Hound Hoboes
Matthew Mouse/Felix Fox) series
Directed by Bob Wickersham
Produced by Michael Shires
Written by
Screenplay by
Story by Mike Schuckett
Dick Kenny
Based on
Starring Michael Shires (uncredited)
Arnold Stang (uncredited)
Music by Oliver Williams
Editing by
Production company(s) Michael Shires Productions
Distributor Republic Pictures
Release date(s) April 13, 1947
Running time 8:16
Language English
Gross revenue
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Hound Hoboes is a 1947 American animated short film produced by Michael Shires Productions and released by Republic Pictures, starring Matthew Mouse and Felix Fox.


Matthew and Felix get a job as dog catchers and spend the picture trying to catch one measly little dog.


Matthew and Felix decide to get a legitimate job as dog catchers. The problem is that Felix is afraid of even the tiny (and surprisingly fierce) dogs. Matthew tries dressing as a female dog to lure the dog to the truck; when that fails, he tries dressing both him and Junior in a giant cat suit. Then Junior tries a mouse trap baited with a hamburger from Matthew's lunch and catches Matthew ("a bad thing"). Finally, they dress as fireplugs and get far too much attention.


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