Holliday Horror's Is Horror Supernatural Film Starring Mischa Barton,Katie Holmes,Emily de Ravin,Jessica Stroup,Selena Gomez,Sara Paxton,Amber Heard,Teresa Palmer,Scout Taylor-Compton,James Van derbick,Laura Marano And Oliver Hudson


9 friends will spend your vacations in a house in a very remote island but they do stalked by a spirit that will kill the girls


Mischa Barton As Jessica Marin

Katie Holmes As Katia white

Emily de Ravin As Crysta Mason

Jessica Stroup As Stephany Morrison

Selena Gomez As Maria Gomez

Sara Paxton As Liz Clarkson

Amber Heard As Cece West

Teresa Palmer As Terry Harris

Scout Taylor-Compton As Chelsea Montz

James Van derbick As Andy Marin

Laura Marano As Kayla Marin

Oliver Hudson As Ghost / Chase Valentino


Andy-Car Accident

Kayla-Car Accident

Chelsea-the ghost possession and makes herself gut

Terry-the ghost throws a knife on his head

Cece-the ghost throws it out the window and falls to about her close and goes through the fence and dies

Liz-stabs her in the head with a knife

Maria-she falls to the ground when the ghost stabs her in her leg and then stabs her 10 times in the head

Stephanie-stabbed in the chest with the knife

katia-stabbed in the head

Crysta-stabbed in the heart


Jessica Maris



Kelly clarkson- Because of you

Selena Gomez Ft Sara Paxton - Ghost Of The Death or Love(Soudtrack Original)

One Ruplic- Apologize

Jason Walker- Echo

Adam Lambert- Better That I Know Myself

I Need A Hero-Sara Paxton

Selena Gomez - Ghost of you

Cascada-Ready For Love

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