House 2400 is a 2019 Supernatural Thriller Film directed by Gavin Hood, written by Chris Carter and Frank Spotniz and starring Patricia Arquette, Colin Firth, Dakota Fanning, Josh Hutcherson, Craig T. Nelson, Malin Akerman and Julianne Moore.


A dysfunctional family makes the move from the bustling city of Los Angelas to the unbustling rural sights of Everlin, Long Island where upon buying the most modern/rich decor house in the entire town find their lives plagued by something they couldn't possibly imagine.

The state of the art home with all it's over the top scientific home security turns on them and they find there to be a supernatural force within their home with desires for their children and the father of the family.

It's up to the mother of this being torn apart family Alice (Patricia Arquette) to unravel the mystery behind the subterristial monster plagueing their lives with the ultimate aim of destroying them completely.


  • Patricia Arquette as Alice Morway
  • Colin Firth as Jonathen Morway
  • Dakota Fanning as Evelyn Morway
  • Josh Hutcherson as Dylan Morway
  • Julianne Moore as Esadora Duncan/ The Realtor who Presented The Property
  • Roger L. Jackson as the Beast
  • Malin Akerman as Vermia Cresswood/ Jonathen Morway's Ex-Girlfriend
  • Craig T. Nelson as Kevin Lanore'/ Alice's Father
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