Genre Comedy
Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Various
Opening Theme Housemates Theme
Location London, UK
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 109 (+ 15 unaired)
Running Time 30 minutes (original series)

60 minutes (2017 special)

45 minutes (revival)

90 minutes (20th anniversary special)

Original Channel: BBC One
Original Air Date September 7th 1999 - November 20th 2007 (original series)

December 25th 2017 (special)

Septemer 30th 2018 - present (revival)

Produced by Various
Directed by Various
Housemates was a British comedy-drama television series that aired originally on BBC One from September 7th 1999 to November 20th 2007 and again from December 25th 2017 onwards. It revolved around a group of six friends, Evan, Shay, Eden, Ben, Tim and Meg, as they cope with living in London in their mid-twenties. The show was compared to American series Will & Grace and Friends, which were airing at the same time in the US. After years of rumours, the series returned for a one-off Christmas special in 2017 to mark 10 years since the series concluded, after a huge critical and public positive response, BBC One ordered a 12-episode revival to air some time in 2018. It premiered on September 30th 2018. BBC One have ordered a tenth series, extended to 15 episodes to mark 20 years of Housemates set to premiere in 2019.


Six friends live together in a block of trendy flats in central London as they try to deal with life in their mid-twenties as they cope with love, lies, betrayal and friendships in the UK's capital.



  • Evan Richmond, a 25-year-old junior researcher at the BBC who lives with Eden and Ben in Flat 22B. His best friend is Eden and he's close with Ben from working together, he's close with Tim through Ben and with Meg through Eden, he also considers Shay a good friend.
  • Shay Bevan, a 25-year-old trainee history teacher who lives with Tim and Meg in Flat 22A. She has an on-off relationship with Tim and a frenemy relationship with Meg. She was in school with Eden and they become friends again when they unexpectedly reunite.
  • Tim Garraway, a 25-year-old paralegal who lives with Shay and Meg in Flat 22A. He doesn't see eye-to-eye with Meg and has an on-off relationship with Shay. His brother is Ben and he's friends with Evan through Ben and is also a good friend of Eden.
  • Eden Evans, a 25-year-old nurse who lives with Evan and Ben in Flat 22B. She's best friends with Ifan and is close with Ben because they live together, she considers Tim and Meg her friends. She was friends with Shay a long time ago and they reacquaint when she takes up the room in Tim's apartment.
  • Ben Garraway, a 26-year-old junior researcher at the BBC who lives with Evan and Eden in Flat 22B. His brother is Tim and he's also good friends with Evan through work and Eden as they live together.
  • Meg Holloway (later Waring), a 25-year-old trainee physics teacher who lives with Tim and Shay in Flat 22A. She initially has a relationship with Ben, but this turns into a hate after she is caught cheating on him. She considers herself friends with everyone else in both Flats.


  • Josh Davies, Eden's boyfriend for the majority of the show, he hates Eden's friends and tries to lead her astray. He often proposes to her, most of which she regrets.
  • Cath Richmond, Evan's overbearing but loving mother.
  • David Richmond, Evan's strict but caring father.
  • Theresa Garraway, Tim and Ben's kind and polite mother.
  • Derek Garraway, Tim and Ben's author father.
  • Katie Gates, Tim and Ben's older sister.
  • Kat Evans, Eden's mum.
  • Janet Ives, Eden's grandmother.
  • Helen Holloway, Meg's loving mother, who Meg finds cringey.
  • Anthony Holloway, Meg's dedicated father, who she hates.
  • Rhian Duke, Shay's recently-remarried mother.
  • Jake Worms, Shay's serious boyfriend who she almost marries.
  • Morgan Waring, Meg's short tempered one-time husband.
  • Aaron Joules, Eden's long-term boyfriend.


Season 1 (1999)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with Shay's Arrival Eden is left surprised when her friend from school Shay arrives on her doorstep to reveal she's moved to London after splitting from her boyfriend and has enrolled on a teaching course. Introducing her to her friends, Eden's neighbours Tim and Meg reveal a room has just become available in their flat after Meg's sister moved out after she argued with Meg over sleeping with Tim.
2 The Episode with Eden's Boyfriend Eden decides its time to introduce her boyfriend Josh to the group, but things become awkward when he reveals he doesn't like any of them.
3 The Episode with the Rash Tim asks for his friend's advice on what to do with a rash, so Evan and Ben make it their mission to find a doctor who can help him out.
4 The Episode with the Baby Nephew Tim and Ben's sister arrives in London with her new baby, and Tim and Ben are eager to find out which one of them will be the baby's godfather.
5 The Episode with Evan's Parents (Part 1) Evan's parents arrive in London with a surprise for Evan. Elsewhere, Josh leaves Eden shocked when he pops the question.
6 The Episode with Evan's Parents (Part 2) Evan tries to process the news of his parents moving abroad. Eden tries to comfort Josh after rejecting his proposal.
7 The Episode with Shay's Boyfriend The day after spontaneously sleeping with Tim, Shay's ex-boyfriend Jake arrives in London, hoping to win Shay back, and he's brought her mother in tow with him.
8 The Episode with Meg's Class Meg invites Eden and Evan to her first teaching lesson, but it proves to be quite the disaster.
9 The Episode with Meg and Ben's First Kiss At Eden's 25th birthday party, Meg and Ben get closer. Evan and Eden discuss their future living arrangements. Shay sends Jake packing, making her choice to be with Tim, but Josh has other plans.
10 The Episode with Eden's Grandmother Eden's grandmother pays a visit as a belated birthday present for her granddaughter, but when Josh tries to infiltrate their weekend together, Eden begins to question their relationship.
11 The Episode with The Gas Leak Josh is a mess after being dumped by Eden, he cuts a gas line in her apartment. When the building manager informs the group they all have to leave, they go to a local coffee shop and reflect on how they all first met.
12 The Episode with the Dinner With Josh arrested, Jake heading home and Ben and Tim making their respective relationships with Meg and Shay official, the gang go out for dinner to celebrate, but some home truths lead to some major confrontation.

Season 2 (2000)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with the Reunion After two shock splits, the gang reluctantly get coffee as a group after Meg and Ben gather them together to confirm their reunion.
2 The Episode with Shay's Ex's Return After breaking off her relationship with Tim, Shay's self-confidence is at an all-time low, tipped off by her mother, Jake arrives on doorstep, hoping to manipulate his way back in.
3 The Episode with the Release Evan delivers some surprising news to Eden when it's revealed that Josh has been released from prison and wants to see her.
4 The Episode with Mr and Mrs Garraway Tim and Ben's parents arrive in London to meet Meg for the first time, but a chance encounter with Shay and Jake leads to some awkward questions.
5 The Episode with Evan's New Job Evan gets a promotion at work, technically making him one of Ben's bosses, making things awkward between the two.
6 The Episode with the Interview Ben is offered a promotion at work, but his interview is with a panel of executives, including a newly-appointed Evan. Elsewhere, Meg is called to the headteacher's office. Shay and Tim speak for the first time in weeks and Jake gets suspicious.
7 The Episode with the Holiday After Tim and Shay settle as friends, the group agree to go on holiday to Evan's hometown in South Wales for the weekend, but a paranoid Jake threatens Shay. An old relationship then rekindles as a result.
8 The Episode with Another Reunion Jake is left furious when Tim and Shay reignite their relationship when they return home from Wales, but Shay refuses to take any insults from her ex, revealing she loves Tim, but a shock proposal changes everything.
9 The Episode with The Lock Down (Part 1) When London is put on lock down after a potential threat, Evan and Eden are left in Josh's flat after breaking in to recover one of Eden's clothes; Tim, Shay and Jake are locked in a cafe and take the time to evaluate their relationships; Ben and Meg are locked in Ben's office and discuss their future.
10 The Episode with The Lock Down (Part 2) Evan makes a decision about his opinions on Eden and Josh; Shay makes a decision about Jake and Tim; Ben and Meg make a decision about their relationship.
11 The Episode with The Anniversary Six months after the previous episode, Shay and Jake celebrate the six months since Shay said yes to his marriage proposal, and the pair set a date, sending shockwaves through the group, especially Tim. Evan and Eden speak for the first time since he moved in with work friends after he told Eden to dump Josh. Meg sleeps with a co-worker, but is caught but an unsuspecting Shay, who's applying for a job at the same school.
12 The Episode with the Wedding As Shay's wedding day arrives, she decides to go behind Jake's back and invite Tim. Eden sees the light and dumps Josh for good, seeking Evan's forgiveness, inviting him to move back in with her. During an argument just minutes before her wedding, Shay exposes Meg's affair and tells Jake she can't marry him due to her still standing feelings for Tim.

Season 3 (2001)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with the Day after the Wedding (Part 1) With the group torn apart in the aftermath of Shay's cancelled wedding, Jake finally leaves London once and for all. Meg and Ben call it quits, but Ben swears revenge. Shay and Tim decide to put off a reunion as the wounds are still fresh. Evan and Eden clash over who's in the right and who's in the wrong.
2 The Episode with the Day after the Wedding (Part 2) Back home, an awkward meeting between the six leads to a lengthy discussion about their future living arrangements.
3 The Episode with the Disappointed Parents Shay is surprised when Jake's parents arrive on her doorstep, so she calls on Evan and Eden's help to deal with the situation. Tim and Meg put aside their differences to diffuse her situation with Ben.
4 The Episode with Tim's New Job Tim is promoted at work and gets his first legal case, but he may be withdrawn from it after it becomes apparent he has a conflict of interest. Meg and Ben clash at Shay's housewarming, much to Evan and Eden's annoyance.
5 The Episode with Josh's announcement Josh reveals he's moving to Scotland, and Eden struggles to decide how to perceive the news. Evan and Ben work together on a project at work, and clear the air once and for all.
6 The Episode with the Next Holiday Evan decides that he's going to Spain for the week, and is surprised when Ben and Tim offer to keep him company. When they arrive at the hotel, they're surprised to be met by Meg, Shay and Eden. After a few drinks, Tim and Shay rekindle their relationship... again.
7 The Episode with the Dog Meg is left struggling to find new roommates after Tim leaves Flat 22A to live with Shay. Ben and Evan help Eden with a moral dilemma. Shay adopts a rescue dog.
8 The Episode with the Ghost (Part 1) Evan commissions a factual show at the channel about ghosts at a manor house just outside London, and invites the group to spend the weekend to see if the haunting rumours were true.
9 The Episode with the Ghost (Part 2) Locked in the house overnight, Evan begins the hunt for the 'ghost', while Tim and Shay discuss their future and Ben and Meg are left in an uncomfortable situation.
10 The Episode with Eden's Mother Eden's mother comes to the flat with sad news, turning Eden's world upside down. Tim and Shay hold a housewarming party. Meg decides to put Flat 22A up for sale.
11 The Episode with Christmas Meg holds her last Christmas party in Flat 22A as she finalises the sale, and she considers leaving London and moving back home. Eden and Evan meet their idol at a concert. Ben's obsession with work leads to a stress-related health scare.
12 The Episode with the TV Show Evan and Ben are trying to venture into scripted programming and seek the group's approval to turn their friendship into a TV show, and while negotiations begin, they reflect on their time together.

Season 4 (2003)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with The Awards Party Due to the success of their TV show about their friendship group, Evan and Ben have won a prestigious television award, but they can only invite two people to the after-party. Ben is aghast when he gets an unexpected phone call from his estranged ex, Meg.
2 The Episode with Meg's Return The group is surprised when Meg arrives at Flat 22B and reveals she's returning to London with her new husband Morgan. Ben and Evan start work on a new TV show and bring Eden on board as a consultant since it's set in a hospital. Tim and Shay have dinner with Meg and Morgan, and notice something off about the new husband.
3 The Episode with America (Part 1) Ben and Evan are approached by an American network to remake their show across the pond, so the group decide to tag along for a holiday, including Meg and her new boyfriend, to the annoyance of everyone else.
4 The Episode with America (Part 2) Meg confides in Shay about Morgan, revealing she's unhappy with her marriage but has just found out she's pregnant. Ben and Evan sign on the dotted line and officially decide to divide their time between Los Angeles and London.
5 The Episode with Eden's New Boyfriend As Ben and Evan celebrate their new project in LA, Eden uses their party as a chance for the group to meet her new boyfriend Aaron, but she's less than impressed when Meg is vocal about her dislike for him.
6 The Episode with the Funeral The group, excluding Meg, travel to Ben and Tim's hometown for their grandfather's funeral, and Tim makes a big decision about his future with Shay. Ben and Evan get an offer they can't refuse from the American network, but it jeopardises their futures at their current job.
7 The Episode with the Birthday Party It's Evan's birthday and the executives visit London to throw him a lavish party at a luxury hotel. He's put in a difficult situation when a female executive makes unwanted sexual advances on him, but luckily he finds an easy resolution to the problem, but Ben struggles to be helpful.
8 The Episode with the Scottish Trip Eden travels to Scotland to meet with Josh, but she doesn't tell Aaron. Coincidentally, Evan, Tim and Ben are also in Scotland for a conference, leaving Shay to keep herself occupied in London, leading to a spontaneous lunch with Meg.
9 The Episode with Evan's Sister Evan's sister arrives in London for Ben and Evan's leaving party, but she gets closer to Ben than Evan would like. Shay reveals all about Meg's marriage and pregnancy to Eden, who feels this is the last straw for Morgan.
10 The Episode with the University Lecture Eden is invited to give a lecture at her former university about working with Evan and Ben on their medical drama, but she begins to run late as she confronts Morgan over his treatment of Meg, putting her, Shay and Meg in danger.
11 The Episode with The Hospital With Meg in a critical condition, she prematurely gives birth to her baby boy. Eden and Shay inform the police about Morgan, but he's seemingly disappeared. With Evan and Ben unable to return from Los Angeles, it's up to Tim to track him down before it's too late.
12 The Episode with Another Dinner With Meg's life hanging in the balance, Evan and Ben finally make it back, Eden accepts Meg's parents request to take care of the baby, and Tim finally catches up with Morgan. As events come to a head, the group gather in the hospital canteen for a dinner, with Meg's condition being left unknown.

Season 5 (2004)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with Meg's Fate The group is relieved when the doctor informs them that Meg is going to recover from her injuries, and that her son is doing well. Evan and Ben return to Los Angeles, but Eden doesn't know if that's the best idea.
2 The Episode with Ben and Evan's Decision The Los Angeles team offer to relocate to London if it suits Ben and Evan, but do they really want to give up the American lifestyle? Eden offers Meg a place to stay in Flat 22B, but things may disrupt that.
3 The Episode with the 2am Sit-down Ben is less than impressed to find Meg living in Flat 22B, despite the situation. When baby Zack wake at 2am, Eden, Evan, Meg and Ben all wake up and reflect on the past year. Elsewhere, Tim considers proposing to Shay.
4 The Episode with Josh's Move Eden and Aaron's romantic night in is shockingly disrupted with an unexpected arrival of her ex-boyfriend, Josh. Elsewhere, Evan and Ben drive Meg home to her parents for the weekend, with hopes of getting some scripts for their new series done.
5 The Episode with Jake's Unexpected Arrival Jake unexpectedly shows up on Shay and Tim's doorstep and Eden can't help but suspect that a recently-returned Josh might have something to do with it. Meg and Ben grow closer while staying at her parents house, Evan bonds with baby Zack.
6 The Episode with the Fire Eden's suspicions are proven right, and Jake and Josh team up and set Tim and Shay's house on fire, to the terror of the duo and Eden. As the flames engulf their home, Tim and Shay lose everything and have no-where to turn. Evan, Ben, Meg and the baby rush back for moral support, but Jake and Josh are no-where to be found.
7 The Episode with the New Neighbours Tim and Shay move back into a previously-empty Flat 22A and Ben decides to join them to give space to Meg in 22B. For the first time in over 2 years, the whole group are living under one roof and they reflect on happier times, until the news of the death of Jake reaches them. Josh escaped unscathed and blamed the whole thing on Jake, before swiftly returning to Scotland.
8 The Episode with the Trial The day of Morgan's trial has arrived, and a nervous Meg doesn't know whether to attend. Evan decides to go on her behalf, and luckily the result is a good one, but it leaves Meg shaken.
9 The Episode with the Christening Eden and Shay decide to organise a christening for Zack to get their mind off their problems, but Meg can't decide on who should be the godparents.
10 The Episode with the Wedding Evan's sister is getting married and the whole group is invited, the day goes smoothly until Eden gets an unwanted call from Josh. The reception is not going to be a fun time if his threats are anything to go by.
11 The Episode with the Reception (Part 1) Held hostage by Josh in a hotel room at the reception, he demands reasons why he shouldn't kill them all. Evan's sister wonders where they all are, and raises the alarm when he finds Eden's phone.
12 The Episode with the Reception (Part 2) Escaping from Josh's grasp, the group finally get him arrested and put a rough year to rest but restoring celebration to Evan's sister's wedding reception.

Season 6 (2005)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with Zack's First Birthday A rare happy occasion for the group as a reunited Meg and Ben mark Zack's first birthday by Ben officially adopting him and they throw a party to mark the occasion, with Meg's parents and Ben's parents visiting to celebrate.
2 The Episode with Eden and Aaron Aaron asks Eden to move in with him, but it'd mean giving up her lease on Flat 22B, putting Evan and Meg in a difficult financial situation.
3 The Episode with The Royal Party Ben and Evan are invited to a party at Buckingham Palace after they're both honoured for services to drama, while Meg is a shoe-in for Ben's plus one, Evan struggles to find one due to his currently strained relationship with Eden.
4 The Episode with Tim's Assistant Shay is less than impressed when Tim seems to be spending more time with his assistant than her, but when he seemingly gives a lack-luster explanation, she begins to doubt their relationships. Eden tries to rebuild her friendship with Evan.
5 The Episode with the Racist (Part 1) Evan offers to host a visiting journalist from France for the weekend while they work on a factual programme together, but the situation becomes awkward when it becomes clear he's a blatant racist.
6 The Episode with the Racist (Part 2) When Jean-Claude insults Eden with a racial slur, Evan's outburst puts his entire journalist career in jeopardy. Tim and Shay begin house-hunting when they overhear Ben and Meg looking to expand their family, but the entire situation is a misunderstanding.
7 The Episode with The Overdue Holiday The group recreate their first holiday together by going to South Wales for the weekend to visit Evan's family. Tim and Shay get romantic and return to the place where they first kissed, Eden and Aaron bond with Meg and Ben. Evan's sister make a big announcement.
8 The Episode with Tim and Shay's New House Tim and Shay find a new house that they instantly fall in love with, and the group offer to help them with the down-payment. Eden and Evan rekindle their friendship after an awkward few weeks since she moved in with Aaron.
9 The Episode with the Job Offer Tim is offered a job in Norway, meaning he'd be away from the group, especially Shay, for three months. Ben and Meg take the next step in their relationship. Evan puts Flat 22B on the market.
10 The Episode with The New School Meg returns to work at a newly opened school, but struggles to get back into routine. Ben looks after Zack on his own for the first time. Evan is confused why the flat is taking so long to sell.
11 The Episode with Evan's Book Evan officially publishes his autobiography, and decides to reunite with Ben on a new project. Eden and Aaron make a startling discovery. Tim decides not to go to Norway. Shay and Meg take Zack to a playgroup for the first time.
12 The Episode with the Proposals At Tim and Shay's housewarming, Tim finally plucks up enough courage to propose to her, and she delightfully accepts. In privacy, Aaron proposes to Eden, but she doesn't know how to respond. Meg and Ben decide not to pursue marriage, as they're happy with the current situation. Evan wonders why he's never found himself in a long term relationship.

Season 7 (2006)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with The Two Engagement Parties Due to an unfortunate miscommunication, Shay and Tim's and Aaron and Eden's engagement parties are taking place on the same evening, in two different places.
2 The Episode with Ben and Evan's New Job Ben and Evan officially start work on their new series at a new channel, but things get off to a rocky start when their new boss is overly-critical of their previously-approved script.
3 The Episode with The Expected Arrival with an Unexpected Twist Meg's parents arrive, and Meg thinks its a happy visit, until they reveal they're getting a divorce. Evan and Eden plan her wedding since Aaron is busy with work. Shay and Tim plan a dinner party.
4 The Episode with The Dinner Party The group is together for the first time in ages as Shay and Tim throw a dinner party for the six of them and underlying feuds and secrets come to a head.
5 The Episode with Shay's Mum's Return (Part 1) Shay's mum pays a surprise visit, and it becomes clear that she doesn't approve of Tim, especially after his antics at Shay and Jake's wedding. Eden and Evan think Aaron is cheating, so they take to spying on him.
6 The Episode with Shay's Mum's Return (Part 2) Shay is shocked when her mum advises her to dump Tim. Meg and Ben book a family holiday. Eden and Evan are caught out by a disappointed Aaron.
7 The Episode with The Pan Pipes Ben offers to play the pan pipes at Tim and Shay's wedding, the only problem is that he can't seem to get the hang of them. Aaron asks Evan to help him find a late engagement present for Eden.
8 The Episode with Shay and Tim's Wedding (Part 1) The big day for Shay and Tim has finally arrived, and the whole group gathers together to mark their nuptials.
9 The Episode with Shay and Tim's Wedding (Part 2) The group are surprised by newly-weds Shay and Tim with a group trip to Florence, meaning the whole gang will be going on their honeymoon.
10 The Episode with The Group Honeymoon (Part 1) The whole group arrives in Florence, Shay and Tim see the sights, Meg and Ben take Zack to a children's theme park, Aaron and Evan build their friendship, to Eden's delight.
11 The Episode with The Group Honeymoon (Part 2) As the group gathers for dinner on the last night of their holiday, they celebrate a better year together and hope for a happy future as friends.
12 The Episode with the Special Announcement Shay and Tim discover they're expecting a baby, Eden and Aaron set a date for their wedding. Evan decides it may be time to move on.

Season 8 (2007)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with Evan's Return Evan returns from an eight-month sabbatical in India with a new lease of life. Shay is ready to give birth. Meg and Ben receive news from their fertility doctor that could change their future plans forever.
2 The Episode with Shay's Birth (Part 1) Shay goes into labour and the whole group rush to hospital to be there when she gives birth, Tim has cold feet as he realises he's about to become a father.
3 The Episode with Shay's Birth (Part 2) With Tim AWOL, Shay panics as the baby starts to arrive, Ben and Evan hunt for him and find him at a key place to where their whole relationship started.
4 The Episode with Ben's Surprise Ben surprises Meg with some adoption papers. Aaron and Eden clash and it casts doubts on their future. Shay and Tim ask Evan to be baby Alice's godfather.
5 The Episode with the Movie Night The group gathers together for a movie night ahead of Eden's wedding week, but she confides in her friends about the doubts she's having.
6 The Episode with Eden's hen night (Part 1) The boys join Aaron on his stag night while the girls go to Eden's hen night. Evan gets offered a permanent job at a Delhi news company, and he decides to take it.
7 The Episode with Eden's hen night (Part 2) Eden finds out about Evan's new job. Aaron and Ben bond over their longing to be fathers. Tim and Evan discuss his future in Delhi. Shay and Meg clash over parenting approaches.
8 The Episode with Shay and Tim's Baby's Christening Just before Eden's wedding day, Shay and Tim decide to christen Alice, much to Eden and Aaron's annoyance. Evan prepares for his Delhi move, and Eden has a surprising thought.
9 The Episode with Eden and Aaron's Rehearsal Dinner (Part 1) Meg and Ben find out they're going to be adopting a baby girl. Eden and Aaron's rehearsal dinner gets underway and Eden meets some of his family for the first time, casting her doubts further.
10 The Episode with Eden and Aaron's Rehearsal Dinner (Part 2) Eden confides in Evan about her doubts, and he offers her to accompany him to India if she wants. Shay overhears this and confronts Evan for his 'reckless' approach to comforting his best friend. Aaron tells Ben and Tim that he's ready to spend the rest of his life with Eden, but Ben fears that Eden may not reciprocate.
11 The Episode with The Night Before It's the night before Eden's wedding and all events come to a head, Meg and Ben meet their new baby, Evan is packed and ready to move to India, telling Eden he won't be able to make the ceremony. Aaron makes a final phone call to Eden, telling her he can't wait to spend the rest of their life together.
12 The Final Episode It's Eden's wedding day and all the guests, bar Evan, are ready and waiting in the church. Eden ultimately makes the decision not to marry Aaron, abandoning him at the altar, and heading to the airport to head to India with Evan. Shay discovers she's pregnant again, Ben finally proposes to Meg.

Christmas Special (2017)

Episode Title Synopsis
Xmas The Episode with a Christmas Reunion It's been 10 years since Evan relocated to India and Eden spontaneously left with him, and in that time they've become romantically involved, wed and had a child together. Shay and Tim have had two more children and remain in marital bliss. Meg and Ben have married and divorced, and co-parent their two children separately. When Ben contacts Evan with a potential project they could work on together, Evan and Eden decide it's time to head back to the UK, and it just happens to be just in time for Christmas.

Season 9 (2018)

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode with A Fresh Start As Eden and Evan settle into their new house, everyone has a proper reunion, but some bad blood between Ben and Meg proves the situation difficult.
2 The Episode with Ben and Evan's Big Idea Ben and Evan return to their old boss to pitch a new idea, and while the initial reception is cold, it proves to be successful, meaning Evan and Eden are returning to the UK permanently, to the group's delight.
3 The Episode with Meg's Surprise Announcement Ben is surprised when Meg reveals she's got a new boyfriend, and is even more taken aback, alongside the rest of the group, when she reveals they're engaged. Jealousy makes itself apparent when he proves himself to be good with Zack and Grace.
4 The Episode with Shay and Tim's Vow Renewal Celebrating over 10 years together, Shay and Tim decide to renew their vows with all their family present, and the duo are even more surprised when Shay find's out she's pregnant again.
5 The Episode with Aaron turning Up Eden hasn't seen Aaron since she abandoned him on their wedding day, so when they have a chance encounter at their children's school, it turns awkward quickly. What's even worse is that Aaron's wife just happens to be Eden's ex Josh's sister.
6 The Episode with the Diagnosis After a painful night in A&E, Shay makes a shock discovery from her doctor that will change her family's future forever. Evan and Eden visit a potential school for Elle. Ben and Oliver have a one-on-one conversation when they bump into each other on a match day. Tim and Meg clash over parenting approaches.
7 The Episode with the Results Shay tells Tim everything, and how they might have to choose between the baby's life or hers. Evan and Eden try and find a way to get Elle into a prestigious private school. Ben's project with Evan get's a second series, but Meg's demands get out of hand and put his job in jeopardy.
8 The Episode with the Operation The group gathers at Shay and Tim's house as she breaks the news of her cancer to the group, revealing she will be having an operation that could cost her baby's life. Meg and Oliver discover some startling news. Elle's first day at her new school goes better than anticipated.
9 The Episode with the News Tim reveals that Shay is doing well, and no damage has been done to the baby, much to everyone's relief. Meg feuds with the group over Oliver. Shay is told by a doctor that her chance of miscarrying has increased. Evan and Eden get an interesting offer from India.
10 The Episode with India Evan and Eden head back to India to visit friends, and are intrigued by a too-good-to-miss business offer. A fragile Shay is discharged from hospital, and a paranoid Tim becomes overbearing. Meg and Ben bump heads over the future of their children.
11 The Episode with the Birth (Part 1) Three months on from the previous episode, Evan and Eden finalise the details about their new business, while Shay goes into labour. An angry Meg is with Oliver in her parents house, but when she gets wind of Shay's labour, she rushes to head back to London. Ben questions Tim about gaining full custody of his children.
12 The Episode with the Birth (Part 2) As Shay finally gives birth to a healthy baby boy, the group wonder where Meg is. Evan and Eden reveal all about their new business, and it means they'll be sticking around for a while longer. Ben gets a phone call revealing there's been a crash, and that Meg and Oliver are dead.

20th Anniversary Specials (2019)

Two episodes aired prior to season 10's premiere in 2019, the 'official' 20th anniversary special is the live broadcast of the season 10 finale.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Episode That Could've Been In this special episode, an alternative timeline where Shay never moved to London in 1999 shows what would've become of the group; Tim and Meg are married with six children, Ben and Evan relocate to Los Angeles permanently, Eden marries Josh and is now a prison wife, Shay married Jake and is in a loveless marriage with 2 teenage children and imagines what would've happened had she moved to London...
2 The Episode That Never Was The cast of Housemates don their best nineties looks and adapt a previously-unmade script from the show's first season that features Eden's father.
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