Here are a list of horror movies that have ended badly.


  • The Burning Man - The reason is the male hero is captured and burned alive by the villagers. Also his death is never investigated and instead the villagers remain victorious.
  • Little Shop Of Hot Tubs - The reason is because the male hero's love-interest along with their friends are killed by the hot tub. Also the hero fails to kill it and instead is the one killed at the end, leaving humanity to be taken over but this was the alternate ending.
  • The Terror Of The Unknown Being - The reason is that the main protaginist's girlfriend and his friends are killed by Bass.EXE himself and became Bass.EXE-like copies. He also failed to kill the Bass.EXE and is instead killed by it and becomes the copy of Bass.EXE too, making humans and dylanuses being taken over by Bass.EXEs, but the fate of Bass.EXEs remain unknown.
  • Fearless Vampire Killers - The reason is because the hero, Alfred, had failed to save his love interest, Sarah, due to Sarah becoming a vampire, as she then bites Alfred in the neck, turning Alfred into a vampire as well. As professor leaves, the two new vampires possibly turned him into a vampire too. They then took over the entire world, turning all of humanity into vampires, but their future fate remains unknown.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5: The Origin - The reason is because the female hero is impaled from behind with a chainsaw by Jedidiah Sawnyer. Also the villain family get away with the murder.
  • Slender - The reason is the female character gets possessed and kills the male hero. She later throws his body at a camera and jumpscares the audience, ending the film. Her whereabouts remain unknown.
  • ATM - The reason is because David Hargrove is arrested while his best friend and girl friend are killed by the killer, who gets away. Also, they are framed for the murders and the killer is last seen in his hideout planning another crime scene. However, a sequel called ATM 2: Attack at mini-mart will have a good ending.
  • The Helper - The reason is because the male hero is taken away by authorities at the end while his co-workers and boss are murdered and the Helper got away. Also one year later, he is last seen trying burn himself in a farm house but the Helper appears behind him, blows out the match stick, and ends the film with out revealing what happens. After the end credits, the Helper is seen working as a farmer but becomes bored and claims it's just another day while he waits for another killing spree.
  • Scream Queens (2015 Remake) - The reason is that the Uncut Version ends with Alex finding out that Gemi's the killer and has framed Tommy of the murders but reveals video evidence of him killing his abusive father and promises not to tell if he promises to keep quiet about her actions as she gives him an evil kiss on the cheek and when he wants to stop her, she begs him to not rush at her but it was too late and he is accidentally stabbed by her. A worried Gemi tries to hold the bleeding but Alex dies slowly from his wound and she is left crying over him. In a doctor's office, she lies about Tommy committing the murders and Alex sacrificing himself to save her. The sympathetic doctor allows her to leave and calls for the justice system to burn the footage, all of it. As Gemi leaves the building, an officer doesn't believe her story and swears to bring her to justice as she gives an evil smirk to him and starts to get viewed as a hero. In the mid-credits, she is seen at Alex's funeral but moves on to take interest in another young boy and befriends him, unaware of a jealous girl glaring at them and causing the film to end with a sequel hook.
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