Horror House is a Horror Slsher Thriller Drama Film which will be realesed on 2014. The cast features Jensen Ackles, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jared Padalecki, Channing Tatum, Chelan Simmons, Nico Tortorella, Ellen Wroe, Emma Bell, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy, Crystal Lowe, Jesse Moss, Kelly Brook, Taylor Launter, Jerry O'Connell, and Ashlyn Brooke.


A Young Kind Brunette Girl Emily (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was forced by her Punk Boyfriend Robin (Jared Padalecki) to go camping with their friend including Irish's Hot Boyfriend Colin (Channing Tatum), Emily's Bestfriend and Colin's Girlfriend Irish (Chelan Simmons), Jamie's Cheating Boyfriend Chris (Nico Tortorella), Emily's Second Bestfriend Jamie (Ellen Wroe), Jamie's Bestfriend Ashley (Emma Bell), Kelly's Boyfriend Mason (Thomas Dekker), Mason's Girlfriend Kelly (Katie Cassidy), Irish's Second Bestfriend Andrea (Crystal Lowe), Andrea's Boyfriend Jason (Jesse Moss) and Nerdy Scott (Taylor Launter) with Irish's Wild Wild Cousin Danni (Kelly Brook), Their Teacher Derek (Jerry O'Connell) and Derek's Porn Actress Girlfriend Crystal (Ashlyn Brooke). While travelling they see a Burning Girl all of them go out of the car until the ground collapse which brings them into a Horror House full of Corpse and Ghost. Can they escape the House or they will all die?


The Film opens with a Nerd Girl running in a dark hall until she spotted a stairs and runs to the stairs and the ghost pushed her which causes her to fell and break her neck. After Many Years Emily is sleeping until she heard a strange noise when she look at the window it was Robin's Car. Emily takes a shower and goes outside. Robin forced Emily to join them and Emily packs her items and goes with them. The Group travels and finds a Burning House with a Burning Girl. They all go outside and while Derek is helping the girl the ground collapse and cracks open which causes them to fell and the death of Crystal.

Emily wakes up and finds a corpse near her. Emily runs and see Jamie. While Emily and Jamie are traveling they heared a kid and both of them go where Emily says if her family misses her. Jamie remembers her Mother who abandoned her. Jamie and Emily fight and Jamie crys and Runs to girls bathroom. Emily is scared and is walking in a dark hall where she see a corpse near the stairs (The Nerd Girl's Corpse). Emily heared Jamie scream and Emily runs where she see girls bathroom. Emily finds Jamie being hung and Emily crys and remember the happy memories of them. Jamie wakes up and Emily screams Jamie's name. Emily goes out to find something that will help Jamie and sees a Buket with Worms Blood and Organs. Emily Puke and Throws the Blood, Worms and Organs and goes inside where Jamie was already suffocated. Emily crys and walks out of the bathroom sadly.

Mason and Kelly with Derek are in a dark classroom and talks how they will escape. Derek goes and finds a corpse near door. Derek runs and he fells on a hole. Derek wakes up and sees a Ghost Kid. Derek runs and is crushed with Cabitnet full of knifes and when the ghost leaves Derek manage to escape. Kelly and Mason walks where they see Ashley with Two Ghost and Kelly and Mason convince Ashley to leave them when Ashley was leaving she was violently slammed in a wall at a high speed by the ghosts splattering her body in a wall. Mason and Kelly goes to Ashley's Corpse where Kelly crys and tells Mason that its all their fault. Kelly runs and Mason was knocked by a teacher who is killed in the house.

Emily is walking in a hall and she finds a guy named Robert and Robert tells Emily that he was killed in the house and he is just a ghost. Emily was shocked and walks backwards until she fell on a hole. Robert trys to help her. Irish and Andrea was walking down stairs and Andrea fell on Stairs which causes her to have wound. Irish finds a Ghost at the stairs and The Ghost grabs Andrea and throws her and Andrea lands on a hole which kills Andrea. Irish runs and finds Derek bleeding to Death but the ghost pushed the cabinet on Derek which kills him. Irish hides and The Ghost don't find irish and leaves.

Robin, Colin and Chris was in a dark room where they encounter a ghost of a girl kid and the ghost kid killed Chris by strangeling him with her hair. Robert frinds Irish and tells her what happened to Emily. Emily wakes up finding Andrea's Corpse. Emily panic and runs where she find Andrea's Boyfriend Jason. Emily and Jason walks and was trapped by a giant ghost. The Ghost smashed Jason which kills him. Emily runs and finds Robert and Scott who finds Robin and Colin. The Group escapes and finds Mason and they ask where is Kelly and Mason said that she was killed. The Giant Ghost kill Mason, Colin and Scott. Robert, Emily and Robin is going to escape until The Giant Ghost smashed Robin and Emily which kills them and The Giant Ghost eat Robert's Ghost. The Giant Ghost smashed the screen and says The End.


Jensen Ackles as Robert

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Emily

Jared Padalecki as Robin

Channing Tatum as Colin

Chelan Simmons as Irish

Nico Tortorella as Chris

Ellen Wroe as Jamie

Emma Bell as Ashley

Thomas Dekker as Mason

Katie Cassidy as Kelly

Crystal Lowe as Andrea

Jesse Moss as Jason

Kelly Brook as Danni

Taylor Launter as Scott

Jerry O'Connell as Derek

Ashlynn Brooke as Crystal

Danielle Panabaker as Nerd Girl (Uncredited)


Robin Convince Emily

  • (Emily Wakes Up)
  • Emily: What The Fuck!
  • (Emily Shouts at Robin)
  • Emily:Robin What The Fuck! What are you doing in here?
  • Robin:Wanna Join the Camping?
  • Emily:What Camping?
  • (Irish Tape Colin's Mouth)
  • (Colin Removes the Tape)
  • Colin:What the Fuck?
  • Robin:Please Emily
  • Emily:Fine!
  • (Emily Gets Bag and Packs)

Burning Girl and Crystal's Death

  • (Crystal and Danni Dancing)
  • Colin:Fuck Yeah!
  • (Irish Became Mad)
  • Irish:Are You Fucking Kidding Me?
  • Colin:Sorry Babe
  • Mason, Chris and Jason: Both of you are hot!
  • Kelly and Andrea: What The?
  • (Jamie Smiles)
  • Kelly:Jamie it's ok for you that Chris is doing that?
  • Jamie:It's ok
  • (Robin, Colin, Mason, Chris and Jason Remove Their Shirts)
  • All The Girls Exept Emily and Jamie:FUCK YEAH!
  • Derek:Guys Look Theres a Burning House!
  • (All Look at the Burning House)
  • (Derek Stop the Car)
  • (All Goes out of the car)
  • Derek:Let me help you
  • (Ground Cracks)
  • Crystal:Look the ground cracks
  • (The Ground opens)
  • (All Fell)
  • (Crystal is the last one to fell)
  • (The Ground Close)
  • (Crystal Scream in Pain)
  • (Crystal Die)

Hung inside girl's Bathroom

Poor Derek


Meet Robert


  • It is unknown what happened on Irish and Danni.
  • Irish and Danni maybe will appear in the second installment
  • Maybe Robert will apear in second installment
  • Emily was thrown in a table but she will maybe survive it and appear in the second installment
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