Hushpuppy is a Short Series that would usually be seconds or a minute long starring a Live Action Husky Named Hushpuppy Who can talk. This is the only Show on both Shires Junior and Shires Channel not being counted as part of Shires Junior on Shires Channel.

Hushpuppy is the only character that appears in every short, and bad a Russian accent and was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Different Types of Shorts

Words With Hushpuppy

These types of shorts would teach kids how to speak Russian, then say the English word. These shorts are only 15 seconds long.

Advice From Hushpuppy

These 30 second shorts would be Hushpuppy sitting in a room with different animals giving them advice. There’s a different animal in every one.

Chocolate Bad dedicated by Hushpuppy

One year after Hushpuppy made his debut to television, they made a chocolate bar called “Hushpuppy’s Dreams”l they even made a 50 second Short to commercialize it.

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