Horror Christmas Is A Horror Thriller Comedy Film Starring Selena Gomez,.Blake Lively,Victoria Justice,Ariana Grande,Nina Dobrev,Brianna Evigan,Jensen Ackles,Lauren McNight,Juliana Guill,Danielle Panabaker,Keke Palmer,Emily Browning,Miley Cyrus,Miranda Crossgove,Jane Lynch,Teresa Palmer,Jamie Chung,Marry Elizabeth Winshead,Megan Park,Francia Raisia and Sheane Greames



Selena Gomez As Bridgette

Blake Lively As Keegan

Victoria Justice As Jessica

Ariana Grande As Kat

Nina Dobrev As Becca

Brianna Evigan As Addie

Jensen Ackles As Dexter Von Horn

Lauren McNight As Jill

Juliana Guill As Dianna

Danielle Panabaker As Perry

Keke Palmer As Akela

Emily Browning As Danny

Miley Cyrus As Grace

Miranda Crossgove As Kelly

Jane Lynch As Miss.Readfort

Teresa Palmer As Dakota

Jamie Chung As Dawn

Marry Elizabeth Winstead As Kriss

Megan Park As Lea

Francia Raisia As Rachel

Shenae Grimes As Lucy


Kriss-Stabbed in head by ax

Akela-decapitated by ax

Lea-stabbed in face by ax

Rachel-stabbed in the head with a screwdriver

Lucy-Face Slammed by rock

Dawn-I hit his chest with an ax

Kelly-pushed out the window and breaks his neck

Kat-stabbed to death by ax

Jessica-Stabbed in Chest by axe accidenta(Perry)

Grace-impaled in mouth by Machete

Danny-hanged by extension cord (off screen)

Jill-Throat Slit

Miss.Readfort-face smeared with burnt logs

Dianna-Stabbed in chest by christmas orgament

Dexter-Stabbed in Chest By Machete (Perry) Stabbed in Back By Ax (Addie) impaled in Chest by Mchete(Keegan and Becca) and Decapitated by ax (Bridgette)


Bridgette,Addie,Becca,Keegan,Perry and Dakota

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