As with in the real world, the universe of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Humans are dominant race that native on Earth of both universes. But in the world of The Steampunk Adventures of Sorcerer's Apprentices, mankind is one of dominant races that inhabited the world alongside their subspecies race sorcerers (humans with more advanced brainpowers which allowed them to shape reality) and magus (subspecies of human race that can transform into humanoid dragons called Dragonlords).


The primary abilities of every human being include adaptability and versatility. For the most part, humans are outmatched by supernatural beings and are most often defeated whenever confronted by a superior creature. However, some humans have been known to utilize tools and weapons and have managed to succeed in a supernatural combat. Therefore, as a means of survival, most humans must rely on intelligence, research and teamwork in order to prevail.

Though humans tend to wary and jealous with subspecies of their races, sorcerers and maguses, for their ability to bend reality at will (also known as sorcery) by channeling Mana, they actually had potential to do the same. But it took great deal of willpower and meditation for able to influence Mana to affect the change. Also, unlike sorcerers and maguses, who only need around few days to successfully master a basic spell, humans required weeks to do the same since they had inferior magical aptitude.

Interactions with Magical Beings

As with present day, humans lived alongside magical beings, sorcerers, and maguses in harmony, but the discrimination between different races still remain. Some humans still detest and reject maguses along with sorcerers and magical beings among them, calling them "freaks" or "monsters" and, on many accounts, physically abusing them or those suspected to be one. Though the reasons was mostly out of fear, prejudice or jealousy, those whom went too far tend to be motivated by bad history between them. Many Puritans in the past, whom greatly xenophobic toward anything that strange, non-understandable, supernatural, and different of other beings, wrongfully blamed magically gifted people whom actually had nothing to do with their misfortunes. It was apparent during Salem Witch Trials that worsened whatever strife and tension between humanity, sorcerers, and maguses in colonial settlements at Massachussets, and thus the fear and prejudice against maguses and sorcerers has resulted the foundation of infamous cult called Order of Righteous Ones.

Ironically, in spite of them wary

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