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Holy Sword

Holy Sword Caliburn
Kanji 聖剣
Rōmaji Seiken
Manufacture God
Title/Alias Sword of the Lake (Excalibur)
Holy Sword of Albion (Excalibur)
The Holy Sword (Excalibur)
Sword in the Stone (Caliburn)
Holy Royal King Sword (Caliburn)
Sword of Albion (Caliburn)
Sword of Mavis (Caliburn)
Sword of God (Caliburn)
Spear of the Saint (Ascalon)
Dragon Slayer (Ascalon)
St George Spear (Ascalon)
Holy Spear (Ascalon)
Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (Kusanagi)
Sword of Kusanagi
Kurikara (Kusanagi)
Koma Sword (Kusanagi)
Raphael's Holy Sword (Kusanagi)
Sword of Destruction (Durandal)
Holy Sword of Destruction (Durandal)
Sword of the Paladin (Durandal)
Sword of Roland (Durandal)

Holy Swords are immensely powerful Sacred Blades, and are seen to be the ultimate form of Sacred Blades. Holy Swords were created by God for His Archangels. Some consider the True Holy Swords to be Royal Arms.

True/Original Holy Sword

True Holy Swords are Holy Swords that was made by God for the Archangels to combat against the Darkness.

Man-Made Holy Swords

These Holy Swords was made by Man by embedding holy power through rituals, and is inferior to the original Holy Swords

  • Sanctus Infinitum ("Holy Infinity")
  • Caliber Destruction -
  • Caliber Ruler -
  • Caliber Air -
  • Caliber Absorb -
  • Caliber Water -
  • Caliber Light -
  • Caliber Earth -
  • Lionheart -
  • Raion no hikari -


  • The classifications of 2 different types of Holy Swords came from Highschool DxD
  • The "Seven Holy Caliber Swords" are 7 Holy Swords that was forged from seven pieces from the Holy Sword Calesvol, with the "Caliber Ruler" solely based and referencing Highschool DxD Holy Sword "Excalibur Ruler" wielded by Arthur Pendragon.