Hunters are people who hunt and destroy malevolent "supernatural" creatures.

The supernatural

There are countless other universes existing congruent to our own. In these realms, physical laws as we know them do not pertain. Since time immemorial there have been intrusions between our universe and others. From these intrusions have emerged countless energies and lifeforms.

The effects these forces have had on the development of life on Earth is vast. For example one type of energy-based extradimensional lifeform bonded themselves to all of the prehistoric hominids. Eventually, through a process of symbiogenesis and co-evolution, this lifeform has become an intrinsic aspect of human physiology. Its reproduction is even simultaneous with human reproduction so every human is conceived and born with this lifeform bonded to his or her body. In their symbiotic relationship with the human they inhabit, they records the essence of experience and therefore the essence of personality. Sometimes, when a person dies, the lifeform continues to exist as an energy-based entity commonly referred to as a "ghost."

Various other extradimensional lifeforms and energies are responsible for the multitude of "supernatural" creatures such as vampires, werewolves, ghouls, banshees, demons, and others.

Hunter origins

For as long as these otherworldly and malevolent beings have roamed the Earth, there have been those that hunt them in order to protect and defend humanity.

The legacy of modern supernatural hunting began in the Dark Ages with European Hunter Guilds, which were organizations of men trained in the art of fighting the paranormal. These extraordinary bands of noble miscreants tracked down "nests" of vampires, werewolves, demons and other supernatural creatures and then destroyed the infestations for profit. Paid by both churches and the people of the towns and cities who called on them for help, these hunters led good lives when they were between jobs. This trade, like others of that time, was most often passed on from father to son.

In modern times, hunters exist as a loose network of men and women who covertly travel across a country investigating paranormal events and combating the supernatural.

Hunter characteristics

Hunters usually are just typical humans who, unlike others, believe in supernatural beings and, even more, they fight against them to protect normal people from harm. One of the most recurring reasons to go into the hunter lifestyle is a tragedy in their lives that involved the supernatural. However, there are other reasons to decide being a hunter, such as being raised as one.

It is a fact that hunters typically pass their knowledge onto their children, as they could be killed by supernatural creatures that look for revenge or could appear. When they do so, a family of hunters is formed.

Many hunters do not have a single place to live (or at least, they cannot do so), as they move throughout their country looking for cases and protecting the people. They live on the move, and because of it, they have little belongings to be able to transport them easily and quickly. However, they can have a house, but they do not spend too much time in them, and do not try to act friendly towards their neighbours.

Usually, many hunters within a particular country know each and there are special places where hunters reunite and congregate.

On occasion, shop owners who are aware of the supernatural world will put hunter symbols in their windows to show that they can be of assistance.

Skills and abilities

Most hunters have a good physical condition suitable for hunting, and possess an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and mythology as well. They are skilled fighters, proficient with firearms, shotguns and melee weapons they might acquire. When weapons are scarce and they are in a dangerous situation, they use hand-to-hand combat or whatever is available as a weapon. Hunters are also proficient trackers and possess prudent tactical skills and a honed ability to "read" behavioral characteristics and manipulate people. In addition, they need to be virtuosos of escape, evasion and silent movement, when the situation requires subtlety and stealth, such as surprise attacks.

Many hunters can read and recall Latin incantations, which can be used to summon, exorcise, and vanquish demons. Also, most of them have journals, or books, with information, details and methods to kill the different creature they must face. Veteran hunters possess massive and in-depth knowledge on supernatural lore, and often keep the hunter community updated on any new or recent developments.

Almost all hunters possess many abilities are frowned upon by law, including, but not limited to: lock picking, breaking into security systems, computer hacking, disguised conning, car jacking and gaining an 'advantageous purchase'. They are versed with how police, fire departments and various government agencies typically operate and conduct investigations, and know how to both impersonate and evade them effectively. Most of this methods are used to gather information about the cases they're working on, though methods can differ between hunters.

Hunters also keep their weapons close to themselves, as they can be attacked at any moment or to easily transport them to any location they need to go.


Hunters usually possess a large amount of weaponry, as they need to be enough practical so they can easily adapt to the different situations they may face and the creatures they may encounter. Depending on the enemy, they use weapons and other items that weaken and kill them. All hunters have a common list of equipment that is useful in most of the cases they are in, such as:

  • Handguns, long guns - One of the most useful weapons hunters have. By modifying their bullets, they can use them against many creatures (e.g. silver bullets can be used against skinwalkers and werewolves, while shotgun cartridges can be loaded with salt.) They also can be used without any modification if only greater fire-power is needed, as when facing and destroying zombies). Includes rifles, shotguns, revolvers and snipers.
  • Knives - As close range weapons, they can be useful when there is no possibility to use a gun, or use them to decapitate vampires for example. They can also use other cutting weapons, like machetes and even swords.
  • Salt - Hunters have considerable amounts of salt, as it can be used for protection against demons, ghosts, hellhounds, etc, as most of them cannot pass a line made of salt. However, it can be also used to attack if shotgun cartridges are loaded with it.
  • Silver - This works very good against werewolves and skinwalkers, so it's practical to have weapons (ike knives, for example) and bullets made of silver.
  • Iron - Used to harms ghosts, demons, and other supernatural entities.
  • Holy water - It can be used against demons, as it is very harming and painful for them.
  • Other - Other handful equipment includes tasers, lighters, oils, lanterns, binoculars, etc., that can be used anytime.
  • Special-made weapons - This includes any unordinary weapon that is rare to find and have.
  • Supernatural weaponry - This includes any conventional weapon that is often empowered with some supernatural effect.
  • Magic - This includes summoning spells for ghosts, demons and several other supernatural entities.
  • Seals and Sigils - These comprise a vital part of their defensive arsenal. It could range greatly in size, from Devil's Traps or Solomon Keys in the ceiling, to smaller ones like tattoos. They could be used on entire houses, or on cars, and even on boxes to contain cursed objects.
  • Hex bags and Charms - Works similarly to seals and sigils. These are items imbued with defensive or concealing magic.

Highly resourceful, they frequently need improvised weapons and explosive devices; as they demonstrate knowledge in chemistry by constructing Molotov cocktails and improvised explosive devices, or in electronics and reverse engineering, just like creating an electromagnetic field detector from an old Walkman.


These "hunters" appear in the American television series Supernatural.

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