Hold That Post

Hold That Post is a cartoon made by Michael Shires Productions in 1950.


Boofy finds a new hobby to while away his free time: photography. And what better subject for the amateur photographer than nature? Ask a cantankerous grizzly bear, who doesn't seem to appreciate Boofy's attempts to get him to pose.


A narrator explains that when you get bored or constantly have unsatisfying days, you need a hobby - in Boofy's case, photography. Boofy goes to a store to get some cameras and in his basement goes to unload them and insert the film. The narrator explains that there are two types of film: roll film and cut film. When Boofy gets the film all loaded in, the narrator says that he should pick a task suck as wildlife watching. Boofy goes to the grizzly bear habitat at a zoo to photograph Edward P. Bear. Slight gags show Boofy to be an inept photographer, waking Edward up, putting a cape over Edward's head, taking pictures right in his face, and creating a small volcano that blows up on Edward. The last straw comes when Boofy takes a picture of Edward's dinner with his family. The angered bear chases Boofy out of the zoo, across town, through a stage and back to Boofy's apartment via a taxi (with Edward as the driver). The bear chases Boofy up the stairs, and finally into Boofy's apartment and closet where Boofy is mauled. However, Edward calms down after Boofy shows him his pictures, and when Edward goes on vacation he takes them with himself to show them to tourists and says "Well, now, I wouldn't say that!" and iris out.

Voice Cast:

  • Charles "Buddy" Rogers as Boofy (uncredited)
  • Edward Brophy as Narrator (uncredited)
  • Mel Blanc as Edward P. Bear (uncredited)


  • Director: James Kenny
  • Story: Mike Schuckett, Dick Kenny
  • Animation: Ed Augustin, James Stevens, Harold Foster, A.C. Gamer (uncredited)
  • Effects Animation: John Brown
  • Layout: Al Zimmer
  • Background: Ed Starr
  • Music: James Dietrich


  • First Boofy's Theme (1950-1954).


Home video

  • Michael Shires Treasures: The Complete Boofy (DVD)
  • Michael Shires's Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Boofy
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