Horror On Holiday
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Created by TBA
Starring :Sarah Michelle Gellar
Lauren Cohan
Avan Jogia
Chandler Riggs
Norman Reedus
Steven Yeun
Laurie Holden
Andrew Lincoln
Jon Bernthal
Irone Singleton
Melissa McBride
Jeffrey DeMunn
Liam James
Lisa Kudrow
Jason Behr
Steven Weber
Opening Theme main Theme by Marco Beltrami
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Country Of Origin United States
Portland, Maine
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Running Time 99
Original Channel: AMC
Original Air Date 10 February 2015
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Sarah Michelle Gellar as Gina McQueen the mother of Daniel, Jamie, James, Rick Rickson, the wife of Shaun Mcqueen and the older sister of Jackson Knowles
Norman Reedus as Shaun McQueen, the husband of Gina McQueen, the Father of Daniel, Jamie, James And Unborn Baby
Avan Jogia as Daniel McQueen
Chandler Riggs as Jamie McQueen
Jared Padalecki as Larry Nickson
Rose McGowan As Laurie Nickson
Gina Philips as Mina Sampson
Lauren Cohan as Michelle Sampson
Steven Yeun as Rick Rickson
Laurie Holden as Elena Manson
Andrew Lincoln as Stephen Nickson
Jon Bernthal as Will Daniels
Irone Singleton as Lmar Jonas
Melissa McBride as Sophia Nightgale
Jeffrey DeMunn as Jan Corey
Liam James as Jamie McQueen
Lisa Kudrow as Rosa Nightgale Knowles
Jason Behr as Jackson Knowles
Scott Michael Foster as a sexual goth
Steven Weber as Larry Knowles


Deborah Kara Unger as Carly McQueen the older sister of jessica and Shaun
Chandra West as Jessica McQueen the little sister of carly and shaun
Maria Canals Barrera as Demise Jackson the mate of Gina McQueen
Charisma Carpenter as Janey Ashen the mate of Gina McQueen and Shaun McQueen
Alexandra Daddario as Lori McQueen the daughter of Gina McQueen and Shaun McQueen


the soundtrack features Creed and Slipknot and Marilyn Manson and also Spineshank

  1. "Beginning of the End" 3:32 Spineshank
  2. "Is This The End" 6:15 Creed
  3. How Can I Live" 3:17 Ill Niño
  4. "Wait and Bleed" 2:30 Slipknot
  5. "The Hell Song" 3:21 Sum 41
  6. "Youth of America" 3:03 Birdbrain
  7. "Sweet Dreams"

Season 1

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