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Real name: Sebastian Kevin Caine
Occupation: Scientist, adventurer
Identity: Secret
Legal status: Citizen of the United States with a pardoned criminal record
Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York
Known Relatives: Nathaniel Caine (father), Noelle Peterson Caine (mother), Samantha Caine (sister)
Group affiliation: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Base of operations: The LoEG Command Compound, the Helicarrier

History: Dr. Sebastian Caine is a molecular biologist who wrote an essay in which he detailed his theory that if one could "successful phase-shift a human being out of quantum sync with the visible universe" that human being would be rendered invisible. Seeing this as an opportunity to create the ultimate national security weapon in the form of an undetectable soldier, he was given a team and contracted by the United States Department of Defense to initiate a secret project to turn a person invisible. The project was based in a Defense Department sponsored laboratory. It appeared as though it were an abandoned warehouse. Once you passed through several doorways and entered a voice print activated elevator and traveled several stories underground you were in a highly modern laboratory.

After much trial and error, Sebastian and his team eventually developed an ionized chemical concoction that they believed would due the job of phase-shifting an organism. In the early stages of the invisibility project, a gorilla was successfully made invisible. One night with a sudden insight Sebastian broke the chemical code that would enable the team to bring about regression. The trial went very well with the ape, although the strain nearly killed her.

Sebastian lied to his team mates and told them that they had been given the go-ahead by the DoD to begin human testing. As project leader he insisted that he be the first to undergo the process of a "bio-quantum phase-shift" just in case there were any flaws in the process. In truth, he just wanted to get all the glory. Despite Sebastian's great genius, the process was flawed. Although they were able to make the gorilla invisible and regress her, the process did not work on human beings. Sebastian was stuck in his invisible form. Certain chemicals in the new protocol acted on his brain very rapidly because of Sebastian's barely restrained psychopathology. Within hours of becoming invisible, Sebastian sexually molested a fellow team worker while she slept. Even though this was confined to exposing, kissing and fondling her breasts, it demonstrated his new lack of inhibition.

An infrared camera was pointed at Sebastian's bed to make certain that the team knew when he was sleeping. Because his invisibility was unnerving, a latex costume and mask were devised. Since, the mask appeared to be a humanoid skin without an interior, the team nicknamed Sebastian "hollow man". He in turn, embraced the nickname. As the days passed Sebastian's behavior became increasingly agitated and violent. When the laboratory animals' noises irritated him, he killed them. Sebastian liked being invisible, it made him feel powerful. He started thinking of his fellow team members as his enemies because they wished to bring an end to his power.

Sebastian rigged the camera to show a looping image of his infrared sleeping form. He sneaked out of the laboratory vault to the outside world. He first took the opportunity to spy on his fellow project scientist, Dr. Linda McKay, who happened to be an ex-girlfriend of his. He discovered that her new boyfriend was another team member, Dr. Matthew Kensington. Sebastian saw this as an absolute betrayal. He resolved to remain invisible and to take whatever measures were needed to secure that condition.

Before returning to the vault he took care of some unfinished business. The woman who lived across the street from him was a sexual tease. She often undressed before the open window, clearly her intent was to tempt anyone with powerful binoculars such as Sebastian possessed. He followed her into her apartment, watched her take a shower and then when he could no longer control himself sexually assaulted her. Sebastian then returned as to the vault as if nothing had happened. The other team members were frightened and angry that he had gone out. They changed the security protocols so that he would be unable to get out of the vault unless accompanied by another member of the team. Sebastian merely rewrote the security programming to suit his needs. He had decided to clean house, remove all the people who knew about the project, to destroy all records of the project and then do as he wished among the inferior masses.

Sebastian left the vault again. He visited the home of his friend and mentor Dr. Howard Kramer and made it appear as though Kramer drowned his pool. He erased all records off of Kramer's computers about the existence of the project. He then visited General Andrew Caster, who was the project's DOD liaison, and made it appear as though he suffered an accidental death. Sebastian returned to the project. He made certain that everyone was in the vault and had them sealed it by programming the security system on the elevator so that it would only respond to his voice and finger prints. Sebastian proceded to kill his team members one by one. He took great pleasure in killing them even while he was being hunted.

After traveling throughout North America for a while, Sebastian hid in a brothel in Nicaragua, where he sexually assaulted several of the prostitutes while claiming to be a ghost. This attracted the attention of the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" - a secret society of extranormal mercenaries who perform special ops missions for the U.S. and British governments. So Harry Callahan, the League's leader, dispatched Agent 47, Beatrix Kiddo and John Constantine to the brothel. They stayed the night, and Beatrix managed to capture Sebastian while he was raping one of the prostitutes. The three League members managed to subdue Sebastian. They then returned him to the League headquarters, where in exchange for a pardon for his crimes and a large sum of money, Sebastian agreed to join the League. He first worked for them during a mission to recover a stolen mineral that has anti-gravity properties. Sebastian proved instrumental in the League's victory, tracking down the villain behind the theft - Obadiah Stane. He participated in the fight against Julian Sark and Stane. During that adventure, Sebastian often stated his low view of the rest of humanity (even murdering an innocent police officer because he was cold and wanted the man's clothing) and nearly abandoned the rest of the team when Stane's airship began to fall, but remained a member of the team.

On the League's second mission, they were sent to stop a terrorist organization named "Anarchy 99", lead by a man named Yorgi, from starting a world war. Not trusted by any of his team mates because of his evil ways and because he had skulked through the cabins of the aerial aircraft carrier, the Helicarrier in order to spy on his fellow League members, when the team was betrayed they all believed Sebastian was the traitor. However the true villain was former Impossible Mission Force agent Sean Ambrose, who was in the employ of Yorgi. Realizing no one trusted him, Sebastian went undercover. When Ambrose fled with the team's stolen secrets, Sebastian hid away in his vessel, and was thus able to lead the League to Anarchy 99's hideout. While waiting for the other League members to arrive, Sebastian scouted the enemy base, discovering the Yorgi was intending to create an army based upon Sebastian, Erik Brooks (aka "Blade") and Carrie White's unique conditions, and augmented by technology stolen from Angus MacGyver. In the final battle Sebastian proved his worth, planting explosives throughout the enemy complex, however it was only because he'd lose a franchise if there were more invisible men. With the bombs planted, he then aided Peyton Westlake and Duncan MacLeod in fighting an armored man with a flamethrower and another invisible man, Arnaud de Thiel. Upon killing de Thiel, Sebastian was once more the sole invisible man. The so-called "Hollow Man" has since proven himself to be a valuable member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen despite his malevolence.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue (invisible)
Hair: Light Brown (invisible)

Known Superhuman Powers: Sebastian Caine has been rendered permanently invisible as a result of his entire cellular structure being phased out of quantum sync with the mutually interactive frequency of the visible universe. Simply put, all the particles of his body vibrate at a different frequency pattern than normal matter. Because of that, when visible light particles contact Sebastian's body, they are not reflected, but instead pass directly through him without any distortion because the photons pass through the spaces between the atoms of his body without physically interacting with them in any way. The result is total invisibility from the visible spectrum, as his cells now posses the refractive index of air. Because visible light passes through him and therefore cannot be perceived by his eyes, Sebastian can no longer see along the visible light spectrum. However, he has not been rendered blind as one might expect. Instead, the altered quantum frequency of the rods and cones of his retinas, enables Sebastian's eyes to perceive ultraviolet and infrared light wavelengths. As a result, he is able to see in a higher spectrum of light, in which depth perception and surface detail are clearly rendered. However, his vision is monochromatic, allowing him only to see in shades of black, gray, and white.