House of Rot is a 2016 live-action horror movie, created as a tribute to the House of the Dead and Resident Evil franchises, despite not featuring a single zombie throughout the film. The film is about eight college students arriving at an abandoned mansion out in the middle of a swamp in order to film a documentary. While there though, a rain storm starts, and the rising waters sink their car, forcing the students to stay in the mansion until the rain stops. However, black rot starts to slowly surface throughout the house, as slowly the teens are picked off one by one. While there, the students come across other people, including a sixteen-year old who has apparently been stuck in the house for days, and three deputies, who while on patrol, were locked in the house.

List of Characters

  • Charlie, a ladies man with a streak of arrogance.
  • Elizabeth, a lonely and friendly girl who only came along to get to know Charlie.
  • Lawrence, Charlie's best friend and local drug addict.
  • Billy, Shaun's brother who is the most responsible of the group.
  • Ashton, a biker who constantly skips school.
  • Shaun, Billy's brother who doesn't know what he wants to do with his life.
  • Selena, a cheerleader with dreams of becoming an anchorwoman.
  • William, an exchange student from England who harbors a crush on Selena.
  • Timmy, a young teenage boy who ended up in the house while hanging out with friends.
  • Carrie, an anti-social and uninterested deputy.
  • Houston, a perverted and rude older man, and the local sheriff.
  • Dixon, a goofy guy who is new to his job as a deputy.

List of Deaths

  1. Ashton - Is grabbed onto face first, before being pulled onto the roof, where his actual death is never learned.
  2. Selena - Grabbed by the "rot," before being pulled into the swamp, where she presumably drowned.
  3. Billy - Pulled across the living room, before being forcibly pulled through the floor, screaming in pain as blood rushes from his forehead.
  4. Timmy - Thrown into a large pile of "rot," and is torn apart by the pile as he screams for mercy.
  5. Houston - Pulled through the ceiling early on, but is dropped onto the chandelier in his final moment of life.
  6. Elizabeth - Stabbed in the chest twice by "Charlie."
  7. William - Thrown through the wall, before being torn apart by "rot."
  8. Charlie - Possessed by the rot right after Houston's death, becoming their host. Shot twice in the chest near the end of the movie, killing him and eliminating the rot for good.

Lawrence, Shaun, Carrie, and Dixon survive the movie.

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