Honour Among Brothers is a 2001 coming of age Australian Drama film written and directed by Greg McLean starring Eric Bana, Robert Taylor, Toni Collette, Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth, Emily Browning, Rhys Wakefield and Radha Mitchell.

It first premiered at the Australian National film festival on March 11th, 2001 to phenomenal reviews and then secured a theatrical release on March 22nd, 2001.

It marks the first film appearences of Australian born actors Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth, brothers who portray the films tenative brothers respectively.

The film was released on DVD format that year on July 12th, 2001 and Blu-Ray on Aprl 16th, 2008.

The film is set in the slums of sydney during the bustling year of 1971 and is set to a 70's soundtrack.


Sam (Liam Hemsworth) and Brent Jones (Chris Hemsworth) are tight knit brothers growing up in the slums of Northern Sydney in 1971 and have a friendship circle consisting of ruffian Avery Breckens (Jai Courtney), fun loving brainiac Perry Solomon (Ryan Kwanten) and constantly picked upon, stuttering illiterate Dan Brookens (Rhys Wakefield).

Brent the practical joker of the group after a stint of humiliation brought on by Dan plans a revenge prank on him which he gets the whole group in on, even tricking his good moraled brother Sam into.

It ultimatley involves them coming out to the Gorge where only the bravest kids from their school have been know to take a plunge from the Gorge, they decide to have Dan go first in what will be the group jumping one by one off the Gorge.

They however are blissfully unaware that no one has jumped from the Gorge apart from a kid in 59 who died upon impact of the water.

Dan decides at last second to not follow through with the beginning plunge and is then frightened by Brent which causes Dan to stumble backwards and go rolling down the Gorge's enbankement and smash his head against several rocks till he comes to a stop.

The group come down to discover him dead and then roll his body off the Gorge into the water as a way of clearing themselves from the crime on Brent's orders.

Sam's guilty conscience however as Dan's single poor bereaved mother Lois (Radha Mitchell) keeps asking around brings him to confess to her the accident.

Brent in fear of what will happen to himself and after losing the following the others tries to kill Lois and then ultimatley his brother as he interferes in his attempts.

Brent is fataly wounded by a stab wound interjected by Sam and the authorities are contacted by Lois who nurses a bleeding Brent.

All the boys involved in Dan's manslaughter serve out a sentence though Brent serves out a longer sentence in a juvenile detention centre for the attempted murder of Lois Brookens.

It is revealed in later monologue after he got out and they grew up and moved on Brent like Sam who bad racked with guilt over Dan's death came to commit suicide by cyanide ingestion.


  • Eric Bana as Jim Breckens
  • Robert Taylor as Ross Solomon
  • Eddie Cibrian as Detective Goss
  • Julian McMahon as Detective Golding
  • Toni Collette as Gabby Jones
  • Radha Mitchell as Lois Brookens
  • Liam Hemsworth as Sam Jones
  • Chris Hemsworth as Brent Jones
  • Emily Browning as Jordain Loyle
  • Jai Courtney as Avery Breckens
  • Ryan Kwanten as Perry Solomon
  • Liam McIntyre as Pete Solomon
  • Rhys Wakefield as Dead Dan Brookens


  1. A Water Song- Extradition
  2. Tired Of Being Alone- Al Green
  3. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart- Bee Gees
  4. Lonely Days- Bee Gees
  5. Ain't No Sunshine- Bill Withers
  6. Moonshadow- Cat Stevens
  7. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'- Charlie Pride
  8. Color My World- Chicago
  9. Have You Seen Her- Chi-Lites
  10. I Hear You Knockin'- Dave Edmunds
  11. American Pie- Don McLean
  12. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down- Joan Daez
  13. Another Day- Paul McCartney
  14. Maggie May- Rod Stewart
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