STOP comparing me to Princess Mabushina. Know this, Mabushina is a genie and I'm human.
~ Hoshi CL to Von Yodon before beheading him

You're starting to get on my nerve when you compare me to Mabushina.
~ Hoshi CL to Dokuhebi while on the phone before Mia Aw Rak-Hi intercepts the call.

One day, Wonder Woman, Paradise Island will be remade by our master ...

Mia Aw Rak-Hi: Well put, Hoshi CL, now let's get out of here before the Superfriends show up.

~ Hoshi CL to Wonder Woman

Dokuhebi: You realize that you are a foil to Mabushina - your impulsive nature to her polite nature? You are similar to Mabushina in that sense.

Hoshi CL: Yesssss!!!!!! I am similar to MABUSHINA!!!!

~ Hoshi CL realizing that she is an evil counterpart to Mabushina

Hoshi CL is the princess of the Blitz Craig. She debuts in the first episode. She goes by the Crimson Bloodshot Princess.


Hoshi CL is a very aggressive human. Despite her temper, she can be quite cunning, as she was able to disarm Green Lantern by knowing that his power ring doesn't work on anything yellow. She is very adaptable to Lightning Blitz's ideas, as well as the other members of the Blitz Craig's ideas.

In the second episode, when she boasts that "Wonder Woman is one, the Purikyra are many" in an attempt to defeat her, Nancy Blake steps in and tells her that Wonder Woman is a powerful Amazon not to be underestimated. She realizes her own folly. She works with Nancy Blake to defeat Wonder Woman until Aquaman calls the Bigger Monster for Hire company by using Superman's credit card he got without permission to get Fuanteina to assist Wonder Woman. This backfires on Aquaman, as he is grounded, and resulting in Fuanteina escaping from Bigger Monster for Hire.

She hates it when people compare her to Princess Mabushina for no apparent reason. When Dokuhebi compares her to Mabushina saying that she and Mabushina are similar in episode 9 (A-e-i-o-u), she hangs up the phone, telling him that she's a human and Mabushina's a genie. Mia Aw Rak-Hi puts voice blocker on her phone in case Dokuhebi prank calls her like that.

Eventually, she can use the word "Mabushina" to increase her destructive capabilities in combat, something that scares even Dokuhebi, as revealed in episode 13.


As revealed in episode 8, Hoshi CL killed the face of evil Von Yodon after he compared her to Princess Mabushina. Because Von Yodon was the face of evil, every villain would run away from her.  This left her scarred, as no other villain wanted to be her friend. 

Role in Super Friends 2020

She makes her debut in the 1st episode, where she and Lightning Blitz figure out a plan to defeat Green Lantern. Eventually, she figures out that Green Lantern's power ring does not work on anything yellow. Lightning Blitz then suggests to her that she put that knowledge to good use. She then summons a Custard Ethereal (which is Yellow) with her staff, which turns her whip sword yellow. The three of them work together and beat Green Lantern up to the point where he is knocked unconscious. In the end, she is seen eating a parfait along with Lightning Blitz.

In the second episode, she works along with Nancy Blake to defeat Wonder Woman and Fuanteina, with the latter congratulating both of them for teamwork.

In the third episode, she and Lightning Blitz are cooking rice on their spare time.

In the fourth episode, she and Lightning Blitz take on the Flash.

In the sixth episode, she and Nancy work together to defeat Fuanteina with the latter bowing to defeat in respect, and joins them to the Blitz Craig where he meets the leader, Mia Aw Rak-Hi.

In the 11th episode, when Lightning Blitz's eyes become purple and loses control of himself, she tells Mia Aw Rak-Hi this. Mia then sends Fuanteina to restrain Blitz, to help Blitz regain control of himself. Hoshi CL then cries, saying that she worries about Lightning Blitz's well-being, since they schemed together to defeat the Super Friends.


Whip Lay-more: It is her standard weapon - a sword that doubles as a whip. She can extend the whip sword to attack from far range.

Staff: The staff she wields can summon 1 Ethereal made with Custards, Gelatos, Chocolate, and Macarons to aid her and her allies in combat.

Mabushina Allusions

In episode 9, when Dokuhebi calls her on the phone, using that name to mock her and compare her to Mabushina, she reacts very angrily to him until Mia Aw Rak-Hi tells her to give her the phone so that she can block his call. Mia has a word with her telling her that if someone calls you like that in order to piss you off, hang up the phone immediately.

In episode 10, when another person approaches her and asks her if she and Mabushina are similar. She tells the person that both of them aren't similar because when she cries, the tears come out salt water, but when she cries, blue crystals come out of her tears.

In episode 11, when a boater asks her if Mabushina has a brother. She tells the boater that he does. The boater then asks her about her brother. She tells the boater that she and her brother from a kingdom of crystals. The boater then tells her that one time her brother took two stuff that were supposed to be used for emergencies only when her uncle was invading her kingdom. She then tells him that she slapped him as a result. The boater then tells her that Mabushina's very uncouth for slapping her brother, and that she refused to accept her brother. He then thanks her in the end for giving him a good conversation.

In episode 13, the same boater she met from the previous episode asks her about her brother. They then talk about her brother's relationships with everyone. She then tells him that he doesn't get along with everyone due to the crystals thingys. The boater asks her if her brother is human, and she tells him yes, to which the boater looks with a thinking face. She soon shows her dress to the boater which he finds dazzling and radiant.


  • She is very similar to Tankjoh, except that she is more adaptable to her teammate's ideas.
  • It is possible that Hoshi CL is using the Blind men and an elephant parable to create the Mabushina allusions. Here, the elephants are mapped as Mabushina and her brother, and the blind men are mapped as Hoshi CL, the boater, and the person that approached her as the blind people. The three of them use allusions from Kirameiger to talk about them, yet they haven't met them in person to fully understand who they are as individuals. Ironically, Hoshi CL is an Evil Counterpart to Mabushina, as the latter is polite while the former is aggressive and violent.
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