and panicking Flash speeded through the crowds and found Clark still standing in the rubble ground

Flash: Clark?

Superman: Barry. What'd you doing here?

Flah: Arthur ixnayed the treaty but we got here as fast as we could. What's with the perademons? I thought we took care of them after Steppenwolf.

Superman: He was just a pawn. Kaliback too.

Flash: To who?

Superman: I'll tell you when this over you see any other way?

Flash: Other way of what?

Superman: Save these people the whole world......without killing these pera's. I've already gain back their trut but if I loose it again cause of what has to be done.......I have to know......if you think there's another way.

Flash looked around him he saw.......there was no other way knowing this would go against his better judgement given his last events during the last five years have started growing heavy on him after hi talk with Billy but he turned to the murdering man of steel......

......and nodded no

Superman: I didn't think so.

Flah: What'd you gonna do?

Superman: What has to be done.

Superman launched up like a missile the peoplee and the pera's looked up seeing him go

Superman made it all the way to space and then.....launched down traight down in full speed creating a massive heat wave through the hemisphere Superman merely became a giant fiery human meteor the pera' all shrieked in terror even Kaliback where he landed hard and soon saw and bolted his eyess in fear.......and then....


Crashing landing back to solid earth at well over the speed of tens of thousands of miles per hour, the energy of his re-entry equaled to that of an asteroid strike close to about 500 tons of exploding TNT.

The instant Superman collided back to ground zero, the instant his fist collided with the grassy terrain back at the White House, everything went to shit.

Flattening the area around him, the grass was weeded away, the tarmac peeled off and out, a community of buildings that stood tall together in the center around the home of one of the most powerful men in the United States, reflecting both the blue and the clouds of white-silver hue laid shackled and whittled away. Nothing but rubble and dust and debris and blood circled around that circular depression of a crater Superman caused.

The rock around the crater is ruched like a ball gown, but harder and more rough than what was left of the concrete on the road that leads back to what was left of the town and the White House. Kal couldn't bring himself to open his eyes beyond his re-entry. It'd bring back harrowing memories of an earlier time: Senator Finch's committee in Washington D.C a decade and a half ago.

The trial resulted in the deaths of Mercy Graves, Wallace Keefe, Senator Finch, and everyone else there, all except him, leaving him swelling in guilt, self-doubt, mortified, and heartbroken over his lack of preparation beforehand to prevent it beforehand. It was that hesitation that got people killed...

....and here he was, detached too far from grace and with no other viable options left, forced to willingly sacrifice more innocents to put the screws loose to a formidably stubborn opponent.

He knew any civilians standing alongside the blast radius were demolished.

He knew the President was dead.

He knew the Parademons nearby weren't as lucky.

Only people he knew had survived the ordeal were Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam, and Kalibak himself.....

....the latter of whom Kal could see upon finally opening his eyes, seeing the young, brash 'immortal' New God literally buried amongst all the dirt and rubble within the crater he was in.

Superman approaches the New God sternly like a despondent parent, taking ahold of his long hair sticking out from the leveled Earth and dragging him up out of the ground as more rocks and pebbles fly everywhere. The first-born of Darkseid is woozy following the crash-landing from his opponent, disoriented from the utter lengths Superman was willing to go to to get the job done.

Having had enough of taking the beating, Kaliback tried to fight back, shrugging Kal’s hand off his hair and uppercutting the Man Of Steel with as much force as he could.

But Superman didn't move.

Kaliback: You stand still?

Methodically stepping towards him, Clark’s imposing aura frightens his opponent, scurrying away as much as he could. A horrified Kalibak can only stare at the approaching Superman, surprised by how much the Man Of Steel HAD changed prior to the past five years.

Enraged, Kalibak hits back with an incredibly powerful blow to the jaw, but only manages to draw a single line of blood from Superman’s mouth, otherwise failing to affect him, shocking Kalibak.

Kalibak: NAAAARGH!

Unfazed and desperate, he attempts to strike again but Superman catches his punch with no effort.

Superman: You think you can come to MY world, slaughter innocent people, and not answer for your crimes?

Kalibak: Darkseid will—

Superman: No. Daddy isn’t here for you to hide behind.

He then breaks his hand in response, snapping it sideways.

Kalibak doesn’t even get time to retaliate back as Superman bombarded him with body shots to the chest. He dodges another punch from Kalibak and goes back to the body before kneeing him in the face.

Woozy and barely standing from the onslaught of assault, Kalibak barely sees Supes coming as he immediately grabs and holds him up by the neck with force.

Superman: I’ve let creatures like you live before.....but no more. No more mercy for cancer posing as men.

That doesn’t stop Kalibak from futilely choking.....

Kalibak: You c-can’t.....Hng......kill me. I’m immortal......I’M A GOD!

Superman: I.....

He uppercuts him straight up through the air, follows him up and chucks him straight down to the concrete.

Superman: DON’T......

Seeing him crash land on the terrain wasn’t enough. He bolted down towards him only for Kalibak to BARELY cover himself as The Man Of Steel SLAMMED DOWN on the top of his head with a double axe handle, burying him into the ground and contorting his body in the most uncomfortable position possible.

Superman: CARE!!!!!

On the final blow, Superman puts so much ferocity behind his axe handle that the combined force he displays ends up crushing Kalibak's head under his fists and splitting his skull, effectively and IMMEDIATELY killing him.

Guess he wasn’t all that immortal after all.

Exhausted and drained of most of his energy, Clark could only sit back and bask in the sight in front of him: Kalibaks head crushed and embedded deep within the concrete with his body contorted outwards as if he was leaning.

After wiping the blood from his mouth, Superman turns to hear screeching above him.

All of the other Parademons who were sent on him and those who were left around him were beginning to disperse as ANOTHER boom tube appears and cracks through the sky, sucking them all through the hole and back home.

Superman: No more......

That sight would’ve made for disastrous viewing, had Gordon and company been watching all of that from a measly distance away.

Thank God they had other matters to attend to back up at the Watchtower, with both potential grievances having been long since dealt with. Slade had been lucky to be in stable enough condition to block out the pain from being tortured hours earlier to dish back that same punishment towards Cyborg and Terra….

….thus thwarting Victor’s plan on getting obvious whereabouts on the Insurgency’s hideout, thanks in part to Lex playing smart and deleting the proxies sent out to track Oracle while everyone was distracting.

But what exactly has that cost him? Cost everyone else there?


Both Tim and Montoya rush over to Gordon’s aid, the latter slowly rolling back over to his knees and elbows planking against the marble floor unwillingly. All Lex and Helena and Slade could do was watch on, helpless to stop the inevitable.

Hacking up more blood, it was more evidence of Gordon reaching the point of no return. The tumor growing, spreading, consuming him, squashing the very organs that worked to sustain it……had reached its climax.

Gordon: Are....the traces....??

Huntress: Shut down. Your daughter’s safe.

Gordon: Th--thank god....

Lex: Jim. I did try and warn you what the pill would do. But you still took it, regardless?

Gordon: What choice did I have? It was either me.....or her.

All Lex could do was look back in despair; the same with Huntress reflecting that same solitary emotion seeing Montoya close to losing her closest friend.

Even Slade couldn’t help but reflect a silver of gloom on his behalf, taking note of Gordon’s perseverance and courage.

There was hope before. Just a tiny flicker against the wind. With the open eyes of a child Lex reached out for help, fingers extended. At that moment Gordon had a choice of kindness or cruelty; it took no time at all for him to decide.

And in that understanding, he willingly sacrificed everything to protect his only daughter and the world she inhabited.

Gordon: Can you…..give me—give me a minute?

There was the bell toll: the instant Lex and Helena knew it would be the last time feasting their eyes upon the Commissioner. But in doing so, looked across at each other and nodded in unison.

With Slade in tow, he led the way slowly granting his request alongside Lex and Huntress, walking out of the room and back to the teleporter.

Tim and Montoya don’t budge an inch; they stay beside him, kneeling down to his level, knees first before sitting crisscross beside him.

In the end, it wasn’t dying that scared Gordon but pain. If he didn’t wake up in the morning, he’d know nothing of it.

His affairs were in order, his wife gave him some of the best years of his life and vice versa. Barbara was as provided for as she is ever going to be, surrounded by an army of friends committed to raising her like besotted aunts and uncles…..just like him. Gordon remembered grieved for the loss of life he endured all this time, how one interview from an eight-year-old boy who just saw his parents gunned down changed his perception of everything…..

The days his facade would break and he’d cry until his eyes ran dry and chest heaved violently.

Montoya: James?

The Commissioner wanted to see her daughter grow to be a woman and be as good as her father….but better. Now it was no longer her lot, having accepted that the Lord has called him home before he was ready to come. Long has he stopped asking “Why me?” Long has he stopped raging at God.

So now was his last chance to kiss the beloved people who have graced his life and go to Him.

Red Robin: Jim?

He was ready.

Gordon: I’m—I’m….ready.

His words splintered inside of Tim and Montoya, causing more pain than the cancer that was killing him. Terminal. Hospice. Comfort care only.

Looking at him made the agonizing revelation that much more hard. He was skin and bones, pale as a ghost, face barely masking the ordeal inside all while his body self destructed, day by day.

He stares over at Tim weakly, delicately in peace before holding out his hand.

Detached by sheer dejection and woe, Tim hesitated to go through the motions. His hand shaking, he removes his earpiece from the left ear and places it in his hand.

Gordon was only able to wearily bring himself up to his knees now as he was able to stare out of the windows and bask in the glorious sight of the never-ending vacuum of space. Being immensely close to Earth just made the sight from above all the more beautiful to him.

With very few minutes left before his cancer completely chokes out his oxygen and kills him, he knew he had to make one last call to make.

Via earpiece.

Gordon: Oracle?

A few seconds later.....


Gordon: I’m at the Watchtower. Cyborg’s been dealt with; Lex and Huntress are on their way back to you.

And what about you, Commissioner Gordon? Robin? Montoya?

This time, it takes him a few seconds to answer back.

Can we speak on a closed channel? Please?

Going through with his wishes, Barbara changes the channel and switches it to a closed line so she and he could speak alone.

That way, it’d be easier to let it all out.

Barbara: Dad?

Barbara. I wish you could see this.

Gordon: It looks so beautiful from up here. The seas, the land, the vegetation, EVERYTHING. You can’t see any fear or violence or hatred. It’s just.....calm.

What are you saying?

Gordon: a criminal, nothing more, nothing less. He can’t be allowed to hold all of THIS in his hands.

We won't let him, Jim.

He could recognize that voice.

Gordon: It’s good to hear your voice, Batman.

Bruce:’s Bruce.

Gordon: No, it isn’t. It was never JUST Bruce, was it?

Bruce: No, it wasn’t.

You know, you see a lot in this job, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. But I'll never forget taking a witness statement from an eight-year-old boy who'd just seen his parents gunned down.

Bruce: You were kind, Jim.

You know, I was thinking; I may never get a chance to tell you say how grateful I am for you. We're the same, Bruce. We'd do everything for our family.

Bruce: I’m grateful. It’’s been an honor to serve Gotham with you.

Thank you, Bruce.......for everything.

Something about the way that statement came out gave Bruce a pause for concern. He could only hope that he wasn’t doing what he thought he was doing.

But Barbara looked more worried than Bruce was. She had to strain herself to keep herself from letting loose any tears.

Barbara: Dad, listen. I just contacted Cash. He’s standing by. Just have Tim and Montoya get you to the teleporter and—

I’m sorry, Barbara.

Barbara: For what?

Leaving you behind again......but you’re strong. You’re brave. And you’re a total original. You always have been. Please, stay strong. The Insurgency needs you. And when the time comes......your mother will......Your mother will be waiting for me. I'll be seeing her again soon......

That brief confession erupted Barbara from the inside. Now the tears were beginning to flow.

Barbara: Dad? Please......don’t do this to me.

I love you, Barbara......and I’m sorry I have to say goodbye.

Bruce: Jim.....

The line immediately cuts off. There’s now nothing coming from over on the other side.

Bruce: Jim?

Still gazing out into the void of space and down on his beloved home on his knees, Gordon, quickly exhausted and barely functional prior to the pill finally increasing the state of his cancer to disastrous effects….

….drops the earpiece.

Gordon collapses onto his back, unable to move and growing limp and immobile. Montoya was lucky to scooch up underneath him, letting his head rest on her lap. Tim lies a single hand on his shoulder.

Speaking his final words to his oldest ally......

Gordon: Batman.....I guess I.....I guess I get to—disappear on you for once.

.....his lungs and his heart finally give out on him as he chokes on his final breath.

The commissioner of Gotham quietly passes away on the Watchtower, content in knowing his daughter and city were safe.


Barbra tried and tried calling and calling out for her father but the silent response was too obvious to Bruce as Barbra kept trying Bruce placed his hand on her shoulder drawing her to turn her head to him

Bruce: Barbra.......I'm sorry......but.....he's gone.


Bruce: Barbra!

She turned turned her head again to him and the silence.......says it all and Barbra now drew tears herself and cried hugging Bruce

Bruce comforted her thinking back to all the times he spend with Gordon when Gordon comforted him as a boy when his parents were murdered when he use to chase him during his earliest times as Batman and the pat 20 years of all the caes they solved together

Bruce: Goodbye Jim.

Back in DC it was a giant crater from the explosion countless casualties (Including the President) but were a handful of survivors but a the foggy dust slowly cleared Superman and the rest of the Regime emerged catching their attention

After one moment of silence the crowd slowly cheered it wa faint and low but got louder and louder and LOUDER

Clark then for the firt time in five years......grew a smile knowing he won back teir trust

The Vice President came out of the crowd ran up to Superman and lifted his arms up without hesitation


The crowd cheered louder and chanted his name


Clark raised both his hands up smiling wider Diana grew a grin folding her arms all satisfied but Barry and Billy were just confused after everything that happened from this

As for the Insurgency in the batcave seeing this on tv just pissed Dinah off even more seeing them cheer on her husband's killer just was limited of how she took it especially for Kori

Dinah: IDIOTS! They forgotten what he really is......MURDERER!

Alfred: Ms. Drake try to calm down.

Dinah: How can I calm down?! Now those bastards will believe anything that son of a bitch says! We are in deep shit! Superman is gonna point out we're the fucking criminals and they'll believe it!

We've always been criminals

Everyone turned to see Bruce walk back in

Bruce: All of us. It just only matters what crime we stop the real crime. They know it too even Clark. As I said long ago.....nothing's changed.

Rachel: But this time it has Bruce. We're now likely to be the most hated and most wanted on the planet now.

Bruce: Clar'ss won thi fight yes. But it's not gonna stop us from winning the war. Cause we just had another loss. Jim's gone....

Everyone froze in shock especially Alfred and worried for Barbra

Kori: And where's Barbra?

Bruce: She's murning right now. And needs to. Cyborg nearly hacked hi way into her systems to find us but.......Gordon died stopping him.

Dinah: What was he thinking? He was sick he wasn't suppose to------

Bruce: His daughter was in danger Dinah. You should know that better than anyone.

She faced down knowing she wouldd do the same for her son

Bruce: Later tonight when everyone is here......I'm calling in a meeting.

Bruce: Hopefully.....something that will help us end this war.

No point in waiting.

The voice draws Bruce and everyone else’s attention in the room towards the back entrance by the waterfall. Huntress, Montoya and Red Robin is left methodically pacing up the stairs before coming face to face with everyone in the room.

Lex and Slade were nowhere in sight. The latter was understandable; a man who was used to working solo with no exceptions whatsoever. Lex though……the same could be said.

Nobody was ready to quit mourning for the beloved Commissioner but especially Barbara. Poor Ms. Gordon, all of this time, all of these years almost mentally isolated from her father only to find out he knew her secret all along….

….and then lay down his life for her after a long battle with cancer.

Turbulent, Tim was left removing his cowl, his eyes crippled with anguish and rage. Now was not the time to disrupt his girlfriend.

Tim: We need to end this, Bruce. NOW.

No use in arguing with that. Luckily, for Bruce, it didn’t matter that not everybody was here. It was more than enough for what he had planned.

All that mattered now was how much time they had left to put an end to it all.

Bruce: There is ONE more alternative that I have in mind.

Tim: I smell Plan.

Helena: Well, THAT helps justify it.

Bruce: During my first encounter with Clark eight years ago, I stole some samples of Kryptonite from Lex back when I thought he was a threat. Most of the weapons I used against him were put to good use.....


Bruce: All but one.

Eyebrows shot up.

Tim: But one?

Dinah: You didn’t use them all?

Bruce: I saved the last one in storage in case I ever got desperate. It’s the only weapon I have left to take down Superman. A Kryptonite-based laser that—

Rachel: Hold on.

He gets interrupted.

Rachel: ANOTHER Kryptonite weapon? If you kill him, you’re no better than he is.

Montoya: Why? Clark ripped away someone important from all of us. It’s only fair if he returns the favor.

Tim: Except that’s exactly what he wants. Besides, he didn’t say kill. It’ll only incapacitate him, nothing more.

Montoya: Then update the damn thing. Better yet, use the golden one.

Tim: Not a chance in hell.

Montoya: Why the hell not? They think we’re the enemies either way; why not use that as a catalyst and press forward? Isn’t the smallest chance at victory enough of a reason to keep going?

Helena: But we’re not like him.

Montoya: It’s just ONE death.

Brief silence erupts.

Anger was really taking over Montoya cause she was ALREADY sounding like Superman now of taking a life for the benefit of others.

Tim: It always starts with just one. But once you justify it, you can do it again and again and it becomes easier.

Kori: Renee. Control yourself.

She just stands there rather defensively, breathing heavily as Helena comforted her as best she could

Helena: This isn’t just Gordon talking, ok? We miss him just as much as the next guy....and goddamn it, I miss Dick just as much. Just as much as Kori does. But we’re on the wrong side of the law here and it’s the wrong time and place to let emotions get the better of us.

She kinda had a point.

Bruce: The weapons at Arkham Asylum. The only issue.....I need your DNA to unlock it. All of you.

That just raised eyebrows at him, with confusion spreading across the room.

Bruce: When I build the contingency plans for the Justice League I needed to make sure Superman would never find it if he ever lost control. Our DNA can unlock the seal that blocks his X-ray.

Barbra: And why would you have it hidden in Arkham? It's been condemned since Joker took over the Asylum. Plus Superman's had it under locke down.

Bruce: Victor's tech can easily be decrypted. All though once it is he'll sure to know and inform Superman so we'll have to be in and out once we get to the cave.

Rachel: A bat cave? Under Arkham Island?

Barbra: I aid the same thing.

Bruce: I built it years ago. It's best to plan ahead for situation like this.

Helena: How did you manage to keep this a secret? Especially from Superman?

Bruce: It's me. Remember?

Helena: So you think this weapon can kill Superman?

Bruce: I didn't say "KILL" you did. Raven's right killing him we're no better. No it'll only incapacitate him. Stun him long enough for me get him to a red solar security cell nothing more. The weapon's in the batcave at Arkham Island. I need your DNA to unlock it. Any quetions?

Tim: Yeah where exactly is the batcave at Arkham?

Bruce: Dead Man's Point. It's been a favorite suicide location on Arkham Island for over 100 years. I once saved an unfortunate inmate from leaping off the rocks below. I found a cave entrance there and Lucius helped me move a number of supplies there. It's a regular home away from home.

Kori: And why does our DNA only unlock it?

Bruce: I sealed it in a slab that's too thick for Superman to x-ray on.

Barbra: Great so we get the weapon we can finally stop the son of a bitch.

You'll need all the help you can get then.

Everyone turned to the door to that voice and who entered......was the king of Atlantis himself which alarmed everyone

Kori: What is this?!

Tim: How are you even alive?!

Bruce: At ease. What'd you want Arthur?

Arthur: Believe me I rather not be here either.......but believe it or not.....I've come to finally pick a side.

Rachel: Hardly sounds like you. You didn't pick a side for the last five years.

Arthur: Well I couldn't ignore it after Flash and Shazam tried to force me to sign a treaty to allow Superman take my city.....he forced our hand.

Barbra: Our?

Who came in behind Arthur was King Shark which really alarmed the brave rebels even Bruce

Bruce: King shark!

Arthur: He's with me. King and I formed a truce five years ago to build a strong my armies and his pack now work in numbers.

King Shark: But I guess it's not enough. But unlike most of the Suicide Squad I never indulged in law breaking. Waller doesn't even subspect her own pet shark now serves under Atlantis.

Tim: Aaaaand you talked in a full sentance.

King Shark: I had lessons......from the Queen.

Arthur: But heed me Bruce. I'm only siding with you because it's the only way to stop Superman from taking over Atlantis.......after he's stopped or better yet killed.....the truce is over......I never want any of you surface dweller to set one one toe in Atlantis again.

Bruce: Fair enough.

Everyone at back down as did Arthur and King Shark stood there behind him and Tim was creeped out around him seeing a shark up cloe ever since Penguin's pet ice shark: Tiny from Arkham City

Bruce: Now here's what we'll do.....once I download the unlock codes to decrypted the tech locking down the Asylum Cyborg is sure to pick up the signal and inform Superman. So we'll have to be in and out. I'll contact Selina cae we need cover. Kori Rachel and Tim your DNA's are needed mot so stay close to me. and King will be our mussel there. Superman will surely have extra security we can't let anything stop u. Got it?

Everyone nodded

Bruce: Alright suit up.

Everyone but Barbra left the room consumed by the loss of her father she took one look at her paralyzed legs and clutched her fists with the only parent she had now gone.......she was not gonna sit this out

Barbra strolled to Bruce's desk took the office phone and dialed a number and called.......

Lex Luther.

Barbra: Lex it's me. I need your help.

A leap of faith was taken at that moment.

Her life these past six years or more, cooped up beside a losing team stuck strictly on life support, has been akin to sprinting through fog. All of her best efforts, while sensational towards many short-lived victories, never ensured a long-lasting shift in a war that really should not have happened. She had already earned her stripes and then some…..

….so if Lex could talk not to her of faith but actively supply another helping hand, his reputation as an unsung hero during this reign of terror would only skyrocket.

It didn’t stop the businessman and former CEO of LexCorp Industries from remaining skeptical about the task Barbara presented him with. It was equal parts bold, risky and suicidal.

An equally concerned Barbara took full notice of her actions, watching him ponder out the thought in silence all while she twiddled her thumbs in uncharacteristic impatience, her palms growing sweaty and her controlled breathing slightly breaking the pattern, growing more tetchy.

Having met up with him by LexCorp Research Park, it was apprehensive as all hell going through with this behind Bruce’s back. He wouldn’t have approved of this…..and technically, neither would’ve Jim.

But it was no longer up to any of them.

Lex: You don’t think that’s too high a price?

Barbara: I’m the only one who can take it.

Lex: Your rationale was never in question. It’s the risks I’m concerned about. If Gordon….

Barbara: Dad wouldn’t have stopped me; he want me to keep up the good fight if it meant we won. Your concern is appreciated, I really mean that…..but it’s not necessary. I’m ready.

Lex was left staring dead at Barbara, almost kneeling down to her level. He could tell she was just as apprehensive about this as him, but that is the most natural of emotions when we see an opportunity with the potential to bring back something special into our lives.

What's more, the emotion was mirrored in her soul, the sheer grit and sparkle reflecting in her eyes. This was a real moment, significant and potent. He was worried, yet he believed in her abilities and her passion; a testament to why Bruce made her a crucial element to their team in the first place.

If anyone can do this, it would be her.

Lex: All right, then…..

Unsuccessful in getting her to back out, it left Lex in a race against the clock. Since he’s still being rather useful as one of many of the Regime’s moles, frequent meetings with them were put in place and scheduled.

Superman is supposed to meet up with him in an hour. So no point in lallygagging.

Moving out from behind the revolving doors, it leads the both of them to one of Lex’s many labs. But as established in the Research Park of LexCorp, Luthor Technologies specialized in research and development into weapons, pharmaceuticals, robotics, computer hardware and software (LexComp), bio-engineering, fertilizer, preservatives, hydroponics, air conditioning, and other fields.

So he was living up to his namesake, alright.

Lex: For the sake of full disclosure, I was lucky to modify the formula ahead of time and design it to your specific needs. But it bears repeating saying that the science is….unpredictable.

Barbara: Worst case scenario?

Lex: Possible permeant neurological damage, complete spinal paralysis with no motor or sensory function, and, of course…..death? Are you ready?

She could only nod and shrug.

Barbara: When you put it that way……how can I say no?

She seized an opportunity, made the best of it in a dark time, and took it at the first hurdle.

A certain latitude that Floyd Lawton (Will Smith) did not receive or take equally as fondly as her.

The World’s Top Marksman, the man who never misses, the Exterminator himself was now mentally and financially crippled to the point of almost no return. And to think not all of his ‘fortunes’ pre-Metropolis was this murky.



Having joined the government-sanctioned Task Force X and having made some friends along the way, while on a mission in Midway City back in 2016, Lawton was tasked with the defeat of Enchantress, who built a doomsday device in the city, and her brother Incubus. His success with the mission served to reduce his prison sentence and allowed Lawton to regularly visit his daughter, Zoe.

Deadshot's success in helping shepherd Task Force X's maiden mission allowed ARGUS to arrange several more missions for the group, albeit composed of different combinations of members in certain missions. At least one member, the deceased Savant was known to have heard of the phrase "Suicide Squad" coined by Deadshot, referring to the name upon joining the team.

Everything changed though, following Metropolis.

When the Boy Scout snapped, Floyd remained as absent from the proceedings as possible, following the death of his ex-wife Susan and her boyfriend Darnell who just so happened to be in Metropolis around that same time. Despite his not-so-clean track record, he was, surprisingly, one of the only few “criminals” out and about in Gotham that were offered amnesty prior to Superman’s rise to power.

And for the sake of his daughter, he had to take it.

But he couldn’t stomach the thought of leaving her upon realizing it would leave Zoe all alone and susceptible to whatever Superman did next. Luckily, he didn’t have to lift many fingers to ensure her safety.

But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t come at a cost.

Having to move to Midtown City to stay anonymous, most of his days were reduced to excessive exercising, push-ups, sit-ups, more punching bags and occasionally sneaking out to rob whoever he could, desperate to put food on the table and get by. Since Superman effectively took away any and all assassination jobs, this was the best he was forced to do.

But not today.

The effort at doing so became more monotonous than the actual attempts made, with Floyd barely rocking himself up off the couch, legs first.

His eyes immediately shoot towards the window, while his hands dangle around the cross around his neck. From the window comes a refreshing flow of air, enlivening the senses and relaxing the breath….

….if not ever so slightly.

Suddenly, there was a knock at his door that not only startled him but made him point a pistol near the entrance.

Floyd: Who's there?

No answer.

Keeping his pistol up and cocking the hammer, he slowly trudges towards the doorway remaining cautious as ever. He peeked through the peephole and what he saw....

….made him lower his gun.

Unbolting the locks and opening the door, it was none other than the one, the only Amanda Waller (Viola Davis).

Floyd: Huh. ‘The Voice Of God’.

Waller: Of every location you could’ve hidden in, it had to be here?

Floyd: Plain sight, classic tactic.

He wasn’t exactly in the wrong there. Sometimes the obvious choice wasn’t always that obvious and understandably, it left Amanda a little embarrassed.

Nearly facepalming at the revelation of spending two and a half years trying to find ‘the Serial Killer who takes credit cards’ ended with her finding him at one of the bases of operations of the Suicide Squad’s more successful missions, Waller was understandably despondent to that.

Waller chuckles mildly, feigning laughing it off, and just waltzed right in, needless to say to Floyd’s priceless reaction.

Floyd: Did I say you can come in?

Waller: Be lucky it’s me coming in and not Superman.

Floyd: Fair point.

He shuts the door

Floyd: What'd you want Waller?

Waller: I have a job for you.

Floyd: Another Suicide Squad mission? Hate to burst your bubble Waller but didn't the Bat shut you down years ago?

Waller: Yes but Superman has forced my hand. He may not know but I believe his Regime is destroying everything I fight for. And I don't know if Batman will ever win this war given it's been five years but I don't intend to take chances Batman may try to stop me but.......if the Insurgency fail to stop squad maybe earth's last hope.....and finally fulfill what I originally build this team for. Even so.....there's a slight possibility Superman may come after you for this.....when he whipped out all of crime. And given he recruited an army.

Floyd: Whoa whoa whoa.....I know where you're going with' three reasons why I think that's a suicide more than your team of suicidal criminals. 1. SSuperman made it clear no more crime and murder or you get murdered. 2. I wa forced to retirement when he banned crime INCLUDDING assasination. And 3.......I'm trying to be better for my daughter her mother and.....her asshole of a boyfriend died in Metropolis and last thing she her father.....still doing bad and stupid things.

Waller: As much a I try to you really......want your daughter to live in a world.......that's a mad tyrant?

That's what made Floyd go silent

Waller: I know you mean well Floyd. And your daughter is the mai reason you did what you did. But be honest with me......are you really happy......with her under Superman's authority which is judge jury......if any mistakes.....are ever made?

Floyd: All I ever wanted......was Zoe to grow up without fear and.....violence. So part of me thanked Superman for that. But the other part.....never trusted him from the git go not even during the Zod invasion........

Waller: So.....just for your daughter's tink will....

Floyd wa in utter thought he wa scared where this will lead him and his daughter but knowing he doesn't want her to live in a world of a by a super powered tyrant......Floyd.....felt both regretful......and desperate......and soon he looked at Waller with determination

Floyd: Alright I'm in. Only cause there's some next level shit and I'm with that. But before you get to reboot me up know you choe me first so you reconize my skills. But after that I don't want no more anything to do with your top secret mission shit or nothing like that. Cool?

Waller: Cool whatever you say slick but I'll need to tell you something about all your skills.

And minutes after that Floyd suit up from gear to mak loaded weapons and from there........

......Deadshot returns

At Lexcorp in Luther's office Lex has been on the phone.......

.....with Barbra for hours

Lex: You sure you're fine Barbra? I am impressed that this worked. But why don't you want to tell Bruce yet? That's understandable but we can't afford further delays. Well do what you can but I recommend you don't hold this back further before......

Lex was soon interrupted by his speaker that buzzed

Mr. Luther. The High Councilor is here to see you.

Lex: not you Barbra. I'll talk to you later tonight. Something's come up.

Luther hung up on Barbra and replied on the speaker

Lex: Send him in.

A moment not too soon.....Superman entered the room

Lex: Ahh the man of the hour. Clark my friend how are you?

Superman: Good.....first time in years.

Lex: Please.....have a seat.

Superman set down on the sofa as Lex sat back in his desk

Lex: SSo my friend.....what do I owe the pleasure?

Superman: I need some information. When Victor reported about your......hostage situation he told me he......found a result of you finding traces of my DNA that was downloaded to your frequencies. May I ask what that' about?

Lex's heart skipped two beats fearing Superman might kill him there and then so he paused for thought.....and thought of a.....MILD lie

Lex: Actually.....something to help you stop the Insurgency.

Superman: How so?

Lex: I been working years to devolp a.....a cloning's something I been building long before.......the......tragidies......but since then I been working more ways to use it to help serve in the Regime.....I needed your DNA......because I been making army of yourself.

Superman: Like me?

Lex: I know I should have asked first but like you I want Batman and his rebels dealt with as you do I didn't had time to say at firt and got desprate.

Superman: I army of Supermen?

Lex: Exactly. It'll till take me a few weeks.

Superman: You'll figure it out. You always do.

Lex: Glad you think so.

Both Kal and Lex stood up and shook hands

Lex: Would you like to join us for dinner this weekend? Stephan has a new shipment of that Kansa beef.

Superman: I'd love to but I got my hands full at the moment. Maybe next time.

Superman was about to walk out.....but stopped to think and had to ak one question......

Superman: Your.....cloning don't could.....make another you?

There was brief silence before there was an answer back.

Lex: It’s possible, yes. But as far as I’m concerned, there was only ONE Lois.

Clark just chuckles it off briefly. But still the thought couldn’t leave him: what if this was the only opportunity to bring back the ONE thing that meant so much to him? What if he could regain what was taken from him?

Stolen from him?

Killed from him?

With this brief yet visible painful expression over his face, he brushes it off quickly and just walks out the room.

Once the coast was clear, Lex scrambles back to his computer and turns it back on. Lucky for him, the data regarding his clone DNA had fully been transferred onto the resounding data chip.

Data transfer complete.

He’s quick to pull the USB out from the slot and just stares at it before putting it into his pocket.

Over the time span of 10 minutes, he’s walking up the stairs and out onto the roof of his newly rebuild LexCorp building in the rebuilding of Metropolis. Basking in the cool air for only brief moments, he approaches the very edge of the roof where he saw he wasn’t alone.

Amanda Waller and Slade had been waiting for him.

He didn’t even have to acknowledge his presence to them as he just stares out into the sky, glueing his eyes deep at the barren moon

Lex: Beautiful, isn’t it?

Slade: The moon? Or it’s light shining off your bald head?

Lex: Glad to see you’re both onboard. I’m pleased you wanted to meet. So I suppose you’re ready to join our little club?

Slade: Business is bad. Being hunted is worse.

Waller: When the world is in all but in peril, sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

Lex: Even so, after so many refusals.....why now?

Waller: Preferably speaking, you and I have the same beliefs, Luthor: Superman thinks he’s above the law......and I intend to remind him that he isn’t.

Her reasoning made sense.

Lex: Slade.

The silence was deafening. But poignant as a recumbent Slade is forced to admit that he is only joining them because......

Slade: They made it personal.

On the other side back in Gotham, what really needs to be said about Bruce?

Being limited on backup plans and with his wings close to be clipped, he had very little chances on winning this war with the Regime. But he had one last alternative in store and now was the opportunity to act on his promise.

He had stored one of the last few Kryptonite weapons in his possession at arguably one of the most notorious shitholes in the country, an environment in which known inmates are known to escape from at least once a week.

Arkham Asylum.

A Victorian-style psychiatric hospital and sanatorium located within the suburban community of Somerset on the outskirts of Gotham City, the family estate turned medical treatment center for the terminally ill is dedicated to rehabilitating those considered too dangerous for normal prisons such as Blackgate Penitentiary or even Belle Reve.

Originally, Arkham Asylum was used only to house genuinely mentally ill patients, having no connection to Batman or his allies and developing to become a premium 500-bed psychiatric facility holding a range of individuals, but in more recent years, it has become infamous for holding the majority of the Dark Knight's adversaries, with almost every one of them ending up within Arkham at least once.

Only for them to break out just so Batman could put them right back in.

That long, gratuitous pattern was halted thanks to Superman’s no-nonsense totalitarian brutality. He almost caused the Asylum to shut down entirely but alas, no avail.

Perfect opportunity for the Caped Crusader to get in, find what he’s missing and get the hell out. But he wouldn’t be at it alone.

Dropping in from the roof, Red Robin, Black Canary, Huntress, Starfire and Raven followed suit, leaving Montoya as their eyes and ears on the outside to keep a close eye on the perimeter. Aquaman and Nanaue were primed at the ready from afar.

Her pistols at the ready, she perches herself by the edge of the building in a sniper-position.

Montoya: I’m at the ready.

We are go for extraction.

One by one, each member drops in from above, landing in the Penitentiary, the main incarceration area for the various deranged inmates of Arkham Asylum. It included a Main Cell Block for some of the most crazed patients on the island, an Extreme Incarceration area, and a Visitor's Center.

For Kori and Raven, it was their first time scouring the depths of this decaying confinement center. Passing by each cell told a different story.

Something rather disturbing…..but all of which pointed back towards the same trajectory. Apparently taking their liberty is not enough, keeping them from those they love is not enough, seizing our property to pay for their upkeep in the “maze” is not enough. This place was designed to take so much more than that. By the time a person has done even half their minimum sentence here they rarely recall their name and have lost most of their vocabulary.

For the most part, those who takes the most and gives it in this torture had their sanity shot, swinging between crying for the mothers and battling invisible demons.

The latter of which Raven knew all too well. Kori however was more vocal about this.

Starfire: Out of all the places, it needed to be here? Real subtle of you, Bruce. I’m surprised this wasn’t priority number one for Kal?

Huntress: Point taken. How DID you hide anything in here from Clark? Looks like he was pretty thorough in his searches.

Batman: He wasn’t kidding in taking care of all the ‘madmen’. Shortly after Dicks death, I called in Lucius with a favor. He brought packages of them here and I injected the walls of this facility with lead polymer. Even if Superman finds us here, he won’t suspect WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR.

Raven: Sounds environmentally SAFE.

Canary: Sure went through a lot of trouble.

Ignoring that last remark, Batman turns back the path ahead, switching his cowl to alter his eyes, activating Detective Mode. The blue layout caught wind of the stained, decaying architectural structure of the Asylum, highlighting multiple deceased inmates from the skeleton up to the muscle tissue.

Any medics that were there were highlighted in white.

All of them had been dead for years now; the bodies have all been decomposed by then.

However, the Detective Mode began to pick up a faint disturbance from the end of the room…..leading outside.

Following the signal, the others tailed behind him outside of the building and into the Botanical Gardens, perched alongside Arkham Mansion, one of the oldest structures on the Island directly beside Dead Man's Point.

Heading straight inside, they made it down to the basement via elevator, leading to another Batcave.

Batman: Neutralizing Superman was something that I knew I couldn’t handle alone. So I put the weapon in a vault that only opens by simultaneously sampling DNA from Superman's closest allies.

Red Robin: But they joined the Regime.

Bruce: With Ollie dead, J’onn vaporized, Zatanna AWOL and the others backing Superman’s insanity, that leaves the rest of you and your matching DNA.

The signal, sustaining a faint but audible heartbeat, grew louder and louder. Bruce eventually turned back to the wall on the far right.

Approaching the right wall in which his Detective Vision picked up the signal from, he gets a feel for the area, massaging over cardboard alongside the brick walls.

Batman: It’s behind here.

Turning off his Detective Mode, he then takes out his Explosive gel and just sprays a bat symbol on the weak structure of the stone wall.

The Dark Knight steps back and the rest stand behind him as he presses down the button on the gadget, triggering the gel to explode and completely rupturing the wall. While prices of ruble came crashing and flying all over the place, only one piece of ruble stood out from the rest.

It was oddly shaped but protruded enough to catch the eagle eye of Tim.

Red Robin: Wait. There, THAT one.

He picks up the rectangular rock.

Starfire: A rock?

Raven: You’re gonna throw a rock at Superman. Yeah, that’s BRILLIANT. I never would’ve thought of that.

Batman presses a button from his remote and out from the ground, the shape of a pentagon lights up with a laser, carving itself out from the ground. Opening itself up, the DNA scanner rose up from out the ground.

Sensing where this was going, Tim just placed the rock on top of the scanner.

Red Robin: Everyone gather around. Hands on the scanners.

Unlocking the weapon was only accessible via handprint of each member of the team. Each member had their own signature colors to identify themselves via DNA so they all gather around placing their hands on their separate section of the scanner.

Bruce had blue.

Tim had Red.

Dinah had yellow.

Kori had orange.

Raven had purple.

And Helena had.....

Huntress: Pink? Really?

Kori just shrugs.

Batman: Computer. Begin recognition scan.

Responding to Bruce's command, the computer scanned their palms and in several seconds, the rock on the scanner CRACKED like an egg.

Bruce whipped the shattered rock shards off, revealing a briefcase. He opened it, revealing three parts of a ray gun and a pure Kryptonite shard alongside it.

Raven: Artistically, I guess that WASN'T the rock you thought I was asking.

Canary: You know what they say: there’s more than meets the eye.

Bruce closes the case and he handed it to Helena.

Batman: Alright, let’s go.

Guys, come in!

The sudden cry of desperation piking in from the other side of comms drew everyone’s ire and concern but not as much as her lover. Helena quickly answers.

Huntress: Renee? You see anything?

Montoya: You’ve got hostiles incoming. LOTS of them.


The brave rebels stood together and the first to burt in the Arkham batcave was Bane Grundy and Catwoman who all stood together as well as the Insurgency

Still being the mole Selina had to act her part to make the Regime believe se was on their side o had to stay on top of that Batman had to make it convincing with his brutal greet

Batman: Bane Catowman and Grundy.

Catwoman: Hello Bruce. Still as handsome as ever.

Bane (Dave Batista): He esperado mucho tiempo para esto. (I've waited long time for this.) Now I break your back Bat-Man.....this time....PERMINANETLY.

Batman: Sorry Bane. But Superman beat you to it.

Batman threw a smoke bomb distracting the Regime members and the Inurgency pread and tok a villain at a time

Batman threw a smoke bomb distracting the Regime members amd the Insurgency spread and took a villain at a time

Batman went for Catwoman (To keep the cover going) Robin Raven and Starfire went for Grundy and Huntress took on Bane


Red Robin: Didn't know you were a hulk fan Grundy.

Raven: Azerath Netrian Zinthos!

Raven caught Grundy in her telekinetic grip as Starfire launched her starbolts which barely slowed Grundy down Robin truck with his baton hitting him multiple times wich hardly did any damage

Huntress shot her bow at Bane only end up catching the arrow with his bare hands

Bane: Foolish child. I was trained by the great Ra's Al Ghul. Your pitiful human weapons are meaningless to me.

Black Canary: Oh yeah? How bout a bird call?

Dinah yelled out her bird call wich stunned Bane enough for Huntress to shoot another arrow cutting off one of Bane's tubes but not enough to leave him weak he charged grapping Dinah covering her mouth and about to knock her lights out only for Huntress to climb on top of him and pull another tube off but still barely weakening him he had two more left but still dropped Dinah

With Bruce and Selina she launched her whip for Batman to counter them to make it more convincing she soon pinned him to a wall enough time to whisper

Catwoman: Did you get the weapon?

Batman: Yes. Now you get the weapon?

Batman: Yes. Now you just need to capture me.

Catwoman: Few more rounds first. Just so you know not enjoying this as I did the other night we spent together.

Batman: Less talk more fighting.

They kept on

A knee to Bane’s face and a flip later, Dinah is behind his back, staring down his precious venom supply. Not much time is taken to do anything about it, as Bane attempts to backslap Black Canary away with no avail.

Backflipping away, Canary left Robin ample opportunity to telescope his staff outwards. Swinging upwards around Bane’s left arm, he boots Bane across the face…..only for the behemoth to big boot him across the chest and knock him down. The distraction worked well enough for Huntress, shooting four arrows out from underneath him.

Telescoping out to the wall, the arrows wrap around his legs and tie him down momentarily. It was long enough for the Birds to take turns wailing on him… mild success.

Kori and Raven had better luck with the giant zombie brute, leveling him with constant punches and blasts to the face. Most of them mildly irritated the former Cyrus Gold who slapped away Starfire, only to do the same to Raven.

But he misses as she phases through his hand.

Reappearing mere seconds later, Raven pushes him back telepathically all while his feet skid amongst the gravel. Not done yet, she is made aware of Grundy's increased frustration, waddling his way towards her. Raven is lucky to emit a powerful bolt of energy that hurls Grundy away from her....

....long enough for Starfire to swoop in and lift Grundy up off his back to hurdle him through the roof of the Batcave and out the door of Arkham Mansion, leaving both of them in the Botanical Gardens.

Grunting mildly, the concussive impact of hurdling through a building barely left Grundy phased at all. If anything, Starfire was wondering the extent of damage this former killer-turned-living legend could take.

And that is where she made a mistake.

Looking away from her opponent, Wonder Woman and Black Adam were already here in the same vicinity as her, staring down at the Tamaranian.

Starfire: You….

Black Adam:….let your guard down at your peril.

Adam swooped down, attacking Starfire dragging her face among the floor before swooping her into the open wall. Kori was barely able to put some offense on Adam with a backfist and a headbutt. But another headbutt later and Kori’s on the ground.

However, thanks to the massive hole Grundy left out the Batcave and through the mansion, Robin and Raven were able to catch notice of Adam and Diana’s arrival. Swooping in, Diana quickly knocks Tim down as she sprints down to the Batcave….

….leaving the Titans against Teth-Adam.

Red Robin barely knocks Black Adam off Starfire before flipping over him and blowing him off with a Snap-Flash. Blinded by the brief flash, Raven puts her telekinesis to use, slamming him aside to the other side of the building.

Reacting quickly, Raven phases pipes through the walls and just casts them at him, only for him to cast them back.

She barely dodges the pipes but distractions get the better of her, as she’s quickly caught by Adams lightning. Since his beams had increased much further then how normal intends to blast at sometimes, there was no limit as to WHERE they would hit.

Because of that, some of the lightning hits the red gem on her forehead. This forces down her to the floor.

But it didn’t destory or shatter the gem.

It actually seemed to absorb Black Adam's magic, which within, only increased whatever power was stored in there. Not to mention the potential inner demon in her left by her father, Trigon.

Suddenly...…she hears laughter.

Raven was stunned down falling flat on the ground with the titans aiding her

Raven was stunned down falling flat on the ground with the titans aiding her

Red Robin and Starfire (Both): RAVEN!

They tend to her as Black Adam hovered above them and Starfire had to hold him off

Starfire: Tim get her somewhere safe Ill keep Adam busy.

She launched herself pounding Black Adam across the gardens as Robin tended to her he lifted Rachel up but she opened her eyes bright......RED which scared Tim enough to back up

Raven was in some kind of trance for her voice was deep as she spoke under those red eyes

Raven: Hatechred shall rule. Rage shall consume you.

Red Robin: Raven.....your can't be......

Raven: What's the matter boy afraid of the dark?

The demonic tranced Raven came at Robin to attack but he threw a taser grenade at her stunning her with the electricity snapping her out of it her eyes turn back to normal and she fell on the flour again with Tim tending to her again

Red Robin: Raven?

She stirred as her eyes opened slowly showing them at their normal state

Red Robin: Why didn't tell us?

Raven: I----I.....

Red Robin: Don't be afraid. Just tell me if it's true. Is it-----?

Raven: Yes. Trigon......has returned.

Back in the batcave Wonder Woman came through the hole that that wa busted through earlier by Starfire and Grundy and just in time to see Helena and Dinah hold Bane off the last minute and reached the last two tubes pulling them all off at once

Bane let out a roaring bellow a he fell to the ground Canary and Huntress turned to see Diana approaching them with eriousnes in her eyes

What Dinah saw in her.......was a tyrant just a reponsible for her husband's murder given she's rebound to the real killer and was there when it happened

Wonder Woman: The woman who lived.

Black Canary: Meet the woman who kills.

She draws her sword

Wonder Woman: Only when the situation requires it.

Black Canary: Save your breath bitch this is payback Diana.

Wonder Woman: For what? One of your ballroom brawls?

Black Canary: More like a back ally beatdown.

Wonder Woman: Green Arrow was just as aragonite.

Black Canary: That's what made him more handsome. More than your boyfriend.

The Rogue Amazon lunged for Dinah to make her bird call at her forcing her to drop her word and Huntress smacked Wonder Woman back

Batman and Catwoman continued their "fight" making it as real a possible but suddenly......Selina felt under the weather which caught ruce off guard when she.......

.......dropped on her knee and......THREW up

Batman broke hi cover and showed concern luckily for them Wonder Woman was distracted by the birds of prey

Batman: Selina? Selina are you alright?

Catwoman: Yeah. I don't know what that was. Or where it came from I just don't feel good.

Batman: Pin me down.

Catwoman: What??

Batman: DO IT!

Doing as he said Selina kicked him off his feet and pins him to the flour which soon Diana shrugged Dinah and Helena aside and saw Catwoman had her own dark knight in shinning armor pinned down on the flour

All though Diana still had no love for Selina she was satisfied the leader of the Insurgency was finally captured

Wonder Woman: Excellent work Kyle. Maybe you're worth something after all.

Catwoman could tell that was really an insult as she grabbed Bruce by the arm

Wonder Woman: On your feet Bruce. Let's go.

Batman: I don't think so Diana.

She punched him to knock him out which almost made Selina run at her but had to keep her cover she soon heard a Psst

Selina turned over and saw Helena kick the case containing the weapon Selina smiled and opened the case but......the weapon wa destroyed during the fight

Selina: Shhhhhhhhit!

Wonder Woman: Kyle! What did you find?

Catwoman: Uhh......

She closed it

Selina: Just a case. But it's highly locked.

Wonder Woman: Then take it to Lex. He'll pry it open. Move it!

Selina was just getting tired of Diana' demanding attitude even more when she forced Bruce up she turned back to the others who nodded at her and went with Diana and Bruce

Outside was much worse with Aquaman and Montoya

However, it was much worse for the latter.

With Diana, Adam, Bane and literally EVERYONE else who invaded the Asylum just downright avoiding her presence and ignoring her, it all felt way too simple to call it off as them simply not realizing she was there.

A tiny silver of her brain wanted to believe that but even for reconnaissance purposes, the wool couldn’t have been pulled over her eyes so easily; an assessment that Montoya would eventually be proved right about.

No rustling, no leaves blowing, nothing shivering up and around her body. Strangely enough, she had just noticed there’s no wind here. NO WIND at ARKHAM ASYLUM.

You can count on the back of your hand how many times the wind would blow through this house with a powerful passion, scattering old documents as if they were the leaves of fall and banging the doors as if they were its chaotic drum beat - the marching band of one without fingers or hands.

Tonight, no breeze at all. Too many red flags were going off.

Poised to aim at whatever or whomever she felt was lurking about, she takes the cartridge out from her pistol and rechecks. No powders released; still in form usage. Clicking the cartridge back in and pulling back on the hammer, she does eventually turn back around….

….only to be met with a chain, coated in beige-like yellow, fastened around her neck and wrists. Fastening quickly around her hands, Montoya’s unable to keep the pistol gripped for long and drops it.

There it lies, directly underneath the gaze of the Yellow Lantern, Hal Jordon. To make matters worse, Sinestro is right there alongside him, arms crossed and poised with sickening glee.

Montoya: Y-You wouldn’t—

Yellow Lantern: Back THEN, I wouldn’t. But for the sake of all that’s just and true—

Montoya: Spare me the—the ri-righteous bullshit, Jordon.

Not taking too kindly to that, passing the rein to Sinestro, HE now takes ahold of her and begins to choke her with his chain on her neck.

Sinestro: You will submit.

Montoya: Oppressing—yo—your home.....wa-wasn’t enough, Sinestro?

Sinestro: The One Earth government is similar to mine on Korugar. An alliance was logical. So for now I tolerate you humans.

Putting more pressure on the chain around her neck, Montoya was unable to speak out any magic words to save herself. While using Bruce’s Contingency plan on a regular human to their advantage was far from ideal, it would definitely succeed in putting the screws loose to Huntress, given how close she and Montoya had gotten.

What better way to do well away with one of the core Justice Leaguers and a Bird Of Prey?

Except for one issue.

They were missing one.

From the depths of the ocean bed miles away, a huge tidal wave suddenly shakes and stirs and shoots itself onto the surface with little to no sign of slowing down. Rupturing though houses and soaking the mainlands, it didn’t stop at all.

Hal was barely able to catch the disruption via his power ring.

Possible disturbance 2 miles away and closing fast.

Yellow Lantern: What?

But by the time he figured that out, it was too late.

The tidal wave immediately splashed down on both him and Sinestro, bombarding them with thousands upon thousands of pressure of water pressing against them.

Said tidal wave also knocks Montoya off the roof of the building, sending her into freefall for only a few seconds. The waves completely submerge all over her, soaking her in blue before they surprisingly, gently….

….placed her back down on solid ground. It left both her and the two Yellow Lanterns drenched. But there was more to the wave then Hal recognized.

Once the wave finally deformed and gave out significant space between her and the opposing forces, a shadow appears deep within the waves and out comes Aquaman, splashing all about.

Aquaman: Permission to come aboard?

No answer was needed. Montoya just nodded “Yes”.

Yellow Lantern: Arthur?

Sinestro: The “legendary” Aquaman. This just keeps getting better.

Arthur is quick to throw his trident at Sinestro but he blocks it with a shield and just plucks the trident aside. Arthur’s quick to bring it back however as he slams it through the ground, creating a lightning strike.

It barely distracts either of the Yellow Lanterns but that gives Arthur a chance to make his move on Hal.

Unfortunately, that left the mere human against Sinestro. Or so it would seem.

Sinestro: You’re hardly even worth vaporizing, love.

Montoya: Flattering. But you’ll rethink that in a second.

With no leeway, Montoya goes straight for the nutshot; no exaggeration, no delayed reaction, she firmly swings her leg for the fences in a vain attempt to get a cheap shot in.

No such luck as the Korugar totalitarian leader simply removed himself from her field of vision before sweeping her up by the legs with a single hand brush, turning her inside out.

And then comes a formatted machete aimed down at her head, which Montoya avoids.

Another slash with the machete aimed at her arm was necessarily avoided. In that short timeframe, dipping under his arm, Montoya boots him square across the face and rolls back to a vertical basis. Recovering, Montoya goes for a roundhouse which Sinestro easily blocks….

….and then smacks Montoya back towards the fence, her back and shoulders grazing the metal as she exclaims loudly, feeling out any potential injuries.

In comes Sinestro in her sights, his ring formulating his machete into two armored gauntlets, one for each hand as he approached the discombobulated Montoya with malicious intent in mind. She was right about one thing.

She did force him to change his mind on killing her.

Sinestro: Lucky you. Guess you get to die by my hand after all.

Montoya doesn’t say anything to that. She just smirks, uncharacteristically throwing Sinestro off. Regardless, it wouldn’t change the outcome as Sinestro lunged forward, intending for his gauntlet to completely break through her face and his fist….

….just phases through her. No luck on actually getting his gauntlets to make any contact with the GCPD veteran. Trying again, no such luck.

He even went as so far as to switch up his arsenal and even formulating back to the chains again…..still nothing on actually trying to grip her.

Montoya: Presto. Dnilb (Blind).

A sudden flash of light blinds Sinestro immediately, not so much to where it forces him back but it does distract him. In those lights his retinas became flooded and all he saw was white, bathed so bright that our eyes take a moment to adjust. Sometimes light can be so similar to the dark.

Yet in a few moments more he could see, the blindness quite resolved.

Out from the blinding light…..and out of Montoya’s body…..Zatanna emerged, portraying a clever use of astral projection and chirpy with an elegant smile over her face, flipping the hat over her head.

Zatanna: Miss me?

Zatanna cat her wand to stun Sinestro which also caught both Hal and Arthur off guard then Zatanna turned to them and casted at Hal striking him down

Aquaman: Zatanna.

Zatanna: Thank me later your highness.

Out of no where Aquaman spotted Wonder Woman holding ghd unconcious Batman and she threw her sword at Zatanna without her nothing

She would have been a goner if Arthur hadn't jumped in the way and deflected the word off which Diana looked at him with a displeased look knowing he's fighting with the Insurgency instead of signing the treaty

Wonder Woman: You were suppose to sign that treaty Arthur.

Aquaman: And give away my kingdom to a surface dweller? Never!

Aquaman was about to attack but eeing Batman in Diana's grip Zatanna stopped him by grabbing his arm

Aquaman: What'd you----?!

Zatanna: We can't risk Bruce getting killed. He's the face of the Insurgency.

Wonder Woman: That's right. Surrender is your only option. Tonight Batman will face treason.....and the Insurgency will be crushed. And the Regime will be victorious.

Wonder Woman ordered an retreat and the Regime members have fallowed her all flying with Hal and Sinestro's ring powers carrying them except Adamn who flew himself

Catwoman however came to them with the other Insurgency members behind her with Robin holding Raven up with her arm around his neck and Zatanna was the first to notice the case in Selina's hands

Catwoman: Yes but bad news. The weapon's been destroyed.

Zatanna: Dammit!

Red Robin: Can it be fixed?

Catwoman: The Kyrptonite's still in tact. But the optical resoator is beyond repair. Even with Luther we don't have the recourses to build a new one before we can save Bruce in time.

Canary: Looks like we're gonna need help.

Starfire: But who?

Red Robin: There might be one way. While with the Titans Victor build a prototype weapon that matches the same brand design as the weapon. It could be what we need to stop Superman.

Starfire: That's right he did.

Huntress: Selina any idea where he keeps it?

Catwoman: Sorry no. Each time Victor asks me out I've alwayss rejected him. And he never told me. I don't even know if he told Superman.

Red Robin: Then we need to find him. Learn were he keeps it.

Canary: How you gonna do that huh? I know Victor is still your bud but it's not like he's just gonna hand it to you since he's in the Regime.

Red Robin: We'll do all we can. But we need to do it quickly caue sooner or later Superman' not gonna be our main problem.

tarfire: What do you mean?

Red Robin: Trigon's breaking free in Raven head again.

All: WHAT?!

Red Robin: Raven lost control earlier and almot ate me alive. I had to stun her but if we don't find that prototype or stop Superman now......we ALL loose this war.

Raven: Nothing can stop him.....nothing.....Trigon's.....inevitable.

Red Robin: Don't say that. Don't even think it. We stopped him before we can do it again.

Catwoman: Just get her back to the manor. I'll get the Kryptonite to STRIKERS that's where they're taking him. Meantime find that goddamn prototype.

Huntress: We're on it.

Selina ran into the shadow with the case and everyone counted out for everyone present only to notice.....Montoya wan't really here

Canary: Wait a minute where's Montoya?

Zatanna grinned widely

~The Fortress of Solitude~

Clark was watching the video of his and Lois's wedding that took place in the in the backyard of the Kent Farm Clark's emptiness consumed him more into the darkness looking at the happiest time of his life that took place only seven years ago

Clark shed a tear eeing them kiss at the ceremony and his grip clutched on the arm of his seat taring through it hearing the Joker's last laugh in his head

His thoughts was interrupted when a beeper of the communications went off Clark was both angry and furious of being interrupted he got up and answered

Clark: Yes?

Superman. Good news. We've captured Batman.

Clark's eyes widen with his long time enemy/friend now frenemy now in custody he felt the moment of the end of the war finally dawning before him the only question was......what was he gonna do to Bruce now?

Clark: I'm on my way.

Destination: Stryker’s Island.

An uninhabited prison island, located five miles west of Gotham City and 5 miles east of Metropolis, in between the two cities, it is Metropolis' largest prison facility, as well as the name of the island on which it sits. It is located in Metropolis' West River south of New Troy. In addition to housing some of the worst offenders that Metropolis has to offer, it is also designed to contain various super-powered individuals as well.

It was the set location where once Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, the Trinity made their stand against Doomsday and won.

But only at the cost of Kal’s life.

Now the circumstances, compared to back then, are completely different.

Daily tours of the facility used to be provided to help supplement the rising costs of staff, maintenance and upkeep. Third year into the war, tours were cancelled and the prison hardened their security measures.

On top of incarcerating a good half of Superman’s Rogue Gallery (or what used to be them), they now had Batman to add to such a…..collection.

In the bowels of Striker's Island, Batman was restrained to shackles bound to his arms and legs at the very bottom level of the prison. With his cowl and cape off, he looked just as broken as any other man. Further adding insult to injury, Hal clipped off Bruce’s belt, putting it on the nearest table.

As if he didn’t look anymore naked without his other viable assets.

Through that entire sequence of events however, Hal was piping in over the intercoms, speaking very confidently with Superman before hanging up.

He had just landed and was on his way in.

Yellow Lantern: Ok, Bruce....ready for visitors? Need a comb?

Bruce: Do I look like I can use one?

Yellow Lantern: Never hurts to ask.

The Dark Knight sneered at him. While he couldn’t find it in him to be totally disgusted with Hal as his fear for losing Carol Ferris and the potential death of John Stewart made him give into Sinestro’s influence again, the

But looking at what that led him to do? Ripping Guy Gardners arm off and leaving him to die alone? The price for that was already too much and once this was all over, Hal wouldn’t be able to pay it back.

Bruce knew all too well.

Bruce: I just want to ask one question: did you only change yellow to prove your loyalty to Sinestro? Clark? All it proves is that you're just as misguided as them.

Yellow Lantern: You wouldn't know ‘cause you’ve been afraid, too cuckoo in the head to do what's necessary for the past seven years.

Bruce: That color alone should tell you what you're doing is wrong......when does fear work more effectively than willpower?

Yellow Lantern: Exhibit A.

He simply points to Bruce.

The fact that he dresses as a Bat already contradicted his own statement about using fear as a supporting agent of chaos in his reign against crime.

Effectively defeated the purpose of even asking him that.

Yellow Lantern: In a war against crime, sometimes to do what's right, you have to do a little wrong.

But here......Bruce just felt the need to push some more buttons just to drive another point home.

Bruce: If that’s really how you feel, then how come Carol doesn’t support this? What makes you think she knows this is right?

Yellow Lantern: LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS!

Bruce: You really think Superman will protect her if YOU can’t? What if what happened to Lois happened to her?

Yellow Lantern: I’d do EXACTLY what Clark did! I’d avenge her. I’d avenge John.

Bruce: Only to become a monster. Killing Guy did nothing for John’s cause.

Hal suddenly BOUNDS up to him, almost running — suddenly beast-like, veins set to burst, staring down the Dark Knight while gritting his teeth, balling his fists up.

As for Selina, her luck was far from gracious either. On a peculiar level, she felt like shit.

She did eventually make her way along with the other Regime members back over to Strykers in the wake of Batman’s capture. Having to walk alongside Wonder Woman, the one who originally co-founded the Justice League be reduced this empty, hollow shell of what she claimed to be fighting for…

….sickening wasn’t the word to describe just how backwards this was to see her like that.

With the exception of Flash and Shazam, the only ones riddled, shaken and stirred with conflict as she saw them, nothing about being on this side of the war felt righteous at all.

And neither was coming to the realization that even coming to Stryker’s was a gargantuan waste of time.

Because Cyborg wasn’t there.

But in that brief stretch of walking past cell block after cell block after cell block before extending out to the yard and coming back the same way, a revelation spurt in: If Victor wasn’t here with the weapon….

….he was up back at the Watchtower. Again.

Now all that was left was to find Bruce.

But it ain’t like her Dark Knight in shining armor couldn’t last long with a former jet pilot. Ten minutes, he spent cuffed to that table taking the most rudimentary of punches from Hal in the abdomen, chest and face.

Bruce normally wouldn’t phase at the aforementioned effects of 360 to 450 pounds of force dislodging the external and internal structure of his face and body; he’d been through training that pushed his boundaries worse than that. Unfortunately, he is still only human…..

….and the body eventually wears off and gives out. So the pain became to ooze out of Bruce bit by agonizing bit, but not giving out much to Hal’s annoyance.

Yellow Lantern: I’ve always been fed up with your doubts.

Bruce: Why else did I map out that Contingency? Because I knew this would happen!

Furthering proving his point, he slapped Bruce silly. But having finally heard enough, Hal formulated…..giant scissors firmly around Bruce’s abdomen. Intent on injecting more fear into Bruce, he honestly wasted to do a lot more than what he was doing….

….and it just made him look more stupid for trying this hard. Luckily, Selina intervened, bursting through the door and forcing him to reconsider as he yelled out his name.

She knew he wasn’t worth it. And so did Hal.

Selina: I need a moment alone with him.

Yellow Lantern: What for? The High Councilor's coming.

Selina: Just for one minute. I wanna say goodbye if I have to.

Still pissed off about dragging Carol Farris into this bout, Hal was hesitant. But he knew Bruce probably wouldn’t matter soon.

Yellow Lantern: One minute.

Lantern, with an grim audible twitch in his eye and mouth, turned back and left the room, shutting the door from the outside.

Perfect timing, Selina thought to herself.

Bruce: Did you find the replacement?

Selina: Yes. Cyborg has it—

Bruce: —up at the Watchtower.

She nods.

Selina: I got time. I can swipe it and bring it here.

Bruce: It'll take hours. It might be too late by then.

Selina: Not if we can have Lex bring it to us. But that also means regaining control of the Watchtower's teleporter.

Bruce was about to reply...…

…...but Catwoman's beeper went off. That special Batcommunicator that Bruce normally hands out to his allies and closest friends. She’s lucky the room was soundproof, otherwise her cover would’ve been blown.

Selina: Shit. This is Catwoman?

Selina, this is Oracle.

Selina: Barbara, you—

She’s quick to look out the window in the door to see Hal on the outside, literally counting down the seconds she had left.

No sign of Clark or Diana or any other Regime members.

Selina: Make this fast, Babs. I don’t have long.

Barbara: I’m back with the others at the cave. Zatanna’s here as well.

Z? How’s she been?

She looks at everyone from all across the table including Lex, just waiting to see where this would go next. Zatanna was a surprise addition but it was nice to see her back on the right side.

Barbara: Rediscovering her purpose, something along what she said. Look, just letting you know I’ll be monitoring you and Bruce’s progress from here on out. Is he safe?

For now, yes.

Selina: But if you’re gonna do something, I’d recommend you do it quickly. Superman’s forces are surrounding the place and if you do move in, they’ll ambush you.

How else are we gonna do it then?

Selina: You leave Superman to me.

Selina, time’s up! They’re here.

She can hear Hal’s voice from the other side of the doorway as he hopelessly tries to barge the door open, to no avail.

Turns out Selina pickpocketed the key off of him and kept it with her. Meaning she locked herself in. And with a sly crooked smile and a simple shrug to him on the outside through the window….

….Hal figured out they were compromised.

Yellow Lantern: Son of a bitch.

He turns to his earpiece.

Yellow Lantern: Yellow Lantern to High Councilor. We have a mole.

Back in the room with Bruce.....

Bruce: Selina?

She holds up her point finger, indicating one second before she gets back to him. Now she was internally rushing.

Selina: I know, it’s just.....if you’re going to come over, just leave me and Bruce to Clark. How else are we gonna get the Kryptonite weapon, let alone use it? Believe me, leave it to us. We’ll end it.

For your sake, I hope you’re right.

Selina: You and me both. I’ll be sure to le—


The door immediately blows back in smoke, barely missing Bruce and startling Selina spectacularly. Barely covered in the excess smoke, it’s only mere seconds later after turning away from the door that she turns back to towards it.

Immediately, she feels pressure wrapped around her neck as she begins to choke..... the hands of the High Councilor, Superman.

Superman: Diana. Mind if you take a look?

Hearing him, Diana follows him inside to see him gripping and barely choking Catwoman out.

Wonder Woman: Kal?

Superman: Turns out Bruce’s little kitten wasn’t as loyal as a dog after all.

This doesn’t surprise Diana, honestly.

Superman: Once a thief, always a thief, huh?

The sight of the former cat-burglar smirking at him, almost laughing right in his face spelt great humiliation.

For Selina, euphoria was the better word for it, having released the shackles of being forced to play a turncoat for so long. She had long since given up on trying to remain anonymous.

Selina: Don’t......don’t tell me you’re surprised, Clark.

Superman: Surprised? I’m DISAPPOINTED.

Selina, are you there?! Selina! Catwoman, come in!

Hearing the voice on the other side, he simply swipes the BatCommunicator off of her. He knew Barbara’s fluctuation in her voice; it hadn’t even been a full day since the Commissioner passed and she’s just as in on it as the rest of them.

Withholding his composure but mentally crumbling under the defiance, he just puts the communicator phone up to him closely.


Superman: You’ve since then defied me for this long. Once I’ve clipped the wings off your Dark Knight, no more trying to play catch up with me.

He cuts of the transmission via crushing the phone. Prior to discovering the mole within the Regime, Clark knew that he couldn’t wait any longer to put an end to this. The conflict needed to end sooner rather that later.

In fact, he needed to end it RIGHT now.

Superman: I have to flush them out. NOW.

A brief 20 minutes pass and the Insurgency is at a loss for words. Their mole for the Regime had just had their cover blown and now any chances of getting the Kryptonite weapon are slim if not completely gone.

But morale was far from low for the others. Least of all Zatanna, who’s surprise resurgence through Montoya admittedly shocked the rest of the team after intimate thinking she was truly gone.

Now all that was needed before they could continue was an explanation.

Helena: still haven't told us why you came back.

There is a silence to her soul; she was fall leaves under frost, feeling the chill in her blood, coldness bringing the synapses of her brain to a stand still. Part of it is a pain.....yet one Z knew she could endure, one she can toughen through now without the burdening illusion of false hope, burnout and the fear of failure.

Zatanna raises up her right arm slowly before flicking her hand reveal a tarot card.

A deck of 78 cards total, 22 major and 56 minor Arcana, they spell out life's karmic and spiritual lessons and reflect the trials and tribulations that one experiences on a daily basis, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. Only one was in her possession.

Tossing it out along the table so everyone could see, the edges of the card reflecting against the light from the ceiling above......revealed the Hanged Man: the card of ultimate surrender, of being suspended in time and of martyrdom and sacrifice to the greater good.

Zatanna: They help me see into the future. Had to double check with these because I've gotten my visions wrong before but told me Bruce was going to get captured. And that this may be his last stand.

Of course, there was more to the story. Jumping straight into the point wasn’t going to lessen the blow any further. As much as she tried to refrain from doing so, clasping her hands together…..she needed to actually explain.

Zatanna: I hid before the third year came. Me and Constantine took advantage of Superman's vulnerability to magic and turned the Tower of Fate into a sanctuary for his enemies. I saved many lives, but years of subterfuge….burned me out.


Zatanna: I wish I could say I didn’t care what happened to any of you and that I needed out of this war. But then who am I if I lie to myself like that? Bruce is just as important to me as all of you and I left him out to dry. That ain’t gonna happen again.

It wasn’t anything that reassured her a long-term stay in this Cave but it was the best she could do.

Looking over at everyone at the table, it seemed to resonate well with mostly everyone in the room…..especially Aquaman perched up the corner, knowing full well how much avoiding the action cost him for both of his homes.

But now that only meant an even tighter timeframe. With Zatanna’s vision having come true, options for getting Batman out were dwindling.

Kori: So I suppose now we call for reinforcements?

Arthur: What good is that gonna do? Not too many heroes are left.

Kori: That doesn’t mean we can’t try. If we can find another—

Tim: No time for that.

As Tim walks in the room in front of the others, he immediately redirected his attention, and theirs, to the Batcomputer, bringing up footage of Superman at another press conference.

His usual poised restrained self graced their screens but the gaze in his eyes spoke of a man past the edge. Clark’s message was swift, brief and to the point.

Five and a half years ago, a tragic event cost the lives of millions. Overwhelmed by the guilt for the part he played in the destruction, he was driven mad. He became an agent of chaos; an enemy of peace and security. But no longer. The leader of the Insurgency will pay for his crimes...

Dinah: Oh Christ.

Batman is currently being held at Strykers Island. The rest of his Insurgency will step out into the light and surrender themselves to me. If they don’t oblige to my commands or refuse to show up, Batman WILL be executed at 6 p.m, local time.......May Rao have mercy on his soul.

Tim cuts off the feed, staring back at everyone in the room.

Tim: Getting help will have to wait, Kori. Rescuing Batman just became our priority.

Arthur: It’s a trap.

Tim: Of course it is, Arthur.

Helena: Then we’ll have to be sneaky about it.

Rachel: Sneaky HOW, Helena?

Helena: The Watchtower. We can use the teleporter.

May we be of assistance?

Everyone looked back and who they saw step in the room was an old foe: Deathstroke. Almost immediately, Starfire and Raven stood up, appalled and shocked.

Tim intervenes, preventing either of them from getting a word out.

Tim: Easy, you two. He’s with us…..I hope. Luthor brought him on board.

Kori: Sounds more like the Luthor of old; bringing on board the man who almost repeatedly killed us.

Slade: Only a couple of times.

Five years had passed since the Titans had last faced off against their classic rival and not much bad blood, at least to them, had been soured.

Kori and Rachel had their reasons not to trust him. And Slade didn’t feel no ill will towards them either.

Rachel: I can hardly give a damn which side you’re on. Just don't expect any warm fuzzies from us.

Lex: Trust me. I understand your grudges with Mr. Wilson and I wouldn't have brought him here if I didn't need him.

Zatanna: For what? You never mentioned that.

Lex: I've learned that Cyborg has a prototype weapon kept up at the Watchtower that may allow me to re-weaponize Batman's Kryptonite. While we work on the Watchtower's teleporter, I need Slade to bring it to me.

Tim: Does Bruce know about this?

Lex: Actually, no. If he did, he would have insisted on using the weapon himself. But now that he and Ms. Kyle are in jeopardy, it’s up to me to use it. My contact will tend to make a bail for them if the worse happens.

Then answer one more question.

Montoya enters the room, still a little discombobulated after having her body willingly hijacked by Zatanna but stable.

Montoya: Why you?

Lex: Because the face of the Insurgency. If he dies, it dies with him.

Helena: Lex Luthor risking his life to save Batman. I want to believe it....but again, sure about Slade?

Slade: I’m more than obliged to prove you wrong. Just send me the coordinates and we’ll get to it.

Rachel: You and US working together? Not a chance.

Lex: The only way to access the Watchtower's teleporter from Earth is the Hall of Justice. And if our cover's blown, we’ll need someone shadowing us.

Kori: I do not like this.

Practically a signed confession that whether the Titans liked it or not, Slade was just as vital to this mission as they were. They all had a role to fill, a part to play….

….so getting along with each other was out of the question.

Slade: I'm not asking for permission.

Raven: But you WILL follow my lead.

Montoya: Hold on. That only leaves Strykers. How we gonna get out?

Lex: Last time I checked, Strykers is equipped with teleportation dampeners.

He pulls it up on the screen, as the map covers the full structure of the Island inside and out.

Lex: The only ones I’ve been able to trace were the ones on the main floor level near the barriers.

Barbara: But they only cover the building. We just gotta get Batman and Catwoman OUTSIDE.

Zatanna: Straight through a brick wall, huh? I’m in.

Helena: I volunteer.

Dinah: Don’t you dare leave me out.

Tim: Guess we got our ground team. Montoya, Kori and Raven are going with Slade.

Slade: Well, that only leaves a diversion. Somebody needs to keep Superman occupied.

They hear yawning from the other end of the table as Arthur just waltzed back awake.

Arthur: Leave that to me.

He stands up.

Arthur: The bastard won’t see me coming. Also, Nanaue’s been itching to have a meal lately.

In that solitary moment, they had their gameplan set. Almost immediately, everybody steps up away from the table and exits the room separately, already splitting up into their individual factions.

Well…..almost everyone.

Only Barbara and the Birds stayed behind.

No words were spoken at first. At least until Dinah bolted out her seat and tried to exit the room. She doesn’t get too far as Barbara gripped her arm, faintly pulling her back.

Barbara: Dinah.Take some time to consider this. You don’t have to do this. Ollie doesn’t need avenging.

Helena: What about Dick?

Not being the only one with a broken heart made it easier for Barbara to get where she was going with that, however.

Barbara: Ok, he’s an exception. Accident or not, The bastard snapped his neck.

Helena: Thank you.

Barbara: But wasn’t your fault for what happened.

Easy for her to say.

Being a parent was no easy feat but Dinah was willing to take the leap with Ollie. Without him, raising Conner on her own was difficult not just because she couldn’t get over his death but because her son was never gonna know his own father.

That’s hard enough on its own.

Looking through the pockets of her denim jeans and pulling out her phone, she immediately brings up the last photo she took with Ollie back when he was alive.

Their hiking trip.

Swiping to the right, it’s a picture of her with Connor, currently five years old.

She sighs heavily.

Dinah: If I don’t fight…..AND we lose, what would I be leaving for HIM?

Helena: How wise is that? You’d think this is best for him?

Dinah: Even if it destroys me, he’ll know his mother will go down swinging.

Barbara: It’d be better if you live to raise him. You don’t need to do this.

Dinah: Figured you say that. That’s why I’m done asking for permission.

She nods her head to the hallway as Lucius makes his way in with a red small miniature box in his hands. Nobody knew what he was in there for but as he opened the box, the intentions became clear.

The box held a .45 millimeter, M1911 pistol. One of Jason’s old pistols.

Lucius: For you, Miss Lance.

Nodding toward him, Dinah’s quick to grasp ahold of the gun.

Dinah: I’m taking down Superman. I’m going to make sure Connor has a future.

Lucius: Sorry to interrupt but....

He holds out what appears to be a Kryptonite bullet before tossing it to Dinah.

Lucius:...I’m afraid you only get ONE shot, Miss Lance.

Dinah: Believe me, one shot’s all I need.

Lucius: Just......I know you’re angry. I know what he took from you. But when the time comes to take him down......try not kill him. Remember the man he once was.

Dinah: I remember.

She clips the bullet and slams it into the barrel of the gun.

Dinah But I can’t guarantee anything.

Back at STRIKERS both Bruce and Selina were tied up to their hands in isolation cell with her cover blown and the plan now in jeopardy the odds were not too great

Bruce: You should have gotten out of here after you hid the Kryptonite.

Selina: If you gotten out I would have leas you to it. Now this is on both of our asses.

Bruce: Selina........if you don't mind me asking.....what really made you fight this battle with us. You helped me in the past I know but you and I were mostly on opposite sides of the law.

Selina: I wondered if you would ask that. I sympathize for Superman. Lois......wa an amazing person. She was loyal and noble. Even more than I was. What happen to her and her baby was just awful. And I feel bad for Superman too but if he killed you.....Barbra....Tim.....even......

Selina almost mentioned Dick which Bruce figured she was given she didn't say his name

Selina: Despite that I love being a jewel wasn't worth choosing my thieving then help you stop Kent.

Bruce: Is that your reaon?

Selina: Maybe it was at first. But after.....everything that's happened.....maybe I started to had more......especially.....after the other night.

Bruce tared down before looking back up at her who looked at Bruce with a growing grin and Bruce....almost grew a mild one till the sound of a door opening revealing Hal opening it with Superman and Diana entering.

Superman: So....after five years of ends here.

Bruce: Don't be so sure Clark.

Superman: You should have stood with me Bruce. After everything we been through together we could have more peace than there already is.

Bruce: Tell that to the graves you filled up. Ollie. Jonn. And Dick. They would still be here if you hadn't lost yourself!

Superman: You think I wanted to kill them?! There are more graves out there that wouldn't be buried......if it weren't for HIM.

Bruce: And he's still winning....through you. Think about it Clark.....Joker told me you would be different after what happened to Metropolis. You think he cared about dying when he knew Lois wa the only thing keeping you from crossing the line. He did the same to me when he killed Jason and set me off as you remember. And now look at you....this Regime isn't creating peace's giving Joker what he wanted from you. What would Lois think of you now?

Clark grabs his former friend by the neck with burning eyes

Superman: LEAVE MY WIFE OUT OF THIS BRUCE! Don't let my friendship to you fool you. It won't save you from your sentence.

As Superman was busy with Batman Diana turned to Selina tied the way she was

Wonder Woman: Finally they see your true colors as I always saw. I knew we shouldn't have trusted you from the beginning Kyle now you and Bruce face death.

Selina: Oh really. That why you let me stay with you guys in your little ice club house? Informed Bruce all your secrets? No Bruce got ahead caue you all were sloppy.

Wonder Woman: You offered amnesty Selina. You should have taken it. But like any real lying criminal I knew you wouldn't

Selina scoffs

Selina: If I did I would miss my chance to scratch that smirk off the face of Superman's rebound girl.

Clark turned to her while still holding ruce by the neck but his expression dropped when his super hearing caught the sound......of two heart beats in Selina....... was her own....the other......

.....made Clark let go which confused Bruce but as for Wonder Woman she was PISSED with what Selina called her


Selina: Yeah right! An obsolete race with predictable technique. Give me something better Diana. Make it a challenge.

Wonder Woman yelled drew her sword and was about to lice her head off Bruce yelled "NO!" but Diana felt a grip on her arm looking back to ee Superman holding her back

Wonder Woman: KAL WHAT'D YOU DOING?!

Superman: I need to know something first.

Clark walked pass her letting go of heer arm a Selina looked at him with digust and confusion Superman then used his X-rat vision on Selina and what he saw......made his jaw drop......and shed a tear......

Selina: Really? Tears?

Clark then looked at her in the eyes

Superman: It's a girl.......

Selina: What??

Superman: You don't know??

She didn't. She really could not fathom the thought of it until now.

It's a miracle that she had either ignored all the symptoms or simply remained oblivious towards them as the last few weeks and months: increased fatigue, nausea, the vomiting, missed periods…..and then there’s the cramping. All signs led to this one audible conclusion and yet this little error brought to light a harrowing reality about love and war once again.

Worlds collide and hearts get broken.

A sense of motherhood begins so early in pregnancy: a fatal reality check that Selina was quickly and repeatedly zoning in and out of from the shock. There she laid, perched up against the wall, protruded in the window-light of the door that felt all the more lukewarm for the growing belly she now cradled.

Selina: Oh my god....

Both Bruce and Clark were at another impasse. Their loss for words spoke all the emotional beats from their hearts that needed to be said. Hal now was placed firmly in the same boat as well: What would’ve been with him and Carol, had he stayed on the right side?

Not even Diana was immune to the tenderness of the unofficial birth of a mother, for it didn’t take long for her to catch on.

Even for all their differences, respect was still heavily in tow. Readjusting in a new environment; taking someone you care for and having to nurture them in a foreign environment? Diana went through that development cycle decades back….

….and she too had to take someone in, teach her the ways in which she was taught.

But for Selina, the price was high. Just like Dinah, she’d have someone to fight and yet… much to lose.

In shock and shameful of what he would’ve done had he not stopped to check, Clark simply backs away from the both of them and exits the room, slamming the door.

It left both Lantern and Wonder Woman staring back at their adversaries, merciful for once, peeling back the layers to reveal fragments of the heroes of old in them….

….before they too followed Superman out.

Seeing a leader reach a state of vulnerability during a highly armed conflict with an opposing force isn’t uncommon. But something about Superman reacting to that….

….felt different. The way he collapsed in front of the door spoke not of the High Councilor, but plain old, regular, Clark Kent. Hearing out that kid’s heartbeat brought him back to a simpler time, when Lois was trying to surprise him about the same news back in Smallville again.

The first in a long while.

However, there still spent consequences for Selina’s betrayal: one that had to be delivered sooner rather than later.

Wonder Woman: As much as I understand.....she's still moled on us. This cannot go unpunished, Kal.

Yellow Lantern: Do we give her to Frost?

Wonder Woman: No. Neither her or Croc will do any good; they’d kill the baby. And she’s no good to us dead either…

Yellow Lantern: So what do we do then?

There was no easy decision here to be made: the demon and angel warriors both have bloody hands, yet one is cold indifference and the other is pure love. One is vice, the other virtue, for they have found peace in their own philosopher's stone.

Said bloody hands can come of killer or medic, or villain or rescuer. So looking to their own hands and asking themselves from whence that blood came was difficult to own up to…..

….least of all, Superman, recovering his momentary prolapse and regaining his balance, confidence and stoic dictatorial gaze. His eyes now spoke of a new plan to punish Selina and punish Bruce as well.

It was 5:30 p.m, with only thirty minutes left and in the hour of Bruce’s execution, they were going to give the world a bonus and make damn sure Selina would be the one to do so.

On the outside of the island, thick blankets of air wipe the ground free of dirt and pebbles and leaves, giving the Flying Fox aircraft troop carrier more than enough space to mark its territory.

Landing only mere miles away outside of the confines of Strykers Island, Red Robin, Black Canary, Huntress and Zatanna exit out of said aircraft vehicle from the hanger, the sight of the prison laid in sight.

Earpieces and communicators equipped, they had everything they needed but first, Huntress needed to check in on Montoya for inspection.

Huntress: Honey, you there?

I’m the last one through the teleporter. We’re all up at the Watchtower now so don’t worry about us; you get Bruce out of there and….be careful, Helena. I mean it.

Huntress: Same. I love you.

Love you too. See you back at home.

The line clicks off, leaving Helena relieved but hesitant.

The same could be said for Tim, who, for some reason, the sight of Jason’s old gun on Dinah kept giving him pause for concern.

Red Robin: Keep that gun away until needed.

Canary: I know where to place my shot, Tim.

Zatanna: Easy there, trigger fingers.

They continue to stare outwards at the island.

Huntress: So I guess this is it?

Canary: Might as well be.

With no one else stopping them but them, they pressed onwards. Soon as they moved along, little did they know.....they were being watched from afar.

By yet to be answered.....

.......Meanwhile at the watchtower the titans (Starfire and Raven) Slade Lex and Montoya appeared in the heart of the Watchtower remembering the last time they were here

Montoya looked at the exact flour where Gordon collapsed to a hi cancer took it's final stage on him making her clutch her fists

Montoya: They'll pay for what they did to him.

Lex: Stay focus. We only got one shot at this. I blocked out the camera again but we'll need to move fast. Not sure they'll buy a second hostage situation. Montoya Raven Starfire keep watch for anyone who comes our way. Slade you're with me till I get access to the teleporter

They went on their way and Montoya Starfire and Raven stopped in the middle of a second live report from Superman on the flat screen in the lounge

Starfire: Uh oh.....

Raven: Now what?

Montoya: I don't know but it doen't look good.

Ladies and gentlemen there's been a change in plans. Just recently we discovered one of ours was a mole in the Regime for the Insurgency. Selina Kyle as you all know her as the former jewel thief the Catwoman was just exposed for her part she played in the war. he had been feeding Batman all of my information which was how the rebels were alway one step ahead of us and now both Batman and Catwoman will face trial for their crimes but hour before his execution the question that world has been asking for year will finally be answered. At 5:30PM The Batman.......will finally be unmasked.

Montoya: Awe shit!

Starfire: If he expoes him it's all over. Even if we win thi war.

Raven: They'll be no winning when Trigon take over.

Starfire: Stop talking like that. A Tim aid we can beat him again. YOU can beat him again.

Raven: Kori.......

Starfire: I know. You know I had the same isue with my ister. I thought he was tronger than me but you all believed in me. And so do I.

Montoya: That's right Jim would want u to keep fighting and we're not gonna stop till it's over.

Raven faced down still feeling doubt and oon went back on their mission

Lex and Slade made it to the control room and Lex accessed the teleporters main control room and Lex acceed the teleporter's main control and it was a piece of cake somehow

Lex: That's it. Got control of the Watchtower teleporter once they rescue Batman and Catwoman I'll make my move.

Slade: Can't be that easy.

Lex: Cyborg shared his security protocols. Believing I'm building Superman an army to keep him from learning the real plan he felt I should gain the codes to the whole process

Slade: He shared his password to you? I'm beginning to like you.

Speaking of Cyborg he came out of an elevator to the control room but oon a he spotted Slade standing outside the room he hid behind the wall he even spotted Lex with him

Cyborg: What the fuck---?

Lex: Lexcorp is supplying equipment but we're short on personnel.

Slade: Harley's clan are reckless. Undiciplined.

Lex: Actually the chaos she creates is useful. That's why I kept tabs on her. My contact on Deadshot.

Slade: Not a bad idea. But we need more than pawns if we're ever gonna take down Superman.

Cyborg: That's all I needed to hear.

Cyborg armed his cannon and ran in and Slade spotted him and he pushed Lex out of the way when he fired he tried shooting at Slade but dodged it

Slade: I thought you said this place was secured.

Lex: Just keep him busy.

Lex ran to the back of the room a Slade stood to settle the score once and for all.

Slade: With pleasure.

Slade drew his sword as Lex opened an opening wall revealing a new armor he built during the war imilar to the one he wore to fight the Justice League but upgraded

Victor nearly opened fire again only to get countered by Slade's sword and nearly cut through the cannon somehow his sword had an upgrade of it's own

Cyborg: Whoa!

Slade: "Whoa"? That's it? No clever comment? I was looking forward to that.

Cyborg through a punch at him but Slade dodged and uppercut him in the jaw but it barely slowed him down Victor charged grabbing the sword and kicking him off his feet

Deathstroke fell to the ground as Victor threw his sword away approaching

Cyborg: Pleasure's all mine Slade. Wish the other Titan could see this.

Oh they're here. Just not for this.

Victor turned to where that voice came from and aw Lex coming back in his suit

Lex: What'd you think Cyborg? Like yours but only better.

Cyborg: It's the man not the machine Luthor.

He leaps forward.

Lex: Shield.

An energy shield from Lex’s suit emerges and launches Victor back a few feet, scraping his feet amongst the floor. Reacting back quickly though, he just propels back at him and slips Lex up by the legs. After a short yet swift kick to the head, Lex immediately punches him BACK down....

.....into the computer screen.

Once again, the collision shortens out the electrical outing, hindering its own ability to perform. Having been put into this scenario, Victor’s anger was impalpable, effecting having let that turncoat into their safe graces; the same man who GAVE Joker the Nuke to cut Metropolis’s lifeline, to kill his dad.

And they, for the past five years, just LET him walk all over them. If he ever needed an excuse to actively blame someone now for his dads death…..

….he did now.

With one cannon cut off, Slade didn’t take into account the small immaculate little detail that Cyborg’s body is still in constant self-modulation, I.e, it didn’t matter that his sonic cannon was cut off. His right hand immediately shapes into a plasma cannon.

Manning it, he pushes back away from the computer before firing powerful concussive blasts of blue-hot plasma; setting it to full power. He immediately takes a shot over at Slade but he catches the blast at the last second and pushes himself and Lex out of the way…..

….said deflected blast eventually caught in mid-air by Raven, entering the room alongside Kori. Clasping her hands together and catching the blast in a purple-reddish aura, her energy dissipates the blast into nothing.

Vic is left surprisingly stunned to see TWO of his former teammates siding alongside who he believes is part of the problem.

Cyborg: Since when are y’all with him?

Starfire: Trust me, it was the last thing on our mind.

Raven: Victor, this charade has to end. You know better than this.

Cyborg: I know better then this? I could say the same with you, walking with the common crooks, playing for the wrong team.

Slade: Always a team player, yet you tend to short circuit once you take a good look inside.


Slade: A part of him blames himself for Nightwings demise.

Raven: So do the rest of us.

Starfire: Victor, his death wasn’t what you think it is.

Cyborg: The hell does that mean? It’s because of people like SLADE that we’re left without a leader! That we’re the ones who had to suffer the consequences when the people we love are ripped away from us!

Raven: When will it sink in that you’re not the only one who lost people?!

Aggravated and frustrated, he just slams himself down to a kneeling position, sending off portable rockets from his back towards them all.

Starfire and Slade were quick to roll out of the way while Lex is left lifting up his portable shield, deflecting the missiles….

….only for Raven to phase directly through each one.

No such luck for Cyborg as Raven immediately went in, literally pulling his legs out from underneath him to trip him up. It doesn’t stop Victor from initiating a sonic pound to disorient the young Azreathian, long enough to knock her back with his own shield.

Then Starfire swoops in, blinding him with a starburst blast, leaving Victor susceptible to Ravens telepathy, lifting him off the ground and slamming him up against the wall.

Even trying to fly out of her telepathy, her magic was stronger than his technological prowess. Didn’t stop him from trying, though.

With his robotic eye, a single glare back at Raven and it blinds her momentarily. The two charge at each other again, colliding, gripping their arms against the other trying to push back.

Raven: I’d recommend you stop pulling your punches.

Cyborg: I’m uncomfortable fighting friends.

Raven: Friends don’t let friends join the Regime.

Distracted, Slade throws his sword over at Victor but he misses as the sword barely scarps his shoulder.

This allowed Slade to slide a disk over right underneath him, shocking him and electrocuting his systems, temporarily shutting down his neural network yet again.

Again, he couldn’t move. But also, he had the anti-virus kickstart in the next 30 minutes.

Slade: Damn, did that feel good.

Raven: Try saying that when you’re face down.

Bit of playfulness coming from Raven made Kori chuckle a little. Even Victor couldn’t help but to chuckle himself, despite being unable to move.

Some seeds of their friendship were still in there.

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Mid-Credit Scene

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Post Credit Scene

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  • Lois Lane and her unborn son - Carried to space by Superman
  • All of Metropolis - Nuked by the Joker
  • The Joker - Punched through the chest by Superman
  • Handful of Harley's goon's - Burned to bones Neck twisted and Decapitated by Superman
  • Victor Zsasz - Slit in the Neck by the Red Hood
  • Martian Manhunter? ~ Burned alive? (Answer coming soon.....)
  • Green Arrow - Beaten to death
  • Nightwing ~ neck snapped by Superman, 'accidentally' (Or was it.....)
  • President Kane Boon ~ blown up by the impact crater
  • Kalibak ~ head split open
  • Commissioner James Gordon ~ Lost his battle with cancer
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

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Featured Songs

  • The Squad Fight Back
  • Sick Puppies ~ You're Going Down (Unplugged)
  • Starset ~ Manifest
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • 3 Doors Down ~ Kryptonite
  • Daughtry ~ Drown In You
  • Halsey ~ Control
  • From Ashes To New ~ An Ocean On Its Own
  • Citizen Soldier ~ Weight Of The World

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  • Suicide Squad 3 (Title unknown)
  • Static Shock?
  • Untitled Batman film
  • Girl Of Steel
  • Teen Titans III
  • INJUSTICE: Gods Will Fall
  • INJUSTICE: Fallout

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The following film is rated "R", for excessive violence, imagery and strong language throughout....