Home Invasion is a 2018 American horror slasher film.


A weekend getaway is suppose to be fun. A group of friends get together for the weekend with their kids but the weekend is not what it seems. The kids decide to sneak out of the cabin, only to disturb a cult of serial killers. Now, they must fight for their lives and survive the night.


At night, a woman (Emmy Rossum) hears screaming. She walks downstairs, only to have someone in a cloak, put their hand over her mouth. She elbows the person in the shins and runs to the door, only to find another person in a cloak at the door. Soon, it becomes a group of twelve people. They raise their knives and the woman screams.

It skips to a couple named Mason (Chris Pratt) and Eva (Natalie Martinez) driving to their frienda' cabin with their teenaged kids (Aiden and Charlie) to reunite with old friends. They arrive and greet their friends, while their kids don't want to be here. They enter the cabin but see that their two friends left a note, telling them they will not be home tonight. Later at night, the friends start to drink and dance, while their teenaged kids play board games.

The teenagers start to get bored and roam around the forest. As the teenagers are walking, they see a fire up ahead and discover a cult burning a man alive. Olivia (Carlson Young) screams, which the cult hears and the teenagers run back to the cabin to tell their parents.

They plead their parents to leave the cabin but the parents think they're lying. Trisha (Bianca Lawson) goes close to the window and sees a person in a cloak, waving. Another killer pops up in front of the window and breaks through the window. They then start to stab Trisha to death, which devastates Isaiah (Idris Elba), Jeremiah (Jacob Artist), and Destiny (Madison Pettis). They all run and hide in each room. Eva wants to go looking for Charlie and Aiden but Mason, Isaiah and James (Austin Nichols) stop her from leaving, while Zoey (Alexandra Breckenridge) breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile in the other room, Gabriel (Jay Hernandez) and Chad (Ryan Kwanten) try to think of a way to distract the cult. Chad says he will run away to distract them but Jenna (Meghan Rienks) refuses. He kisses Jenna on her forehead and tells her "I know you lost your mom, and you might lose me too but just know I love you. Be strong, baby girl." Chad jumps out of the window, screaming for the cult to chase him as the others watch. He starts to run toward the forest but a cult member decapitates him, leaving Jenna in tears as she watched.

As night falls, Eva barricades the house, which wakes everyone up. She sets booby traps in the house. She ties a string to the door with a bell and a grenade attached. She puts a board with nails in front of the doorway. She then stands up a firecracker, which will launch at the person. The others see what she is doing and Mason asks how she knows what to do. Slhe says she was in the military. Mason says she can't kill people but Eva says "I already have. They want to play. Let's play." There was complete silence until Eva says she will stay on watch.

Everyone goes back to sleep and Eva dozes off until she hears the bell ring. One of the cult members enters, not realizing the grenade attached to the door and it explodes, killing them. Eva gets ready to set off the fireworks but is attacked from behind. The killer is hit in the head with the nailboard, killing him and revealing it to be Mason. Eva screams for him to shut the door, which he obeys.

Eva says "We need weapons. They're in my car." Aiden, Carter (Dylan Sprayberry), Jose (Jake T. Austin), Jeremiah, Charlie and Destiny volunteer to grab the weapons. As they grab their weapons, Carter is attacked but Charlie is quick enough to load the shotgun and shoot them in the head, killing them. They jump back into the window.

The killers then cut off the power. They wonder where the killers could be, and one of the killers attack Jeremiah but Jose kills them with a shotgun. Eva, Isaiah, Aiden, Gabriel and Mason then board up the windows. The kids start to bond: Aiden and Olivia, Carter and Charlie, Jose and Jeremiah, and Jenna, Katie and Destiny. The parents are glad they brought their children along with them. Aiden kisses Olivia while comforting her but a killer burst through the window. The killer is about to kill Aiden but Olivia jumps in the way and is stabbed in her chest, killing her. Aiden gets his revenge by stabbing the killer to death.

The killers break down the boards with axes and come inside. The group starts to fight back but Gabriel, James and Destiny are killed. They finally think it's over but another group of killers come inside. Isaiah and Mason fight them off while the others run upstairs. Isaiah and Mason are killed while Eva watches. Eva starts to shoot them but runs out of ammo. Eva runs back to the others. They see the killers leaving and decide to escape from the front door but are cornered by a person wearing a sack. Eva stabs the person numerous times. She takes off the sack only to reveal the person as the woman in the opening credits named Chelsea.

The kids and Zoey escape while Eva stays in the house. Eva pours gasoline all over the house and sees a woman standing at the stairs. Eva says "You fucked with the wrong family." She throws the lighter and runs outside before the house explodes. Eva hugs the survivors but the woman walks out, raising her axe and goes in for the kill until Charlie shoots her in the head, saying "Don't even fucking try it." The ambulance and police arrive at the cabin. Eva says "It's about fucking time."


Natalie Martinez as Eva

Chris Pratt as Mason

Idris Elba as Isaiah

Jay Hernandez as Gabriel

Dacre Montgomery as Aiden

Ryan Kwanten as Chad

Austin Nichols as James

Alexandra Breckenridge as Zoey

Carlson Young as Olivia

Dylan Sprayberry as Carter

Bailee Madison as Charlie

Jake T. Austin as Jose

Hailee Steinfeld as Katie

Madison Pettis as Destiny

Jacob Artist as Jeremiah

Meghan Rienks as Jenna

Bianca Lawson as Trisha

Emmy Rossum as TBA


Unknown Woman? - Attacked.

Unknown Man - Burned alive.

Trisha - Stabbed to death.

Chad - Decapitated.

Olivia - Stabbed in her chest.

James - Throat slit.

Gabriel - Stabbed in his neck.

Destiny - Stabbed in her head with an axe.

Isaiah - Shot in his head with an arrow.

Mason - Stabbed in his back, stabbed in his stomach and stabbed in his heart.


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