I'm Sweetie Belle! is an American public service announcement campaign made by Regional Transportation Authority (USA) and International Union of Railways (Rest of the world) to promote railway safety.

Sweetie Belle is an main character series from the MLP:EQG. She is an 10-year old sister. He lives with his mom, Rarity, little brother Mash Buttons, Rarity's Parents, and his dog, Spike. His friends are other creatures like humans. He, his friends, and family who uses technology in solving problems and exploring the world around her with her friends. Her catchphrase is "Hellooo! I'm Sweetie Belle! Just like any 10 year old, I’m super curious about the world around me."

It appeared in newspapers, local radio and outdoor advertising throughout the RTA network and on Tumblr. According to RTA, the campaign contributed to a more than 30% reduction in "near-miss" accidents, from 13.29 near-misses per million kilometres in November 2018 – January 2019, to 9.17 near-misses per million kilometres in November 2019 – January 2020.

Television series

To accompany the train safely, a cartoon titled I'm Sweetie Belle! aired on WTTW on July 8, 2022. The series was produced and distributed by RTA and Hasbro. At the end of each episode, Sweetie Belle uses the lessons learned from to help her determine what she wants to be when she grows up.

Episodes (as I'm Sweetie Belle!)

  1. Building Our Community
  2. A Neighborhood Need
  3. A Race Against the Clock
  4. Building a Team
  5. At Home in the Desert
  6. A New Agency
  7. Sweetie Belle and the First Windshield Wipers
  8. Robot Creator
  9. Safety Should Come First!
  10. The Oregon Treaty
  11. The Very Tiny House
  12. From Slave to Scientist
  13. The Bear Facts
  14. How the Fly Saved the River
  15. The Hunter and The Doves
  16. Blue Ribbon Dreams
  17. Sweetie Belle's Day Out
  18. Potluck or Potlatch?
  19. The Wedding
  20. The Cup that Shines at Night
  21. The Kingfisher Train
  22. Migration
  23. Clues from Magnetic Rocks
  24. Building a Green Town
  25. Surf's Up!
  26. Stonehenge Construction
  27. Sweetie Belle's Wild Ride
  28. Sweetie Belle and the Octopus
  29. A Penny Saved
  30. A Surprise in the Attic
  31. A Warrior for Women's Rights
  32. A Rolling Movement
  33. The Wonders of Water
  34. Renewing the Future
  35. Grandpa's Shed
  36. Bringing Home Laddie
  37. The Spelling Bee
  38. Sweetie Belle's First Lnterview
  39. Afternoons Alone
  40. Of Floods and Flash
  41. Moths and Changes in Weather
  42. Is There Life Out There?
  43. Seeing the Light
  44. Expand Our Urban Forests
  45. Books for Victory
  46. The Battle of the Bedroom
  47. Paying it Forward
  48. Life in the Desert
  49. Desert Plant Adaptations
  50. The Father of Earth Day
  51. Running

Episodes (as Saya Sweetie Belle!)



The series began airing on July 8, 2022 on WTTW. Also on 2023 on American Public Television in United States. It premiered on ABC Kids‎ in Australia on 2023, on Netflix worldwide, Somaliland National TV in Somaliland, Hellenic Television‎ in Greece, Canal Once in Mexico, France 5 Zouzou's in France, Channel 5 in Singapore (as Saya Sweetie Belle!), and premiered on CBC Kids in Canada.


The campaign has merchandising agreements with toy partners with Hasbro and book partners with Penguin Random House. In 2024, Hasbro was named as master toy licensee for the brand. It reaped a great success in the children of the 2020s. The program was broadcast in other countries, including Mexico, France and Germany. Stickers albums, notebooks, stories, watches, scarves and plastic dolls were published.

International Names

  • I'm Sweetie Belle! (English)
  • Soy Sweetie Belle! (Spanish)
  • Édesem belle vagyok! (Hungarian)
  • Ich bin Sweetie Belle! (German)
  • Je suis ma belle chérie! (French)
  • Eu sou Sweetie belle! (Portguese)
  • Jag är Sweetie belle! (Swedish)
  • Sono Sweetie Belle! (Italian)
  • Ech si Schatz belle! (Luxembourgish)
  • Jeg er Sweetie belle! (Norwegian)
  • Olen makea belle! (Finnish)
  • Sunt Sweetie belle! (Romanian)
  • Saya Sweetie Belle! (Malay)
  • Tôi là Sweetie Belle (Vietnamese)
  • Ben tatlım belle! (Turkish)
  • Sweetie Belle ydw i! (Welsh)
  • Is mise Sweetie Belle (Scot)
  • Я милая красавица! (Russian)
  • आई एम स्वीटी बेले! (Hindi)
  • !אני מתוקה בל (Hebrew)
  • ฉัน Sweetie Belle! (Thai)
  • أنا حبيبتي حسناء! (Arabic)
  • 나는 스위티 벨이야! (Korean)
  • 私はスウィーティーベルです! (Japanese)
  • 我是甜心美女! (Chinese)



  • Sweetie Belle (voiced by Lilly Bartlam) is an energetic and railroad ten-year-old who loves to trains around the world.
  • Spike (voiced by Terry McGurrin) is Sweetie Belle's best dog.
  • Mash Buttons (voiced by Isaiah Slater) is Sweetie Belle's best friend. Her catchphrase is "Hi! I'm Mash Buttons! I’m Sweetie Belle’s best friend and neighbor! I love to role play"
  • Rarity (voiced by Denise Oliver) is Sweetie Belle's mom. She sang the song Oh Chanukah with her daughter. As a child she lived with her father in the home where the Belle presently live.
  • Mr. Belle (voiced by Terry McGurrin) is Sweetie Belle's dad. He sang the song Up on the House Top with his daughter.
  • Mrs. Belle (voiced by René Lemieux) is Sweetie Belle's maternal grandfather.


  • In Singapore, it was under the title name, "Saya Sweetie Belle!" in Malay, which is on Mediacorp Channel 5, it used American EQG, but is dm29-Style EQG, nicknamed "Singaporean EQG", when Sweetie Belle only wears regular outfit, but without short jacket and belt, leaving tank top, skirt, and boots wears today.
  • Her Families, Sweetie Belle, Mash Buttons, Rarity, Mr. and Mrs. Belle wears original uniforms from the first eqg film.
  • Sound effects from Youtube Audio Library is used, except for falling whistle, was using falling whistle from Hudson Soft's Lode Runner and Balloon Fight is used.
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