Hollow Gate is a 2013 slasher horror remake of the 1988 film of the same name.


During a Halloween party, a prank is played on Mark Randall, a socially awkward young man with a dysfunctional family background. After he goes home, he is attacked by his drunken father and sent to his room. Rather than go to bed like he was told, he returns downstairs and kills his parents with a kitchen knife, sparing only his infant brother Jacob.

Several years later, Jacob is a member of a the high school basketball team. With Halloween approaching, with it comes his anniversary of his parents' murder and his brother's imprisonment in a mental ward. Hoping to help take his  mind off of it, Jacob's close friend and crush Chloe invites him to a Halloween party at a barn on the outskirts of town. 

Meanwhile, Mark escapes from the mental institution he has been held at for most of his life and sets out a revenge filled killing spree, returning to the homes of his tormentors on the fateful night and murdering them. After dispatching them, Mark finds his way to the barn party where Jacob is and kills a large number of the party-goers.

Chloe and Jacob soon find themselves alone in the secluded farmhouse and begin to engage in foreplay while Mark bursts into the party with an axe and goes on a rampage. Mark then comes after Chloe, forcing Jacob to finally confront him. Mark is subdued as he looks into Jacbo's eyes. Chloe takes advantage of the distraction and impales Mark through the head with a scythe. The film ends as Jacob and Chloe share an embrace and the authorities arrive. 

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