How to Get Rid of Your Boss and Live Happily Ever After is an upcoming American comedy film which is a remake of the 2011 film Horrible Bosses. The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green and Paul Giamatti.


Jake Sanders and Adam Clark are two friends who hate their bosses. Jake works at a financial firm under Larry Shaw, who manipulates him into jumping through hoops to get a promotion, only to award said promotion to himself. Adam works as a dental assistant to Dr Grace Forrest a nymphomaniac who tries to pressure Adam into having sex with her, telling him that she will kill his fiancé Isabelle if they don't. He doesn't think she will but is still disgusted by her actions. In contrast, their accountant friend Stu Fisher enjoys working for Homer Candy at his chemical company. However, Homer is murdered by his drug addicted son Ray, who the inherits the company.

Over drinks one night, the friends joke about how good life would be if their respective bosses were dead. However, they slowly begin to take the idea more seriously until they decide to hire a hitman to take out their bosses. Due to a misunderstanding, they accidentally hire a male prostitute and are disheartened, until Jake watches Strangers on a Train and decides to use the same method so that the police can't pin the crimes on them.

The trio go out on a reconnaissance mission, but are unable to properly investigate Forrest's house as she is home. They drive over to Candy's residence and find him gone, so they snoop around inside. Stu steals Candy's phone, and Adam accidentally snorts some of Candy's cocaine. Next, they drive over to Shaw's house and that he is also out. Adam is left outside to keep watch while Jake and Stu head inside to take a look around. Adam spots Shaw returning home and honks his horn to alert the others. They escape in time, but Stu drops Candy's phone and leaves it behind.

The following night, the three decide to put their plan in motion. Stu drives over to Forrest's house, Adam goes to Shaw's house and Jake heads for Candy's house. However, Shaw has discovered Candy's phone and becomes convinced that his trophy wife Vivian is having an affair with him. Jake is puzzled when Shaw arrives and knocks on Candy's front door, then shoots him to death. A horrified Jake speeds away.

In the meantime, Forrest appears on her front door step wearing only a robe and then removes it, inviting Stu inside where they have sex. Afterward he meets up with Jake and Adam to discuss their situation. The friends are then arrested because Jake was caught by a speed camera racing away from the murder scene. However, without much evidence to hold them, the police let them go.

Stu determines that their problems are solved; Candy is dead, Forrest has had "the crazy crewed out of her" and all they need to do is reveal Shaw as the killer and he will be arrested. They decide to confront Shaw in his home and have him confess into a tape recorder, but accidentally walk in on his surprise birthday party. During the party, Adam and Stu get Shaw alone in his study, where he does openly admit to having killed Candy, but Jake is the one with the tape recorder, and he is busy having sex with Vivian in the bathroom.

Shaw theatens to kill the trio for their attempts to blackmail him and they flee in Jake's car, but Shaw pursues them in his jeep and tries to run them off the road. Adam gets a call from Forrest, telling him that is time is up and she's going to kill Isabelle. He eventually corners them in a back alley and holds them at gunpoint, stating that he'll kill them like he did Candy. Detectives Gamble and Holt, the officers who previously interrogated the three, arrive to investigate the scene. Hearing the sirens, Shaw shoots himself in the leg to make it look as if the others shot him.

As the police reach the alley, Shaw tells them what happened and demands that they be arrested. Jake realizes that the tape recorder was on in his back pocket and would have recorded Shaw's confession. He plays it back, but finds that the tape ran out. As they are being handcuffed, Gamble plays back some of the recordings, including a noisy recording of Jake and Vivian having sex. Shaw asks if the woman on the tape is his wife; when Jake replies that it is, Shaw flies into a rage and raises his gun to try and shoot him, but is in turn gunned down by Gamble and Holt. The friends are relieved that their troubles are seemingly over, until Adam remembers Forrest's threat.

Adam races home on foot, leaving the others behind. Stu remembers what it is he's talking about and he and Jake take off with the police after him. Adam arrives home to find Isabelle tied down with Forrest about to pull her teeth out. He unties her, but is then attacked by Forrest with a knife. He wrestles the knife away and then punches Forrest in the face, knocking her to the floor. Forrest is then killed when Isabelle drops the TV on her head. Adam kisses Isabelle as Jake and Stu arrive with the police. The film ends with the three friends sharing drinks at Adam and Isabelle's wedding reception, where it is revealed that Jake and Vivian are now a couple.


  • Mark Wahlberg - Jake Sanders
  • Seth Green - Adam Clark
  • Paul Giamatti - Stu Fisher
  • Kelsey Grammer - Larry Shaw
  • Charlie Sheen - Ray Candy
  • Shawnee Smith - Grace Forrest
  • Famke Janssen - Isabelle Clark
  • Dwayne Johnson and Melissa McCarthy - Gamble and Holt
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