The Horrorverse is an American media franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of Horror Icon reboots leading into a versus crossover film reboot, and overall gallery Horror Action film, co-produced and distributed by Blumhouse Productions and produced by Universal Pictures centrally, with some collaboration with New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures and Paramount Pictures.

The first instalment was Evil Dead (2013), a reboot of The Evil Dead franchise, that began with The Evil Dead in 1981, though initially the film was intended as a stand-alone re calibration of the series and also did not feature Blumhouse involvement until it's following sequel Dead II (2019).


The concept came as a result of Blumhouse Productions lead distributor and film producer Jason Blum, who after his involvement in the Dark Universe Classic Monster films and their overall gallery crossover film Monster Squad, approached Sam Raimi and Ted Raimi in regards to a horror icon cinematic universe. In development hell with Evil Dead's sequel that originally intended as a rewritten sequel to the original, they decided to maintain it's reboot status and went into collaboration.

Andres Muschietti with the success of Mama in 2013 was approached by Blum and the Raimis with a vision for the universe, that would also include the antagonist Pennywise the Stephen It icon, which Muschietti went on to helm the 2017 iteration of, also working it into the universe.

The rest of the film followed suits including Halloween Night (2018) which ran the incredible task of being released in the same year as the direct Halloween Sequel simply titled Halloween written by Danny McBride and directed by David Gordon Green.

The universe culminated in 2025 versus instalment with Freddy Vs. Jason (serving only homages to the original Freddy Vs. Jason of 2003) and finally the combined crossover horror action Terrordrome (2028).

The films as envisioned by Blum were to also have an element of high budgeted action to their horror structure which proved successful in reception.


  1. Evil Dead (2013)
  2. IT (2017)
  3. Halloween Night (2018)
  4. Carrie White (2018)
  5. Ring (2019)
  6. Hellraiser (2019)
  7. It: Chapter Two (2019)
  8. Child's Play (2019)
  9. Friday The 13th (2020)
  10. Demonto (2021)
  11. Maniac Cop (2022)
  12. Candyman (2022)
  13. Phantasm (2023)
  14. Re-Animator (2023)
  15. The Texas Chainsaw (2024)
  16. Nightmare On Elm Street (2024)
  17. Scream (2026)
  18. Ash (2026)
  19. Last Summer (2027)
  20. Hellbound (2027)
  21. Voorhees (2027)
  22. Dream Warriors (2028)
  23. Terrordrome (2028)
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