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Hostages (2011 film) American-New Zealand Police buddy cop non-funny; Crime-Thriller 2011 film.


  • Tyson Tatum as Robert Dunkley; father-friend of Dt. Miles Dunkley.
  • Oliver Swaby as Detective Miles Dunkley; Robert's oldest cousin-friend.
  • Luis Amador as Sergeant Officer Jon Freeman; former ex-CIA killer and main antagonist.
  • Yasiel Hernandez as Kurt Keith, former NYPD Detective and single man.
  • Yasel Hernanez as Detective Ty Keith; main protagonist and prisoner/Kurt's younger brother.
  • Phil Derrick as himself (flashbacks)
  • Jesus Pino as CIA Agent Jonah Hicks; main antagonist and victim.
  • Yoli Ebanks as Cameron June; she was deceased in bank.
  • Yeni Molina Ortiz as Juila Keith; Kurt's and Ty's deceased mother.
  • Glenda Pino as Glenda Ramòs-Hicks; Kurt's love interest and friend.
  • Eyleen Pino as Eyleen Ramòs
  • Diego Pino as Ben Ramòs; Kurt's friend and Glenda's brother.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Jeffrey "Jeff" Guerra, Charles's half brother
  • Drlis Mayo as Grandpa Guerra (flashbacks)
  • Miguel Amador as Brett Freeman, CIA agency/Jon's villain.
  • Jason Hydes as NYPD Detective Chief Officer John Vilain; deceased drug dealer and main antagonist.
  • Derlis Swaby as Charles Guerra; Jeff's half-brother
  • Axel Dominguez as Sgt. Gunnery DeSantos; main antagonist and drug dealer.
  • Yourails Swaby as Yourails Simpson; prisoner.
  • Paula Swaby as herself; deceased robbery thief and deceased bank scene.
  • Jimmy Clarke as Chief Detective Alexander; Kurt's deceased detective partner
  • Joseph Swaby as former NYPD Detective Max Silverman; an thief criminal and main antagonist.