Hollyhope Place
Genre Teen Drama
Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Dylan Mouse

Hannah Helk

Opening Theme "California Dreaming" by The Mamas and The Papas, covered by Mandy Moore
Location California, USA
Country Of Origin USA
Number Of Episodes 200
Running Time 42 - 90 minutes
Original Channel: CBS (2002 - 2007)

The CW (2007 - 2010) Unknown (2018, rumoured)

Original Air Date September 4th 2002 - December 15th 2010 (Original series)

2018 (Revival, rumoured)

Produced by Ifan Barber
Directed by Various

Hollyhope Place is an American teen drama series developed by Ifan Barber that aired on CBS from September 4th 2002 to May 16th 2007, before moving to The CW starting September 19th 2007 until December 15th 2010. The series ran for a total over 9 seasons and 200 episodes.

The series' original focus was twin siblings Tristan and Lilah Melrose (Dylan Mouse and Kaitlyn Helk) and their parents Helen and David Melrose (Jane Wallace and Andrew Howser) as their lived their lives in the fictional northern California suburb of Hollyhope Place. Other regular characters included Tristan and Lilah's classmates Jonathan, Ella, Morgan, Oliver, Hannah and Joseph (Miles Jacobs, Holliday Matthews, Jessie Wilkins, Jesse Anderson, Karrie Hampton and Jake Jackson). Only two teacher characters were regulars, Mrs Turtlebaum (Audrey Campbell) and Principal Hector (Horace Smythe). When the show celebrated 100 episodes, multiple characters were either killed off or departed, and the show took a new turn for it's final season at CBS. The show had another major cast overhaul during the move to The CW, with only a few characters returning for the revival.

When the series ended in 2010, it was the most-watched series on The CW and critics marked the show's conclusion as the end of an era, as it was the last remaining 'original noughties teen soap' on air. The series finale was also the show's 200th episode, and it was marked with an explosive 90-minute conclusion, the most watched individual television episode to date for the network.

In early 2017, it was rumoured that The CW were planning a revival of Hollyhope Place, but creator Ifan Barber revealed that even if he was to revive the series, it would not be done at The CW. Former cast member Jesse Anderson confirmed that talks had begun regarding a revival, with hopes for a 2018 premiere date, but no network was yet attached to the project.

Series Overview

Season 1

Tristan and Lilah Melrose start their Sophomore year at their new school, Hollyhope High by throwing a party at their house in the fictional Californian suburb of Hollyhope Place after moving there from New York the previous summer. Inviting the whole school, the inseparable siblings soon learn who to be and not to be friends with. Assisted by popular sports jock Jonathan Christophers and his on-and-off cheerleader girlfriend Ella St James, the duo are determined to climb the school's social ladder, but it's not the smooth sailing they had hoped for. Outside of school, the siblings have a turbulent relationship with their parents and struggle to settle into Californian life.

Season 2

Tristan and Lilah's Junior year kicks off with a scandal when it's revealed that Jonathan has dumped two-timing Ella in exchange for Lilah. Elsewhere, Tristan discovers a secret about his homeroom tutor and the principal that proves easy blackmail for his year ahead. Morgan Walsh confides in Lilah about her relationship with Oliver Patterson. Ella St James discovers she's pregnant, but she isn't entirely sure who the father is. Lilah and Tristan are shellshocked when their grandmother pays a visit to Hollyhope Place, bringing her stern ways alongside her, sending shockwaves through the suburb as she learns of the pair's antics since they left New York.

Season 3

Picking up where season 2 left off at the Spring dance, with the gymnasium in wreckage and not everyone accounted for, Hollyhope High is in for a bumpy few months. A traumatised Ella goes into labour and after giving birth...

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