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Average height

1.83 (males)
1.63 (females)

Skin color

Varies on race

Hair color

Varies on race

Eye color

Varies on race

Average lifespan

80+ years old



Famous members
  • Octavio Guerra

Humans were a race of sentient beings from all over the galaxy. Humans were hard headed and proud, often expressing pride of their race by many means, including violence. Humans were also greedy and some considered to be evil, though not all were that way. Many of them would live a safe lifestyle, often helping others in times of need. One of the more famous homeworlds of the Human race was the planet Earth, from which many different cultures came from.

Humans' skin tone, hair color and eye color varied depending on their origins. Usually, skin varied from a very dark brown to a pale white color. Eyes varied from shades of brown, green, blue and grey. Hair color varied from tones of brown, red and blonde, though hair could be artificially altered to represent any color. On average, Human males were taller and heavier than females. Males were on average 1.83 meters in height, and females approximately 1.63 meters in height. The average lifespan of a human was around eighty standard years of life, though the lifestyle of the individual could greatly hinder or expand the lifespan of one.