Written by Otha Bland II. Based on the webseries from YouTube How It Should Have Ended created by Daniel Baxter. This is how the third Mission PAW episode should've ended when fans were upset about Everest and Tracker being left out from the ending and not given any credit for stopping Sweetie nor mentioned by the original six & Ryder.


  • Everest
  • Tracker
  • Marshall
  • Chase
  • Skye
  • Rocky
  • Zuma
  • Rubble
  • Ryder
  • Sweetie
  • Batman
  • Superman


We pick up to where Sweetie escapes the jungle and the PAW Patrol & Ryder are about to leave

Chase: That sneaky Sweetie got away again!

Marshall: Sorry, Ryder.

Ryder: It's okay, Marshall. We'll catch her next time.

Chase: But we'll need more than 6 pups to take down this witch of a pup.

Ryder:(smiles at Tracker) Hey Tracker, why don't you come with us? It's gonna take alot more paws to get that throne back if you're up to it.

Tracker: Me? (The Pups nod their heads) OK, this is gonna be fun

Heads into the Mission PAW Cruiser as it hits the road.

Tracker(shouting to Carlos while sticking his head out the window): nos vemos más tarde, amigo

Carlos(waving): Good luck Tracker & PAW Patrol

Fast Forward to the Antarctic where Everest is trying to stop Sweetie from getting away

Everest almost makes it until Sweetie takes off before the Cruiser arrives

Everest: Sorry, Ryder. We stalled her as long as we could.

Ryder: It was a good try, Everest. And Look, she left the throne.

Everest: Tracker, it's so nice to see you again since the winter wonder show last year(2016)

Tracker: Si, same to you senorita Everest.

They see The Air Patroller driven by Sweetie to grab the throne on a piece of ice with a penguin sitting on it

Chase:(Gasping) Sweetie's going to grab the throne back!

Skye: And take that poor penguin with it!

Everest(thinking): Tracker, get on my back, I got a brilliant idea.

Tracker: Si

Everest: Surfs up

Everest with her snowboard surfs across the water with Tracker riding on her back.

Everest: Now Tracker! Use your cable!


Tracker quickly grabs the throne with his cable claws as they pull the throne with the penguin before Sweetie can get it.

Everest & Tracker: We did it!

The Pups & Ryder(cheering): YAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Cuts to Everest & Tracker now in their own Mission PAW outfits sitting with Ace The Bathound & Krypto The Superdog at Super Cafe telling them about how they helped defeat Sweetie

Everest: And so thanks to my plan, Tracker and I saved the throne from the evils of Sweetie and now we've been promote to becoming Mission PAW pups just like the rest of the gang.

Tracker: And the entire mundo has been saved

Everest: That's "world" in Spanish, by the way.

Superdog: Doesn't quite sound like world domination by taking a throne to a whole different location if you ask me.

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