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Horror Trip is 2014 horror film. This films stars Sara Paxton, Eliza Bennett, Chloe Moretz,


A 19 year old girl, her best friend, 18 years old girl, her 16 year old sister and her six friends went to a trip to the lake. They found out some wrong in the lake and they try to safe alive.



  • Sara Paxton as Sarah Timberlake
  • Eliza Bennett as Hannah Lawson/Sarah's best friend and Chloe's sister
  • Chloe Moretz as Chloe Lawson/Hannah's 16 year old sister who injured in the attack but still alive


Sarah saw Chloe injured and Chloe was attack by the shark

  • Chloe: Sarah, I wanted you jump to the lake.
  • Sarah: No, Miss stupid.
  • Chloe: Bullshit, bitch.
  • Sarah: Say don,t jump this lake, that is danger.
  • (Chloe jump to the river)
  • Sarah: Chloe, don,t, we go to jump this river.
  • Sarah: Chloe, shit, Hannah will not go to like this.
  • (Chloe swimming in the lake)
  • Chloe (sing): What a great day, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, white, black, gold...
  • (Chloe scream)
  • Chloe: Holy shit, funny smell.
  • Chloe: Blood.
  • (Chloe scream)
  • Chloe: HELP.
  • (The shark attack Chloe and bite Chloe's arm)
  • Chloe: HELP.
  • (Chloe swimming fast)
  • (The shark bite Chloe's leg)
  • Chloe (running): Shit, Sarah.
  • Chloe: Sarah.
  • Sarah: Yes.
  • Chloe: You told me so (groan)
  • Sarah: Guys, Hannah, Ricky, Lucy, help me.
  • Micheal: What the hell happening.
  • Sarah: Is Chloe.
  • (Hannah, Ricky, Lucy, Micheal, Kate, Shaun and Elizabeth run)
  • Hannah: Her leg, her arm, what happening.
  • Hannah: Sarah, I told you to watch Chloe.
  • Sarah: She will not let me watch her.
  • Elizabeth: Ricky, call 911.
  • Ricky: It is not work.
  • Kate: Try.
  • Lucy: Stop that, she smell of blood.
  • Hannah: What, she is.
  • Chloe: The....
  • Sarah: What.
  • Chloe: The....
  • Sarah: The what.
  • Chloe: The shark (scream and groan)
  • Hannah: That fucking shark to try eat my sister.
  • Hannah: Which lake.
  • Sarah: Danger one.
  • (Hannah run)
  • Sarah: Hannah.
  • Sarah: Guys, find the first aid kit.
  • Lucy: OK.
  • (Hannah and Sarah run to danger lake)
  • Hannah: Holy shit, the smell.
  • Sarah: The blood of the body.
  • Hannah: The shark.
  • Sarah: The river smell like shit.