I-Animator is a short science fiction supernatural horror film it star Danielle Panabaker, Shannon Elizabeth


a one day of this filmmaker Maria take is tab potion Hanna hold the potion and fall out the yellow smoke take smell good of Hanna the smoke turn into acid monster and Hanna run out.

Hanna said 'i fell the green acid potion' Maria said 'oh no YOU BITCH' the acid monster go Jill room and go Jill underbed Jill play her horror game and the bed turn acid with rape Jill in bed

Hanna go to Jill room and her behind is the acid monster and eat her in mouth.

Maria go in the panic room and the panic room melt at the pump Maria scream and it message paint is NO WAY OUT the panic room was turn into water acid and her melt


  • TBA as Hanna
  • TBA as Maria
  • TBA as Jill
  • TBA as Chelan
  • TBA as Crystal
  • TBA as Bobby
  • TBA as Emma
  • TBA as Roger
  • TBA as Stephen
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