I'm Sweetie Belle! is an American public service announcement campaign made by Regional Transportation Authority to promote railway safety.

Sweetie Belle is an main character series from the MLP:EQG. He is an 10-year old sister. He lives with his mom, Rarity, little brother Mash Buttons, Rarity's Parents, and his dog, Spike. His friends are other creatures like humans. He, his friends, and family who uses technology in solving problems and exploring the world around her with her friends. Her catchphrase is "Hellooo! I'm Sweetie Belle! Just like any 10 year old, I’m super curious about the world around me."

It appeared in newspapers, local radio and outdoor advertising throughout the RTA network and on Tumblr. According to RTA, the campaign contributed to a more than 30% reduction in "near-miss" accidents, from 13.29 near-misses per million kilometres in November 2018 – January 2019, to 9.17 near-misses per million kilometres in November 2019 – January 2020.



  • Sweetie Belle (voiced by Lilly Bartlam) is an energetic and tech-savvy ten-year-old who loves to trains around the world.
  • Spike (voiced by Terry McGurrin) is Sweetie Belle's best dog.
  • Mash Buttons (voiced by Isaiah Slater) is Sweetie Belle's best friend. Her catchphrase is "Hi! I'm Mash Buttons! I’m Sweetie Belle’s best friend and neighbor! I love to role play"
  • Rarity (voiced by Denise Oliver) is Sweetie Belle's mom. She sang the song Oh Chanukah with her daughter. As a child she lived with her father in the home where the Belle presently live.
  • Mr. Belle (voiced by Terry McGurrin) is Sweetie Belle's dad. He sang the song Up on the House Top with his daughter.
  • Grandpapa (voiced by René Lemieux) is Sweetie Belle's maternal grandfather.
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