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The I'm Not Ashamed universe is a fictional universe created by writer/producer Drew Gars consist of six LGBT drama films written and produced by Drew Gars. The series consists of the films Millie, I Am Who I AmLove and Hate, State of Affairs, The Lady in the Light and In Arms. All films of the series has been distributed by Focus Features and produced by Working Title Films.



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After coming out at her college graduation, Millie Chamberlain (Watson) leaves her home after a fight with her parents and her best friend is embarrassed of her. She heads to Amercia in Washington D.C. and settles down with a roommate named Sam (Lawrence). But she notices a LGBT campaign called WeAreOne and decides to pledge herself to help LGBTs be equals with the public against those who oppose it, even at the cost of what happens in her personal life.

I Am Who I Am

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After breaking up with her boyfriend and being sexually harassed at a bar, Maya Carter (Johansson) has had enough. One day at a company costume party, Maya is costume as Gene Kelly for Singing in the Rain and Maya feels a certain change, a comfortable change. Maya decides to have a sex change and becomes Mason. After that, she gets an unexpected visit from her parents (Keaton and Steenburgen) and she reveal her new identity to them, leaving them skeptic. They tell her that her sister (Brie) is getting married and she's invited to be her maid-of-honor. What follows is a series of awkward and discriminative events that lead into the wedding.

Love and Hate

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Romona Martin (Hathaway) is a white supremacist and is a part of the Neo-Nazi organization called The Greater Good Core in Jacksonville, Florida. When a U.S. senator (Goldblum) is running for governor decides to legalize LGBT marriage, The Core take this as an act of war. Romona is taken the task to go undercover as a lesbian and is told to befriend the assistant (Stone) to the senator to seek information on who to prevent gay marriage being legal. As she spends more time with the assistant, Julia, being undercover, she comes to a realization that what she has done all her life was wrong.

State of Affairs

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Attorney General Michael Ward (Fassbender) is a Demoractic Nominee running for President of the United States, competing with rival nominee and oil tycoon Norman Snow (Goodman), and is in engaged to egalitarian Maggie Winslow (Portman), but with all in his life, he can't handle the pressure. One day, he has a one night stand with a gay man (Gordon-Levitt) who is in an abusive relationship and he continues to have an affair with him, but he must be careful with his secret love life, fearing that his political enemies and his fiancée will discover his secret.

The Lady in the Light

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Flint Barlow (Eisenberg) has been known drag singer as Lander Jackson for the LGBT nightclub the Fabulous Rose for 6 years. One day, he finally meets a girl (Mara) that he really likes and wants to start a very serious relationship. But one night after performing, he goes out for a smoke where he meets a guy (Evans) who finds his drag queen persona very attractive and asks him out. He agrees and he can't get his way out of it. So he seeks advice from his fellow drag performer Danielle Moone (Johnson).

In Arms

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A courtroom drama about a gay U.S. Army solider (B. Jordan) suing his fellow soldiers after being harassed for his sexuality.