House of Wolfman is a 2014 sequel to the remake film "The Wolfman".


The Wolfman (Hugh Jackman) has been kept in a prison for years now. One day, he gets a letter about a "Demonling house". Soon, he is freed from prison by Dr. Griffin (Mark Strong), a genius scientist who found a way to turn himself invisible. He shows the Wolfman around the Demonling house. Doctor Demonling (Tobin Bell) has invited him and several other special guests to stay at the house. First, Wolfman meets Esmereld (Helen Mirren), Dr. Demonling's ill wife. Second, he meets Demonling's teenage daughter, Victoria (Ashley Tisdale). Next, they go down to the tunnels, where Wolfman hears an ominous voice moaning "Esmerelda!" Dr. Griffin brings him to a cave full of bats where another special guest, Count Dracula (Ben Kingsley), sleeps. Dracula threatens Wolfman and then tells him to get out. Next, they head down to the "tomb". The tomb is actually a room where The Mummy (currently unknown) lives, held inside by a glass wall. Wolfman notices the Mummy moaning "Demonling... do not trust". Griffin quickly brings Wolfman back to Esmerelda. Esmerelda asks for her husband, so Griffin and Wolfman go to look for him in the shooting range. There, they meet Demonling's 8 sons, who are practicing their shooting skills. They tell Griffin and Wolfman to check the "lower corridors". Griffin leads Wolfman down to the tunnels again, but this time they enter an old, dusty elevator that brings them down even farther. They enter a room where they hear growling and chains rattling. Griffin then introduces Wolfman to the "Monster" (Ron Perlman). Then they check Demonling's lab. They meet him in his lab and tell him that Esmerelda wants to talk to him. He tells them to tell her that he will be up in half an hour. The two are about to leave when Demonling tells Griffin that he needs his help. Griffin tells Wolfman to go up and see Esmerelda by himself. Wolfman is walking up the stairs when he meets a mysterious man (currently unknown) with a mysterious mask who has just appeared out of nowhere. The man tells Wolfman that his name is "The Phantom". Phantom warns Wolfman that he must escape while he can. Suddenly, one of Demonling's sons come rushing down the stairs, and The Phantom escapes. Wolfman quickly interrogates Demonling's son. Demonling's son grabs Wolfman and throws him backwards into a window. Suddenly, through the window, Wolfman notices it is a full moon. That is when he transforms into his wolf-form. Wolfman grabs Demonling's son and throws him up into the air. In the center of the building, where Esmerelda sleeps, Demonling's son comes crashing up through the floor and lands in the middle of the room. The shock almost gives Esmerelda a heart attack, but merely just puts her in a coma. Wolfman comes jumping up through the hole in the floor and lands in front of Demonling's son. He grabs Demonling's son and smashes him up against the wall. Wolfman put Demonling's son down and crashes through the door. He escsapes the building and runs off into the woods. In the woods, he is confronted by The Phantom again. Phantom begins to tell Wolfman why Demonling invited him, but is quickly interrupted when a horde of vampires attack. Phantom quickly jumps up into the branches of the trees and disappears. Wolfman starts to battle the vampires, but they prove to be too much for him. Thats when he snaps a sharp branch off a tree and starts stabing, impaling, and decapitating vampires with it. After a long battle, he kills all the vampires. Suddenly, a vampire rises up from the ground, laughing at Wolfman. The vampire then collapses. Wolfman drops the branch and runs back to the Demonling house to see if the Phantom went there. In the house, he is confronted by Demonling's son, now bleeding from when Wolfman attacked him. Demonling's son starts threatening Wolfman. All of the sudden, Demonling's son transforms into a werewolf, too! The two werewolves have a quick battle. Wolfman starts punching Demonling's son in the face, and quickly gives him a black eye. The battle continues, though, and ends with Wolfman punching Demonling's son to death. Wolfman hears more howling, and jumps out the window. He runs off back into the woods, and stops at a cave. In the cave, he meets a pack of wolves. The wolves accept him and let him sleep in the cave. That morning, Wolfman wakes up in human form, and is confronted yet again by Phantom. Phantom tells Wolfman it wasn't smart to kill Demonling's son. Phantom then tells Wolfman that all of Demonling's sons are werewolves, and that Demonling invited all these "special guests" just so he could take what makes them supernatural and create a cure for his ill wife. Wolfman tells Phantom that he is going to wage a war on the entire Demonling family, but Phantom has already vanished again. The next night, in the Demonling house, "the Monster" breaks the chains that keep him chained to the wall, and escapes the Demonling house. More to be added...

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