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In October at hollow falls highschool assembly. Christian is sitting next to his friends Kalysta, Katie,Taylor and his boyfriend Blake .Christian is bored and his friends think he's depressed when really a vampire has been trying to kill him. He notcies a tall man come in. Its the vampire that has been trying to kill him. Christian walks down the bleachers and clutches the stake in his pocket and he leavs the assembly. The tall man is waiting for him outside. "I knew you would follow me," He says. Christian smiles and tackles him and stakes him killing him. No one is around. He ides him in the jantiors closet nereby. Christian walks out of the school smiling beacuse that was his first kill. Christian is a Witch. His dad's Ezra is a powerful witch and his wife Zoey is too. Theytake him out of Hollow Falls(the town they leave) having the lead Royal member Micheal cover the accedent up. Ever since then Christian has been having visons of a boy in a medow. There's beautiful flowers everywhere and theres birds ande a rainbow hangs in the sky.

The boy is tall, has light borwn hair and is really tall. The day after Christian's Birthday in January Ezra and Zoey bring him back to Hollow Falls which Christian hates. Christian dosen't undersand wh he's being brought back here and they tell him that the Slayer  group is about to be reborn. They tell him to trust these people: Drew his teacher and Troutman his other teacher and other Gurdian Jordan. Drew and Troutman have already assembled the other slayers and were waiting for Christian to come back so they can all be together to rid the evil of Hollow Falls. Ezra drives Christian to school and as Christian is walking to the doors Ezra yells "Don't use your magic." Christian smiles and uses his magic to open the first set of doors and Ezra mutter's to himself "He's going to kill somebody." Christian walks into the school using his magic to open the second set of doors and slurpping an ICEE he walks down the hall like he owns the school with the teachers starring at him.

He walks into the cafaterria and everyone stops what there doing and stares at him. Christian tells them that he can take pictures and hand out brosures if they want and they stop starring. Christian's fiends Krysta, Ashley, Christina and his other friends are stittng at that table. They ask him what happend to him and stuff. Christian tells them that after he left he was homeschooled in a town in Kentucky but that his parents moved him back here and wont tell him why. Christian notcies Blake standing by starring at him. Christian realizes He broke Blake's heart. Blake throws his tray in the garbage and storms off.Christian's best friend Kalysta comes up to him in the hallway and starts talking to him and Christian tells her the exact same thing he told Krysta, Christina and Ashley. Christian wonders who the slayers are all Ezra and Zoey told him was that they were students at this school and theres 14 of them inculding Christian.

After 7th period Christian goes to the waterfountain and see's the boy from his dreams standing there talking to two blond girls and a boy. All Christian dose is stare beacuse he is shocked. Christian always knew this boy was real but he never thought he would meet this boy or see him in person. Drew comes up behind him and says "That's Cole." Christian jumps and tells Drew "You scared me." Drew tells Christian to come with him beacuse there having a meeting with all the slayers, the three gurdians and royal kids. They talk as they walk to Drew's class and they walk in together. Christian sits by his friend Royal Megan. Megan tells him "Were glad that your back." Drew asks Troutman "Are they all here?" Troutman shakes his head. "Were waiting on Cole as usal." Christian sees Blake and is surprised and wonders what his power is. They meet eachothers eyes and Blake looks away and starts talking to Dalton.Then Cole comes in and he and Christian met eachothers eyes. He sits down a few rows away. Drew tells all of them "Now that we have all of you here you will have to tell your name and power." Some of them sigh and Jordan tells them to shut up.Drew and Troutman wants them to start with upperclassman which is Travis and Jared the only seniors and Misty, Sam and Kristy are Juniors and the rest are Freshman.

Jared has Pyrokenis

Travis has Aerokenis

Dalton has Electrokenis

Misty has Hydrokenis

Sam has Transmution

Kristy has Regeneration

Christian has Telekenis

Cole has Astral Projection

Blake has Orb

Alex has Retrocogniton

Grace has Clearvoyant

Caroline has immune to pain

Hannah has Cyrokenis

Katelynn has Tealaportion

Drew has Resurgent,Troutman has Voyerusum and Jordan has Thermalkenis. The Royals don't say there powers beacuse there not allowed to say or use there power in public beacuse there Royal. The three of the gurdians tell them "As promised we will be going to Great Wolf Lodge this Friday." Everyone cheeres with excitment except Christian. Christian notcies Cole's eyes on him and he quickly looks away. They are then dissmissed. Christian who knows Jordan really well go's up to him. "I never thought you would be a Gurdian as immature as you were last year." Jordan laughs. "Ive changed Christian." Jordan rode Christian's bus last year that's how Christian knows him. Jordan graduated last year. Christian tells Jordan "It's nice to see you again." Jordan says the same thing and Christian leaves and goes home.

Christian tells his parents about going to Great Wolf Lodge and they tell Christian that he will like it there. That night a hooded figure breaks into a young womans home. The woman is levatation and when she stands on the ground the hooded figure stabs her. Drew, Jordan, Troutman has the slayes come to there class in 7th period everyday and tells them that a witch was killed last night and that something evil is here in Hollow Falls.  Everyone is shocked. Drew, Troutman and Jordan agree that the evil is here beacuse Christian is. Drew and Troutman tell them that they have to learn how to fight and tell them to go to his house to fight. Drew tells Chrstian "Ezra knows the adress to my house." Christian who knows how to fight beacuse Ezra has trained him since he was kid is kind of annyoed with it. He overhears  Jared, Travis, Alex and Daniel complaining about it too. Jared asks Christian in the hallway "Has your parents already trained you?" Christian shakes his head. "Ever since i was ten." "Same here my parents were big on protecting me." They talk to they reach Jared's car. "We'll i look forward to seeing you tonight." Jared tells Christian. Christian smiles and says "I do too."

Christian admits to himself that he has a crush on Cole, Jared and Drew. He notcies that everyone in the slayer, gurdian and royal are ethere sexy, hot, pretty or cute. Christian drives too Drew's mansion. Cole walks past Christian's car but stops to talk to him. Cole tells Christan that he's jealous of Christian's power. Christian laughs and says "At least you can astral project anywhere you want." Cole dose it and appers behind Christian scaring him then he goes back into his body. Behind them Travis tells Cole "Quit showing off Cole." They all laugh and walk in together. There's food for the slayers, gurdians and royals. Christian asks Megan "Do you all Royals really follow that stupid role?" Megan laughs and shakes her head "No." Her two older brothers Willy and Jay ask why she's laughing and Megan tells them and the crack up laughing and soon all the royals are laughing at what Christian said. Willy tells him "Don't tell Drew, Troutman or Jordan we said that."Your secrect is safe with me."

Drew tells them that he's going to demsonstrate fighting with a trained Slayer. He asks "Any voulenteers?" Christian raises his hand and they all start clapping. Drew tells Christian "I'll be soft on you." Christian says "I wont." and punches him. They fight and Christian ends up beating up Drew. Drew heals himself and says "Not bad for a slayer." Christian sees Blake go outside and he follows him out there. "Look im sorry Blake." Blake has his back turned. "I never stopped loving you. When you left and never came back. Why didn't you answer my calls or texts." He starts to sob. "I was so worried I thought you were Your dead but then Drew told me you weren't I was happy." "Blake please I'm sorry." Blake turns around. "Do you mean it?" Christian nods his head. "Please forgive me Blake?" Blake kisses him. "Sorry I had to do that." He walks in the house.The rest of the week the Slayers and Royals are welcoming Christian into there group and there all freiends with him. On Friday they skipp school and take a bus down to the lodge. On the bus Jared sits by Christian and Christian smiles at him. Jared asks Christian how he discovered his power. Christian tells Jared that his parents told him he would have some power and that they wouldn't know what it would be. Jared says "my parents told me that also." Christian says "when I was in sixth grade I was in a garden and I felt this huge ball of energy in me and I suddenly passsed out. Ezra and zoey brought me inside and laid me down in the bed in the secret lavatory in are house they left me there cuz they didn't want me to accidentally use my power on them. When I woke up I felt the energy in my hands and my fingers and I shot it out and a book flew off the shelf." Jared says "I remember it like it was yesterday I was sitting by the fireplace texting Travis asking where are football game was going to be and I suddenly felt this energy in my hands and I shot the energy out on to the floor and there was fire on the floor Luckily my mom has Hydrokenis and put it out." Jared says "Can i tell you something and you promise not to get mad?" Christian wonders what it is. "I can't believe im saying this but i think your cute." Christian is shocked but he dosen't show it. "Can i say something crazier i think you are too." Jared smiles and says "Maybe we could go on a date or something?" Christian says "I look forword to it."

They arrive at Great Wolf Lodge and they walk into the lobby where they are gretted by Royal Micheal Jullian. There are 12 royal familys and the royals are half angel and half witch. They live in the mountains in Holllow Falls. They each have a mansion. Micheal is the king of them so he rules the society of the witches and angels. Micheal stares at Christian and Christian wonders why and he walks to the back of the crowd and he stands by Megan and other Royal Ashley. Christian tells them that Micheal was starring at him. Megan says "He only stares at you when you did something wrong?" Christian couldn't possible think of why Micheal would be starring at him. Ashley says "Maybe its when you killed that vampire at school." Christian says "Oh my god. Of course he's the one who had to move the body. Who even found it anyway?" Grace who has beeen listning to them turns around and says "It was me and Cole who found it we were going to go in there to make out and instead found that vampire. We found Troutman and told him and he told Micheal and he, Troutman, Drew and Jordan moved the body somewhere." Christian apologizes and Grace says "Its fine me and Cole are broken up now."

They then go to there rooms. Christian knows he likes Drew but it' forbidden to love your guradian like that and for a gurdian to like there angel. Christian knows this beacse he's read the guidebook in the libary in his houe. Christian thinks Hannah is hot too and smiles when he thinks of her. Christian thinks of what Grace said and wonders where they did hide his body. He thinks Drew would be the best to talk to even though he dosen't know him real well as Jordan. Christian go's out to the halllway and bumps right into Drew himself. Drew smiles and says "Sorry for scaring you once again." "I was actully looking for you i wanted to ask you about something in private?" Drew looks at him "Come to my room follow me." Christian dose and its just a few rooms down. When they go inside Drew asks "Can i get you anything to eat or drink?" "A Fanta please?" Drew smiles and opens the refridgerator "My favorite drink." They sit down at in the kitchen. "So what do you need to talk to me about?"

"I was just curious as to uh where you uh hid that vampire I killed." Drew looks at him. "Me, Troutman and Jordan were wondering if you were going to ask about that. Jordan said you would come to him since you kew him so well." Christian chuckles. "I thought you were the easiet to talk to." Drew smiles. "We hid the body in the woods outside of Hollow Falls and no one has found it yet we assume that the wildlife took care of it." "Yuck." Christian stands "Thanks for talking to me." Drew tells him "Don't forget about dinner its going to be at the reasutrant at six thirty no one will be in there but us." "How did you pull that off?" "Well Micheal had to pay alot of money for that." Christian says "he'll look forword to it." Drew says "I do too."

After that Christian changes and goes down to the waterpark where he finds Jared sitting on a lillypad talking to Cole, Tristin, Grace, Megan and Caroline. "Well i just found out where the body is hidden at." Christian says as he swims to them. Cole, Jared and Tristin are confused but Caroline tells them what Christian is talking about. "Where is it?" Cole asks. "In the woods outside of Hollow Falls. They assume the animals ate what was left of him." They are disgusted. Cole asks "Can i ask why was this vamp after you?" "Its a long story but we got time to tell. I was in town one night at the club with my friends and i notcied this man starring at me. Whenever i left he followed me and tried to kill me. He said he knew that i was one of the slayers and that he came to steal my power. But i fought him off with my power and he tried to kill me a bunch of other times but I fought him. Finally when I saw him at school I knew he had to be killed. So I followed him into the Loby where thankfully no was in. We fought and I killed him and hid the body. "What a touching story." Jared says and they all start laughing they then ride the slides there.

At dinner Christian is the last one to show up. He sit's between Jared and Cole and Drew sits in front of him. He smiles at him and Christian smiles back Cole and Jared both notcie this and they start to furiously eat at there food with them not notcing. Then Micheal comes in and sits down by Troutman. Micheal stares at Christian. Christian gets up and leaves the room with everyone looking at him. Jared follows and catches up wih Christian. "Whats wrong?" Jared grabs hold of Christian. Christian tells him what Megan and Ashley told him earlier. Jared tells him "Just ignore him Christian. Don't get mad over him he's a royal dick all royal Kings and Queens are He's just the king of all them." Christian laughs "Thanks Jared for cheering me up." He smiles "Anytime." "I need to go to the bathroom i'll meet you in there." Jared nods his head and smiles again before turning around. Christian go's in the bathroom and smiles thinking of Jared. He stays in there for a little while just thinking about him.

Then someone comes in and its Micheal. Christian sighs and is about to walk out when Micheal blocks the door. "Are you scared of me or something?" He asks. Christian dosen't say anything. "Look if it's about the whole vampire thing i'm over it." Christian just nods his head. "I was pissed that you did leave him where a human could find him but he's gone now." Chistian nods his head again and Micheal moves out of th way and Christian rushes out of there. He dosen't tell Jared what happend and goes on eating his food. Drew looks at him then looks at Micheal coming back in. That night before Christian go's to bed someone knocks on the door. Christian thinks its Jared but when he opens it it's Drew. "Drew this is unexpected." Drew asks "Can i come in?" Christian nods his head and lets Drew in. "What did Micheal say to you?" Christian shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head "I don't know what your talking about." Drew rolls his eyes "Come on Christian i saw your facial expression when you came in and Micheal came in right behind you." Christian tells Drew what happend in the bathroom. Drew says "I can say something to the Royal Police if you want he harassed you in the bathroom."

Christian looks at him. "No don't i don't want to get into all that Royal shit but you would really do that for me?" Drew shakes his head "Yes i would." "Drew i really do like that you would do that for me but please don't." Drew says "It's your desion Christian just looking out for you." Christian wonders if he woud of done that for any other slayer or not. Drew heads for the door. "Well see you tomorrow." He opens the door. "See you too." He closes it. Christian then goes to sleep thinking of Drew. The next day at breakfast Jared asks Christian "Do you want to go on that date tonight sit at are own table maybe?" "I would love that but aren't all slayers are sopossed to sit at the same table?" "I could get permisson from Jordan me and him were close last year." "That would be great. Me and Jordan were good friends last year also." Jared leaves to go talk to him. Cole moves over to sit by Christian. "Hey," "Hey, Cole." "Is everything alright i wanted to ask you last night but i didn't want you to take your anger out on me." "Oh yes. As long as Micheal is away from me everything will be?" "Was he harasssing you?" Christian decides to tell Cole. "He's a dick." Christian laughs and thinks about what Jared said.

"Sorry man." "Oh it's fine." Jared starts walking in there direction an Cole sees him. "Talk to you later dude." Cole gets up and leaves but before he walks out he looks back to take a look at Christian then walks out. Jared asks "What were you two witches talking about?" "Nothing just are powers." "So Jordan said we could have are date tonight." "That's great news." Drew overheres this and storms out and Christian notcies. Christian swims with the slayers and Royals the rest of the day he is excited about his date with Jared. Christian gets ready and when he's done he starts to think about Drew. There's a knock on the door and when Christian opens it its Jared in a suit. "You look great Jared." Jared blushes "I know but you look even greater." "No i don't i'm not wearing a suit." "It dosen't matter what you where you'll always look great." Christian smiles and they Walk down to the restraunt holding hands. They get a seat. Jared says "You look beautiful." Christian blushes. "You look better then me." "No you do." "Stop Jared you look beautiful your dressed all fancy and im not." "You still look more beautiful." Christian laughs "I like your laugh." "Thanks you." They order there food ordering the same exact thing. They talk about past memories about eachother. Jared takes Christian back to his room and they kiss eachother.    

They go home on sunday and when Christian gets home. Ezra and Zoey tell Christian that another witch has been murdered and stabbed like the last one. Christian wonders what kind of creature could be doing this. Ezra and Zoey think there are witch hunters they tell Christian to be careful and to always carry a silverstake. Christian calls Jared before he goes to sleep and tells him what happend. Jared says that his parents told him the same thing. They talk for a long time until Ezra comes in and tells him it's time to go to sleep. The nextday before school Drew texts Christian asks him to come to his classroom. Christian dose and Troutman nor Jordan are around. Drew tells Christian that if the killer comes after them to use the moves he taught him.Drew tells Christian that he cares about him and dosen't want no one to hurt him. Christian dosen't respond and says that he'll see him later and leaves his classroom.

Christian wonders if Drew cares about him the way he dose about him. Christian knows he can't be with Drew for one thing he's with Jared two it's forbiddden and three he can go to jail. Christian finds Kalysta talking to Cole and Jared by the waterfountain. Christian walks up to Jared and kisses him. Kalysta wonders why they all weren't here on Friday. Christian, Cole and Jared look at eachother. "Fine I get." Kalysta says and laughs. "Sorry girl." Christian says. The bell rings and Jared and Kalysta head to there first period. Christian and Cole have the same period. Cole asks "So are you and Jared offically daiting?" "Yes." "Um Christian can you tell Mr. Smith I have to go to the bathroom?" "Of course." Cole smiles and walks away with tears in his eyes. Cole's bestfriend Kaylee comes up to Chrstian  and tellls him "Back off bitch he's mine and no one can take my bestfriend away." Christian just laughs. "What's so fucking funny faggot?" "Your ugly ass face is what's so funny and heads up blood whore I can talk to whoever the fuck i want too."Christian walks away laughing.

In class when Cole comes back and sits next to him Christian bursts out laughing. Cole looks at him. Christian tells him what happend and Cole tells him "She wasn't very popular after you left and me and Daniel were her first friends." "Why are you friends with her?" "Beacuse i like her." Christian rolls his eyes. Daniel comes in and sits by them. "Guess what Christian just told me?" Cole asks him. "What?" "That Kaylee is jealous that im talking to Christian." Christian tells Daniel the story he says he will say something to her. "You better or I'll use my power on her to knock some sence into her." Cole laughs. In his next class Christian sits down by Jared, Megan, Travis and Caroline. Christian tells them what happend and they all start laughing. Christian gets his book out and finds a note that says leave Hollow Falls or die. He shows them and they don;t what to do. Christian says "He's going to show Drew in 7th." Jared says "I'll go with you."

At 7th Christian and Jared go down to Drew's classroom. He is suprised to see them. Troutman and Jordan are in there also. Christian shows them the note and tells them how he found it. Drew tells Christian to not let this killer scare him and Christian tells Drew that he's not scared. Jared says "Are we sure its the same killer that killed those witches or is it something else?" Troutman asks "Who else could it be?" Jared shruggs his shoulders. They leave in the hallway Jared asks Chrstian out on a date and he says yes. Christian tells Ezra and Zoey about the note and what Drew, Troutman and Jordan said. He gets ready for the date. They here a knock on the door and it's Jared. Christian wonders why his car isn't in the driveway. Jared says "The restraunt we are going to is right through those woods." Christian squeals with excitment "I love the Sweet River Restraunt." "I know Ezra told me." Christian hugs his Dad and they leave. The Sweet River Restraunt is in the woods and the Sweet River surrounds it you have to take a bridge to cross it. Misty and Sam works here. Sam brings them to a table outside and tells them that Misty will be your waitress. "Well this is nice?" Jared says looking around. "Yeah it is." Misty comes by and they order there drinks. Christian tells her that he already knows what he wants and orders the Rainbow Burger and Jared orders the same thing. "Copier." Jared smiles. "I know." "The reason i like this burger is beacuse they had it in Africa and it's so fucking good." "That's why i ordered it." They get there food and talk some more and then they start walking back.

While there walking home Christian stops he turns and kisses Jared and they make out. They start walking again holding hands. They start to here noises behind them and suddenly a troll runs out at them and three more come out. Christian throws one into a tree with his power and Jared burns one. The other two stand still but then run to Christian and he uses his power and throws them to the ground and Jared burns them. No one is around. Jared calls Drew. A few minuents Drew, Troutman and Jordan appear with Blake. "What happend?" Drew demands. Christian tells them what happend. Christian asks Blake "What are you doing here?" "I have to orb these trolls to Drews labatory." Drew asks Christian "Are you hurt?" Christian nods his head. "I'm fine." Drew drives Christian home and he kisses Jared goodbye and then he watches the car leave.  The next day at school all the slayers come up to Christian and Jared and ask what happend and they explain everything. Christian and Cole are talkng by the waterfountain. Cole says "Well your pretty bad ass you've killed alot of creatures already and i haven't killed squat." Christian smiles "Don't be down on yourself Cole I'm sure you will kill something." "If only i had a power like you or Jared maybe." "Oh come on Cole you can astral to wherever you want so I don't want to here it." Cole laughs. Kaylee walks up to them. Befrore she can say anything Christian  smiles and tells her "Back off bitch he's mine now." and he grabs Cole's arm and walk off. Cole is afraid that Christian hurt Kaylee's feelings but Christian smiles at Cole and tells him to let it go.

Christian thinks he shoul go see Drew and walks over there after school. "Christian it's nice to see you." "Same here Drew," "Anything i can help you with?" "I just came by." "Oh." Drew blushes a little. "So did you find anything out about those warlocks?" "No. We buried them in the woods last night." "Do you burry everything in those woods?" Drew laughs "Basically."  "I'm proud of you." Christian smiles. "Christian I need to tell you something." "What is it?" "I like you really much." Christian's heart starts beating really loud. "I do also." They stare at eachother's eyes and Christian says "Screw the rules." and starts kissing Drew and there kisses get deeper and Christian presses Drew up on his desk until he's lying down on it. Christian starts kissing Drew's neck and when Christian kisses Drew again on the lips he thinks of Jared's kiss and he gets off of him and Drew thinks its time to stop too before someone comes in. Christian leaves and runs right into Kaylee and Hallie. "I wonder what the fag was doing in there?" Hallie says to Kaylee. "Maybe he's screwing all the teachrs?" "What the fuck did you see?" Kaylee laughs "Nothing all i know is that you like to fuck the teachers." Hallie laughs. Cole and Daniel come out of the bathroom shocked at how mean Kaylee and Hallie is acting twoards Christian. "Stop it! Both you!" Daniel screams. "Oh look are other fag friends came to join us." Hallie says. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Cole asks. "Nothing now that you have taken the fag's side we decided to drop you as friends," Kaylee says laughing. Then she and Hallie walk away.

Cole hugs Christian and Christian sees Drew watching him from the doorway. "I'm sorry Christian." "No they don't bother me."  When there hugging Jared goes over to talk to Drew. In his bedroom Christian starts thinking about what happend in Drew's classroom. He wants to be with Jared but Drew too. Christian decides that he dosne't want Drew to go to jail so he chooses Jared. That day in 7th  Drew gathers all the slayers and tells them that he's taking them to the Royal neighborhood beacuse they all want to have a meeting with them. Christian rolls his eyes and sighs. Jared grabs Christian's hand and squeezes it. Cole notces this and  squeezes his hand in anger. At night a limo comes by to pick up Christian and he sits by Jared and Cole. Christian rests his head on Jared's shoulder. The Royal neighborhood is where all the Royals live in there own huge mansion. Micheal's is in the back and its the huggest. Christian has only been here once and that was when Ezra and Zoey had to take him there. Christian had to explain what happend and why he was after him.

They arrive at Micheal's huge mansion. Jared holds on to Christian's hand as they walk in. All the Royal familes are here. They walk into the huge ballroom. Micheal gets up from the long wooden table everyone is sitting at. He gretts them. He looks at Christian and Jared. "I heard about what happend are you to okay?" Jared nods his head. "Yes we are thank you for asking." "Welcome."  They sit down and order there food off the menu. Christian notcies the rainbow burger and orders it with a cream soda. Jared orders the same thing and Christian smiles at him. "I didn't know they had this." He tells Jared. "I didn't know ether and i've been here about three times." "May I ask why?" "Oh my parents like to come vist Micheal and of course I had to come." "Well at least the food here is good." "True that." Christian notcies Drew looking at him and he thinks about the kiss they had. "What are you thinking about?" Jared asks. "Oh nothing." "It's not nothing your blushing." "I was just thinking about are kiss yesterday." He lies. "What about the one now?" Jared leans over and kisses him. I need to fucking stop thinking about Drew! He thinks.

They enjoy the rest of the party and before they get back on the bus Drew pulls Christian aside and tells him that they need to talk about what happend in his classroom the today. Christian tells Drew "Look i really like you." Drew laughs."I know you do but I know you want to be with me also." "What makes you say that?" "I can see it in your face Christian." "Fine Drew I really like you but I'm with Drew now. Plus couldn't you get into trouble with the Royals? Like go to Royal Prison ring a bell?" Christian notcies Jared watching them from the window and tells Drew that they'll talk about this another time and gets on the bus. Jared asks Christian what he and Drew were talking about and Christian just says "Just stupid shit." Cole who is sitting in front of them has good hearing and heard everything. Christian knows Jared dosen't believe him. They don't say anything to eachother and when they make it to Christian, Misty and Kristy's spot. Jared kisses him goodbye. Christian starts walking to the front door then remebers that Ezra and Zoey are out of the house and he dosen't want to be there alone. Christian sits on the porch and Misty who lives beside him sits on the porch with Alex talking. Christian notcies a man watching him from across the street. Misty and Alex notcie too and tell him to go away and he eventully walks away. Christian walks over and sits on the porch with Misty and Alex. "Thank you if he didn't leave I would of flung him somewhere else." "Yeah I could of used my hydrokenis and washed him somewhere," Misty says. "To bad I can't do any of that all I can do is heal myself and others." "Awww poor Alex." Misty says and kisses him. They talk some more and Christian goes back to his house and the same guy that was watching him is standing there in his living room. He screams.

Christian is about to use his telekensis when the guy tells him "Just here what I have to say first before you throw me out." Christian dosne't respond. "You need to stay away from the slayers and Drew, Troutman and Jordan there bad." Christian thinks this guy is crazy and throws him out of the house with his powers. Christian calls Drew. "Drew! Some crazy guy broke into the house!" "WHAT!" he screams. "Don't worry I threw him out but i'm afraid he might break in again." "I'm coming over there now." He hangs up. Christian runs over to tell Misty, Kristy and Alex. They tell him to wait over here until they get here. Five minuents later Drew comes speeding in a car with Troutman and Jordan behind them in there own cars. Christian runs to Drew and  tells him what the guy says and gives him a discription of what he looks like. Drew goes to check the house out. He says that he's staying along with Troutman and Jordan to watch both his and Misty and Kristy's house.Ezra and Zoey come home and Drew tells them what's going on. Drew tells Christian that he wants to stay close to him. Troutman will watch the front of both houses and Jordan will watch the back of both houses.

Christian go's  in the house and go's in his bedroom. Drew is waiting in there. "Are you really going to watch me sleep?" Christian asks climbing into his bed. "Yes." "You do know that I rock my head in my sleep which is really werid." "Never heard of it." Theres silence. "Your right I don't want to go to Royal prison." "Then you know we can't be together I'm sorry Drew." "We can keep it a secrect we can have a Aria and Ezra realtionship." "I wish but Drew I'm with Jared and I'm not going to cheat on him with you." Drew wants to be with him but he understands his love for Jared and decides to let it go.  Christian tells Drew "You can lay in bed with me if you want too?" Drew asks "Are you sure?" Christian nods his head and they both get under the covers Christian lays his head on Drew's chest and falls asleep and Drew stroks his hair. At sunnset Drew gets up to leave. He heads for the door but then turns around and kisses Christian on the lips then he leaves before he can wake up. Christian who is stunned opens his eyes and touches his lips.

. At school there's going to be a dance tomorrow and Christian realises he dosen't have a date. He knows Jared will ask him. Jared walks up to him before first period. He gets on one knee and holds Christian's hand. "Will you go to the dance with me tomorrow?" "Of course!" Christian exclaimes and kisses him. At lunch the slayers are talking about how they heard of a group of witches in town who has killed other creatures. Christian asks "Where did you here this from?" "From Drew." Cole says.

The next night Christian gets ready for the dance. Someone knocks on the door. Christian answers it and its Jared. "As always you look beautiful." Jared kissed him and Zoey takes a picture of them too. Jared and Christian get into a limo that the other slayers and royals are in. They pass around a bottel of Vodka that Grace brought.At the dance as soon as they get there they all get out of the limo and follow the red carpet inside. He grabs Jared and they dance. Kaylee and Hallie comes up to Christian at the dancefloor and apaolgizes for being mean to him. Christian accepts her apology and Daniel and Cole run up to them they are happy and they all dance together.Christian goes talk to Drew who is standing at the refreshments with Troutman. Christian feels sorry for him beacuse he knows Drew wants to dance with him. Drew tells Christian to go back to his date before he says anything. Christian dose what he is told. Jared tells Christian "Go dance with Drew I know you want too." "Are you sure?" "I don't mind." Christian runs up to Drew and grabs his drink and puts it into Troutman's hands. He grabs Drew's hand and takes him out to the dance floor. "Are you sure Jared dosen't mind?" "Yes." Christian dosne't care that everyone is looking at him. "I wish i could kiss you." "Well you got your kiss this morning." "You were awake?" "Well no shit I felt you get up Drew." "Did you-" "Liked it yes." "Can you at least say the words?" "What words?" "That you wish you could be with me." "I wish I could be with you Drew dose that satisfy your needs." Drew laughs "Yes."

After there dance Christian looks for Jared but dosne't see him he gets a phonecall and a man's voice says "Come to the hallway before I snap Jared's neck." Christian looks around for Jared but can't find him so Christian runs into the hallway and dosen't see anybody. Someone hits him on the back of his head and he passes out and it causes Christian to go into Jared's head and to see him. Jared is tied up in the bathroom and Drew comes in and unties him. He asks "What's going on?" "How the hell am I sopossed to know some man came up behind me and knocked me out." Drew calls for the slayers and Troutman and Jordan to come in the hall he tells them what happend. Drew tells Alex to do a scrying spell and he dose and tells him that Christian is in the woods outside of town at a cabin and he tells them the adress. Daniel and Cole both look at eachother a look of horror on there faces. "We know whose cabin that is."

Christian wakes up and  he's in some type of dungeon. Christian screams when he sees the rotted body of Blakes the vampire he killed. A person comes into the room and its that man that was stalking Christian and then Kaylee and Hallie comes in. "I should of known that bitches like you too were behind this." "Well we didn't do all this we had help from Hallie's boyfriend Seth." "Seth killed those potheic witches and we put the note in your book and the other stuff." "The reason that I am doing this is beacuse you killed my boyfriend," Kaylee points at Blakes. "And you killed Seth's older brother." "Well get over it." They all three laugh. "Well we found away to bring him back and since were  evil witches I think it will work." "Witches?" "Yeah witches!" Hallie screams. "I can telaport, Kaylee can deflect any power and Seth is a vampire like his brother." "You all make me sick." Meanwhile Christian has been unloseing his rope. Kaylee, Hallie and Seth chant around Blakes body and he watches in horror as Blakes body turns back to normal and he suddnely awakens. He screams "Where's Christian?!" They all three point at me. Blakes get up and walks over to Christian. Blakes bares his fangs at him. "I'm going to enjoy ripping your neck out." Christian uses his telekenis to throw Blakes across the room. He gets up and runs out of the dungeon and into the forest.

He can here Blakes screaming his name and runs into the forest and from him. Christian hides behind a tree from Blakes. Blakes eventully finds Christian and tackles him to the ground and is about to bite him when Christian uses his powers to throw Blakes into the lake. Christian goes down the lake to see if Blakes is dead. Drew and Jared find Christian just as Blakes grabs Christian's leg and brings him down into the water drowning him. Drew and Jared jump into the water but Drew finds Chistian's body. Drew takes him to the surface where Christian wont wake up and both he and Jared start crying until Christian wakes up and Drew kisses him. Jared dosen't care and kisses Christian too but they don't know where the others ae at beacuse they didn't find anybody. The slayers couldn't find Hallie, Kaylee or Seth.

A few days later Kalysta calls Christian and tells him to met her at her house. Christian drives over there and she answers the door and takes him oustide where a group of people from school are at. Kalysta then shows Christian her power of throwning energy balls. Then Christian rembers what Cole was saying. "You guys are the group of secrect witches!"


Christian Hall as Christian

Rory flyke Byrne as Jared

Neil Patrick Harris as Drew

Patrick Wilson as Troutman

Domnic Sherwood as Cole

Ansel Elgrot as Blake

as Alex

as Dalton

Zoey Deutch as Sam

Emma Robberts as Grace

Taissa Framgia as Caroline

Gabriella Wilde as Misty

Sasha Pieterse as Hannah

Janel Parrish as Katelynn

David Burkta as Ezra

Rose Bryne as Zoey

Jullian as Micheal

Lucy Hale as Megan

Sammi Gayle as Kaylee

as Hallie