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PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE CAST LIST. YOU ARE FREE TO ADD NEW CHARACTERS AND AND ADD TO THE PLOT, JUST AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T FOLLOW A LINEAR PATTERN. House on Haunted Hill is a 2012 remake of the 1999 and 1959 horror films of the same name. It stars Sean Bean, Joan Allen, Chris Pine, Meagan Good, Tom Welling, Elisha Cuthbert, Eric Bana and Mark Wahlberg. It was directed by Mary Lambert and written by John Carpenter.


Annabelle Loren wants to have a halloween party at the old asylum, wich was turned into a house. Her husaband, Frderick, decides to make it a killeer party by offering up a 1,000,000,000 dollar deal. any one who survives the night, get all one million dollars. But when then geusts show up, they arte not the ones on the list and they find out the house is alive.


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  • Sean Bean as Frederick Loren
  • Joan Allen as Annabelle Loren
  • Chris Pine as Watson Pritchard
  • Meagan Good as Sara Wolfe
  • Tom Welling as Eddie Baker
  • Eric Bana as Donald Blackburn
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Lisa Marr
  • Mark Wahlberg as Norman Manning


Sara and Eddie are the films only survivours.


  1. Lisa Marr - Dragged into the house
  2. Donald Blckburn - Killed by Frederick
  3. Annabelle Loren - Absorbed into the darkness
  4. Norman Manning - Stabbed in head by darkness
  5. Watson Prichtard - Absorbed into the darkness
  6. Frderick Loren - Absorbed into the darkness