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Hostage is a 2013 American crime action thriller film, directed by Michael Mann. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Neve Campbell, is about detective's sister who finds herself, she is hostage by a serial killer also he is serial rapist who wanted kill her after he raped, beat and murdered her neice (Lily Collins) and murdered all of her friends for 4 days, she try to escape.




  • Mark Wahlberg as Shaun Mitchell
  • Neve Campbell as Elisa McDonald
  • Sean Penn as Detective Drake McDonald/Elisa's brother
  • Hilary Swank as Melissa Stewart/A woman who was beaten and raped by Shaun


Car Chase

  • (Elisa open the door of the car)
  • Elisa: Come on.
  • (Elisa try get the car to start)
  • (Shaun shot at the car 6 time)
  • Elisa: Shit.
  • (Elisa drive the car)
  • Shaun: Hey, get the fuck out of the fucking car.
  • (Shaun grab a man out of the car)
  • Man 1: That is my fucking car.
  • Shaun: Fuck you, fuckhole.
  • (Shaun drive the car)
  • Elisa: I think I lost him.
  • (Shaun shot at the car 5 time)
  • (Elisa scream)

Shaun gets violent with Elisa, Shaun chase Elisa and attack her in the hospital

  • (Elisa wake in the hospital)
  • Elisa: Shaun.
  • Shaun: You are fucking alive.
  • Elisa: I got a man who beat Julianne, fuck her up and kill her and he got me hostage for 4 fucking days.
  • Shaun: I lock the door so you can,t get out of here.
  • (Elisa walk)
  • Elisa: I hate you.
  • (Shaun grab Elisa in the arm)
  • Elisa: Let me go.
  • Shaun: You never give up after I shot you.
  • Elisa: Fuck you.
  • (Shaun kiss Elisa)
  • Elisa: Get the fuck off me.
  • (Shaun attack Elisa)
  • Shaun: Let see of that, you fucking bitch.
  • (Elisa punch Shaun)
  • (Elisa run)
  • (Shaun attack Elisa)
  • Elisa: HELP, HELP.
  • (Shaun chase Elisa)