Hypno is a 1992 American Supernatural horror film written by Jonathen Nolan and directed by Christopher Nolan

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Produced by

Christopher Nolan

Emma Thomas

Jonathen Nolan

Screenplay by Jonathen Nolan
Story by Christopher Nolan

Dougray Scott

Matt Damon

Jennifer Connelly

Julian McMahon

River Phoenix

Music by Hans Zimmer
Cinematography Wally Pfister
Editing by Lee Smith
Studio Warner Bros
Distributed by Warner Bros
Release date(s) *May 17th, 1992
Running time 97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $21 million
Box office $112,880,200

starring Dougray Scott, Matt Damon, Jennifer Connelly, Julian McMahon, River Phoenix, Jason Lee, Uma Thurman, Julie Bowen, Shemar Moore, Sherilyn Fenn and Viola Davis.


A troubled Pennsylvania Lawyor Martin McCarthy (Dougray Scott) on the night of June 13th, 1992 is hypnotized by a professional Philadelphia Hypnotist in hope of unlocking the mind source for his depression and many unexplained illnesses.

What's unlocked that Mister McCarthy is indeed a visionary psychic who upon being put under the strong hypnosis foresees a terrible car accident to occur out on the rocky highway lane of Route 42 where eight 19 year old youths will perish as the vehicle they are stationed in will parade off a large cliff.

He after being snapped out of the hypnosis sees the time in the female hypnotist Jane Brennan's (Sherilyn Fenn) apartment.

The time is only twenty-minutes before the time the car accident is to occur as seen in his unlocked premonition.

Martin then drags hypnotist Jane along in his car to the Route 42 cliff highway and intervenes with the vehicle he foresaw crashing's deadly plummit off a cliff.

However following that as the police are called to the scene Martin and Jane depart from the scene leaving the eight youths to questioned and one of the youths named Hilary Caldwell (Jennifer Connelly) to be transfixed.

In the days following the teens begin to die one by one as Martin begins to experience searing migraines and flashes within his own mind of how each is going to die and the seemingly invisible perpetrator which seems to change with every two or so victims.

He discovers what's after them is indeed the actual Four Horseman Of the Apocalypse who plan to break the last seal on earth needed to bring about the world's end by spilling the blood of eight nineteen year old individuals which they had originally tried bumping eight off in a car accident intervened by psychic Martin.

First to die is youth April Mortimer (Julie Bowen) who is killed as other youth Tyrell Brecken (Shemar Moore) is influenced by the Horseman of War to murder April in her nice Philadelphia Apartment.

Tyrell is then found at the gruesome scene in a trance and arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department.

April's death almost instantly hits the news and youth Hilary upon watching forces her jerk Varsity youth boyfriend Campbell Dyer (Julian McMahon) along to find the lawyor Martin.

Martin sees April's death on the news too and comes to find Hilary and her boyfriend Campbell in the State Park where they run into each other.

Flickers of black smoke then erupt around Martin and he sees a large Black Cadillac smash through a park bench towards them.

From Hilary and Campbell's point of view however nothing is occuring until the park bench which seems to smash up by itself.

Martin then steps towards Hilary and says their other friend is danger... right now.

As they head to the Philadelphia Police Department in Campbell's Beamer we see Tyrell in a holding cell and weird black smoke come around him from the barred cell window.

He seems to freak and out and yells incredibly loudly disrupting all the other prisoners who yell at him and cause the guards to come in and check on him.

As they do however Campbell, Martin and Hilary arrive out front and the officers shut the cell floor door and head out leaving Tyrell who seems to be standing up in his cell transfixed.

Hilary and Martin rush to the reception desk in the entrance with Campbell waiting in the car.

They both rushedly ask to see the prisoner Tyrell Brecken.

The reception desk woman then calls out the coming out officers who enquire as to the noisy vehicle they arrived in and the disruption it's caused.

Martin then yells there is no time to discussing the car they came here but that they need to see Tyrell urgently.

The officers claim he is fine in a holding cell out back.

They usher the way and keep talking how they will inspecting the vehicle they have parked outside no doubt about it.

As we seem them walking to the holding cells all of a sudden Tyrell looks down upon his right arm and bites into and removes a strip of flesh off it.

He then falls to the ground as crunching sounds continue on.

The officers, Hilary and Martin enter and witness the gruesome sight of Tyrell missing several large strips of flesh from his arms and legs.

Tyrell calls out with a large chunk of bloody flesh in mouth for them to help him and then as the officers unlock his holding cell and come over to him he launches at one and attempts to bite at one's neck but is shot directly in the temple by the reception woman standing with one of the officer's guns.

As they the police begin to hurry all over the place, some coming with towels and coverings for the injured officers and other in different directions one calls at to where is the two visitors who wished to see him.

The reception woman turns around and states they're gone.

As Campbell is sitting in his beamber at the driver's seat listening to music he drops a CD and goes to fetch it from the ground noticing two swirling colours and shades on the ground: Yellow and Red, Black and Grey.

Hilary then smacks on the driver's seat window and Martin jumps in with her following.

Campbell then starts the car and officers rush out the front of the police station after them.

As they get away after smashing into several objects Campbell asks as to what the hell happened in there.

Hilary informs him that Tyrell attempted to eat himself to death and then eat another officer leading him to be shot dead.

Martin then states that they need assemble all their other friends: that there were eight of them and now there is only six.

Campbell states that one of them lives right near this area: Bettina Corman (Uma Thurman)


  • Dougray Scott as Martin McCarthy
  • Matt Damon as Cadet Clark McCarthy
  • Jennifer Connelly as Hilary Caldwell
  • Julian McMahon as Campbell Dyer
  • River Phoenix as Lexington Braniels
  • Jason Lee as Therman Bridges
  • Uma Thurman as Bettina Corman
  • Julie Bowen as April Mortimer
  • Shemar Moore as Tyrell Brecken
  • Viola Davis as Cynthia Brecken
  • Sherilyn Fenn as Jane Brennan


  1. Black Or White- Michael Jackson
  2. All 4 Love- Color Me Badd
  3. I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred
  4. Jump- Kris Kross
  5. How Do You Talk To An Angel- The Heights
  6. Wildside- Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
  7. 2 Legit 2 Quit- Hammer
  8. Finally- CeCe Peniston
  9. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
  10. I Can't Dance- Genesis
  11. Everything About You- Ugly Kid Joe
  12. One- U2
  13. Under The Bridge- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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