Season One is the first season of Hunters (2018 TV series). It aired between June 19, 2018-August 14, 2018.

Season Summary

Three young hunters (Daniel Jones, William Gibson and Tara Jones) discover that Dan's girlfriend, Jessica Lee is being haunted by a demon named X'arn. One night, Jess is attacked by X'arn and becomes violent. Dan struggles to save his girlfriend and Will and Tara travel the graveyard where the priest who exorcised X'arn from his previous host is buried, and they encounter the dead priest's ghost. He tells them that the only way to banish X'arn is to cut off one of Jess' fingers. When they return home, Will and Tara try to get Dan to agree but fail. Dan, Will and Tara confront Jess (X'arn) and Dan tries to reach Jess by remembering the time she spent with him but Jess (X'arn) tries to kill a man but Will shoots her in her shoulder and Jess (X'arn) banishes into smoke.

Main Cast

  • Robbie Amell as Daniel Jones (10/10)
  • Brenton Thwaites as Will Gibson (10/10)
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Tara Jones (10/10)
  • Ashley Benson as Jessica Lee (5/10) and X'arn (3/10) (episodes 1, 7-10)

Recurring Cast

  • Daniel Sharman as Matt Parker (3/10) (episodes 4-5, 10)
  • Mackenzie Lintz as Emily Parker (3/10) (episodes 4-5, 10)
  • TBA as X'arn (2/10) (episodes 7-8)
  • TBA as Ed Weedner (1/10) (episode 10)


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