I've Been Waiting For You is a 2018 American supernatural slasher film which is directed by Sam Raimi, who is known for the Evil Dead films. It is a remake of the 1998 TV film of the same name.

Like the earlier version, the movie is an adaptation of Lois Duncan's novel "Gallows Hill".

Plot Summary

A young girl named Sarah Zoltaine and her mother move in a small town where citizens lynched a Wicca a long time ago. And now, Sarah and her friends who are the children of the members of lynch mob are stalked and killed in grisly ways by a cloaked figure with a three bladed weapon which turns out to be three steak knives glued together.

Cast And Characters

  • Sarah Chalke as Sarah Zoltaine: The new girl in town who later becomes Eric's girlfriend in the end of movie. Her name is related to the deceased wicca, Sarah Lancaster.
  • Jerry O'Connell as Eric Garrett: The varsity jock of Sarah's school and becomes Sarah's boyfriend in the end. He escapes his vicious attack with the killer and winds up with three cuts on his shoulder.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kyra Thompson: Sarah's best friend at school and she is friendly, sweet and thoughtful. During the climax, Kyra gets killed by the killer who turns out to be Charlie who slashes her face before he violently guts her.
  • Will Horneff as Charlie Gorman: The nerd and a good friend of Sarah. In the climax of the film, Charlie turns out to be the killer because of the lynch mob and is the history teacher's illegitimate son. He dies last when he tries to stab Sarah with his triple bladed weapon but Sarah stabs him through the throat, killing him.
  • Seth Green as Hunter Foxx: The academic wannabe and Sarah's rival in history class. He was killed in the indoor pool area where he is skinny dipping until the killer enters puts the cover on the pool. While Hunter is drowning, the killer opens up the cover and puts an electrical cord in the pool, electrocuting Hunter until he dies.
  • Danielle Harris as Misty Simms: The awkward outcast who hates Sarah's obsession with witchcraft. She dies first in her car where she has her vagina viciously slashed and is slashed to death while driving from Sarah's party.
  • Jeremy Sisto as Kevin Lane: The star swimmer and Sarah's classmate. He is killed in the locker room where the killer stabs him to near death with the triple blades before the killer uses a voodoo doll to break his neck and he stuffs Kevin's body into his locker.
  • Bonnie Hunt as Rosemary Zoltaine: Sarah's mother who involved with the lynch mob. Rosemary was attacked by the killer in her home and survives.
  • Hart Bochner as Ted Rankin: Sarah's history teacher who was also involved with the lynch mob.
  • Katharine Isabelle as Sarah Lancaster: The Wicca who was hanged by the lynch mob.
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