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House Ghosts is a 2019 horror comedy film directed by TBA.


9 years later, the Velez siblings died from every accidental death that was fatal. Now that Emory, Janis, and Drew were ghosts, they decided to find new inhabitants to haunt. Only they wanted to scare Brooke anyway. She realizes she can hear and see the ghosts in the house. The Velez spirits try to lure the Patel family and of course, her friends from their graves, Brooke wants to break free so they wanted to apologize. As the ghosts hand their haunted house back, they went through the light.



  • Hattie Gotobed as Brooke Patel, the main protagonist and the only one who can see ghosts.
  • Monica Bellucci as Evangeline Patel
  • Charlie Hunnam as Jaxon Patel
  • Jessica Stevenson as Teresa Patel
  • TBA as Margarette Christie, a girl who is friends with Brooke
  • anthony rogers as Branson Wood, Brooke's crush
  • richard couch as Micah Frost, a friend of Branson
  • TBA as Oliver Chapman, a friend of Branson
  • TBA as Brycen Bowman, a friend of Branson
  • TBA as Mackenzie Brookes, a friend of Brooke
  • TBA as Spencer Moss, a friend of Branson
  • TBA as Isabela Cervantes, a friend of Brooke
  • TBA as Victoria Jenkins, a friend of Brooke
  • TBA as Jeanne Hickman, a friend of Brooke
  • TBA as Emory "The Wailing White Woman" Velez
  • TBA as Janis "The House Spirit" Velez,a friend of Brooke
  • TBA as Drew "The Spooky Guest" Velez
  • TBA as Joel Chambers, a paranormal expert
  • TBA as Jimmy Fleming, a paranormal expert