Honolulu Shark Attack is a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie.


It is Spring Break and Honolulu's famous Waikiki Beach is crowded with wild and crazy college students from all over the U.S. But what they do not know is that an underwater volcanic eruption several hundred miles away has unleashed a swarm of prehistoric sharks long thought to be extinct... and they are heading directly for Hawaii. A team of marine biologists find out about the swarm and team up with the Honolulu Police Department to evacuate the beaches, but their warnings fall on deaf ears. As the swarm attacks and the death toll quickly rises, it is up to the marine biologists to drive away the swarm using a sonar weapon.


  • Balthazar Getty as Dr. Scott Taft (A Marine biologist)
  • Jaime Pressly as Dr. Cynthia Burton (A Marine biologist)
  • Christopher Judge as Dr. Patrick Alexander (A Marine biologist)
  • Marc Menard as Dr. Brent Savage (One of Dr. Taft, Dr. Burton, & Dr. Alexander's assistants)
  • Yancy Butler as Dr. Melissa Harda (One of Dr. Taft, Dr. Burton, & Dr. Alexander's assistants)
  • Terry Chen as Frank (The Chief of Police for the Honolulu Police Department)
  • Dylan Neal as Jack (A police officer)
  • TBA as Kevin (A police officer)
  • TBA as Karen (A police officer)
  • TBA as Louis (A police officer)
  • TBA as Stephen (A police officer)
  • anthony rogers as Paul (A college student)
  • TBA as Chelsea (A college student)
  • richard couch as Mitch (A college student)
  • TBA as Allison (A college student)
  • TBA as Rachel (A college student)
  • TBA as A.J. (A college student)
  • TBA as Scott (A college student)
  • TBA as Danni (A college student)


  • Parasailing Girl - Bitten in half by a shark after falling in the water.
  • Scuba Diving Man - Eaten by a shark while examining some coral reef.
  • Scuba Diving Woman - Eaten by a shark while trying to swim to the surface.
  • Drunken Teen #1 - Eaten by a shark after it knocks him into the water.
  • Drunken Teen #2 - Eaten by a shark after it knocks him into the water.
  • Drunken Teens #3 & #4 - Both eaten by sharks while trying to swim away.
  • Drunken Teen #5 - Eaten by a shark after it knocks her into the water.
  • Yachting Father - Partially eaten by a shark after it leaps out of the water and bites his torso.
  • Yachting Mother - Eaten by a shark after she goes into the water to save her children.
  • Yachting Family's Captain - Burned to death when the shark swarm causes the yacht to catch fire.
  • Stephen - Eaten by a shark after it knocks him into the water while he and the other officers are trying to evacuate Waikiki Beach.
  • Many College Students & Other Tourists - Killed in a variety of ways when the sharks attack (Eaten, bisected, badly bitten, shredded by boat propellers, decapitated, and trampled).
  • Helicopter Captain, Occupants, & Several Tourists - Killed when panicking tourists try to force themselves aboard, causing it to lose control and crash.
  • 5-6 Sharks - Shot to death by Frank, Jack, Kevin, Karen, & Louis.
  • Frank - Eaten by a shark while trying to rescue a little girl and her father.
  • Little Girl's Father - Eaten by a shark after getting his daughter to safety.
  • Mitch - Eaten by a shark while skinny dipping.
  • Rachel - Eaten by a shark while skinny dipping.
  • Dr. Patrick Alexander & Two Sharks - Incinerated in an explosion when he deliberately sets off an explosion on his boat after being mortally wounded.
  • Danni - Eaten by sharks after Paul deliberately throws her overboard after she destroys the CB radio.
  • A.J. - Legs bitten off by a shark while climbing out of the water to safety.
  • Dr. Melissa Harda - Eaten by a shark when it bursts into the cabin of the boat she and the others are on.
  • Jack - Bleeds to death after a shark bites off his arm while he is trying to save Dr. Phelps.
  • Dr. Brent Savage - Eaten by a shark in a successful sacrificial act to drive the sharks away with the sonar gun.


  • Dr. Scott Taft
  • Dr. Cynthia Burton
  • Kevin
  • Karen
  • Louis
  • Brenda Chang
  • Yachting Family's 2 Children
  • Little Girl
  • Paul
  • Chelsea
  • Allison
  • Scott
  • The Shark Swarm (were driven away at the end)
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