How the Star Guardians Save Christmas is the teenth and the final episode of the first season of Star Guardians Unite!


The Star Guardians must save Christmas from The Grinch.


  • The Grinch: (laughs) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! On Dancer, on Prancer, on Blitzen, on Tom Cruise, on Sean Connery, on Oscar, on Elmo, on Paris Hilton and on Fox! (disappears in the horizon)

Julie Jonas: What the heck was that?!

Hunter Jonas: It was the Grinch. he said that he needed the Alpha rune to end Christmas!

Julie Jonas: (screams)WHAT!

  • Flashback

Santa Claus: (offscreen) HO HO HO! (enters the room where he sees a plate of cookies on his desk) What's this? A plate of cookies (read a sign) Eat me. I am definitely not a trap. Well, if it's not a trap.

As he takes a bite into a cookie, they release a seeping gas.

Santa Claus:(weakly) Oh no no. (fell asleep)

The Grinch came out from behind the desk and begin to drag him away.

Flashback Ends

  • Heather Jelani:(sighs)If only Julie knew that there's no just thing as Santa Claus.

Donovan Jelani:(gasps in utmost horror) What? But that's preposterous! He gave me my gift last year and the year before!

Heather Jelani: Those were from your father.

Donovan Jelani: How can you tell?

Heather Jelani: He spelled Santa with an ampersand.

Donovan Jelani: You mean Santa's not dyslexic?!

Heather Jelani: Uh, honey, he used the ampersand on the first S.

Steve Sato: What makes you so sure that Santa's not real?

Heather Jelani: Think about it, how can one man using only a sled and deer deliver toys around the world to millions and millions of children in one night without a rest stop?

Judith Gooden: Well, logically, that's impossible.

Heather Jelani: Exactly and has anyone actually ever seen Santa at night?

Daphne Sato: I guess not.

Heather Jelani: And how can a fat guy fit through such a tight chimney without setting himself on fire? And what about the insomniacs? How do they get presents from Santa? They don't!

Fred Gooden:(in horror) It's all true! That means Santa's not real.


What! Really?! It is?! No way!

Yeah, it is. It's

Cool, i've only seen snow like a lot in my early years back in Canada, but not much back in California.



Hey Sandra?


Wadi: Hi guys.

What's the matter?

I have to go home tonight. My father's business trip is over, so i don't have to stay here anymore.

Oh, sorry Wadi.

Yeah, sorry.

See that's why you need a woman in your life! So that only she can tell you what you need to hear!

Isn't that a mistletoe?

It would appear to be.

Who do you think set this up?

It would be safe to assume that the three of them has a hand in this. Though this might backfire on them, considering that kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition and neither of us are yet a couple.

Well, i don't know

Merry Christman

Merry Christmas

Trent McGuire: Hey Wendy, look on top of our heads.

Indira Cooper: Oh let me guess, it is a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box inside a box with a lump of coal in it? I know i'm not the brightest in this neighborhood, but you don't have to constantly insult my intelligence!

Hunter Jonas: Just open the present!

Indira Cooper:! The complete original Star Wars Trilogy... and it has George Lucas' autograph!

Julie Jonas: It cost us a lot , but Hunter thought it was worth it.

Hunter Jonas: Yes, i know we have our differences. But... Merry Christmas.

Indira Cooper:I don't know what to say... Except... DON'T LET JULIE OPEN HER PRESENT!

Julie Jonas:(was about to open it)What?

Indira then grabbed the present from Julie and threw it out of the window. it then explodes in a gooey mass of garbage.

Indira Cooper:That was close.

Hunter raises her fist at Indira angrily, but instead of punching her, she surprisingly gives her a hug.

Hunter Jonas: Ah, c'mere, you lug!

Howard Cooper:That's our Indira!

Everybody then laughed.

Robby Godden: Who is Barbara Gordon?

Hey Hunter and Julie! Hear you guys had a bit trouble with some. Don't sweat it. I convinced him not to pay you two a visit like last time with the whole Joker nonsense, though he insisted it. Should have heard it. He kept going on and on and on. He thinks that he should send me over to visit. Anyway, i'll take to you two later.

Robby gasped.


Hunter Jonas:(whispers to Julie) Could have been our imagination.

Everybody(except Hunter and Julie):(shouted)BRUCE WAYNE'S COMING FOR CHRISTMAS?!

Hunter Jonas:(screams)CRAP! (kicks a wall with a spinning kick)

End Episode

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