Hois Backyadigans (Hojs Bækjardígæns) is the Crusant dub of The Backyardigans. It premiered on 14 January 2006 and finished on 30 May 2009 on Råmsburg and premiered on 4 September 2006 on the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon (Crusania). The dub was also formerly released on Netflix. Season 1 and 2 was released on Borner-TV in 2014, and Season 3 was released in 2015.


English Name Crusant Name
Uniqua Júníkwn
Tasha Tæsje
Austin Åstin


Season 1
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
Pirate Treasure Píråter Skætten Pirate Treasure
The Heart of the Jungle Eventry í de Jungel Adventure in the Jungle
The Yeti Backyardigans på Jetí Jagter Backyardigans on Yeti Hunting
The Snow Fort De Sne Fortet The Snow Fortress
Secret Mission På a Hemlíghet Misjonen On a Secret Mission
It's Great to be a Ghost Der Stor te be a Spøler It's Great to be a Ghost
Riding the Range Gennem de Vyld Vesten Through the Wild West
The Key to the Nile De Nyl Floden's Hemlíghet The Nile River's Secret
Knights are Brave and Strong Te be a Ridder To be a Knight
Viking Voyage Vikings på Eventry Vikings on Adventure
Castaways Setesten på a Ø Stranded on a Island
Race to the Tower of Power  Súperskurken Súperhjer Supervillains and Superheros
The Quest for the Flying Rock  Søgen for de Mystisk Flyjer Mússling Quest for the Mystical Flying Stone 
Polka Palace Party  Min Polka Teleskåbæt My Polka Band 
Surf's Up Surf Tóm! Surf Time!
Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!
Race around the World  Kalób Gennem de Varden  Race Across the World 
Monster Detectives  Fødbål Dítektíver Football Detectives
Cave Party  Músslóg Dåges  Cavern Party 
High Tea Tí Dåges Tea Party 
Season 2
Original Title  Crusant Title  Translation 
Mission to Mars Misjonen te Mars  Mission to Mars 
Samurai Pie  De Stor Kage The Great Pie
Scared of You  Mónstre Dåges  Monster Party 
Whodunit  Hú vus it? Who was it?
The Legend of the Volcano Sisters  De Legend om hois Volcaner Søstren The Legend of the Volcano Sisters
The Secret of Snow  De Hemlíghet om Sne The Secret of Snow 
The Swamp Creature  De Súpúhet Mónstre The Swamp Monster 
Horsing Around  Høst Kalób  Horse Race 
Special Delivery 

Fæntæstisk Ekspresling

Special Delivery
International Super Spy  Internæsjinæl Spíonæl International Spy 
Movers of Arabia  Flúters om Aråbíen  Movers of Arabia 
Cops and Robots  Polís en Robótters Police and Robots 
Sinbad Sails Alone  Sinbad Rejser Aloner Sinbad Travels Alone
Best Clowns in Town  Hois Besten Klówner The Best Clowns
Save the Day  Flå de Dag! Save the Day!
Into the Deep  Te de Harvarten To the Ocean 
News Flash  Sensasjon! Sensation!
Catch that Butterfly  Sómmerflúgen Grot  Summerbug Chase 
A Giant Problem  A Kæmpe Problem  A Giant Problem 
Season 3
Original Title Crusant Title  Translation
Who Goes There? Hú is Dar? Who is There?
Blazing Paddles Blæstik Spil Paddle Game
Garbage Trek Frómkem Grot Rubbish Chase
Fly Girl Søngburd Songbird
What's Bugging You? Våd Plager Jo? What Bothers You?
                             Chichen-Itza Pizza
To the Center of the Earth Søgen te de Senter om de Varden Journey to the Center of the World
Front Page News De Frósúståf The Photograph
Tale of the Mighty Knights

Hois Ridden Fæntæstisk Eventry

The Knights' Great Adventure!
Le Master of Disguise De Mæster om Forlåt The Master of Disguise
Match on Mt. Olympus Båsketbål Spil Basketball Game
The Great Dolphin Race De Stor Delfín Kalób The Great Dolphin Race
Caveman's Best Friend Min Besten Ven My Best Friend
Ranch Hands from Outer Space Farmer Jhelp frå Vendersum Farmer Help from Space
Robin Hood the Clean Robin Hød de Klen Robin Hood the Clean
Escape from Fairytale Village

Flø frå Eventrø By

Escape from Fairytale City
Pirate Camp

Píråter Skolen

Pirate School 
The Two Musketeers Hois Tú Musketeer The Two Musketeers
The Masked Retriver De Bøk Tíven The Book Theif


  • The fourth season was never dubbed.
  • Season 1 was also released on DVD in 2006.
  • When the dub aired on Råmsburg, the theme and end song was never PAL-pitched despite the rest of "Knights are Brave and Strong", "Castaways", "Race Around the World", "Mission to Mars", "A Giant Problem" and every episode of season 3 being PAL-pitched. Though, when the dub aired on Nick Jr. and when it was released on Netflix and Borner-TV the end song was PAL-pitched along with the rest of the episode.
  • The main characters are voiced by children throughout the dub.

Voice Characteristics 


In Season 1, Pablo spoke with a deep, slightly stuffy voice.

In Season 2, his voice became more light.

In Season 3, his voice slighty deeper.


In Season 1, his voice was slightly light and child-like.

In Season 2, his voice is very calm and laid-back.

In Season 3, his voice was a bit more excited.


Uniqua's voice has had a soft and gentle sounding tone throughout the whole dub. Though it became a bit deeper in later seasons.


In Season 1, Tasha had a happy, cheerful sounding voice.

In Season 2, her voice became more mature sounding.

In Season 3, her voice became a bit more relaxed.


In Seasons 1 and 2, Austin had a relatively deep and excited tone of voice.

In Season 3, his voice became more child-like.

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